This happened yesterday. Thanks everyone Schindler's Fist II - English language comedy from the holy land
Just to spread the 800A...

Cocktail bar, theatre space, performance venue in Berlin Wedding. Home to www.instanttheatreberlin.com. Acting courses and shows on a weekly basis.

Theatre space, bar, performance venue in Berlin Wedding. Home to www.instanttheatreberlin.com . Acting courses, performances and shows on a weekly basis. SHOWS START ON TIME usually 8-8.30pm!!! Check the Fb events for info INQUIRIES FOR BOOKINGS ONLY PER EMAIL!!!!!! NO FB messages. [email protected] [email protected]

"Well That was Weird Show" St. Patrick's Day Edition, March 2019. By Ori Halevy's Comedy Cult & Brendan Hickey. Feat. Tyrone Stallone
We don't remember many details of that night but this picture proves that it really happened.
Because pics or it didn't happen

SPD Gesundbrunnen

Corona zahlt keine Rechnungen: Unterstützt eure lokalen Vereine und Verbände!

Vielen Gewerbetreibenden, Selbstständigen und Unternehmen brechen in diesen Tagen die Einnahmen weg. Existenzen und Arbeitsplätze sind gefährdet. Um das zu verhindern, hat der Berliner Senat mit den Programmen Soforthilfe I und Soforthilfe II bereits wichtige Schritte eingeleitet. Auch der Bund hat umfangreiche Maßnahmen wie das Kurzarbeitergeld und Liquiditätshiilfen beschlossen. Weitere müssen folgen.

Was können wir in der Zwischenzeit vor Ort im Kiez tun? Zum Beispiel an unsere lokalen Vereine und Gaststätten denken, die jetzt Hilfe benötigen. Wir haben daher Geld gesammelt und unterstützen fünf Betriebe, die in den letzten Jahren immer für uns da waren, mit jeweils 200 Euro. Wir wissen, dass dieser Betrag ein Tropfen auf den heißen Stein ist. Wenn aber jeder und jede mitmacht und im Rahmen der Möglichkeiten etwas an seine und ihre Lieblingsorte gibt, kann das den Wirtinnen, Wirten und den Angestellten schon sehr helfen!

Allen muss klar sein, dass wirtschaftliche Krisen keine abstrakte Größe sind, sondern die Existenz von Menschen betreffen, die viel Herzblut und Arbeit in ihre Betriebe stecken. Um das zu verdeutlichen, werden wir nun jeden Tag eines unserer Stammlokale vorstellen. Heute an Tag 4 ist das 800A in der Stettiner Straße an der Reihe. Fabio und Alex haben schon jetzt ein kleines Wunder vollbracht. Kultur, Schauspiel, Comedy und Musik in der Stettiner Straße, wo es lange Zeit außer Spätis nur zwielichtige Spielos gab. Aber nicht nur Kulturliebhaber*innen kommen im 800A auf ihre Kosten. Im Kiez finden sich kaum bessere Cocktails als bei Fabio an der Theke – zu fairen Preisen. Damit das 800A auch in Zukunft erschwingliche kulturelle Abwechslung bietet, brauchen Fabio und Alex eure Hilfe. Unter http://www.paypal.me/800aberlin könnt ihr die Grundlage dafür schaffen, dass das 800A trotz Corona-Pandemie ein Hort der chaotischen Glückseligkeit in der Stettiner bleibt!


druncb's Featured Videos - Twitch

Thanks a lot to Drunk Classics: Berlin for not canceling, but deciding to play tonight's show in streaming! Looking forward to hosting you again in person here in 800A!! In the meantime, watch it here at 8.45pm Berlin time: https://m.twitch.tv/druncb/profile

twitch.tv Watch druncb's best highlights, recent VODs, and top clips on Twitch. Watch them stream Talk Shows & Podcasts and other content live!

Dear friends, dear followers, dear artists, dear audience, dear organizers, following the growing concerns about the virus spreading, we've decided to pause our activities with immediate effect. We simply can't put ourselves and our public at risk: since we are super sexy, it would be just impossible to keep a 1m distance from each other, as all of you know very well.

All upcoming shows are cancelled and we are going to be closed until further notice. We'll be in touch right away should things change for the better, as we all hope.

Keeping this place running has always been quite difficult, and we have tricky times ahead of us: to tell you the truth, we won't be able to sustain this situation for long if we have to stay closed. If you wish to support us, you can make a donation to us via PayPal:
Or here:
IBAN: DE14100100100915418109
800A GbR - Postbank Berlin
Betreff: "Spende"
For every 5€ you'll donate, you will be also "pre-buying" a Gin & Tonic that we'll serve to all of you faithful supporters at our End-of-The-Plague Party, that will be scheduled as soon as the circumstances allow.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
For any info regarding our upcoming plans, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]
Thank you
& crew


Another full-house, sassy awesome show at @800aberlin !!!

Good evening


I dont know *how* we squeezed 90 ppl into @800aberlin but thank you for an awesome show before I left Berlin!!

[12/26/19]   Christmas was yesterday! Tonight we're happy to host Daniel Ryan Spaulding at 800A (Dec 26 / Xmas Special) for a great show! Come down, bring your xmas tree

[12/19/19]   Tonight we're at it again with Rookling & Company (Live Indie-Folk Trio & Friends). Great sound and great vibe! Come around, show your love, bring Xmas presentz

[12/12/19]   Tonight! Dark Side of Research: Berlin! Comedy for people who wish to educate themselves while having a laugh in a bar sipping on multiple alcoholic beverages! Sounds like a plan

#fundraiser for Mediterranea Saving Humans. Just a small #donation can contribute to save 1 life in the #sea #stayhuman #volunteer #donate #takepart #savinghumans

[10/13/19]   Come around tonight for the notorious Dead End Comedy open mic. Show starts at 9pm as every Sunday


800A's cover photo

Thanks to all the REAL PEOPLE who show up every week to our Dead End Comedy open mic. REAL PEOPLE! Next stop: Dead end Comedy -Free English Comedy show with a Twist!
feat. Justin Small Comedy Syrian Jesus Comedy thanks to all performers

Tonight, bring your friends to Saturday Night Improv with ComedyShorts in 800A! A dynamic and hyper-competitive improv show in teams, where the winner is decided by the cheering of the crowd. In short, it's good fun! Showtime 9 pm, come earlier for good seats & drinkz

[08/17/19]   ComedyShorts Berlin returns with Saturday Night Improv with ComedyShorts! Tonight! Wedding's one and only alternative to the spielhalle or wherever you usually go. Doors 8pm, show 9pm

[07/20/19]   Yo! Today private thingy, then summer break until August 1. Bye

Happy Hour until 22.30. NOW.
Ask for the following

[06/24/19]   Sam Jay in Berlin tonight! One-off show! Don't forget to get a ticket online if you wanna make sure to get in

[06/24/19]   We're now again looking for performers and acts for the 2 Tage Wedding culture festival on Sat-Sun September 7-8, 2019. The festival gets good media exposure due to ads in the local press, so it's possible to gather good crowds. Specifically we're looking for:
1 MAIN ACT FOR SUNDAY SEP 8 Starting at about 8.30pm
The festival must be free entry, but you get good donations and you can sell your stuff, CDs etc. Please check your schedules and apply only if you're sure you can attend. Msg here or email

[06/09/19]   We're closed tonight. GO GET DRUNK SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR ONCE!! 1!11! :D :D :D

Backstage pics

This is really nice

This Thursday, May 2 - 8:15PM start - 12 Months of Quizzically Challenged - 3 Rounds - Cocktails for 1st place team - Max 5 people per team - Join Anthony & Dennis to celebrate a quizzical year at 800A bar.


Instant Theatre Berlin

NEW Improvisational Comedy Workshop (English) at 800A with Brian Kapell (co-founder of ComedySportz US) starting on Sunday, April 28! FEW SPOTS LEFT!! 8-week course and a final public show! Save a spot NOW! https://wp.me/p7zMev-KU

NEW Improvisational Comedy Workshop with Brian Kapell (co-founder of ComedySportz US) starting on Sunday, April 28! FEW SPOTS LEFT!! 8-week course and a final public show! Get a spot NOW! https://wp.me/p7zMev-KU
Play to live, live to play! Extra reduced fee if you register with a friend!

Thanks a lot for coming down to our monthly Quizzically Challenged Pub Quiz. See you next month for a glorious 1 Year Birthday

[04/01/19]   Tonight and Wednesday! The Proposal! Wed almost sold out. Some tickets still there for tonight

[03/31/19]   Tonight Dead End Comedy - Free English Comedy Show with a twist! Hosted by Ankur Midha and, believe it or not, by Syrian Jesus Comedy 😆 Show at 8.30pm you know the drill

[03/30/19]   Just a few hours until Alessio Bondì creates his magic at our venue again!!!
The Palermo Sound: Alessio Bondì / Donato live at 800A Berlin is tonight at 8pm.Tix available online & a the door. See you there ❤️

[03/14/19]   OMG St. Patrick take good care of us!! An extra keg in the house just in case + free beers before the show? Well, That Was Weird - Alternative Comedy Club tonight will be JUST INSANE. We'd tell you to come over, but we know you'll come over anyway! Show at 8.30pm, beers before during and after
Well, That Was Weird -Alternative Comedy Club St Patrick's BASH!

Whoa. Just like that

Full house tonight! It was a great night! Thanks everyone for coming out!

[03/06/19]   JOIN US this Saturday for the juicy experience of The Wandering Barman by Comedian Chris Davis!! An interactive comedy show about cocktail making where the audience gets to taste the cocktails being prepared during and after the show, while some lucky audience members will be called up on stage to make their own cocktails!! Show at 8 pm, 2 ticket options:
- Show only, inclusive of 2 Tasters
- Show incl. of 2 Tasters AND a regular cocktail prepared by Chris at 800A Bar after the show! (recommended for the full experience)

Any given Sunday
Dead End Comedy
Thanks to co-hosts Nour Hos & Ori Halevy

From tonight's show :)

Our Story

Theatre space, cocktail bar, performance venue in Berlin Wedding. Home to www.instanttheatreberlin.com . Acting courses, performances and shows on a weekly basis. SHOWS START ON TIME usually 8-8.30pm!!! Check the Fb events for info INQUIRIES FOR BOOKINGS ONLY PER EMAIL!!!!!! No FB messages pls. [email protected]

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Stettiner Straße 19


Donnerstag 19:00 - 00:00
Freitag 19:00 - 00:00
Samstag 19:00 - 00:00
Sonntag 19:00 - 00:00
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Heimat des einzigartigen Ratzeputz Schnaps...

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Bar with regular events in second no smoking room

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TheDive is a company. TheDive is an idea. TheDive is part of a movement.

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Your friendly neighborhood lokal.

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Verkauf von über 300 verschiedenen Absinthe und Zubehör. Ausschank von Absinth im Laden zur Zeit wegen Corona nicht erlaubt... Kleines Sortiment hochwertiger Spirituosen und Biere.

Aspettando Filippo Aspettando Filippo
Berlin, 10245

http://www.facebook.com/aspettando.filippo "May 2010- Aug. 2016"

The Petri Dish - A Comedy Open Mic 'robe' The Petri Dish - A Comedy Open Mic 'robe'
DU BEAST Innstrasse 4
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The Petri Dish - Comedy Open Mic'robe'

horse horse
Allerstr. 3
Berlin, 12049

Dive bar of Neukölln, Schillerkiez 🌳✈️ • Belgish and craft beer 🍻 • Special house shots & coctails🍹 • Live music, DJ, parties & reading nights🎙️🎷🎠🚀 🦄🌈

Handwerker Stübchen Handwerker Stübchen
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Das Handwerker Stübchen ist eine traditionelle Alt-Berliner Kneipe im Neuköllner Kiez. Perfekt um Freunde zu treffen und den Abend ausklingen zu lassen.

Knaackstr. 12
Berlin, 10405

ETC.BAR - kneipe in Berlin

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Oranienburger Str. 40
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The bar: A very popular cellar bar with bare brick walls, quirky decor, random art ! and the best music !