MicroEnergy International

MicroEnergy International is a private consulting company with a strong background in energy engineering, energy economics and microfinance.

MicroEnergy International works with microfinance institutions, energy product & service providers, international development actors and research institutions in order to set up clean energy microfinance schemes. In this framework, MEI takes care of the overall project management (from planning through implementation to evaluation), thereby designing, evaluating and optimizing energy products and services, and ensuring that financial instruments are tailored to the needs of the business sector and end-users. MEI finally strengthens its activities through scientific quality management, in partnership with research institutions worldwide, and offers a variety of training opportunities.

ME SOLshare Ltd.

"As the world now collectively fights against an unexampled disease, I recollect the times when many of us had jumped onto the bandwagon fallacy, thinking COVID-19 would never hit us. How long till we begin taking the climate crisis as seriously?"

Head out to SOLshare's blog to read an interesting write-up on the most common green lies said on regular basis.

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We are extremely happy to share that we just received the first contract from UNHCR in Bangladesh of smart illumination of the lavatory facilities for Rohingya Refugees.

As open defecation remains a pressing issue when it comes to battling poor sanitation in Bangladesh, we are glad to be able to contribute to it, that, too for the people who are currently amongst the least privileged in the world.

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Ashoka Bangladesh

Mourning the loss of a Sir Abed, Sebastian Groh, an Ashoka Fellow and founder of ME SOLshare Ltd. and also an Associate Professor at BRAC University shared his moments with the "Global Citizen":

"Sir Abed will always be a living legend. His accomplishments are unparalleled. May his soul rest in peace and his family have the strength to lead BRAC to continued success touching the lives of an incredible number of people, to fight poverty and inequality!"

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ME SOLshare Ltd.

SOLshare has been packed with guests since the last few weeks, and guess who've come to visit us?

On the right, you see, Asif Saleh, the executive director of BRAC, #1 NGO in the world, creating opportunities across 11 countries in Asia and Africa , having touched 120 million lives in Bangladesh alone! Asif has a proven track record of effectively managing interfaces of development programming, operational and financial sustainability and building effective partnerships, both within and outside BRAC. Since he is deeply anchored in driving the strategic direction of BRAC, he had great insights to share with us on how to stay deeply committed to developing a sustainable world which is self-driven by the 5Ds (Decentralization, Decarbonization, Digitization, Democratization & Disruption) Solshare believes in.

Below, we have Prof. Dr. Christian von Hirschhausen, who is a Professor of Economic and Infrastructure Policy (with tenure) at the Berlin University of Technology and the Research Director at DIW Berlin (German Institute for Economic Research). He is also a Research Associate at the MIT Center for Environmental and Energy Research (Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology, CEEPR) (since 2006) and Associate Researcher of the Electricity Policy Research Group, University of Cambridge (EPRG) (since 2008). Most recently, Christian worked on a project to explore energy pathways for the low-carbon transformation in India and is now interested to do related research with a focus on Bangladesh. Collaborations with BRAC University and SOLshare are in the making.

Above, we see Wendy Werner engrossed in a conversation with our tech team on how our system works and the magic it can do. She is the country head of IFC Bangladesh, and Nepal & Bhutan as well. With her background in environmental studies, she has a keen interest in the solar energy space.

And at last, we have Bärbel Höhn, from the Alliance '90/The Greens. As the former German State Minister for Environment and Agriculture, she played a leadership role and suddenly found herself from being an activist being put into the driving seat. She is now also the special delegate for Energy in Africa on behalf of the German Development Ministry. While researching in several Sub-Saharan African countries for the latest innovation to drive energy access, the name SOLshare inadvertently kept popping up. So, she came to visit us here in Bangladesh with a small delegation from the GIZ Head Office to come to find out more. When we showed how our P2P energy trading platform has helped thousands of people survive in ease, she may have found a personification of her in our tiny little but the more powerful SOLbox.

#swarmintelligence #swarmelectrification #techpioneer #makinganimpact #sdggoal07 Sebastian Groh

ME SOLshare Ltd.

While Solshare has made a breakthrough, through its revolutionary approach, does it come at a cost? Sebastian does a candid one-to-one with Monocle 24 Radio

To listen, click on: https://monocle.com/radio/shows/the-bulletin-with-ubs/265/

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Swarm Electrification in action!


People often ask what our business model is.

The SOLshare model is fully aligned with the community. As the community grows, so does our revenue. The model constitutes a 3-step approach:
1) Access to energy,
2) Market development &
3) Community-driven development.

Stay tuned till next Monday where we further elaborate on our model.

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ME SOLshare Ltd.

BRAC Business School & the Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research jointly organized a conversation on Climate Justice this Tuesday, which centered on climate finance, the role of activism in the past and today, including civil rights movements, extinction rebellion, Greta Thunberg and the school climate striker, the meaning of climate justice across different generations and income groups, as well as energy reform in areas as distinct as Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

In this session, Bärbel Höhn, a German politician for Alliance '90/The Greens and the former State Minister for Environment and Agriculture, Sohara Mehroze Shachi, a research associate from UNDP and the curator of the Dhaka Hub of the Global Shaper community and Dr. Ainun Nishat, Professor Emeritus of C3ER, BRAC University and a key member of the Climate Change Negotiation Team for Bangladesh representing the country at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences were present. The managing director of Solshare, Dr. Sebastian Groh, was the moderator.

Read more at https://www.samakal.com/bangladesh/article/19113384/%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%AA%E0%A6%B0%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%AF%E0%A7%9F%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B0-%E0%A6%9D%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%81%E0%A6%95%E0%A6%BF-%E0%A6%AE%E0%A7%8B%E0%A6%95%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%AC%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B2%E0%A6%BE%E0%A7%9F-%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%82%E0%A6%B2%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A6%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B6%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B0-%E0%A6%AA%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%B0%E0%A6%B8%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%A4%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%A4%E0%A6%BF-%E0%A6%AC%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B6%E0%A7%8D%E0%A6%AC%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B0-%E0%A6%B8%E0%A7%87%E0%A6%B0%E0%A6%BE-%E0%A6%A1-%E0%A6%86%E0%A6%87%E0%A6%A8%E0%A7%81%E0%A6%A8-%E0%A6%A8%E0%A6%BF%E0%A6%B6%E0%A6%BE%E0%A6%A4

ME SOLshare Ltd.

Wir sind sehr gespannt, wie der Film 2040: The Regeneration von Damon Gameau wohl in #Deutschland ankommen wird und würden gerne von Euch hören. Ab 7. November nunmehr in den deutschen Kinos, mit knapp 15min zu SOLshare's Aktivitiäten in #Bangladesch Hier schon mal der Trailer, jetzt endlich auch auf Deutsch: https://deinkinoticket.de/2040.derfilm/infos/

MicroEnergy International Sebastian Groh Hannes Ck Daniel Ciganovic Daniel Philipp Noara Kebir Raluca Dumitrescu GIZ KfW German Embassy Dhaka Deutsche Energie Agentur Siemens Stiftung Ashoka Deutschland DAAD IndiAlumni Netzwerk DAAD Bangladesh innogy Innovation Hub Ecosia Endeva

From Dhaka to Berlin! #MaketheWorldGretaAgain #FridaysForFuture

The strike on September 20 aims to bring awareness to the climate crisis in the days preceding the UN's climate change summit; students have pledged to walk out from schools to “call attention” to the crisis and to make certain demands. And we're not sitting back either.

To be a part, sign up:

To read more, read:

We need your vote!

Hello. Hoi. Bonjour. Olá. Ciao. Namastē. Salam. It's time and you know it! Vote, and help us because you know you want to!

We are shortlisted as one of the finalists of the empowering people. Network Award 2019 by Siemens Foundation and will compete at the Award Ceremony in Cairo on July 11, 2019. Now we need your vote in order to win the Community Prize!

To vote for us please go to this link below:

To know more please click here: https://mailchi.mp/ecde1209850a/solshare-needs-your-vote

P. S: Every vote counts.

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2040: The Regeneration

We couldn't get any prouder, #swarm #electrification to hit the cinemas this spring! ME SOLshare Ltd.

From Damon Gameau, the director of That Sugar Film, comes 2040. An aspirational journey to discover what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best that exists today.

This is the narrative the next generation needs to see, to aspire to, and to believe is possible. What's your 2040? Coming to Australian cinemas May 23. Special Q&A previews with Damon Gameau on sale now.

ME SOLshare Ltd.

Form our family on the occasion of Intl. Women's Day

While many think "workplace inequality" is an obsolete issue, we don't. It's important to remember that workplace inequality comes in the most subtle forms: from dismissing a woman's opinion to dismissing an opinion about a woman. This woman's day, we asked a few of our favorites to share their thoughts on workplace inequality. What are yours? Share with us in the comment section below!

Happy Women's Day! বিশ্ব নারী দিবসে বিশ্ব সকল নারী সমাজের প্রতি রইলো গভীর শ্রদ্ধাভরা শুভেচ্ছা।

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Impact Investment Exchange - IIX

We sat down with Dr. Sebastian Groh, Managing Director and Co-founder of ME SOLshare Ltd., to talk about how this “Airbnb of Energy” is helping communities in rural Bangladesh move up the energy ladder. #ImpactPartners #CleanEnergy #SolarEnergy #SocialImpact


Out of over 13,000 innovators from over 90 countries, SOLshare secures a place in the 2019 Global Cleantech 100!

The Global Cleantech 100 is an annual guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation. It features the private, independent, for-profit companies best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges. This year marks the 10th edition of the list.

“We strongly believe that the new energy world is fuelled by the 5 D’s: Decentralization, Decarbonization, Digitization, Democratization and Disruption. We are extremely honoured and grateful that SOLshare, as a Bangladeshi company, has made it into the "Champions League" of Cleantech! Our aim is to create efficient and dynamic local energy markets that empower households and encourage solar entrepreneurism, starting in Bangladesh, followed by India and eventually on a global scale. The future of energy has started in Bangladesh!,” said Dr. Sebastian Groh, founder and managing director of SOLshare.”

For more elaborate information, feel free to visit: http://bit.ly/19GCT100i

ME SOLshare Ltd.

Our MD Dr. Sebastian Groh in his keynote on access to energy and their disruptive solutions in the Open Innovation Demo Day #openinnovation EDP

ME SOLshare Ltd.

THRILLED !!! #Bangladesh off-grid solar energy firm SOLshare raises US$1.66M Series A to build the future of energy on a global scale! Thanks to innogy Innovation Hub EDP Brasil Impact Investment Exchange - IIX Free Electrons'18
Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation Tata Trusts Sangam Ventures MicroEnergy International Microsoft for Startups Asian Development Bank - ADB Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh ADB Energy for All Initiative

ME SOLshare Ltd.

ME SOLshare Ltd. will be represented by our MD Sebastian Groh in Tianjin this week for #Summer #Davos by the World Economic Forum or the Annual Meeting of the New Champions #amnc18!!!! Check out all the other elusive list of participants from #Bangladesh this time!!!!! We are very excited and looking forward to this meeting!!!


ME SOLshare Ltd.

A Huge Congratulations to team ME SOLshare Ltd. for winning the #Microsoft_Airband_Grant 2018.
Our sincere gratitude to Sonia Bashir Kabir for the humongous support!!! সোনিয়া বশির কবীর Microsoft Bangladesh

SOLshare will use this fund to strengthen internet services in #Bangladesh's remote areas through improved • IoT • AI • Cognitive Services • Data & Analytics. #Vision2021 #DigitalBangladesh

Especially proud to be the only #Asian #startup among this elite group. Big Congratulations to all the other winners, especially our friends from ColdHubs with Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu

To know more please check out the links below. Many thanks to all the newspapers for publishing the BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dhaka Tribune: https://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2018/09/03/microsoft-selects-bangladeshi-startup-for-airband-grant-fund

Prothom Alo: https://www.prothomalo.com/technology/article/1556190/

New Age, Dhaka: http://www.newagebd.net/article/49743/bangladeshs-me-solshare-to-get-microsofts-airband-grant-fund

Amader Shomoy: https://www.amadershomoy.com/bn/2018/09/04/662198.htm


From the jungles of Borneo to the classrooms of Liberia, our Fellows are expanding perspectives and rewriting the way things are done in every corner of the planet. Explore the 33 newest #AshokaFellows and see how their work is building a better future for all: www.ashoka.org/en/story/introducing-newest-cohort-2018-fellows

ME SOLshare Ltd.

A proud moment for the ME Family as well ! ! !

Many thanks for this recognition Ashoka Fellows - Bangladesh Ashoka Bangladesh Ashoka India Ashoka Ashoka Deutschland

We are proud of the selection of our MD Sebastian Groh as an #AshokaFellow. Thank you Ashoka and supporters! Please click this link below for the details of this great news:
Ashoka Bangladesh #changemaker #5Ds #P2P #rural_empowerment #swarm_electrification #vision2021

ME SOLshare Ltd.

Truly thrilled by these amazing news! #SwarmElectrification

The World Economic Forum introduced today a list of 61 #technology companies with the greatest potential to "transform society and industry" & "shape the 4th industrial revolution" #techpioneers18
Extremely proud to be the first #Bangladesh company to join the ranks of companies like AirBnb (2013); Dropbox (2011); Twitter (2009); Google (2001)

Thank you Saif Kamal Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation MicroEnergy International Sonia Bashir Kabir Elite Paint Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) ADB Energy for All Initiative GSMA Mobile for Development Sangam Ventures Impact Investment Exchange - IIX

#Vision2021 #ICT #Bangladesh #Energy4All #SwarmElectrification
Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh
Nasrul Hamid a2i - Access to Information
Ministry Of ICT Bangladesh
The Daily Star Dhaka Tribune Prothom Alo
Social Alpha Free Electrons'18
Dhaka, Bangladesh

​Read more about this year’s class and about their inspiring work: http://widgets.weforum.org/techpioneers-2018/

The seed was planted way back in 2002/2003 by Daniel Philipp & Noara Kebir, it makes us incredibly proud to see how it has developed so far and will develop in the future!

Sustainable Energy for All Power For All

Truly grateful to Sohel Ahmed for spearheading this initiative on behalf of Grameen Shakti and Muhammad Yunus, for putting your trust in us at ME SOLshare Ltd. and Sebastian Groh!

Both organizations jointly received US $1 million United Nations Energy Grant for implementation of “Smart Peer-to-Peer Solar Grids for Rural Electrification & Empowerment” project, thanks goes to UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. We are very much looking forward to scaling up swarm electrification, initiated by MicroEnergy International many years ago, in #Bangladesh interconnecting the maximum possible number of Grameen Shakti's 1.9M solar home systems!!! Simply, imagine the power of 10 million people creating a network, sharing electricity and brightening their future!

#Vision2021 Thank you Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) the mastermind behind the #Bangladesh Solar Home System program, for your generous support!

Free Electrons'18 Asian Development Bank - ADB SDG7: Energy for All Sustainable Energy for All Power For All সোনিয়া বশির কবীর Shajir Ahmed

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