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Hier ist Entdeckergeist Programm. Wir begleiten Organisationen in die Zukunft, indem wir Mitarbeitern, Führungskräften und ganzen Teams ihren inneren Antrieb zurückgeben.

Wir machen sie zu echten Explorern – und helfen so, eine Unternehmenskultur der angewandten Neugier zu etablieren. Explorer setzen auf Wertschöpfung durch Kreativität und Innovation - und beschleunigen so die Problemlösungs- und Entscheidungsprozesse in Unternehmen.

Working on my fear of heights. It's all "just" in my head.

Which irrational fear do you want to face and overcome?
#management #businesstraining #mindset #curiosity #creativity #newwork #change #businesscoaching #führungskräfte #kreativität #veränderung #neugier #motivation #erfolg #inspiration #creative #business #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #exploreorexpire

Do you view curiosity as a good character trait?
In our culture it’s often presented in a negative way ("curiosity killed the cat,” "Kind, sei nicht so neugierig”.) In its original meaning, however, curiosity (derived from cūriōsus, meaning "careful, diligent, curious,” akin to cura "care") is a quality related to inquisitive thinking (exploration, investigation, learning.)

So, are you a curios person? And in what way?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
#management #businesstraining #mindset #curiosity #creativity #newwork #change #businesscoaching #führungskräfte #kreativität #veränderung #neugier #motivation #erfolg #inspiration #creative #business #persönlichkeitsentwicklung #exploreorexpire


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Do you listen to your "inner voice”? INTUITION is a key attribute of an Explorer. To understand something instinctively—without the need for conscious rationale. Learn more about how to train that "skill" in my upcoming Newsletter. Register here: https://www.uduak.org/newsletter

uduak.org Hier ist Entdeckergeist Programm. Alle zwei Monate erhalten Sie inspirierende Zitate, Beobachtungen und Empfehlungen für (Blog-)Artikel, Studien und Bücher zu den Themen Branding, Kommunikation, Trends und Gesellschaft.

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Lise Uduak | Newsletter „Explore or Expire"

The benefits of balance? Advanced cognitive performance, increased memory, focus, better sleep, not to mention reduced risk of injury. But how? And what does it mean to “be balanced”, anyway?

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uduak.org Hier ist Entdeckergeist Programm. Alle zwei Monate erhalten Sie inspirierende Zitate, Beobachtungen und Empfehlungen für (Blog-)Artikel, Studien und Bücher zu den Themen Branding, Kommunikation, Trends und Gesellschaft.


Lise Uduak | Newsletter „Explore or Expire"

Explore the indispensable art of learning in my next newsletter. Discover free online Harvard and MIT courses, a headset that makes you learn faster, skills that diversify your income sources, and much more. **SIGN UP**

uduak.org Hier ist Entdeckergeist Programm. Alle zwei Monate erhalten Sie inspirierende Zitate, Beobachtungen und Empfehlungen für (Blog-)Artikel, Studien und Bücher zu den Themen Branding, Kommunikation, Trends und Gesellschaft.


Lise Uduak | Newsletter „Explore or Expire"

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uduak.org Hier ist Entdeckergeist Programm. Alle zwei Monate erhalten Sie inspirierende Zitate, Beobachtungen und Empfehlungen für (Blog-)Artikel, Studien und Bücher zu den Themen Branding, Kommunikation, Trends und Gesellschaft.


„Essentialism“: Weniger, aber besser.

Hast du das Gefühl, die ganze Zeit mit etwas beschäftigt, aber trotzdem nicht produktiv zu sein? Ich habe zentrale Learnings und Werkzeuge von Greg McKeown („The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”) in diesem Blogbeitrag für dich zusammengestellt.
#essentialism #workbetter #zeitmanagement

uduak.org Sein Leben ordnen durch Prioritäten und Zeitmanagement: Greg McKeowns hilft dir! In Tim Ferriss’ Podcast erzählt er, wie mit zentralen Fragen „das Wesentliche”


Developing a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

What feedback would motivate you more: "Failed" or "Not Yet"? I love this change of mindset, that can easily be applied in a work context.

Watch, learn and connect: https://stanfordconnects.stanford.edu/ Should you tell your kids they are smart or talented? Professor Carol Dweck answers this que...


Carl Sagan's 9-Step Method for Spotting Total B.S.

#FakeNews: Do you question the information you are given – whether it's on the news, at work, or in SoMe? Here is a reminder how to spot the BS!

curiosity.com The headline "NASA Scientists Have Covered Up Flat Earth Evidence for 500 Years" really isn't fooling anyone (hopefully). But some bunk stories aren't ...


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This Thursday I’m relaunching my newsletter! The 1st edition is all about asking questions: news on Voice Search, Richard Branson´s dad, a great book recommendation, my Brand Positioning Workshop – it’s all in there. Follow the link and sign up for bi-monthly food for thought and applicable advice (in English).

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If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?

This book proved to be the one that gave me the most input for my work last year. It’s packed with useful references to studies in communication and human interaction and written in an extremely accessible way. I used it for quotes in presentations, inspiration for exercises in seminars and was reminded of paying attention to little details in how I interact with people around me. A few examples:

“Listening" starts before you even communicate; when you consider how to approach a certain audience.

Warren Buffet doesn’t write a 200 p strategy document to his managers, he writes a 1,5 p letter where he mentions e.g. how they have plenty of money but not an ounce of reputation to spare; they should make business decisions that they wouldn’t mind see on the front page of a newspaper.

Empathy exercise: when you talk/interact with people try and name the feeling they are feeling while they are talking. What they think is “obvious” because they are saying it but understanding what emotion they are going through while talking creates empathy.


buecher.de NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Award-winning actor Alan Alda tells the fascinating story of his quest to learn how to communicate better, and to teach others to do the same.


Lise Uduak | Beratung Branding und Vertrieb, Berlin

New year, new website. If you've wondered what I actually do for a living, have a look here – it's only in German so far BUT with pretty pictures (of me).

uduak.org Ist Ihr Unternehmen die erste Wahl Ihrer Kunden? Lise Uduak entwickelt und implementiert Strategien für mehr Erfolg im Marketing & Vertrieb.

uduak // urban explorer

uduak // urban explorer's cover photo

A lot has happened on the old premises of Bar 25 and in few days you have the opportunity to see for your self at the Widerkunst Festival. Four days of URBAN ART – PAINTING – PLASTICS – MURALS – LIVE TAPING – PERFORMANCES – READINGS – WORKSHOPS. See the full program here: http://bit.ly/2cmtdjD

The useful kind of newsletter: from plastic-free travel tips to a bottled water test and the reality of trash vs the ocean.
If you read German, read this!
Oh, and it includes a birthday invite to Origianl Unverpackts birthday bash this Saturday.

For those seeking a sprinkle of magic Burning Man Dust Olivia is opening the doors to her enchanting studio this Saturday.
Besides art Olivia invites you to share a yoga class, Mezcal and a sound healing journey. Event details: http://bit.ly/2cI51u1


Massimo Bottura: "Die wichtigste Zutat ist Kultur"

For my German reading friends: this article makes me instantly want to go to Osteria Francescana for dinner and try to win Massimo Bottura as a BFF. Inspiring on many levels.

zeit.de Seine Osteria Francescana wurde gerade zum besten Restaurant der Welt gewählt. Expandieren möchte der Sternekoch Massimo Bottura trotzdem nicht. Zwölf Tische genügen ihm.

If you like intimate dinners (and Japanese food) you will probably love Shiori. A 10-seat restaurant offering an eight course Japanese set menu dinner at a mere 60 Euros per person. Dinner start daily at 7:30 pm sharp (except on Sundays). Reservation is required.

Thank you fellow food explorer Kim for the picture!

Olivia is back in Berlin ready to "Steele the Show" with a new exhibition at Circle Culture Gallery Berlin. Olivia Steele – Faux Real opening this Thursday!

While I just arrived in Amsterdam I have a little tip for Berlin this weekend.
- any recommendations for Amsterdam are most welcome!

It's been a while since I've heard from Arun who co-founded UNDPLUS® back in 2010 but now he's back with THE GALLERY STORE. Making the move from Mitte to Xberg the pop up is open till Jan. 30. at Moritzplatz featuring a fine collection of artists and brands.
Pop on by: https://www.facebook.com/events/630304250488379/

Friedrichshain is upping its game: I keep discovering places I want to check out. Like St. Mauli Maultaschen in Gryphiusstraße. Fall feeling + Maultaschen soup = satisfaction.

After my CPH weekend trip starting close to pronto I'll head straight to Lychener Strasse for some Moules-frites à la Zazie Restaurant ( Themroc-Ali's new place in gentrified Prenzlauer Berg). Voulez vous manger avec moi?

New destination target in Mariannenstr., Xberg: Esel.Berlin.
Been there, done that? - review?

Mussel season is upon us! Looking to celebrate? Head over to ONBOOZE at the MYKITA house tomorrow.

Recently discovered a new little coffee gem in Karl Marx Allee -> Coffee Profilers ☕️

#SuperExcited about my first event at Soho House Berlin! It says fully booked but I can squeeze in 1-2 more guests if you are dying to come.

With your RSVP please feedback if you would like to start the evening:
- and we will have a little surprise waiting for you. [email protected]


Das sind die Menschen, die den Flüchtlingen in Moabit helfen - Mit Vergnügen Berlin

Only in German, unfortunately, but the pictures tell a story, too. A subtle moving feature on the people helping the refugees here in Moabit. Thank you!
(There is a link in the end with more information about how you can help, too)

mitvergnuegen.com Auf dem Gelände der Lageso warten hunderte Flüchtlinge in der sengenden Hitze auf Registrierung und Unterbringung. Für ihr Überleben sorgen Berliner Bürger.

Thought it might be of interest that I had dinner at Industry Standard on Wednesday and cohesively a multiple foodgasm: oyster mexikaner (mandatory), red pepper/anchovy/payoyo, pickled pork tongue, Lemon pie ... and a wonderfully tickling sparkling wine (forgot which grapes). Full menu on their FB page.
Photo by IS.

Never say no to do the shuffle during the week. Matt is playing at Trust Bar on Thursday and it starts at 22:00 - early enough for the hard working ones among us to still be in bed by midnight.
Get warm with this mix: https://soundcloud.com/matthewdekay/matthew-dekay-fu-r-die-liebe

This is most innovative, easy and transparent charity solution I've seen to date. Given the option who wouldn't donate €0,40 (40 cents!!) to feed a hungry child for a day? You HAVE to download ShareTheMeal developed by some very smart Berliners:


Berlin: Mitte through the eyes of LARRY anti-cocktail bar owner Rebecca Brodsky

Looking for 'raw' bar vibes and the once-was anarchistic spirit of Berlin Mitte? LARRY might have what you are looking for. Here is a nice little interview with owner Rebecca Brodsky brought to us by Local Suicide.

localsuicide.com Mitte has changed. Once a haven for squats in the 1990s, now all you might find are upscale restaurants and cocktail bars. While tourists know this former area of East Berlin as home to major…

Telse's Organic Glamour Food Bar has finally opened its doors in Veteranenstrasse, Berlin Mitte! Nobody can argue with the combination of organic and glamour in food. Bon appetit and good to have you back Telse!

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Ruft mich an, wenn ihr keinen stressigen Studiobesuch möchtet. Ich komme mit meiner gesamten Ausrüstung zu euch nach Hause. Egal, wie es dort aussieht...

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Together with exciting partners we are creating a unique Offsite Innovation Space 40 km north of Berlin.

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