Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park

Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park

"Yoga am Park" Yoga-Studio Am Treptower Park 40-42, 12435 Berlin

"Yoga am Park" Yoga-Studio Am Treptower Park 40-42, 12435 Berlin

NEW week + NEW teachers + NEW classes = Warm welcome

Sinja Völl Yoga

1. Mai Special with / mit Sinja at / im Yoga am Park * 7 pm / 19 Uhr

Ready for some waves?
Join one of my classes:
01. Mai 19:00 Yoga am Park
02. Mai 9:30 Auszeit Yoga Köpenick
18:30 Rosa-Parks-Grundschule (Spendenbasis)
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Every Friday at Yoga am Park

Your past was curiosity,
Your present is awakeness,
Your future the truest version of honesty, against yourself and others. ~ MarLa Yoga

CLASSES: Friday 9:30 am Vinyasa Flow_Spiral
11:00 am Yoga _Women
Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park

The Sacred Being

Sunday 19th of May at Yoga am Park Studio
Fall in love with yourself - a Sacred Geometry workshop

Fall in love with yourself - a Sacred Geometry workshop
11 May - Heidelberg
19 May - Berlin
Portugal, Austria, Netherlands and now Germany! Spiritual Coach and Sacred Evolutionist Sheetal Rajan welcomes you to an exclusive workshop to step into the world of Sacred Geometry and rediscover yourself. Dive into this immersive session that shows you the fundamentals of frequency, vibration and energy – awakening you to the reality that you are energy, you are connected and you are love. The workshop involves a deeply engaging visual journey as well as spiritual exercises to raise your vibrations of self-love and therefore your love for those around you. Book today at
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Mantak Chia: Techniques to Activate The Second Brain

Mantak Chia: "We have a second brain" . Do this to activate the second brain. ► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy sessi...

MarLa ART of Movement




I trust the movement
I negate the chaos
Uplift the negative
I’ll show up at the Table, again and again and again
I’ll close my mouth and learn to listen ... 'Rising Apalachia '

Meet the 90-year-old woman who can still do the splits Margery Owens says her flexibility is not down to luck, but from discipline and hard work

Today 6 pm at Yoga am Park - Studio

Lass. Los. Heute 18:00 Uhr Yin Yoga @Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park

YOGA to fly, YOGA to breathe, YOGA to dance, YOGA to let go, YOGA to love , YOGA to feel !
Friday: 360° 9:30
Vinyasa Flow 11:00 (E)
Saturday: 10:30 Dancing Spirit
Urban Sports Members / Drop In YOu're welcome

YOGA to fly, YOGA to breathe, YOGA to dance, YOGA to let go, YOGA to love , YOGA to feel !

Friday: 360° 9:30
Vinyasa Flow 11:00 (E)
Saturday: 10:30 Dancing Spirit

Urban Sports Members / Drop In YOu're welcome

Nanak Naam

549 years ago a teacher affectionately referred to as Guru Nanak Dev ji (The Enlightened Enlightener) illuminated the world through his universal wisdom of Oneness. A message that is still vitally needed for humanity today.

MarLa ART of Movement

• FRIDAY. 9:30-10:45 // 11-12:15 • SATURDAY 11-12:15

Yoga is not about self optimization,
it is the art of seeing beauty in every imperfection.
A beautiful fusion of our light and our shadows !

@ Yoga am Park

MarLa ART of Movement

Every Saturday 11- 12:15 PM
Happy to Move, Curve, Dance, Flow, Shine with YOU !
Place : Studio 'Yoga am Park '
Treptower 42, 12435 Berlin

Timeline Photos

Daphné Lachavanne on Thursday 18:45 at Yoga am Park

•Tu fais quoi dans la vie , je fais de mon mieux• 🤘essayons de commencer la semaine en pleine conscience et sereinement.

MORE AWERENESS this week!!

Les cours pour pratiquer / the class to practice with me on the mat :

🍀thursday 18:45 & 20:15 🍀 yoga am park!

It start with small choices we make everyday,


🤗Exercising because our body is not enought good , let‘s exercise because we love and respect our body .

🤗Instead of eating a tiny boring salad for lunch because we are counting calories , let‘s choose a big nourishing and healthy meal because we love and support every cells in our body and system.

🤗Instead of not not following an intuiton because we are scared of how things will change where it will lead us we would start to trust ourself.

Trusting ourselves Because we love ourself enought to live a life far away from mediocre

Bordel let‘s do it!
Passez une excellente semaine!


If you’ve been to my class this week you know it’s been all about opening the heart space, widening your chest, expanding your breath; it takes some courage, I know. We’re too used to close up, not just physically - hunched over our laptops and phones, with tense shoulders from stress and this newly arrived cold - also emotionally, mentally. Protecting us from anything unsafe, anything that anybody could do to us; scarred by the known, afraid of the unknown... I say dare. Open up, breathe, trust, enjoy the process. Nothing can really happen to you, if you just let go and be a little courageous..... and don’t let the cold get to you, stay open and soft and feel that summer sun shining on in your heart 💛 Great times to turn inward and reflect are ahead, that’s something!
You still have one more opportunity to practice with me this week - heart opening flow at Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park this Saturday 12.30 🙏
#heartwideopen #heartopener #yogaberlin

Kundalini Yoga Online

Leda Fay Yoga


It seems like autumn has finally arrived, my most beloved season. Let's blow like wind and fall like the leaves...

All classes at Yoga Am Park, 42 Alt-Trepotower Park, Berlin.

Monday 1845 Vinyasa 75mins

Tuesday 1730 Vinyasa 60mins
1845 Vinyasa 75mins (sub for Sonja)

Wednesday 0930 Vinyasa Slow 75mins
(great if you're new, or want to go
deeper into Yoga with a capital Y)

Friday 0930 Dragon Dance 75mins
1100 Ashtanga Modified 75mins (sub for Nora)

Saturday 1400 TOUCH & BREATH workshop -few spots left!

Daphné Lachavanne is back to teach at Yoga am Park from 9th of May on 💖 we're looking forward!

Me today talking to 60 ladies having endometriosis and searching for help and motivation

" The more we move the more we find space

Since i got endometriosis myself or got injured and limited physically I realised even more the power of movement, of moving

Life pulls us down sometimes and pushes us to our most outer limits. It happens and it usually feels like everything is falling apart at the same time. It’s in these vulnerable times that we learn the most about ourselves.

Everyday you start from 0 or start where you are

You deep inhale and with no expectation you make a step, you move , you start !!

I realised that sometimes you dont set your limit , your body decide, life decide
But you the only one deciding if you step out your confort zone or stay comfortable and safe in it

But I never saw any progress, change or anything coming if you stay right there

The boundary you've crossed move with you

And your comfort zone grows, and your own idea of limit grows

The larger it grows
The bigger your step

Step outside of it

Dont focus on what you didnt do earlier or what you not able to do today

Focus on all the things you did until here , to become the person you are today and when in doubt just start to move and everything will slowly move with you

When we choose to overcome challenges we actually flourish and become better versions of ourselves. Think about it in terms of progression, connection, and growth.

Push yourself beyond your limits.

I believe that safe to say
We limitless 🙌

Take a rest you ..
But dont stop "



It get's better every day... :)

This driver isn't 100. She's 105. Extraordinary!

100 Year Old Driving School. Tuesdays 9pm, ITV.

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Happy Monday Yogis! Did you make time for stillness today? We offer three wonderful Yin classes throughout the week to help you calm down your busy mind and body. Restorative, soothing and healing passive poses held for up to 5min, will revive your energy levels and leave you feeling blissful and elevated. Give it a try, you won’t regret it 🤗🙏💫 xx

Es entsteht eine neue Webseite von uns für euch! Bessere Übersichtlichkeit und Funktionalität liefern euch bald Informationen und Aktuelles rund um unsere Kurse! Happy Wednesday liebe Yogis 💓🙏💓 #yogaampark #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio

💓🙏💓 WELCOME BACK @yogawithdaphne 💓🙏💓 classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evening! We are looking forward to yoga with you! #yogaampark #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio


Sweet 'n short, comprehensive little documentary about different kinds of yoga.. if you were wondering 🙏

You can always only be in the now physically - so why not try bringing your awareness there as well. Just a few times a day being present - not thinking of things to do or things that have been done. Just sweet being. If you need some support in this, we offer you a wide variation of classes on a daily basis. Give it a try you will love it! We promise, yours truly, YOGA AM PARK 💓

[01/06/18]   We are very sorry for those who been standing in front of the studio this morning! Unfortunately Naomi got sick short before and couldn't send a notice!

Tonight at 19:00 - a calming and centering Strala Yoga RELAX practice with our Strala guide @melissa_exner - come and soften with us! Looking forward to moving with you 🙏💫🙏
#yogaampark #berlinyoga #yogaberlin #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio #vinyasaflowyoga #stralaberlin #stralayogaberlin

Gefährlicher Sport: Türkische Religionsbehörde warnt vor Yoga - WELT

watch out ;) Die türkische Religionsbehörde (Diyanet) hat die Muslime des Landes vor Yoga gewarnt. Viele fernöstliche Praktiken hätten ihre Wurzeln in der Religion und Philosophie, sagte Diyanet-Präsident Ali Bardakoglu dem Monatsmagazin des Amtes. Er nannte auch die transzendentale Meditation und die alter...

As we are moving through mercury retrograde from December 3rd to 26th, life can seem to be a bit off balance. Old emotions that lay dormant can surface, in yourself and others, asking to be adressed. There might be interruption in travels and communication. Maybe everything in life seems lopsided and we feel there is nothing we can do about it. There is one thing at least: trust. Trust in divine timing. Trusting that all challenges reveal something for us to learn, giving us the chance to grow and become more whole. 🙏✨ Happy Tuesday!!

Happy Tuesday Yogis! Join our lovely teacher Naomi tonight at 17:30 for Hatha Yoga in our beautiful studio ✨🙏✨ come and yoga with us!
#yogaampark #berlinyogastudio #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogateacher #yogatracherberlin

Discover all your facets and make them shine...

Hallo ihr Lieben, Yoga am Park gibt es auch auf Instagram 🌿 wir freuen uns sehr über eure Unterstützung auch auf diesem Kanal. Schaut doch mal vorbei! Wir wünschen einen tollen Start ins Wochenende und wir freuen uns euch auf der Matte zu sehen 🙏

Instagram: @yoga_am_park

A regular yoga practice can help you to establish a strong connection to your inner self. Deep breath and movement will help to tap into your intuition more easily. Give yourself the best and practice often :) come and move with us! Happy Friday!

Today 4:30 pm with Eva

subbing today at 4:30PM Yoga am Park - Yoga-Studio am Treptower Park

Lovely Yogis, start your week right with #kundaliniyoga with Dhyan @tieromar_is_wunderbar every Monday morning at 9:30 🐍🕉 in our cozy and comfortable studio at the park!
#yogaampark #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio #berlinyogateacher #yogateacherberlin

Wishing you all a very happy start to the weekend! We are looking forward to welcoming you to our lovely classes with great teachers all weekend long! We are here for you - come and move with us 🙏⭐️
#yogaampark #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio

After a little break - #stralayoga Relax class this evening again with @melissa_exner - come and soften with us! Move how it feels good to you 🌊 Have a lovely Friday 🙏
#yogaampark #yogastudioberlin #berlinyogastudio #berlinyogateacher #melissaexneryoga

Bewegung und MeditationMeditationskurs im Yoga am Park

Ab 15.12. im Yoga am Park Studio

Schaffe Dir Inseln der Ruhe, des Friedens, der Stille...verbinde Dich mit Dir selbst... in der Adventszeit... vom 15.11.-20.12.... biete ich einen sechswöchigen Meditationskurs im Yoga am Park, Am Treptower Park 42, 12535 Berlin an... immer mittwochs von 20:30-21:45 Uhr...
Wir werden uns vor dem Meditieren bewegen, tanzen, schütteln, dehnen, verschiedene Yoga Übungen machen.... dann meditieren wir... mal still, mal mit Fokus auf den Atem, mal mit einer bestimmten Handhaltung (Mudra), mal mit Mantren... meist in der Tradition des KundaliniYoga...
Alle 6 Termine 66,-, Euro-Einzeltermin 13,-Euro
Anmeldung nicht erforderlich-komm einfach vorbei... ich freu mich auf DICH
Solltest Du Fragen haben, schreib mir gerne eine email an:
[email protected]

Der frühe Yogi fängt den ersten...(energy ball?)
Komm vorbei zum Sunday Flow!
Morgen 10:30-11:45h im Yoga am Park

Der frühe Yogi fängt den ersten...(energy ball?)
Komm vorbei zum Sunday Flow!
Morgen 10:30-11:45h im Yoga am Park - Yoga-Studio am Treptower Park

Swamar Yoga

Prenatal Yoga/ Schwangeren Yoga

Wieso du in deiner Schwangerschaft Yoga praktizieren solltest.

Es gibt viele Gründe, warum du unbedingt in deiner Schwangerschaft Yoga praktizieren solltest.
Auch wenn du bisher keine Yoga Erfahrungen hast, ist die Schwangerschaft die beste Zeit um mit Yoga anzufangen.
Aber auch, wenn du erfahrene Yogi bist, ist es wichtig nun deine Yogapraxis umzustellen und Sie deiner Schwangerschaft anzupassen.
Yoga ist eine sanfte Art den Körper zu kräftigen und zu mobilisieren. Die ruhigen Bewegungen tuen dir und deinem Baby gut.
Der tiefe Atem, lässt dich sozusagen für zwei atmen und dein Baby wird optimal mit Sauerstoff versorgt. Es gibt viele Atemübungen die deine Atemräume öffnen und dich auf eine gute Atmung während der Geburt vorbereiten.
Im Schwangeren Yoga wird dein Körper an den richtigen stellen gekräftigt und an anderen Stellen gedehnt. Außerdem kannst du Kraft für deinen Alltag schöpfen und dir einen Moment nur für dich und dein Baby gönnen.
Tatsächlich hat Yoga auch eine positive Wirkung auf viele Schwangerschaftsbeschwerden.
Also wenn das mal nicht genug Gründe sind, um mit Yoga in der Schwangerschaft zu beginnen oder weiter zu machen.

ich freue mich auf euch in meinen Kursen 🙂

Pränatal Yoga Kurse im Yoga am Park
Fr 13:00-14:15
Mi 09:30-10:45 ab November 2017

Yoga am Park
Am Treptower Park 42
12435 Berlin Treptow

mit Swantje Marold
zertifizierte Yogalehrerin
Prä und Postnatal Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga

(ein paar Aufnahmen aus der Schwangerschaftsyoga Praxis)

Inanna Yoga

Hund, Katze, Kuh, Krähe: Kommt zum üben mit mir und vielen Tieren!

Morgen, Donnerstag 12.10. Yoga am Park - Yoga-Studio am Treptower Park 17:30-18:45h, USC members welcome!

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Yoga am Park - Studio am Treptower Park

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Am Treptower Park 42
Andere Yoga und Pilates in Berlin (alles anzeigen)
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Kreativer Yoga flow für Beginner und Geübte in Neukölln/ Alt-Treptow. Fließende Sequenzen, kraftvolle Haltungen, Meditation, Klang und Massage. Offene Kurse, Einzelunterricht, Firmenyoga, Kinderyoga

Kumar Yoga Berlin Kumar Yoga Berlin
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Yin Yoga Berlin is run by Erinbell Fanore. Erinbell offers weekly Yin and Hatha Flow yoga classes in Berlin as well as weekend retreats outside of Berlin.

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Christinenstraße 21
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Yoga in Berlin - 90 hochwertige Kurse und Yoga Ausbildung! Wir bieten Yoga für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittenen in Mitte und Friedrichshain. Yoga an 7 Tagen in der Woche

Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness Zen Yoga by Dynamic Mindfulness
Tempelhofer Ufer 36
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We are a handcrafted yoga studio in Berlin Kreuzberg offering a contemporary fusion of physical yoga practice + mindfulness meditation. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. We believe yoga is for everyone.

Sonnenjuwel Sonnenjuwel
Tschaikowskistraße 13
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Das SonnenJuwel Yogazentrum bietet Bewegungs-, Therapie- und Kreativangebote für die ganze Familie. In Berlin-Pankow gelegen.

YogaMoabit YogaMoabit
Rostocker Straße 32
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Willkommen bei YogaMoabit. Jeden Montag und Mittwoch könnt ihr hier in Moabit Yoga praktizieren.

NuYoga NuYoga
Berlin, 10555

"Wenn Gedanken und Eindrücke im gleichmäßigen Strom den Geist durchfließen, sammelte sich der Mensch - das ist Yoga." (Yogasutra III.12)