Sweet and deep YOGA

Sweet and deep YOGA

Gründerin von sweetanddeepyoga ist auf neuen Wegen ....unterrichtet zur Zeit bei Jivamukti und privat

Romarei unterrichtet ab jetzt in Kladow nur noch privat in einem coolen Swimming Pool oder kommt gerne zu Euch....!

Life Changing Videos

Love watching it over and over again

How much does this goose LOVE his human mother?? Unbelievable!

Jay Shetty

....honestly....I don't know if I like this little message - but maybe it's helpful for someone in particular...?

Dedicated to those trying to find their passion...

Oprah Winfrey Ellen DeGeneres Dwayne The Rock Johnson you need to see this!

That thing you do, after your day job, in your free time, too early in the morning, too late at night. That thing you do when you're all alone and there's no-one to impress, nothing to prove, no money to be made, simply a passion to pursue. That's it. That's your thing. That's the thing you must, must do.

Yoga Memes

We still need to learn a lot from our sweet companions

Our Instagram is finally up and running. @yogamemes4

.... ein wunderbarer Morgen - wunderbare Lektüre

Animal Equality Germany

....bitte leitet und teilt diesen Beiträge - nur so können WIR helfen

So sehr leiden Schweine für Produkte von El Pozo: www.animalequality.de/schweinehölle-in-spanien
Die Fleisch- und Wurstwaren des Unternehmens sind in Deutschland bei Amazon, Edeka und Rewe erhältlich.


Abszesse und Kannibalismus: Das Leid der Schweine für billige Würstchen

.....ich muss weitermachen zu versuchen dieses Leiden zu beenden.... vielleicht wird aus ich - wir?

stern.de Mit erschütternden Bildern haben der TV-Sender La Sexta und die Tierschutzorganisation Animal Equality in Spanien einen Schweinemast-Skandal aufgedeckt.

Bitte Bitte macht mit ohne Milch zu leben!

Entscheide dich für die richtige Seite und sag' auch du: #GoodbyeMilch

Mercy For Animals

Ganz richtig! Höre auf dich selber zu betrügen....!

Stop making excuses.

PETA Deutschland

.....ich bin so oft so traurig wenn ich über das Leid unserer Mitbewohner nachdenke und ich mag keine Bilder mehr sehen.... es erzeugt so viel Mitleiden.... dennoch freue ich mich über die langsame aber stete Entwicklung in Richtung: HINSCHAUEN und UMDENKEN

Es gibt SOO viele gute Alternativen zu Milch: www.goodbyemilch.de/#alternates

Was ist Euer Favorit?


....für ALLE die immer noch Pelze von Hunden und Katzen an ihren Jacken tragen....!

Dog yoga = Doga. ❤

by instagram.com/my_aussie_gal

Toronto Pig Save

....wann hört dieses LEIDEN endlich auf?

"If you saw someone battered and bruised, shaking with fear from her ordeal,
would you not feel your heart move with the desire to protect and heal her?

Video from an Essex Pig Save vigil.

She was a mother, sent to slaughter today.

She was someone, not something.

You can stop this by choosing vegan." - Helen Barker

....so happy to share these news with you....!

So happy to welcome Romarei Hartwich to the Jivamukti Yoga Berlin teaching team. As of this week, Romarei will teach in Kreuzberg the Wednesday 19:00 and in Mitte the Friday 19:00 Restorative classes in her signature Sweet and Deep Yin Yoga style in addition to our Sat. 15:15 and Sun 11:15 Restorative classes which will remain to be taught by Jivamukti teachers Sarah and Katrin.

Romarei combines her knowledge of the body as a physiotherapist with her love for expression through movement as a former dancer into truly sweet and deep Yin Yoga classes.

Sweet and Deep is how Romarei named her own yoga studio (from 2013-2017). Sweet and deep is the experience one has in her yin yoga classes. Acompanied by specially handpicked music and inspiring thoughts, she gently and skillfully challenges you to discover what awaits you when you go beyond your comfort zone with the help of your breath and inner stillness.
Discover peace, awareness, devotion and presence.


So thankful that Yoga found me.

Movement has accompanied me all my life. Starting with classical ballet to gymnastics, track and fields, windsurfing, skydiving, riding and always again dance in all ist forms of expression.
Being a pyhsical therapist with 30 years of working and teaching experience in Germany and Singapore,
I have worked in the area of gynaecology, birth preparation and childbed. For over 20 years, I have especially been working as a Vojta therapist in the paediatrics. The precondition of this form of therapy is the exact knockledge of development of movements of the baby.

At about the same time, I started my yoga practice. Here I find a natural connection between the knowledge of early infantile movement, my medical background and the natural love towards movement.

Inspired through various teachers from Mauritius, Sri Lanka, California, Germany and Luxembourg, I am constantly deepening my own yoga practice in an ongoing process: how does it feel to be ME?

In my classes, I would like you to discover elements of awareness, peace, presence, devotion, aesthetics, a still mind, curiosity, happiness, bravery, challenge and gratitude.

After a beautiful Yin Yoga teacher traing with Paul and Suzee Grilley in Santa Cruz yin Yoga became my passion.

While still in Luxembourg, I worked with Isabelle Thill, founder of Yogaloft and Exhale Cape Town.

After moving to Berlin I opened my own yoga studio in 2013, but unfortunately had to close it in May 2017 due to private reasons on the building owner.

....but yoga found me again: so happy to now teach restorative yin classes at Jivamukti

Good news: es geht weiter: ich unterrichte im besten Studio Berlin's: JIVAMUKTI
mittwochs in xberg 19.00-20.35
freitags in mitte 19.00-20.35
Freue mich RIESIG - auch euch bald ALLE wieder zusehen.

Jivamukti Yoga Berlin


Dear Jivamuktis,
on Saturday we are celebrating our staff X-Mas-party at The Jivamukti Canteen. So the Mitte studio (only) will be closed from 4:45pm until the end of the day.

At Jivamukti X-Berg, all classes will happen as normal and we will have some great and special teachers in X-Berg on Saturday:
Romarei Hartwich of Sweet and deep YOGA will teach at 15.15 Restorative class
Jivamukti teacher Candida Vivalda originally from Italy but now based in Madrid and former JYB apprentice of Vera will teach the 17:00 Open XL class.


Vegan Green Planet

Cornelius the Turkey wants a whole lot of love and gets it. 🦃❤️
Imagine a world where all animals were loved like this. 💞💫

Credit: Esther the Wonder Pig

Sweet and deep YOGA's cover photo


Heute wäre Pina Bausch 77 geworden! Auf diese Schnapszahl stoßen wir an mit einem Film: Wie ihre Choreographie bis heute wirkt, z.B. am Bayerisches Staatsballett.

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