Yoga in English: Mondays & Wednesdays in Kreuzberg

Yoga in English: Mondays & Wednesdays in Kreuzberg

We offer 4 Yoga in English classes each week - Mondays & Wednesdays at 6:15 & 8pm in a stunning studio - The Buddhistisches Tor in Kreuzberg. Mats and tea provided. Join us!

A great place to meet international people, practice quality Yoga in English. Mats are provided.

We have been running weekly classes in English every Monday for 7 years and offer you a choice of 2 different classes every Monday and Wednesday in a beautiful, spacious centre in Kreuzberg (6.15pm & 8pm).

Our classes are taught by highly experienced instructors and offer you tea and a snack afterwards. No need to register first - you are welcome to simply drop in any class. Mats are provided for you, or feel free to use your own.

Join us!

Drop-in: €10
3 classes: €25
10 classes: €75

More at &

3-Week Morning Challenge: Yoga Essentials

Starts Monday: 3-week intensive with Anya 3-Week Morning Challenge: Yoga Essentials Explore the Fundamental Elements of Yoga with Anya Kinneavy Sep 03-21, 2018 Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00 Studio Sonne English 130 € Please register here. This 3-week …

[08/18/18]   Park Yoga is happening today at 11am. Grab a mat, hop on your bike & join us - Tempelhof Park under a big lovely tree - see the map in our pics. See you soon!

TONIGHT ...come hear your lifeibird sing:
6:15 pm Hatha flow
8:00 pm Yin yoga

There's still time to make it to Park Yoga this morning! We start at 11. Under a big tree on Tempelhof :)

Retreat dates for next year are out! Feel like a little forward-planning?? :) . . . #yogaretreat #yoga #meditation #portugal #berlin #nature #permaculture #keelayogafarm @keelayogafarm

Feel like some forward-planning?!

Come take care and "water", nourish and befriend your body, your breath, your soul. We have 2 classes today:
6:15pm Hatha flow
8:00 Yin

At our beloved Buddhistisches Tor, Grimmstr. 11C in Kreuzberg.

Drop in 10€ / one class, both classes 15€

Hi everyone, we hope you're all happy and not melting.. This warmth is perfect for PARK YOGA! Outdoors and under the friendly shade of a breezy breezy tree... A perfect way to move! See you Saturday

Looking for an interesting evening alongside Yoga? :) We recommend this fantastic photo exhibition opening: August 10th, Silber & Salz, Berlin. Enjoy!

[07/27/18]   Breezy Park Yoga tomorrow ! 11am with Anya

On Wednesdays at Buddhist Temple we offer:
Hatha Flow at 6:15 pm
Yin Yoga at 8 pm

Lovely Victoria will be your guide today through both practices! All props are provided, you'll be practicing in a gorgeous space with a skylight, enjoy tea and community after the class!
Join one (10€) or both classes (15€).

(text: tanya markul)

The usual two classes today at our lovely Buddhist Temple:
6:15 pm Flow
8:00pm Yin

"The inhalation, the return movement of breath sustains life
The outgoing breath - purifies life
These are the two poles
between which respiration goes on unceasingly
between them is every delight you could desire ..."

Aaaaand the sunshine came back out for us! Park Yoga - tomorrow with Anya - 11am - Tempelhof Field

Post-Savasana view. Thank you Ronny for a great class out in the park today. Join us every Saturday 11am on Tempelhof field. All details at: . . . #berlin #yogainberlin #parkyoga #meditation #gestalt #yoga

What a beautiful day for Yoga outside. See you all soon!

Our yoga, our breath can be a way to down-regulate... manipulate our nervous system. Slow is the way to go - slow down the breath, the movement, the thought-stream...
6:15 pm in Dynamic flow (yes...that's possible to be slow AND dynamic AND calm)
8:00 in Yin yoga

Today - Wednesday - Buddhistisches Tor, Grimmstr. 11C

That feeling leaving the mat after class and there's fruit & tea & great people all around... Last night's classes were such a pleasure! Thank you everyone for your warmth, bright energy and honesty in your practice. You all make this such a warm community. See you next time! . . #meditation #yoga #berlin #kreuzberg #happy #yogainenglishberlin

summer flow

Summer's in the heart

It's a perfect day for PARK YOGA! We start at 11am :D :D :D

Park Yoga starts this weekend! Saturdays at 11am. All our regular prices, discounts and availability to Urban Sports Club members apply. Bring a mat or request one from us by Friday. Can't wait! Love, Anya & Ronny * * *. #yoga #berlin #yogainenglishberlin #sunshine #outdooryoga #summer

Keela Yoga Farm Earth & Roots Retreat - Six days in paradise

Thank you Fiona at Live Conscious for this great review of our recent retreat in Portugal... Find out about my experience at a six day yoga retreat in Portugal at Keela Yoga Farm.

[05/21/18]   Yoga is running as normal! 18:15 & 20:00 today :)

Tonight a lovely guest teacher Victoria at Buddhistisches Tor:
6:15 pm Hatha flow
8:00 pm Yin

Our next morning course starts June 4th. Join us to start every Monday, Wednesday & Friday with flowing Yoga, meditation & philosophy insights for daily life - for 2 weeks. We're half full right now - email us at for your place. See you soon! . . . #yoga #vinyasayoga #berlin #kreuzberg #meditation #yogainenglishberlin

Gorgeous day! LOVE this spring

Today our retreat group hand-picked fresh wild greens from the organic garden for lunch. Did you know you can eat clover? Me neither! Thank you @cookingforclowns Liz for the absolutely amazing food

Here we go!

Putting the finishing touches on our yoga & permaculture schedule from up here this morning! See you all tomorrow :) #yogaretreat #keelayogafarm #portugal #heaven

[04/30/18]   Tomorrow's the last day to get the discount early bird price for our June Yoga Mornings with Anya. Email to register ☀️☀️☀️

Everyone is asking about Park Yoga! And quite right - moving and meditating under an open sky is one of our favourite things in the Berlin summer. Our official start date is June 2. Join us then! With love, Anya & Ronny☀️☀️☀️ #yoga #berlin #vinyasaflow #summer #parkyoga #yogainenglishberlin

We START next week on Monday (30.04) with the 2-week MORNING practice series. Such a potent time to practice!


TONIGHT at Buddhistisches Tor (where through the skylight you'll be able to enjoy the blue sky even while inside!!)

6:15pm dynamic flow
8 pm yin yoga and mindfulness

Join one (10€) or both (15€) classes.

This is just the time of year to pull out this clip with sun salutations shot in the midst of Berlin spring fabulousness:


8:30-10:00 am on Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Combination of Yin stretches, Vinyasa flows and meditation offers a balanced way to enter into your day. Supported by the warmer-lighter-brighter mornings of one of the most beatiful months in Berlin - MAY A series of 6 morning classes combining the quiet openings of Yin yoga, energising flows of Vinyasa (yang) yoga and centering meditation for the ultimate balance.

2 classes tonight at our gorgeous temple by a sweet guest teacher Janina:

6:15 pm somatic flow
8pm yin yoga

Everyone welcome

Yoga in English: Mondays & Wednesdays in Kreuzberg

2 amazing SPRING offerings in April and May at Buddhistisches Tor:

Spring Yoga Weekend with Liina & Anya (April 13-15) - 2 spots left!!

Yin Yang Yoga mornings (6 mornings in May)

All events/retreats Liina offers this year:

Join our classes as normal this week. Happy Easter!

"If you win the morning you win the day". A series of 6 morning classes combining the quiet openings of Yin yoga, energising flows of Vinyasa yoga (yang) and centering meditation for the ultimate balance. In May the mornings are warmer and lighter, using the spring energy to cleanse and invigorate our bodies, minds and spirits.
Registration is now open!

#yogamornings #yoga #kreuzberg #englishinberlin #spring


When the spring finally gets here one day .... I'll offer this way to start your day - YinYang mornings, 2 first weeks in MAY, Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-10:00.

The best way to start your day - slow yin openings, energising yet gentle movement, meditation, community, gorgeous space! A series of 6 morning classes combining the quiet openings of Yin yoga, energising flows of Vinyasa (yang) yoga and centering meditation for the ultimate balance.

Spring into YIN

Happy SPRING equinox Yin yoga spring renewal! Read about the season, about the element associated with spring WOOD and get some detailed Yin sequences that support the wood element and Liver & Gallbladder during the season they are most sensitive.

Wednesday at Buddhistischer Tor:

6:15pm Dynamic flow - we are still exploring standing balancing postures ... and today it will be the one and only King Dancer pose - Natarajasana - with plenty of variations and warm ups to open the hip-flexors, shoulders and prep for this delicious backbending balance.
Nataraja - one of the many guises of Shiva, the destroyer in the Hindu trinity (Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer). If we can backbend and balance with the same sense of liberation with which Nataraja dances, then it will be easier for us to embrace the inevitability of change.

8pm yin yoga - we'll combine upper body stretches with some hip love. Relaxing, opening, awakening presence in the body.

Wednesdays at Buddhistisches Tor:

6:15pm dynamic flow - and our standing balancing posture journey continues with Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon pose. We again prepare the body, take simplified versions, get comfy in our Trikonasana as an entry and exit point of Half Moon ... this pose is all about radiating out from the center, to balance strength/stability/effort with openness.
The myth behind Ardha Chandrasana involves one of my favorite characters Ganesh ... and his quarrel with the moon.

8pm yin yoga - expect meditation, dragons, front body/hip flexor opening ... to support the seasonal change (it is changing toward it not...). Playing with a sense of balance between sensation and awareness.

Thank you to everyone who joined our recent cosy Winter Yoga Weekend. We loved it! The dates are out for the next one - we're back April 13-15 for another weekend of deep Yoga & Meditation, food and community. And it's already half full! Early bird price before March 14. Hope you can make it :) With love, Anya & Liina /// #yoga #berlin #yogaretreat #yogainenglishberlin

Wednesdays two fabulous classes

Wednesday Yoga in English with Liina:
6:15 pm flow - we'll take up a balancing pose exploration tour for the next weeks to come. There are times when we need heightened - sharpened focus in life and balancing poses can be a good way to embody that on the mat. Tonight EAGLE pose, GARUDAsana! We'll do all sorts of necessary prep to help us get into and hold that shape with more ease and grace.
8 pm yin - dropping in, releasing what's in the way of seeing clearly.

Join one (10€) or both (15€) classes

Our colourful inventory - now also equipped with bolsters, hand-made eye pillows & meditation stools for the most luxurious of Savasanas & meditations. Enjoy!

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summer flow


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