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Messenger Development Kit’s (MDK) mission is to provide a white label messaging infrastructure with extensive features for enterprise environments.

Founded in 2015, Messenger Development Kit’s (MDK) mission is to provide a white label messaging infrastructure with extensive features for enterprise environments. MDK allows large organizations to build a highly scalable, multi-channel, and securely encrypted messaging service to easily communicate with their customers or for internal communication with their employees. MDK is a privately held company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. MDK aims to become a leader in providing messaging solutions for telcos, retailers, and large enterprises in a global approach.

Gartner Says By 2017, U.S. Customers' Mobile Engagement Behavior Will Drive Mobile Commerce Revenue to 50 percent of U.S. Digital Commerce Revenue

According to Gartner, more than $2 billion will be spent on ecommerce stores through mobile-digital assistants by the end of this year ( This means brands will want to communicate more and more with their customers.
Adding a communication feature to apps and websites shouldn't take developers countless hours. With our feature-rich messaging SDK, you can build a great communication experience with just a few lines of code. Rampant interest in mobile payments is expected by 2015, along with a significant increase in mobile commerce. Due to this, Gartner, Inc. predicts that by 2017, U.S. customers' mobile engagement behavior...

Messenger Development Kit - MDK

It just became a lot easier to build integrated #messaging into any #app with our new cloud service. Any developer can sign up on our website and get started immediately. MDK is a white label instant messenger infrastructure with extensive features used in enterprise environments. Secure, fast and easy to integrate.

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MDK Labs

Messenger Development Kit - MDK

"When at first I tried MDK, I thought it was exactly what we needed for Hello: a super enhanced system for real-time chat, with low battery consumption and unique features. Keep up the good work!"

Marco Fabbri MDK is a white label instant messenger infrastructure with extensive features used in enterprise environments. Secure, fast and easy to integrate.

The #MDK team wishes you Merry #Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don't forget to #message your loved ones!

Push-Technology - Boost user experience & reduce costs | MDK

Want to boost user experience and get server cost savings of approximately 60%? Learn how at
#UX #PushTechnology Learn how you can improve mobile user experience and reduce server costs at the same time, by using push-technology for your application.

WhatsApp and Business – A new Love Story? | MDK

WhatsApp and #business - a new love story?
See the fantastic four #corporate usage types of #WhatsApp at WhatsApp – Market Leader with many Benefits Users of social platforms that want to communicate online, have more and more need for closed communication. The times in which users like to reveal everything about themselves, post their photos publicly or publicly exchange information with other users s…

#MobileGaming revolution with #InstantMessaging!

See how #MDK’s infrastructure can solve three main issues that mobile
gambling applications commonly face.

Tictail's In-App Messaging To Bring Real Customer Service To Online Shopping

In-App #messaging brings real customer service to online #shopping - The "Tumblr for online shops," Tictail, lets customers talk directly to shop owners in a Slack-like interface.

A powerful way to boost #online #sales - #LiveChat via #InstantMessaging -
#MDK #Ecommerce

Financial Services Use Case | MDK

#MDK's infrastructure not only allows you to integrate all relevant #payment #methods into your #app, it also allows for an app to offer much more -
#FinancialServices #mobilepayments #communication #messaging You need safe, reliable mobile communication? Financial information, payments and portfolio are your business? Discover the MDK mobile messaging solution!

10 Amazing Facts About Instant Messenger Market

10 facts about #Instant #Messenger market you don't know -
#Infographic #Infographics #Messaging In this overview 10 key facts are summarized about the Instant Messenger Market. More details are available in this article: Instant messenger – an overview

Instant messenger – an overview | MDK

In 2011 people sent 16.2 billion SMS messages each day and only 4.4 billion messages via #messenger #apps. In 2013 the big breakthrough came and with 41 billion messages sent each day, IM left the SMS service (19.5 billion) far behind. Read more interesting information about #InstantMessengers at In this article, we will outline an overview of the different instant messengers and their market share in the B2C and B2B world. Read more.

Facebook Messenger: inside Mark Zuckerberg's app for everything

#Facebook #Messenger: inside Mark Zuckerberg's app for everything
It's worth reading - If Facebook's David Marcus can get every business on to Messenger, who will need Google or Apple?

Google Takes Stake in Messaging Startup Symphony Communication Services

Google Takes Stake in #Messaging #Startup #Symphony #Communication Services Google Inc. plans to invest in a new round of funding for Symphony Communication Services LLC that values the messaging company at about $650 million.

PayPals neue Funktion im Kampf gegen den Facebook-Messenger und Google Wallet

PayPal's new role in the fight against the Facebook Messenger and Google Wallet - Foto: PayPalPayPal (WKN:A14R7U) macht es uns leichter, Geld über das Internet zu senden. Diesen Monat hat der digitale Bezahlriese das neue Feature PayPal.Me gestartet. Dieser Dienst erlaubt es, Einzelpersonen...

comScore: Facebook now holds the top two positions among app users in the U.S.

#Facebook #Messenger - number two in the Top 15 #apps - While things mostly stayed the same in the smartphone app Top 15 rankings between June and July, there have been one or two changes worth pointing out.

Telegram: The Next Generation Messaging Platform?

Is #Telegram The Next Generation #Messaging #Platform? Conversational bots and high level security? Born of a desire to outwit the Russian state, Telegram, is one of today’s m…

#Logistics and #Messaging combined? Discover possible uses for #MDK in a logistics setting:

Trends im Mobile Messaging: WhatsApp laut GWI-Bericht mit 40% führend

See what the #Mobile #Messaging #trends were last year -
Are they still the same this year? We think yes! Auch nach der Übernahme von WhatsApp durch Facebook setzen Nutzer weiter auf WhatsApp. Ein Quartalsbericht von GWI zum Mobile Messaging deckt auf.

Today, buying a product can happen at any time and anywhere, and it’s never more than an arm’s length away.
To make the most of this new reality, retailers must take a more active role in the customer journey and guide shoppers through each step of the process. The most effective way to do this is by creating a multi-channel messaging strategy, one that addresses specific customers needs, provides valuable content and nudges shoppers toward purchase.

#Messaging #eCommerce #MDK

Messaging Apps and the Apple Watch | MDK

#Apple #Watch and #Messaging #Apps - is it a possible combination? - The Apple Watch is definitely a tempting gadget for iPhone users. MDK’s platform is easily adaptable to fit iOS requirements and the Apple interface.

Messaging app Line expands mobile payment service in Taiwan

#Messaging #app Line expands #mobile #payment service in #Taiwan - Messaging app operator Line has unveiled an initial list of Taiwanese stores at which Line Pay can be used, extending the company`s mobile payment service in Taiwan.

Eko Communications Lands $5.7M For Its Messaging Platform For…

#Messaging is getting hot in #Asia too - Slack opened the tech world's mind to the potential of messaging inside organizations, but there are plenty of others working to bring the concept to..

Facebook Is Adding A Personal Assistant Called “M” To Your…

Facebook Is Adding A Personal Assistant Called “M” To Your #Messenger #App… We've been hearing rumblings that Facebook was working on an "assistant" within Messenger (along with others), but today we've gotten the details that pull it..

Mobile Messaging and Social Media 2015

36% of smartphone owners use messaging #apps
#Mobile #Messaging and #SocialMedia 2015 Report - 36% of adult smartphone owners use messaging apps, while 17% use apps that automatically delete sent messages. These types of apps are adding to an already complex terrain of digital and social communication....

Not-so-instant messaging: The oldest message in a bottle is found 108 years later

This is how #instant #messaging looked 108 years ago - We live in a world where we crave instant results, instant iMessage responses and immediate rewards. And technology makes it all happen. Just pull whatever smartphone you favor out of your pocket and...

MDK Labs GmbH

Does the prospect of having a great impact while building the future excite you? If yes, you're welcome in our team! For academics and those enrolled in higher education

3data Announces MDK’s Arrival on the Russian Market | MDK

#MDKLabs #press conference in #Moscow recap - The Russian company 3data proudly introduced the ultimate breakthrough in corporate development: a white label messenger platform - MDK. Read more.

WhatsApp’s Web Client Adds iOS Support | TechCrunch

#WhatsApp’s Web Client Adds iOS Support WhatsApp has finally added iOS to the platforms supported by its web app. This means that iPhone users can now sync their accounts and chats to WhatsApp Web...

Neue Messenger-App: LinkedIn will Firmen-Intranets an den Kragen.

New #messenger #app - LinkedIn will become a kind of mobile intranet? Wer ist der Neue? LinkedIn will zu einer Art mobilen Intranet werden. Das Karrierenetzwerk folgt dem Trend sogenannter Standalone-Apps und veröffentlicht eine iOS-App namens Lookup, mit der sich Mitarbeiter...

Kik Takes $50 Million Investment From WeChat Parent Company Tencent, Hits $1 Billion Valuation

#Kik Takes $50 Million Investment From #WeChat The deal values Kik at more than $1 billion.

Google Hangouts Gets Its Own Site, Just Like Facebook Messenger |…

#Google #Hangouts Gets Its Own Site, Just Like #Facebook #Messenger Everyone wants to be free and standalone. Remember when Facebook Messenger got its own site that maybe people use but we're not sure because they don't talk..

3data представила платформу для общения и слежки

3data introduced the communication platform MDK in the Russian market Компания 3data представила на российском рынке коммуникационную платформу MDK. Этот инструмент предназначен для...

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