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"F**k Corona, support independent journalism"

There are amazing offers at the times like this: check out new flats we have got and support top independent journalism Exberliner Magazine!

exberliner.com SOLIDARITY ACTION! Berliners asked to read aloud Exberliner at their windows and balconies on Wednesday 5pm, international journalism bodies announced at press conference last night.


Elegant and intriguing: Soy Capitán's Rochade exhibition

Another EXCITING thing to do in Berlin! Don't miss out!

exberliner.com REVIEW! It's your last chance to see the brilliant "Rochade" at Kreuzberg's Soy Capitán through Dec 21. Kristin Loschert and Lisa Herfeldt's show combines sculpture and photography to present intriguing independent dialogues. A must-see!


Untypical Pollesch: Palast's "Glauben an die Möglichkeit"

exberliner.com REVIEW! René Pollesch's piece for Friedrichstadt-Palast plays with the venue's arsenal of technical tricks, but with both irony and restraint, and the show breaks new ground for the director. However, he's done more with less. Catch it Nov 10 and 27.


"Berlin has changed me": Chuna Kim

Where is that place where you can be just your self?

exberliner.com Embodying the Korean motto passed down by his parents, hard work pays off, lawyer and soon to be first Korean-German notary Dr. Chung-Hun aka Chuna Kim is balancing his bicultural values with the new life outlook he acquired in Berlin.


Taxes in Germany

exberliner.com How to do your German tax return online in English and get an average of €1007 back.


Don't miss EXBlicks New Korean Cinema special

exberliner.com Kicking off on Oct 15 through Oct 31, Exberliner and Lichtblick Kino are celebrating the Korean wave with a fortnight of Hallyuwood's best new cinema. Opening with Park Chan-wook’s "The Handmaiden", come early for Korean tapas from Yam Yam Berlin!


Did we find Berlin's best buckwheat pancakes?

exberliner.com We didn't think we'd like buckwheat so much! Kreuzberg-based Café Nullpunkt's all-organic gluten-free brunch menu will certainly sweeten your day. Hang around on Thursdays to catch their weekly after-work drinks with live acts and performances.

[09/05/19]   Are you doing an internship or taking a year off to your world trip? Sublet your flat!


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Register @ exberlinerflatrentals.com and find a flat. Reliable expath service since 2002!

Register @ exberlinerflatrentals.com and find a flat. Reliable expath service since 2002!

Are you arriving in Berlin soon?

We have an elegantly furnished apartment in green and beautiful Schöneberg available from the beginning of June. Suitable for a couple or a small family, 90 m2, 1700 € a month.

If you are interested please register on our website www.exberlinerflatrentals.com under "find a flat" and we will send you more information.

[12/11/17]   We have a massive number of new available flats and rooms, also some short term offers over Christmas and New Year! So if you don´t know where to stay over your Christmas Holidays come to our website and I will have a look :)

[11/29/17]   A beautiful 40m² 2 room flat in Charlottenburg is waiting for its next tenant! Suitable for single or couple, 875 euros a month, free from 01.12. 2017 for long term. Please send me an email if you are interested! Email: [email protected]


Hi people, we have some nice free studio flats at the moment! One is in Kreuzberg for 780 euros a month (for one person) the other one is in Neuköln for 730 euros a month (couple also possible)

If you are interested please register on our website www.exberlinerflatrentals.com under "find a flat" and I will send you the links!


Great way to get around the city this summer.... and get 30 minutes for free with the code below.

Whizz along Berlin's boulevards this summer on an electric scooter from Coup! Exberliner has teamed up with the scooter sharing company to create a special deal for our readers: ride 30 minutes free-of-charge if you download the app and sign up with the code ExBerliner-2017* Happy scooting! www.joincoup.com


Fancy a dip this Sunday?

Up for some summer swimming... in the Spree? The Flussbad project hasn't come to fruition yet, but you can test the waters on Sunday at the 3. Berliner Flussbad Pokal 2017. For the latest on the upcoming river-pool, read on.

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Berlin Expat Jobs - Jobs for internationals in Berlin

need a job? https://www.exberlinerjobs.com/

exberlinerjobs.com Are you looking for a job and only little or no German skills at all? On Berlin Expat Jobs you will find Job offers for expats with no or little German skills!


German in your pyjamas

You don't have to get out of bed to learn German!

exberliner.com Still want to learn German but just can't fit it into your busy schedule? We've all been there. New language learning platform Lingoda is a pretty damn good solution for when school just isn't an option.

Restaurant manager wanted - Misc. jobs (Jobs) - Exberliner Classifieds

New in Exberliner's job listings....

exberlinerclassifieds.com Restaurant manager wanted in Misc. jobs on Exberliner Classifieds


Trek to the stars

Time to check out the newly refurbished Planetarium in Prenzlauer Berg!

exberliner.com Been to the newly renovated Zeiss Planetarium yet? It reopened at the tail-end of summer and with the weather taking a real dive, now may be the perfect time to look up – to the stars. Just polish up on your Kosmonautendeutsch.


Limp wrists, lavender and lisps... gay clichés have been around forever. After a run-in with a friend's lover, Walter Crasshole decides to address some sexier clichés and which apply to Berlin.


Hey it's Art Week!

Party arty! The biggest art event of the year, Berlin Art Week, starts today and is on through September 18. No matter what type of gallery-goer you are, here's a guide for what to see.


If you can vote on September 18, Exberliner says "Do it!" We know it can be a bit tricky, so Konrad's here to hold your hand.


Last splash: Top 5 water spots

This could be the last warm day of 2016!

exberliner.com Hot in the city this weekend? As Berliners gear up for another scorcher (perhaps the last?), they head for the lakes. Where do waterbabies in the Hauptstadt go? Exberliner shares our top five picks for a dip.

Full time media sales - Marketing/PR/media (Jobs) - Exberliner

Exberliner Magazine is hiring a salesperson

exberlinerclassifieds.com Full time media sales in Marketing/PR/media on Exberliner Classifieds


So wait: Berlin's administrative court decided there's an exception to the city's AirBnB ban, and it's... rich people who rent out their second homes? Seymour cries foul.


Konrad Werner: I saw the sign 2016

New Berliners, in case you were wondering what all those political posters on lampposts were all about...here's a brief guide.

exberliner.com Since last week, the streets of Berlin, or their lampposts, have been littered with them: campaign posters for the September city elections. Konrad Werner gives the good (intentions), bad and WTF?!


Exberliner asks: Where have all the butts gone? We ass-ess the situation. Happy Friday.

Mobile Marketing Manager - Tech/start-up (Jobs) - Exberliner

New in Exberliner's job listings

exberlinerclassifieds.com Mobile Marketing Manager in Tech/start-up on Exberliner Classifieds


Go west! But not that far west. Get your summer culture fix at these three gorgeous, lesser-known art museums in Dahlem, Grunewald and Zehlendorf.

In case you missed our party last Friday!

Thank you Humboldthain Club, Itaca, Chutnify and Spluffin for helping make our party great. And thanks to everyone who came out, danced, drank and sang karaoke! It was a smash. See you next year for 15.


The Berlin police have a sense of humour – who knew? We've scoped out the best of their English-language posts from the past weekend's 24-hour Twitter-a-thon.


Is Berlin getting free wifi soon? Could be thanks to a change in the law. But what's the reason it doesn't already? John Riceburg explains.


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