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Happy Bart


Happy new year Barts, do you do gas herd installation?
Thanks Bart and team for Ikea Besta installation and curtains!
I'd rather have you drive me to the airport than taking the bus :-) And we need to catch up anyway. Oh and that deposit thing you talked about: Fifth floor. Altbau. No elevator. Let's catch up some time.

Happy Bart is your English speaking construction partner and handyman in Berlin. We offer a full range of construction and design services for your home.

So who the heck is Happy Bart? I'm Happy Bart, and after spending far too much time trying to figure things out myself (I've been in the construction industry for 15 years now), and too much time doing things I don't like to do, I figured I can't be the only one. So I thought it's time to start sharing the smiles, and get rid of all those pesky projects that you know you need to do, but don't really want to or just don't know how. ​ My friends told me that I'm great at getting stuff done!. So if you need your new curtain rods installed into an incredibly hard concrete wall, if you need your new kitchen designed and built, if you'd like your IKEA furniture assembled, or even if you need to move between apartments, I'm your guy. ​ The goal of HappyBart is to be your personal concierge that you can call anytime day or night to get that pesky project, or that quick emergency taken care of. So if your task isn't on the list, don't worry and email or call me anyway. I'll take care of your task or project quickly, and you can be sure it will be done right! ​ Happy Bart. Start smiling!

Mission: Happy to do anything you'd rather not! HappyBart does home repairs, renovations, technical & IT support, moving services, furniture assembly, deliveries, and everything in between. HappyBart. Your personal concierge.

Happy St. Nikolaus from all of us at HappyBart. Looks like Santa is already marking his path for raindeer :-)

New wall? No problem! At HappyBart we can do anything. Whether it's hanging a few lights, building a new house, or something in between, HappyBart is your construction expert in Berlin! Email us to find out how we can help you with your project today!

A touch of colour and straight lines can really bring a room into its own! Not to mention the sanded and oiled floor which compliments the new room beautifully 😊

Drop us a message here on Facebook or contact us via email on [email protected] for all of your floor and painting needs and so much more in between 😉

Did you know that not only do we do handyman work, we also install underfloor heating

Even though it is summertime, now is the perfect time to prepare for those colder months

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Progress shot of a recent kitchen installation for one stylish customer.

Out of the box kitchen from IKEA or a bespoke kitchen?

Email [email protected] today to realise that dream kitchen of yours.
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Sometimes an old space needs a little love to become beautiful again. Here we created an additional room in a large living room making a 2 bedroom from a 1 bedroom apartment. Adding a new laminate flooring was a cost-effective solution to give the home some new life, and a fresh coat of paint gave the home a breath of fresh air. Welcome home to Berlin. #HappyBart #HomeinBerlin #BerlinRenovation #BeforeandAfter #Renovatemyhome #ConstructionBerlin #BerlinApartments

Making an older flat beautiful again can be done in different ways. Here, carefully selected quality paints, applied to freshly plastered walls give the home a wonderful look and feel. Full reveal pictures coming soon!

Taking the time to prep a project makes sure the existing parts of your home look just as great as the renovated parts when we're done with your renovation. Before and after pictures coming soon. #builtwithlove #happybart #berlinrenovation #altbauberlin

Happy Bart

HappyBart is Hiring - Logistics Associate needed in Berlin (Schoeneberg/Kreuzberg)

HappyBart is hiring. HappyBart is a service company providing handyman and construction services to clients in Berlin. We are a young and innovative team that is growing quickly, and we are looking for like-minded individuals that share our passions for service, efficiency, and quality craftsmanship to join our team.

Job Description

The Logistics Associate position is a versatile and important role in the daily function of our organization. With multiple projects, field teams, clients, and materials, the Logistics Associate will provide key support in the smooth operations of daily work.


Working with field teams to get project updates, and manage logistics
Working with suppliers in German (written/ phone) to coordinate orders and deliveries
Project scheduling, and timeline updates
Coordinating between different office roles to optimize workflow

Job Requirements

English (fluent/native level), German (advanced / fluent)
Strong organizational skills
Ability to prioritize tasks based on changing business requirements
Strong PC skills including email communication, MS Office (or similar)
Good mathematical skills


Working hours will be part-time Monday to Friday with a transition to a full-time role upon successful probation period.

Interested candidates should send their CV and cover letter to [email protected]

Smart home installations can be intimidating, but they don't have to be. Learning how to use a smart home will make your home more comfortable, save you money on lighting and heating, and also keep you in control. Smart home devices are also very safe. HappyBart provides expert smart home installation services ranging from smart lights to smart entry locks, smart home thermostats, and complete integration with new and existing wireless networks. When everything is all set up, you'll be able to control it all with your smartphone. Contact HappyBart today to find out how we can make your home work more efficiently

We work together with you, so no matter what kind of space you have for a kitchen, we will be sure to make it work.

A little bit of elbow grease and your stairs are given a new lease of life 😃

Drop us a call on +49 162 5992741 or
email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have

[01/02/19]   Happy New Year and all the best in 2019 from the HappyBart Team!!!

If you're kicking off the new year with a new project in mind, no matter how big or small, feel free to drop us a message to see how we can make your ideas come to life.


Renovations are all about prioritising needs :) Happy Monday Berlin!

This hidden wine cellar is exactly what I need in my house 😱🍷

Black Friday Bonanza! Book your kitchen consultation before Sunday, and receive a free planning session valued at 99 euros

....Now where did those cables go again? :-)

Don't worry, everything will be working again shortly. 2-3 weeks and we're ready for a nice housewarming party in your great new kitchen!

Hello HappyBart fans, partners, and friends. Due to technical changes in our phone system, the cell phone number that you are used to calling is presently not working. If you are trying to reach us, please contact us via WhatsApp (using the same phone number), otherwise feel free to contact our office line as listed on our page (+49-30-5490-9340). Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Berliinistä saa nyt suomalaista sahtia – ”Pohjoismaisuudella ja Suomella on Saksassa todella hyvä maine”, sanoo ravintoloitsija Ismo Piispanen

Have a look at clients' newest project Brygerri Bar in Berlin Prenzlauerberg. Just features in Helsinki Sanomat, the dynamic duo of Anne Psisspanen and Ismo Piispanen are serving up cold brews imported weekly from Finland, and made with the oversight of nobody other than Pekka Kääriäinen, a Master Brewer. Having tasted the beers after finishing our work at Brygerri, all of us at HappyBart agree, it's worth a stop. The beer is great!

Congratulations on the new openings Anne, Ismo, and Pekka. Welcome to Berlin :-)

hs.fi Berliiniin on perustettu lyhyen ajan sisään kolme suomalais­ravintolaa. Bryggeri Helsingistä saa jopa sahtia.

IKEA can be a drag, so don't spend your afternoons following the floor arrows and eating 0.49 € hot dogs (yes, we know you do...everyone does ;-) If you need a kitchen planned, or your Click & Collect order delivered and assembled by the pros, contact HappyBart today and we'll make sure your project goes smoothly and handle everything. Have a great weekend!

#HappyWeekend from all of us at #HappyBart

Nothing like a little electrics to jumpstart your morning. Just another day at the office for our expert electricians! #HappyBart #ElectriciansinBerlin #BerlinHandyman

Keep an eye out for our flashy new van on the streets of Berlin! We are your go to team for everything from full renovations to small handyman work!

Happy Bart's cover photo

Drywall was on sale so we decided to go nuts :-) Just kidding. Some great before and after pictures coming soon! Thank you neighbours for letting us borrow some methods of transportation for our drywall runs!

Do you have plumbing work needing to be done in your home? Write to HappyBart today and our team of professionals can help you fix all your house hold problems, on time and on budget :)

When moving into your newly purchased flat in Berlin, make sure to have a look at your electrical. Old flats are typically renovated low cost to quickly flip properties, but often times the electrical system is left behind from 40 years ago. So when you're enjoying your new convection oven, microwave, and 47 new electrical appliances, make sure to have a look at your electrical panel. Without the proper RCDs (residual current devices), reactive circuit breakers, or proper code-compliant wiring your new flat can quickly become unsafe, destroying some electronics, causing fires, or causing electrocution. HappyBart is able to check your existing electrical installation and make sure it's up to current code requirements. If everything is safe, you can sleep easy at night. However if anything needs to be changed, we'll be happy to make your electricity safe again and sleep easy at night. For more information, contact us on Facebook or visit our website at www.happybart.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Always nice to have some fun while.doing what you love! #handymanberlin #happpybart #lightinstallation #havingfun

Modern cabinet grips? Or Ikea starting to find innovative ways to use their packaging? Happy Friday from all of us here at HappyBart! #handyman #handymanberlin #happybart #kitchenideas

Another day, another project. At HappyBart were always excited to help you with whatever you need. Be it curtains, light fixtures, or Ikea furniture, you can be sure you'll be smiling when we leave :-) have a great morning Berliners!

Looking for some help assembling furniture? HappyBart is there to help! We have built tens of thousands of pieces of furniture. If you're looking for quality workmanship, send us a message or give us a call today and we'll be happy to help you with your next project! Have a great Friday!

[03/07/18]   Looking to have your Ikea furniture built for free? Send us a message on Facebook with the first few words 'Free Ikea Build'. We will choose one client to come with us to see the whole process of how long things actually take, and what Ikea 'service' is really like, we will build your kitchen for free. We will take a few photos together along the way, and share with fellow Berliners why the cost of building Ikea is what it is. Interested? Contact us today!

Office networking doesn't have to be messy. A little bit of organisation, a new server rack, and a well executed plan creates order and functionality in what used to be a chaos of cables. Need help with your networking solutions? Contact HappyBart today for a custom networking plan. #HappyBart in Berlin. Your English speaking solution, for all of your construction projects.

Hey everyone, hopefully your Friday is almost done and you're ready for the weekend!

As the weekend comes near and you sit looking at some home repairs, furniture to build, or mull over that renovation project you've been thinking about for the last 2 years, give us a call or message on WhatsApp and let's get the project DONE for you finally!

In case you haven't heard, HappyBart your one stop service friendly, cost effective, and professional work to be completed in your home. We do a number of things including:

Full renovation projects
Tiling work
Painting and Plastering

Ikea furniture Assembly

Kitchen installation
Kitchen design
Interior design

and just about anything else to do with construction that you can think of. So stop trying to do everything yourself and give HappyBart a call. Our team will help you get your project done, so you can finally enjoy your weekend!

#YourWeekend #HappyBartDreamTeam #FinallyGotItDone #ItwasEasy #ConstructionMadeEasy #YesGoodCustomerServiceInBerlinDoesExist :-)

Merry Christmas from all of us at HappyBart! Thank you for all your trust in 2017. For your information, we will be closed for the season with limited email and phone access from this Friday December 22nd. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to helping you with your projects in 2018.

[12/14/17]   Dear HappyBart guests!

We are super excited to be able to help you with all of your projects. As many of you would like to have your project completed before the holidays, we have recently been overwhelmed with inquiries. Rest assured, we are doing our best to get back to you all, however, we ask for your patience as this is taking a bit longer than usual right now.

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying the Weihnachtsmärkte's in Berlin, and let's all hope we have a snowy holiday season.

Best wishes from all of us at HappyBart! :-)

A new backsplash makes all the character in your kitchen. Here we have high gloss Paris metro tile with Manhattan grout installation. It's easy to clean, plus gives your kitchen that bit of flare and uniqueness. Final project pictures coming soon!

Enjoy getting ready for the holidays!

It's been quiet on Facebook lately, but that's only because we've been working hard on all your projects in Berlin. Some big reveals coming soon with great before and after pictures. Stay tuned to get excited for your next kitchen and bathroom project :-) Best wishes from all of us at #HappyBart handyman and construction services here in Berlin.

Berlin is a beautiful city! If you need help getting settled in, I'm more than happy to help with any project big or small. Send me an email today for a free quote and we'll have your project done in no-time, and on budget :-)

If you're new to the city, and want to know about some great restaurants, bars, or things to see, also send me a message! I'm always looking to meet great people and meet up for a coffee. Have a great morning everyone! #HappyBart happy in #berlin

Another day, another kitchen installed, another happy HappyBart client. Thanks for trusting us with your project and I'm looking forward to all the yummy meals coming soon!

One of the pros of living in Berlin is that there's always a great cafe around the corner to enjoy a cappuccino while waiting for a client. #HappySunday from the whole #HappyBart handyman and renovation team in Berlin!

Time to update your kitchen! White 10x10 tiles are definitely out of style. #HappyFriday with the #HappyBart Team

Installing a new mirror and a shelf in your bathroom changes the space completely. It's the little things in life that we all love :-)

#NewCompanyShirts #HappyTeam

Dont worry Berliners, your English speaking handyman team has got your back. Here's a little preview of an insulation and drywall project we're closing out today. Full photos before and after coming soon!

Have a great Monday! #TGIM #WELOVEWHATWEDO

It's super windy in Berlin today. Be careful out there! #drivesafe

Cool architecture, great coffee and smiles all day! #happy to be #HappyBart in Berlin

The HappyBart Story

So who is HappyBart and where did it all begin?

In Summer 2017, as I tried to get some small home repairs done in Berlin, I realized that were was no support from quality tradesmen that I could easily communicate with, and that really did what I wanted, how I wanted it, and took the time to explain what they were doing to me. That’s when the idea for HappyBart was born.

As an builder with over 15 yeas experience on 4 continentas, I’ve grown a team of qualified experts and tradesmen from plumbers to electricians, and from tilers to painters who can solve your problems and make your dreams come true. What makes it convenient for you is that you only have one place to contact - HappyBart.

We take care of your project from beginning to end, relying on qualifeid employees who we have personally vetted so you know your project will be taken care. Depending on the project, we engage different people from our organisation such as architects, static engineers, interior designers, builders, tilers, painters, plasterers, flooring experts, window experts, roof experts, and many more.

All HappyBart team members have been doing these services for years so you’re not getting amateur solution, but professional delivery of your well thought-out projects.

Whatever your project may be, however big or small (Yes, we do IKEA furniture assembly as well ;-) call or email ous today and stop stressing. Sit back, and let the HappyBart team work our magic.


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