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Typographic Concept Store in Berlin / All about Type & Tech

Berlin's first typographic concept store in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg.
Old typography meets new technology.
Designstudio, research lab, showroom, events & inhouse production label.

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Letters Are My Friends' is a concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies.

One part of 'Letters Are My Friends' is a cosy showroom where letter relationships can be experienced in a physical space and progressive way. Use your senses!

We present applied typography in a dazzling variety: peripherical perforated paper projections, spacy letterboxing, type'n'motion voxel folding, 3D ink raycasting, turntypetablelism, dolby surround fatcap-tracking, tasty toasted gpu fonts, trigonometric triangle trading and of course some serious conversations about language, its aesthetics and the future of writing.

Moreover 'Letters Are My Friends' is a research lab and production label run by Ingo Italic and Bärbel Bold. We share an interdisciplinary and experimental approach to services and products related to typography, motion- and interaction design.

We love typefaces - static and generated, still, interactive and in motion, flat and haptic, printed, installed and projected. - And support their connections to art, science and technology.
With 'Letters Are My Friends' we want to explore, initiate and feature projects that push type forward.

We are open for collaborations and commissions.

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Have a look on our OPENING TRAILER:

Meek FM Typographic Synthesizer


Typecast: How New Technology Is Reinventing Typography

Borrow an ear and listen to 2013's podcasts: https://www.wired.com/2013/04/reinventing-typography/ --- Then compare with the status quo and pose critical questions for your inner child. Then continue...

wired.com We're living in a time of rapid change — 3-D printers are challenging factories, Kickstarter is upending fundraising, and even the humble font is even getting a taste of technological disruption. New technology is putting a new face on type — and the use cases are extending off our computer scre...

The Big Flat Now (032c)

We are flatmates with 032c: "We are exiting the babytalk phase of the Internet. In order to unlock the total potential of a networked society, new languages and strategies for cultural production must be formed. " Agggrooo-eeing.

Animation for The Big Flat Now, a new paradigm of being everywhere, anytime and everyone at once. Find more on the issue #34 of 032c. https://032c.com/summer-2018-the-big-flat-now www.jonathancastro.pe



If you are around stop by in DD next week for the Type Club Talk. Letterhead Elias Hanzer from NODE Berlin Oslo in da house! This goes out i.e. to Tobias Textor, Paul Punze & GifMate Felix Seeger

pbsa.hs-duesseldorf.de ​DER FÜNFTE UND VORERST LETZTE TYPE CLUB TALK!Elias Hanzer kommt aus Berlin und wird uns seine Variable Typedesign-Praxis vorstellen.Anschließend gibts wie immer Drinks ♥

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Alicia Keys

Next event at Letters Are My Friends will be this: Go to 2:46. Alicia Keys mimiking Adele and has to sing the ABC-Song. Hahaha

Jimmy challenges Alicia Keys to a game of random musical impressions like Gwen Stefani singing "Miss Mary Mack" and Adele singing "The Alphabet Song." Subscr...


Moving Picture Show – Split Screen

Since we started with design in the late 90ies (!!!), there was a "multi-& cross media" language embedded. And even our symbiotic "Type n Tech" approaches, which we follow over 10 years now, are grounded in the impacts of (now even post)-contemporary-media-designing heroes like Jürg Lehni, Andreas Uebele or Rob Meek. And before them, people who were their idols or inspirational sources... there were since ever many thoughtful people out there, who were busy with interdisciplinary possibilities of their times...- Maybe there were just not so many who would/could -like now- promote the one's who really invented certain technics, attitudes, technics etc..!?

Nice example by Jürg Lehni you will also see here from 2012...

"The current migration from analogue to digital film projection in cinemas across the globe is slowly rendering the medium of 35mm motion picture film obsolete, along with the technical equipment used to produce and screen such films.

In Moving Picture Show, a scenario of animated drawing and text production is created by reappropriating a process normally used by the film industry to etch subtitles into the emulsion layer of 35mm film using a high-powered precision laser. By etching away the emulsion, only the clear base of the film remains. Projected onto the screen, the lines appear bright and clear.

Changing the working range of the laser and replacing the software interface for such a machine leads to new possibilities: animations and full-frame drawings can be realised on top of film. The film can either consist of existing material, film created purely for this purpose, or black, non-developed film.

During the 23rd International Poster and Graphic Design Festival in Chaumont, the Jesuit chapel was transformed into a workshop, a scenario of conception, production and projection of a series of short films produced in this way.

Several contributing designers have been invited to engage with the production facility and collaborate on the contents of the show, producing films that were projected repeatedly during the festival. Meanwhile the laser machine, also present in the chapel, is slowly producing new films for future screenings.

With contributions by:
James Goggin (US), Maximage (CH), Karl Nawrot (NL), Jonathan Puckey / Moniker (NL), David Reinfurt (US)"

vimeo.com The current migration from analogue to digital film projection in cinemas across the globe is slowly rendering the medium of 35mm motion picture film obsolete, along…

Digital Arts Numériques Infos

Come to Toronto this summer and enjoy a new session of A-B-Z-TXT 2018 Masterclass....- Maybe we are there too?! http://www.creativeapplications.net/can-events/a-b-z-txt-2018-call-for-participants/

A-B-Z-TXT 2018 – Call for Participants


16 Plakate von 16 Designern in 3 Formen und 2 Farben für das Tanzjahr 2016

https://page-online.de/kreation/16-plakate-von-16-designern-in-3-formen-und-2-farben-fuer-das-tanzjahr-2016/ --- Not seen this article yet! :) Nice! Tanzjahr 2016 / Btw: Raban Ruddigkeit Happy delayed Birthday!

page-online.de Die Berliner Agentur Brousse & Ruddigkeit entwarf eine Kampagne für das Tanzjahr 2016 und holte für die Plakatgestaltung 16 prominente Designer an Bord ... 16, 16, 3, 2, 2016 – bei so vielen Zahlen könnte man glatt durcheinander geraten. Das Ganze klingt aber komplizierter als es eigentlich ....


OFFF Barcelona 2016

Find us :) when you scroll down... - Great to see the trailer featured on the art of the title!

artofthetitle.com Get down with the stop-motion infused titles for OFFF Barcelona 2016.


Play on letters – Prototypo App

Earlier in this life: Good times with Prototypo and amazing design students from Fachhochschule Münster: Björn Frost, Marre Geuke / Marre Harley,Dennis Harwardt, Sina Folwaczny / Sina Føl and Kira Stöter / Kira Stoe - Hi there lettersfriends! Never forget the good old days!

blog.prototypo.io Two years ago, while our KickStarter campaign was running, we were contacted by Bärbel Bold from LettersAreMyFriends. LettersAreMyFriends…

VVVV - Visual/Textual Development Environment

Hey you, next generation of object oriented visual programming language.... do you speak VVVV - Visual/Textual Development Environment yet? Go for it!

One of our favorite contributions got a patch face lift. Over 15k downloads and counting. A must have for every beginner and intermediate #vvvv patcher. Happy exploring!


handwriting of bowie, cobain, lennon and more are now downloadable typefaces

If you did not yet find your right partner, yet, now is the chance to write a loveletter as Kurt Cobain or John lennon...! Impress with style! W


Edition Patrick Frey

If you are not at the galery weekend in Berlin, you should drop by in Zürich @ Edition Patrick Frey for this extraordinary event!

Blog.Tagesanzeiger.ch: «Fuck you, hihihihihi»

Die Publikation «Schmieren / Kleben. Aus dem Archiv KKIII der Stadtpolizei Zürich 1976–1989» erscheint am 26. April 2018!



Letters Are My Friends | Typographic Speed Crabs w/ RMIT

We are unfortunately very down-to-date when it comes to updates and websites (>>send us a mail if you are a young creative coder who would feel inspired to redesign our website: bb@lettersaremyfriends.com)...but anyhow: we never shared that one yet. So see, what happemed with some fabulous RMIT University design students in 2016. Haha. http://www.lettersaremyfriends.com/portfolio_page/rmit-student-workshop/


Thank you Poly Valente to listening so carefully at OFFF, let's feed the future a while ago...-- Wörd. --

Felt Zine

Deep Pick of the day by Xavier Monney.

Gonna show u
what's goin' down ◾️🕳◾️
Xavier Monney


Weird Type on the App Store

News from type'n'tech Letterfriend Zach Lieberman: "I made an iOS AR app called weird type with Molmol Kuo and more* that lets you draw with type in space:


It's our first iOS app -- learned a ton about connecting openframeworks with iOS / swift. happy to answer any qs and also thankful for any advice / feedback / suggestions !!

(* design indaba, Richard The, abc dinamo, ying quan tan, robby kraft, peter sibley)"

__________ What do you think?


Xavier Monney's slick and unique three-dimensional manipulations of type

Nice work of Xavier Monney. Its conceptual power is really strong compared to the actual typographic decision of picked typefaces...- (But maybe it's because we're tired of seeing bold heavy grotesks.... all young students (it means) are right now into that again. Definitely they work in this context. But serifs do aswell! --- Anyhow type 'n' tech props from yours Berlin lettersfriends!

itsnicethat.com Xavier Monney is the 23 year old designer from Lausanne, Switzerland whose work caught our eye due to his refreshing but incredibly impressive manipulations of type. Xavier combines animation and typography to create three dimensional experiments, often incorporating some form of optical illusion. ....


Free Download: Gilbert Typeface | Webdesigner Depot

G i l b e r t - The rainbow-flagged typeface dedicated to Mr. Baker. Get it!

webdesignerdepot.com On 31 March, 2017, Gilbert Baker the creator of the iconic Rainbow Flag sadly passed away. Mr. Baker was both an LGBTQ activist and artist, and was known for helping friends create banners for protests and marches. To honor the memory of Gilbert Baker, NewFest and NYC Pride partnered with Fontself a...


Time is Form. Form is Time— with DIA - The Type Directors Club

NYC! Tonight visit TDC and see the talk of Mitch Paone from DIA... https://www.tdc.org/event/time-form-form-time-dia-2/

tdc.org Mitch will describe DIA’s “Input Output” studio approach highlighting the thinking and process behind kinetic identity design and typography. Mitch Paone is the Founder & Creative Director at DIA, a Brooklyn based creative studio specializing in kinetic identity systems, graphic design and typ...


Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze

If you might like to become better in Type & Lettering, why not studying it at UMPRUM Prague i.e. at Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze



TYPO Talks » Blog Archiv » Interview: Who is behind the new TYPO Labs Design?

WORD since 2008:
About variable fonts: Pablo Gámez, TYPO Labs facilitator for 2018, asked Monotype Designers Bernd Volmer and Olli Meier about their new look for the Labs 2018 and how far they plan to go – technically and visually – with this CI project.

"OT Variations and responsive lettering, combined with current web development technologies, empower designers like never before. On the other hand, the question arises: Did we miss any similar technology in recent years?

Bernd: Interpolatable fonts is nothing new. We have seen that in Adobe’s Multiple Master technology and with TrueType GX, both developed in the 1990s. The big difference now is that we have one shared standard with the OpenType spec on which all big players agree. This way we can use the same fonts across different browsers, applications and systems.

Olli: Technology nowadays offers a lot of possibilities to use variable fonts in an interactive way – just think about AR/VR or mobile devices with dozens of sensors. We think this is what makes the new standard so interesting for everybody. The compact file size of a variable font is another plus, because it keeps data traffic low.

Bernd: We think that variable fonts will make us design in different ways. Instead of thinking about type being a range of static styles, we can think about it as something responsive, something animated and interactive. We are very curious to see what designers come up with and how we rethink type family planning. Static type was designed for its purpose: static text in books and newspapers. If we think about the possibilities of responsive and interactive design, we might come up with a different family structure. The TYPO Labs headline font is a perfect example: it doesn’t need Regular or Bold – just extreme widths and weights to serve our animations."

Link to the font:
FontShop: FF Attribute

typotalks.com Foto: Typo Labs Flyer / Monotype Bernd, Olli, first of all we want to know: Which typeface did you use for the event’s identity? Is it an orchestrated gif bluff...


A Study in Interactive Mechanics for Virtual Reality

Lovely study on interactive meachincs by former students of Köln International School of Design.

eugene.works A series of short-form VR experiences that explore a selection of various interactive mechanics, specific to the spatial medium.


Very rich publication about #flexiblevisualidentities #flexiblevisuelleidentitäten #visualsystems #visuellesysteme by our letterfriends Martin Lorenz from TwoPoints.Net can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vjlclgqqn0i3uo/TPN_FVI_DE.pdf

Neujahrsgeschenk von TPN! Unser digitales Handbuch über FVI kann jetzt hier umsonst heruntergeladen werden: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vjlclgqqn0i3uo/TPN_FVI_DE.pdf?dl=0 #flexiblevisualidentities #flexiblevisuelleidentitäten #visualsystems #visuellesysteme #martinlorenz #twopointsnet

http://weltform.at/ Weltformat's poster hanging now in Zürich...lovely.. check also the really nice website of the show with lots of animated posters on www.themovingposter.com curated by Josh Schaub


Norman – WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D

When you liked Rhonda like we did 2004, then you will love Norman! Created by James Paterson, Norman is an open-source WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D. Drawing inspiration and building on the work from Rhonda (2004/05), James turned to WebVR to build the tool in Javascript that runs in a web browser and lets him animate naturally in 3D using VR controllers. http://www.creativeapplications.net/js/norman-webvr-tool-to-create-frame-by-frame-animations-in-3d/

creativeapplications.net Created by James Paterson, Norman is an open-source WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D. Drawing inspiration and building on the work from Rhonda (2004/05), James turned to WebVR to build the tool in Javascript that runs in a web browser and lets him animate naturally in 3D using VR...


passau pøsters: Typografische Postergestaltung ohne Auftrag

We don't know too much about Passau but love good typo posters and initiatives like http://www.passau-posters.de/ -- BIg up to Passau Pøsters aka Manuel Kreuzer!

passau-posters.de Ich liebe Passau. Und ich liebe Veranstaltungen. Und ich liebe Poster. Daher habe ich mir als Gestalter jetzt auf die Fahne geschrieben, Poster für viele schöne, bekannte und unbekannte Veranstaltungen in und um Passau umzusetzen. Ganz ohne Auftrag.

Some pix of our Multiwiggler. You can do crazy things with it, but don't tell anyone, yet.

The Multiwiggler is a motion-recording type visualizer. With this interactive type ‘n’ motion framework and installation you can track your fingers’ motion and apply the movement in various ways to shape and animate a typeface.

1.First, choose out of various predefined typefaces.
2.Type in a word which – by touching the screen – can be altered with different visual effects like distortions or waves.
3. By moving your finger on the touchscreen you adjust the effect.
4.Now, the WOW comes in: Push the Motionwiggler-Button which is motion capturing your „effective fingers“. It is kind of a recording button that
keeps the last two seconds of your fingers’ movement alive. This way you can easily create looping animations of words while simultaneously shaping their look affected by the recorded motion.



Suchergebnisse – Suche nach Objekte – eMuseum

Such a great ressource!
The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has amazing archives and collections from the last 150 years of design history, which we had a pleasure to see today with KISD masterstudents...posters, things, product designs, type design layouts, instruments, aaaammmmaaaazzzing!
SPend some time here!
Das eMuseum ist die grösste Schweizer Online-Datenbank für Gestaltung und Kunst. Interessierte WissenschaftlerInnen, Kuratoren, Designerinnen und Sammler können über 100 000 Werke entweder gezielt über Autor, Titel, Datierung, Kategorie oder Objektbezeichnung suchen und filtern oder nach Schlagworten in den Sammlungen stöbern. Zudem gibt das eMuseum Einblick in unsere Sammlungsarbeit.


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