Letters Are My Friends

Typographic Concept Store in Berlin / All about Type & Tech

Berlin's first typographic concept store in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg.
Old typography meets new technology.
Designstudio, research lab, showroom, events & inhouse production label.

////////// DETAILED ////////

Letters Are My Friends' is a concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies.

One part of 'Letters Are My Friends' is a cosy showroom where letter relationships can be experienced in a physical space and progressive way. Use your senses!

We present applied typography in a dazzling variety: peripherical perforated paper projections, spacy letterboxing, type'n'motion voxel folding, 3D ink raycasting, turntypetablelism, dolby surround fatcap-tracking, tasty toasted gpu fonts, trigonometric triangle trading and of course some serious conversations about language, its aesthetics and the future of writing.

Moreover 'Letters Are My Friends' is a research lab and production label run by Ingo Italic and Bärbel Bold. We share an interdisciplinary and experimental approach to services and products related to typography, motion- and interaction design.

We love typefaces - static and generated, still, interactive and in motion, flat and haptic, printed, installed and projected. - And support their connections to art, science and technology.
With 'Letters Are My Friends' we want to explore, initiate and feature projects that push type forward.

We are open for collaborations and commissions.

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Have a look on our OPENING TRAILER:

Meek FM Typographic Synthesizer

A Study in Interactive Mechanics for Virtual Reality


Lovely study on interactive meachincs by former students of Köln International School of Design.

eugene.works A series of short-form VR experiences that explore a selection of various interactive mechanics, specific to the spatial medium.


Very rich publication about #flexiblevisualidentities #flexiblevisuelleidentitäten #visualsystems #visuellesysteme by our letterfriends Martin Lorenz from TwoPoints.Net can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vjlclgqqn0i3uo/TPN_FVI_DE.pdf

Neujahrsgeschenk von TPN! Unser digitales Handbuch über FVI kann jetzt hier umsonst heruntergeladen werden: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2vjlclgqqn0i3uo/TPN_FVI_DE.pdf?dl=0 #flexiblevisualidentities #flexiblevisuelleidentitäten #visualsystems #visuellesysteme #martinlorenz #twopointsnet

http://weltform.at/ Weltformat's poster hanging now in Zürich...lovely.. check also the really nice website of the show with lots of animated posters on www.themovingposter.com curated by Josh Schaub

Norman – WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D


When you liked Rhonda like we did 2004, then you will love Norman! Created by James Paterson, Norman is an open-source WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D. Drawing inspiration and building on the work from Rhonda (2004/05), James turned to WebVR to build the tool in Javascript that runs in a web browser and lets him animate naturally in 3D using VR controllers. http://www.creativeapplications.net/js/norman-webvr-tool-to-create-frame-by-frame-animations-in-3d/

creativeapplications.net Created by James Paterson, Norman is an open-source WebVR tool to create frame-by-frame animations in 3D. Drawing inspiration and building on the work from Rhonda (2004/05), James turned to WebVR to build the tool in Javascript that runs in a web browser and lets him animate naturally in 3D using VR...

passau pøsters: Typografische Postergestaltung ohne Auftrag


We don't know too much about Passau but love good typo posters and initiatives like http://www.passau-posters.de/ -- BIg up to Passau Pøsters aka Manuel Kreuzer!

passau-posters.de Ich liebe Passau. Und ich liebe Veranstaltungen. Und ich liebe Poster. Daher habe ich mir als Gestalter jetzt auf die Fahne geschrieben, Poster für viele schöne, bekannte und unbekannte Veranstaltungen in und um Passau umzusetzen. Ganz ohne Auftrag.

Some pix of our Multiwiggler. You can do crazy things with it, but don't tell anyone, yet.

The Multiwiggler is a motion-recording type visualizer. With this interactive type ‘n’ motion framework and installation you can track your fingers’ motion and apply the movement in various ways to shape and animate a typeface.

1.First, choose out of various predefined typefaces.
2.Type in a word which – by touching the screen – can be altered with different visual effects like distortions or waves.
3. By moving your finger on the touchscreen you adjust the effect.
4.Now, the WOW comes in: Push the Motionwiggler-Button which is motion capturing your „effective fingers“. It is kind of a recording button that
keeps the last two seconds of your fingers’ movement alive. This way you can easily create looping animations of words while simultaneously shaping their look affected by the recorded motion.


Suchergebnisse – Suche nach Objekte – eMuseum


Such a great ressource!
The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has amazing archives and collections from the last 150 years of design history, which we had a pleasure to see today with KISD masterstudents...posters, things, product designs, type design layouts, instruments, aaaammmmaaaazzzing!
SPend some time here!
Das eMuseum ist die grösste Schweizer Online-Datenbank für Gestaltung und Kunst. Interessierte WissenschaftlerInnen, Kuratoren, Designerinnen und Sammler können über 100 000 Werke entweder gezielt über Autor, Titel, Datierung, Kategorie oder Objektbezeichnung suchen und filtern oder nach Schlagworten in den Sammlungen stöbern. Zudem gibt das eMuseum Einblick in unsere Sammlungsarbeit.


Remember – Red Paper Heart


Always remember! --
Lovely type 'n' tech project by our letterfriends from Red Paper Heart -- Merry Xmas to NYC!

redpaperheart.com An interactive typographic sculpture inspired by push toys that you can can control with your mind.

Typotheque Dance Writer 2, convert text to dance movement


We love stumbling over artefacts of Type & Tech to recognize they are still impressive even though it might passed some years: a great project by Peter Bilak & Lukáš Timulak is the following: how to embody a character? https://stroom.nl/paginas/pagina.php?pa_id=3095385

typotheque.com Inspired by Karel Teige's 'Abeceda' Peter Bilak made Dance Writer, an online application that converts text to simple dance moves. Create your own choreography by typing a message.

TYPO Berlin – International Design Conference

Get triggered! TYPO Berlin 2018 »Trigger« is coming up!

What triggers your creativity? TYPO Berlin 2018 »Trigger«: 17 – 19 May 2018 zooms into these magical moments when things shift radically: From analogue to digital, from expected to unknown, from boring to genius.

Join our conference and get your Early Bird Ticket until 31 December (midnight)! #typo18 #trigger #earlybird

Das sind die ersten verfügbaren Variable Fonts


Variables are the new ABC.

page-online.de Und das müssen Sie wissen über Browser-Support und Schriften-Handling der neuen Erweiterung der OpenType-Spezifikation 1.8. Die OpenType-Spezifikation 1.8 bringt die Erweiterung »Variable Fonts« mit sich, ein variabler Font wird dort so definiert: »A font resource that supports multiple font fa...

Meet & Greet our hood: The Calamari Sunshine Club.



Let's see some beauty!

"Baton Turbo is a grotesque that combines a simple straightforward formal approach, with eccentric letter shapes inspired by french vernacular typography. We love the naive and unpretentious elegance of our previously released Baton, but the small x-height and condensed proportions make it very specific: it is essentially intended for display sizes and short texts.

We wanted to adapt Baton into a versatile typeface, while maintaining as much of the original character as possible.

All the design choices — the proportions, the spacing, the number of weights — have been made for Baton Turbo to work well in the various settings that modern typography, both print and digital, present.

Available exclusively at www.fatype.com"


Next time you get a scam do this.


Great type & tech case for fighting back email-scam-bots. Thanks Jonas Spengler

Forward them to Re:scam and here’s what happens.

visual: typo


Good memory! Thanks for this great intervention last year Klaus Birk & students! https://www.pinterest.de/pin/535013630716311861/

pinterest.de LTT – Lunchtime Talk :: Lettersaremyfriends – TYPE’n’TECH Vertical Plot, Chalk. By Klaus Birk, Nico Bernklau, Tobias Müller, #kritzler, #MDRV, #DIY, #arduino, #typo, 2016

Tech Talk: Type n Walk


TYPE N TECH CASE - Makes sense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDT6Y0DfXeU

Type n Walk app allows you to type a message and see where you're going.

Retune Festival 2016


Autumn mood makes us remind last year's Retune Festival, where it was a pleasure to be part of staging our incarnated "sunshine calamari" crab stable (which you can see in the video) along with amazing artists like Moon Ribas, Works of Ryoichi Kurokawa, Martina Menegon, BadaboomBerlin, Quadrature, Dries Depoorter, Tebjan Halm of VVVV - Visual/Textual Development Environment and many more...

vimeo.com From October 6-8 2016 the Retune Festival transformed a school building from the past into a playground of the futures. The space turned into experimental design…


Typojanchi next year!


타이포잔치 2017, PaTI 워크숍은 마감되었습니다. 많은 관심 고맙습니다. 신청자와 예비 인원에게는 개별 안내 메일을 보내드리 니다.

타이포잔치 2017, PaTI 워크숍

워크숍 참가자를 모집합니다. 타이포잔치 2017은 개막과 함께 총 5개의 워크숍을 준비했습니다. 이 워크숍은 그 중 파주타이포그라피학교와 함께 준비한 것으로 타이포잔치 2017 참여 작가 3명을 초대하여 파주타이포그라피학교에서 2일 동안 열립니다. 초대작가는 그래픽 디자이너 길레스 드 브록 Gilles de Brock (NL), 안냐 카이저 Anja Kaiser (DE), 일러스트레이터 케서린 안얀고 Catherine Anyango (SE)입니다.

Gilles de Brock은 런던과 암스테르담에서 아트디렉터와 웹개발자로 활동하는 그래픽 디자이너 입니다. 실크스크린 인쇄 작업과 프로그래밍에 기반한 영화 작업을 하고 있습니다. Anja Kaiser는 독일 라이프치히에서 활동하는 그래픽 디자이너로 페미니즘을 주제로 워크숍을 진행 할 예정입니다. Catherine Anyango는 영국 왕립예술학교에서 오랫동안 Visual Research를 강의하고 현재는 스톡홀름 콘스트팍에서 일러스트레이션 강의를 하고 있습니다.

워크숍 하는날: 2017년 9월 18일(달) - 9월 19일(불) 9:30-17:00 이틀간 열립니다.
곳: 파주타이포그라피학교 이상집, 두성집 외 (경기도 파주시 회동길 330)
모집인원: 각 워크숍당 20명, 총 60명

9.18 (달날)
9:30-12:30: 오전세션
12:30-14:00: 점심시간
14:00-17:00: 오후세션

9.19 (불날)
9:30-12:30: 오전세션
12:30-14:00: 점심시간
14:00-17:00: 오후세션

참석을 원하는 분은 아래 링크에서 신청하세요. 각 워크숍당 20명 신청 완료되면 마감 공지하고, 선발된 60명과 예비 10명에게는 이메일로 자세한 일정과 준비물 등을 다시 안내하겠습니다.

신청링크: https://goo.gl/forms/GBRObt6VHRzQgF4g2

*워크숍은 영어로 진행되며, 필요한 경우 모더레이터의 통역이 이어집니다.
*워크숍 참가비는 무료지만 모든 워크숍 참여자는 개인 노트북이 필요합니다. 워크숍의 성격에따라 1~2만원 내외의 재료비가 들 수도 있습니다.

신청 후 부득이한 사정으로 참석이 어려운 경우, 최소 이틀 전 아래 메일로 연락바랍니다. 당일 취소하거나 이유 없이 불참한 경우 이어지는 행사 참여에 불이익이 있을 수 있습니다.

포스터 디자인. 정인지
문의: info@pati.kr
#Typojanchi2017 #타이포잔치2017 #몸과타이포그래피 #파티워크숍

Passau Pøsters

Nice type 'n' Motion posters in this project from the south of Germany! Cheeers to the mountains letterfellows Passau Pøsters!

ø ø ø KW_34
Wie die Zeit vergeht. Seit meinem letzen Poster-Post sind nun sechs Wochen vergangen und jetzt möchte ich endlich bekannt geben, dass nach einem Jahr Passau Pøsters das Projekt endet.

Aber dafür gibt es als Abschluss noch ein kleines, aber sehr feines, animiertes Poster-Feuerwerk mit ausgewählten Motiven. Daran haben wir — speziell der abgedrehte Motion-Designer Joey S. Geier — in den letzten Wochen gezerrt, gelooped und gedreht, geschoben, verschoben und verworfen. Und für die extrem coole Musik und den perfekt abgestimmten Sound ist Filmmusiker Andi Pfeiffer verantwortlich. Ich danke beiden sehr für den unermüdlichen Einsatz, ihre Leidenschaft zum Perfekten und ihre Kreativität, die Poster so in Bewegung zu bringen. Es hat wahnsinnig Spaß gemacht mit Euch zu basteln! Danke sehr Johannes und Andi für diese großartige (Zusammen)Arbeit!

Und was sagt ihr dazu? Wenn es euch gefällt, dann liked, teilt und kommentiert was das Zeug hält! Wir würden uns freuen.

Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle natürlich auch an euch, der kleinen Passau-Posters-Fan-Gemeinde. Es war eine tolle Zeit mich euch. Ohne euren Zuspruch und eure Kritik hätte es nur halb soviel Spaß gemacht. Aber bitte: Bleibt der Seite treu, vielleicht ploppt ja doch bald mal wieder ein Passau Poster auf! ;-)

OFFF, let's feed the future

Reflect: Last year's LettersAreMyFamily trip and stage appearance including our Sunshine Calamari crabrace to OFFF, let's feed the future! Fun days...documented in a RAP video...

What happens when you mix the ultimate fun souls with award winning designers and a rapper? BOOM! A massive explosion of creativity shooting right at you. Watch OFFF Barcelona 2016 Main Titles by Merlin Crossingham and Gavin Strange with Aardman Animations



There is (at least) one criteria for timeless design: Time!
Still In Love with Non-Format !
.... and it was a big big pleasure and honor to share a taxi with one of the founders Kjell Ekhorn at OFFF, let's feed the future last year and dig into deeep philosophical questions about design and the meaning of it! Very nice memory! It would be very lovely to meet you hear in Berlin again. -- http://non-format.com/

So, Jon wrote a little something for AIGA about some early work. Can it really be 14 years ago?

Playbour: Supersonik


We feel pretty mindconnected to the lovely couple of The Rodina who wanna melt the boundries between art and design and breaking up the high definitions of fields through inventing new ways of experience, knowledge and relations preserved and produced like "surface to action". I think that's somehow comparable to what we work on the last years and believe in. Cheers friends, come by for a drink or a live performance in our Berliner windowfront! We gonna dance with you, of let our crab zoo race for you!
Serious meltdown here on Play vs. Labour. Happy monday!

Ventolin – music, lyrics, mix, production Ondřej Ježek, studio Jámor – mastering The Rodina – concept, art direction, video, design,…

[Русские субтитры] Papyrus - SNL


So you just picked a font...hhmmmmhhhh?? Pick your font wisely... you might hurt somebody! Very nice found by our beloved Shifty Capzlock aka Zimon Zpader..thanks dude!

Kitchenstory!! Enjoy your week-end!

Poetic Computation: Reader – Code as a form of poetry and aesthetic


We told you there's deeper potential in type & tech: read this great article to understand us better! Change perspective on code.

creativeapplications.net Poetic Computation: Reader is an online-book about code as a form of poetry and aesthetic by Taeyoon Choi. Based on his lectures at the School for Poetic Computation, the book introduces the poetic aspects of computation and considers how engaging technology with this lens can lead to new political…

Node Forum 2017


We heard from the grapevine some Köln International School of Design students are supporting the NODE - Forum for Digital Arts Festival taking place end of june in Frankfurt with a type n motion campaign... mmmhhhh -- stay tuned what ∫ärbel ∫old's students created here. If you haven't booked yet; You should! See you next week at Frankfurt!
And this first clip from Florian Färber: Fae Florian - https://vimeo.com/222749621

vimeo.com music by Max Davis ig: @faeflorian This clip have been produced in colaboration with the Node’17: Designing Hope / nodeforum.org and the Köln International…


The inner in the outtaspace...
https://medium.com/type-thursday/flexible-visual-identities-typographic-systems-in-motion-9adc7188ac60 --- cheeeeeeers to these letterfriends
TwoPoints.Net x Lo Iacono

Great work deserves to be seen again and again!
Love this by TwoPoints.Net and Lo Iacono
#typeroom #archives



Classic and -as usual- worth spreading. Thanks for all this great feeds Stephen Coles! http://typographica.org/


NODE - Forum for Digital Arts

NODE 17: Designing Hope X VVVV - Visual/Textual Development Environment open call for submissions! JOI!N

FRAMED*, VVVV - Visual/Textual Development Environment & #NODE17 are calling for visual artists.
Submit your #vvvv artworks to be showcased during NODE 17: Designing Hope and afterwards on FRAMED online. Deadline is June, 20th!

Cheers to CreativeApplications.Net for getting the word out.

If you are in Cologne 16th june, don't miss this one >>>>>>>>>>>>> “Kölner Klopfer” 2017 to Henrik Vibskov" initated by Bärbel Bold's Köln International School of Design students Charlotte Werth, Katharina Stahlhofen, Katharina Wilting and Madeleine Sahl. Posterdesign props to Ziad B. A.

Dear Studio Feixen, we love your work and would love to have a pancakedish with you. Or a black(w)hole discussion. Or papery moments with digital touch. Hereby we cordially invite you to our Showroom whenever you are in Berlin. Cheers, your Letterfriends

...sometimes we are wiggeling with the world.

Serious of Serial questions. (This is a double swinged B. #multiwiggler #inthehouse #lettersaremyfriends)

High On Type

Let's go there and see what our letterfriends are doing...?! Who is in or close?

Calligraphy & Typography festival 27 & 28 May 2017
Biem! Last week we produced together with Julien Priez (BooyPaper) this announcement video for our All Eyes on Type festival. The animated film is completely made by hand by Julien, Vincent, Hans, Ivo and Guido. In the almost 400 frames you see what you can expect of the festival!
More Information: www.alleyesontype.com
Lectures: http://www.highontype.nl/inschrijven/?aid=1306-
Overview Workshops: http://www.highontype.nl/agenda/

Check this out!

Coming in April! #berlin #digital #digest collected by
Raban Ruddigkeit + Robert Eysoldt w/ tons of good people and us.



Nice lettering here in Newcastle!


Studio Lisa Pommerenke : Simultanhalle


Great posters, great art space: SIMULTANHALLE - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, created by Lisa Pommerenke


Keep Tha Kerning Tight.


Sweeeeet - Is, was, will be w/ Retune!

We're putting together the dates for this year's Retune Studio Visits. Interested in hosting one? Let us know!

Get an impression of the past events, check out the photos over here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/retuneconference/albums

Past Studio Visits:
#11 - Sehsucht
#10 - Letters Are My Friends
#09 - ART+COM Explore
#08 - schnellebuntebilder
#07 - Artificial Rome
#06 - Studio NAND
#05 - THINGSCON Edition
#04 - Feld
#03 - onformative
#02 - Weltall
#01 - Applied Future Studio

Wollen Sie Ihre Geschäft zum Top-Schönheitssalon in Berlin machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um die erste Listenposition zu beanspruchen.

Videos (alles sehen)

Mock Up Print Preview - Flyer by Tina Lehmkuhl




Boppstrasse 7


Montag 10:00 - 19:00
Dienstag 10:00 - 19:00
Mittwoch 10:00 - 19:00
Donnerstag 10:00 - 19:00
Freitag 10:00 - 19:00
Andere Spas in Berlin (alles sehen)
Kaiserin Nails Tamara Arlykova Kaiserin Nails Tamara Arlykova
Kaiserin-Augusta-Str 83
Berlin, 12099

Kosmetikstudio Larena Kosmetikstudio Larena
Gülzower Str. 34-36
Berlin, 12619

Eine schöne Einrichtung, mit guten Angeboten! Mit hohen Garantie, das Sie sich wohlfühlen werden!

Salon Assil Salon Assil
Rostocker Str. 1a
Berlin, 10553

Trocken Haarschnitt 8€ kinder 5€ Bart 5€

YogaMonkey YogaMonkey
Lilienthal Straße
Berlin, 10965

The YogaMonkey Massage Swing can be hung in any door with or without a bar and will decompress your spine, relax your muscles and do yoga poses passively.

Hotel am Steinplatz, Autograph Collection Hotel am Steinplatz, Autograph Collection
Steinplatz 4
Berlin, 10623

For reservations and additional hotel information, please visit us at www.hotelsteinplatz.com

Balance-Berlin Balance-Berlin
Rigaer Str.65
Berlin, 10247

Waxing,Massage,Maniküre & Pediküre,Wimpernverlängerung, Nageldesign, Kosmetik,Microblading

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung Kudamm 69 Dauerhafte Haarentfernung Kudamm 69
Kurfürstendamm 69
Berlin, 10707

Genervt vom dauernden schmerzhaftem Waxing? Keine Lust auf überteuerte Studios die mit herkömmlichen Lasern schmerzvoll arbeiten? MPL-4G ist die Lösung!

Deava - deine Akupressurliege Deava - deine Akupressurliege
Tempelhofer Damm 177
Berlin, 12099

Fernöstliche ­Medizin trifft auf modernste Technik - Besondere Jadesteine. Nur das Beste für Deinen Rücken.

The Westin Grand, Berlin The Westin Grand, Berlin
Friedrichstrasse 158 - 164
Berlin, 10117

www.westingrandberlin.com https://twitter.com/westinberlin

Best Spätkauf Best Spätkauf
Pannier Str. 28
Berlin, 12047

Simply the Best !

Milonga Queer Berlin Milonga Queer Berlin

Queerer Tango-Tanztee. Traditionelle Musik. Kaffee & Kuchen. Ein bis zwei Mal im Monat. Gastlehrende, Workshops.

Nail Design Tünde Nail Design Tünde
Berlin, 10785