Daan to Earth - Bowspring & Thai Massage

Daan to Earth - Bowspring & Thai Massage

Move or be moved from distress to delight with Daan to Earth yoga & Thai yoga massage.

I have been studying Anusara® yoga since 2011 with a multitude of teachers in different corners of the world, amongst which Benita Galvan, Tara Judelle and Desiree Rumbaugh. I have been teaching since 2014 and I'm a licensed Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher.

In 2013 I made my first steps on the Thai Yoga massage path. Through AcroYoga I was introduced to the practice and have been blessed to meet Krishnataki as my first TYM teacher.

Whether you're looking for (private) yoga tuition or some hands on work in the form of Thai Yoga massage, get in touch.

Through the practice of yoga you will increase your (body) awareness, learn how to improve your physical and mental relation to the world and how to put more of a smile upon your day-to-day life. It's learning how to love the lifelong unfolding of your life and how to align to every wave on the ocean, every rustle of the leaves.

And sometimes, you just want someone else to help you out a little bit.

"Thai Yoga Massage is a Sacred Dance. It is a holy communion between two people used to unblock energy stagnation." - Krishnataki

TYM dates back around 2500 years, having it's origins in ancient India where it was developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the Buddha's physician. From here, slowly it made its way to Thailand where it had become an integral part of Thai medicine, practiced by the Buddhist monks in the monasteries.
By using rhythmic pressure on energy lines and points in the body and yogic stretching of muscles and joints, blockages can be released and energy can be restored to its natural flow. It is practiced on the floor, fully clothed in loose comfortable clothes, without oils and sometimes looks like hatha yoga for two. It focuses on muscles, joints but also goes to belly, head, toes, fingers and ears.
TYM promotes circulation, health and general well being. It increases muscle flexibility and is relaxing your entire body.

🎶 "On the tenth day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the ninth day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the eight day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the seventh day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the sixth day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the fifth day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the fourth day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵


🎶 "On the third day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵

🎶 "On the second day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎵

🎵 "On the first day of the new year, my true self gave to me" 🎶

Merry Christmas everyone! The light is slowly returning, and if you wanna add some extra light to that, why not book a spot for the retreat Liz Coffman and I are leading in 6 months on the island of Amorgos?

Christmas is coming close, and that means.. the nutcracker! Can you guess what this has to do with Bowspring?

Bowing with these Berliners yesterday was amazing. Loved sharing this life transforming method with you all, sowing the seeds of health, happiness and good vibes for us to cultivate. A reset to our factory (natural) setting. So much gratitude also to my incredible friend and co-teacher @coffma

So, we've got a nice group going already but it would be even better if you were coming too! Are you coming, do you wanna come? Let us know and sign up via www.yogatribe.de! This coming Saturday from 14.00 - 17.00. Potential Vietnamese group dinner after, or so I have been told!

There are still spots available for our workshop/playshop this weekend! Sign up here: http://www.yogatribe.de/reset-to-factory-settings.html

Back in Berlin, day 3. It’s a change! I feel transplanted. 12 days of cultivating the bowspring seeds, letting my practice take deeper root in my body mind, experiencing many different expressions and people expressing it, then reverted to former soil. The jet lag might still be there, but it’s not enough to cloud all the teachings that are still integrating into the system. Come experience the mile high upgrade in class tomorrow at 2.30pm @yogatribe @ Berlin, Germany

A wise woman once said to me: “if you have it, flaunt it”. Bike pedal handstand madness in Alisons “playground” class at Vital. She quoted: “Those who don’t have it, can’t fake it. Those who do have it, can’t help but show it.” Thanks so much for your teaching and inspiration. Of course I edited the fall out.

Finding the beauty of the end of a cycle, beginning of a new one. We’re heading into the dark, this is where seeds are planted and sprout. As much as we sometimes forget, we’re still very much a part of nature – you could even say a product! What happens if we use this time in the dark, finding appreciation for it and let it be a like a fertile soil for fresh ideas and intentions that will come to fruition in the next year? Are you willing to find out and set your intentions/direct your energy?

This one has it figured out. Tensegrity. Even though it’s not thinking of it. It’s so natural, it’s light! A few more days of Bowtox here at the Denver Bowspring studio Vital. Berlin, be prepared for a shiny sparkly me!


Daan to Earth

My website got a nice lil update, check it out! Special thanks go out to Guilherme Maueler and Shane Thomas McMillan. www.daantoearth.com

daantoearth.com Paving the way for joy, freedom and satisfaction through yoga and massage

From upcoming Thursday on at 7.15pm.

Wim Hof - Wim Hof Breathing Method Interview Joe Rogan

Wim Hof, after being pointed out on that he can hold his breath for 7 minutes while submerged in ice:

"It's very unimportant. We don't need to know heroes. You need to become healthy, strong and happy."

Directly after on being asked whether to breathe through your mouth or nose (for his breathing technique):

"It doesn't matter which hole you use, just get it in."

Very interesting talk Wim Hof and Joe Rogan - Joe Rogan Experience - Podcast 20-10-2015 - Wim Hof Method reaches more and more people all over the world More...

First tunes to bow to during this month. Uplift your heart, feel your feet, swag 'n sway.


Thomas Myers - Fascia 101

For those of you that want to know a bit more about this thing I keep talking about in my classes called fascia, check out this video:

Thomas Myers from Anatomy Trains breaks down the basics of our fascia system. For more information, be sure to visit: www.anatomytrains.com TRAINING FOR HUMA...

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Daan to Earth - Bowspring & Thai Massage

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[10/02/18]   Unfortunately class tonight is cancelled. I’m totally sick :-(. Fingers crossed it goes away soon!

Whoop whoop! Because tomorrow is my birthday, I figured I wanted to invite as many of you as I can to join for an open class. Having a little Bow-day. I'll create a nice playlist. As it's a relatively small space (max. 12 people), let me know if you want to come in a comment :-). Also feel free to invite someone: let them like the page and comment. Just know that I can't host all of Bergha-ehh, Berlin! ;-)

Tomorrow September 25th, 18.30

[09/18/18]   Who's up for a *free* Friday morning Bowspring session in Mitte? 8am, bring your own mat!


Mid September Bow, a playlist by Daan Willem Dragt on Spotify

Tonight's tunes. See you in an hour!
Uwe, you'd have to play this on the boat one of these days ;-).

open.spotify.com A playlist featuring Kyle Bobby Dunn, HNNY, Groove Armada, and others

[09/03/18]   Rather than wishing I'd taken pictures in class to show off my amazing students, I wish I had taken the effort to do a sound recording today. Opening Om's in the class were hauntingly beautiful and ethereal, the closing one crystal clear. Note for next time...


A Conversation with Michaelle Edwards - the New Postural Paradigm | Global Bowspring | Home

"Don't practice yoga like your body is hanging off of a meat hook."

(Paraphrasing here)

If you were to read one thing today, read this conversation between my teacher John Friend had with Michaelle Edwards. From my own experience, I feel this is truly the future of movement. Have you had a "full" Bowspring experience yet? What has it brought you?

globalbowspring.com Michaelle Edwards is one of the most free-thinking, iconoclastic, revolutionary yoga teachers in the world. She is one of the first modern postural yoga teacher...


Interview w/ Jennifer Metzger: Munich’s Bowspring Pioneer | Workout Life Balance - der UrbanSportsBlog

This is one of my beloved fellow teachers down in München, Jennifer Metzger. If you're ever around there, be sure to practice with her!

blog.urbansportsclub.com After our spine-bending Bowspring yoga class we caught up with teacher Jennifer Metzger to find out more about the innovative new yoga technique…


Bow, bow, bow and float, a playlist by Daan Willem Dragt on Spotify

Some tunes for practice! Today at tribe. 2.30PM!

open.spotify.com A playlist featuring Fila Brazillia, Ojard, Lianne La Havas, and others

Growing up, did someone ever tell you it's good to have something to look forward to? Well. I'm looking forward to this:

October 24th - November 5th.

Bowspringing in the source. A 6 day training plus some extra time to immerse myself even more in this mind boggling method.

I have no idea if this is actually Denver. It showed up in Google image search for "Denver". ANYONE?

Leigh from Ankrum Institute is so good at explaining this stuff. It's truly inspiring to me. Below is an image of fascial chains and will give you an idea of what we work with in the Bowspring practice. Who will be joining today at 14.30?

This is an image of fascial chains. The fascia does not run hilly nilly all over the body. It is organized. This picture is just a few of the ways that fascia runs. This can be one way you have pain in one place but it is coming from somewhere else. Here is an example, You could have TMJ, or headaches, vertigo, and you could have bunions, plantar fasciitis, fluid build up in the lower leg. You say HUH?
There is a chain of fascia that runs down the side of the body. It starts on the side of the head on the temporal bone, then runs down the side, going through the outside hip, down the ITB, all along the fibula on the lower leg, connecting under the foot. Well golly gee! Can you see how you might have 2 or 3 seemingly unrelated things, but they truly are related.
That is why when working with the body one must truly be a detective.

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[07/10/18]   *** THIS IS NOT A FOOT FETISH POST ***

(Video inside)

Soft toes.. mhhmm. Bowspring. .. what? Tension in the tops of our feet often signals an imbalance that can affect.. our whole body! Starting at our toes, the contraction of your feet has a snowball effect on our posture. Overly contracted feet will tend to hyper extend legs, pull thigh bones forward, close hips, narrow pelvic floors and even can cause back and neck pain! All of your body is connected. Learn to let every part participate in a way that’s balanced. I’m teaching two more indoor classes this week. Tonight 6.30pm in Friedrichshain at Infinity Sunlight and Saturday 2.30pm at Yogatribe. Get in touch for more info! #bowspring #feetporn #yoga #berlin #relax

Tonight a pop up in the park for Mindspace members and non-Mindspace members! Let's meet 5.15pm at the Mindspace courtyard, Skalitzerstrasse 104. Compensation: €8. If the yoga won't get you high, the smell of fresh Görli air will!

Use your practice to regain a sense of orientation. Your body as vehicle, your heart as GPS, your mind as mom in the back of the car just after passing your driving test. Tune in to all of these, don't just ignore them. Accept all of these as they show up so your trip will become a smoother one.

Monday: 20h15 – Yogatribe
Tuesday: 18h30 – Bowspring Tuesdays
Wednesday: 18h00 – Outdoor @ Görlitzer Park
Saturday: 14h30 – Yogatribe

Jay Shetty

Are you in it for the short or long run? I think a lot of Bowspringers (autocorrect says Bowspring era.. already!?) would choose the delayed gratification on the marshmallow test.

World-renowned physicist Michio Kaku reveals how a simple test using marshmallows can predict how successful you can become.

Credit: Goalcast

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No rush / Radio DaanDaan

Newsletter time! Read it, and you'll know it!


For those interested in a free Bowspring class this Sunday, get in touch With Sybille from Root2Rise! It's in Zehlendorf, close to Schlachtensee


How much exercise is enough? The surprising truth.

Here's some interesting food for thought. The short version (paraphrased): move. 1 hour of exercise a day is not making up for the 23 hours of stagnation during the rest of the day.

thankyourbody.com How much exercise is enough? How much exercise do you need? What if I told you that exercise may be the problem? Learn what your body really needs.

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