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The Department of Women's Ministries exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His world church.

Mission: Nurture, empower and outreach

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Día mundial de énfasis en el Ministerio de la Mujer - Revista Adventista

The Spanish Church paper Revista Adventista informs about the Women's Ministries Emphasis Day on June 8. All church members thus have a chance to understand what Women's Ministries is about and how to become actively involved. Thankyou, Amalia Reta, for your leadership. El propósito es informar a la iglesia respecto a los fines y objetivos de este ministerio, e invitar a todas aquellas hermanas que lo deseen a colaborar.

He who sees the invisible
Women’s Sabbath in Baden-Baden, Germany

"I did not realize how great the extent of this misery is even in Germany," said a churchgoer after a shattering speech on the occasion of the women's Sabbath on May 15, 2019, in Baden-Baden. In her sermon church leader Gisela Kappenberger had addressed taboo subjects such as child marriage, forced female genital mutilation, child labor and domestic violence.
You do not have to travel to another continent, which is less economically strong and weaker in education to find such misery. We can often find customs such as female genital mutilation, child marriage etc. in our neighborhood. This often unrecognized, tabooed suffering of countless girls and women, is the result of families who stick to banned traditions of their country of origin, even though they have long since found a new home in Germany.
No generation of girls and women in Germany could enjoy the same freedoms as we have today: the right to vote, the right to political and religious participation, the opportunity to choose and exercise a profession, access to education and health care, the free choice of spouse etc. But not all girls and women living in Germany benefit from these privileges. Sister Kappenberger called us to take action for them with our opportunities, whether with the #enditnow action of the Women's Ministries Department, through partnerships or mentoring.
She encouraged us to model Jesus as the one who saw the invisible, the haemorrhaging woman, the crippled woman, the Samaritan woman, or the woman caught in adultery. She encouraged all present to act as Jesus did, who did not see people’s gender, but only their hearts and their needs. He intervened for the ones who had no advocates and calls us to serve as he did. Will you emulate him?
Reported by Jasmin Stanoschefsky
Photos: Jasmin Stanoschefsky

Youth in Mission Congress in Offenburg, Germany
Girls4Christ booth attracts interest

At the Youth in Mission Congress from April 18 to 22, 2019, the Girls4Christ team in Baden-Württemberg was represented with an information stand. There we offered the new material "My Sister, My Friend", informed about the further education offers of the Women’s Ministries Department women and about ENDitNOW. In addition, a workshop zone was integrated directly into the stand, in which the workshop titled "Hand-lettering for Jesus" was offered five times.
After a brief introduction to the art of brush-lettering (hand-lettering with a special brush pen), the girls present diligently practiced the art of writing beautifully. They immerdiately put into practice what they had learned. Numerous attractive and beautiful handmade cards with Bible verses and words of encouragement were created. These were handed out to passers-by on the Sabbath afternoon during a an outreach street action. Many wonderful encounters with strangers were thus made possible!
We are delighted that our young, vibrant and creative girls are using their talents in art to bring other people into contact with the gospel.
Incidentally, even before the congress started, all workshops were fully booked and there were about 50 more girls (and even boys) on the waiting list. For the next Youth in Mission Congress, the organizers have offered to give us an art room for the whole time of the congress, in which wonderful pieces of art can be created for unique and wonderful people who do not yet know Jesus. What a blessing that we can serve God with all the gifts He has given us, be it "only" with a few pens, colors and some paper.
Reported by Jasmin Stanoschefsky Photos: Jasmin Stanoschefsky

Women in Spain speak out about abuse.
On April 14 the church in Alicante heard about teen gender violence.
On May 11, the women in the church in Teruel adressed emotional violence in a sermon and seminar called "Words that do not wound".
These are important topics and we are glad they are being addressed.

Women’s Ministry Retreat of the Hansa Conference, Germany
The Lord’s Prayer – A Challenge

On Friday, the 3rd of May 2019, three of us went set off right after lunch to be on our way to the retreat venue at Wittensee in Bünsdorf. At the beginning of the year we had already registered and were full of anticipation. When we saw from afar a part of the lake Wittensee and several canola fields with their incomparable yellow colour, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of nature God created.
We quickly moved into our rooms to be ready to welcome the newcomers.
Great was our pleasure as we reunited with acquaintances and the curiosity for new participants.
Already at dinner we came closer, which was then reinforced by the introductory round in the evening. It can only be stated again and again that we were one heart and soul already on Friday evening.
The theme of this weekend was "The Lord's Prayer - A Challenge". The speaker was Brigitte Grohrock. She is French, married to a German, has two children and is already a grandma. She has a lovely French accent, which made her presentations special. We participants had secretly thought: "We already know the Lord's Prayer! Never mind. We’ll enjoy the community. "Brigitte”, who was of course pronounced French, took us through the requests of the Lord’s prayer in several sessions, letting the participants express what they meant for them. Then we heard from her what she had thought and researched. Our realization was that one should never say, “I know that already”, when topics from the Bible are concerned. We all learned a lot from each other.
Also the common meals and walks brought us closer to each other. A highlight was the gala evening on Saturday night. Evening wear or other festive clothes were required. It was a pleasure to see how beautiful we women looked in our robes. One participant, whose husband was an Indian, had a beautiful sari, which was admired by all. Festively dressed we took place at nicely decorated tables. Small stories were read and we had a lot of fun practicing a baroque dance.
The weekend was over too soon. A final round on Sunday after lunch revealed that everyone had taken a lot from the events. With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to each other and wished a good trip and "goodbye!" until next year.
Reported by Edeltraud Thäder
Photos: WM Hansa The author is the lady on the left in the third photo

Hope Channel

Happy Mother's Day from the Hope Channel Team!
What's one word you would use to describe your mom?


Adventist Review Online | God’s Secret Weapon Mothers’ essential role in our homes and churches.

Women’s Breakfast Meeting in Annaberg, Germany
"Flowers on the side of the path"

Every last Tuesday of the month around 50 women crowd the Seventh-Day Adventist church in Annaberg, Germany. They come in expectation of a delicious breakfast buffet, companionship and sharing with friends and an interesting topic for discussion. In April the speaker was Silke Keller-Blobel who began with a story. She told about a chipped water jug. It was being used to fetch water and the carrier had a jug on both sides. One was perfect und kept the water as expected. The chipped jug lost water on the way.
Instead of being bothered about losing water the carrier was happy, because on the side of the path where he carried the chipped jug flowers were blooming.
This is a beautiful story that we can apply to our lives. In our lives there are times when we feel useless like the chipped jug. Silke used this story to illustrate the hard times in her life. A few years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and her world fell apart. As a mother of four children she had to deal with a situation where nothing was as usual. When she hit rock bottom she could only cling to God, who was right beside her. She felt like the chipped jug in this worst phase of her life. Had she not been able to see the flowers on the side of the path when her life was like a pile of shards she would not have been able to survive.
Now looking back Silke can talk about the flowers that grew, the blessings she experienced, the peace in her heart that surpasses all understanding. She knows what it is like when God picks you up and carries you. She met people she would normally never have met. She told about the many encounters she had in hospital.
Can God use a person who is broken to be a blessing? Yes, he can. And that is what Silke’s life story showed us. I am grateful for this strong woman, who lives in close contact with God and was willing to tell her story. I am grateful for our women’s breakfast meetings and the candor with which we interact. And I admire Silke, who considers her illness a blessing, seeing the flowers at the side of the path, and who encouraged us.
Reported by Margit Dressel
Photo: WM BMV

Women’s Ministries Retreat April 5-7, 2019, in Waldpark, Germany
Pleasure or Disappointment in Life
Women’s weekend as usual in the retreat centre Waldpark. Except that some women had a cold and cough and felt a bit listless. The speaker for the weekend was in a worse shape and had to cancel practically at the last minute. The Women’s Ministries team of the Mid-German Conference faced a real challenge to find another speaker. But God takes care of our problems. One of the guests, Verena Greim of Erfurt, arrived with a manuscript and lots of ideas on the above topic. It was a practical topic about our daily lives. And of course Gabi Stangl, the department leader, was on board with spiritual messages.
We started with Verena speaking about the “What if….then what” situation. What an influence do these words have in our lives? Are we only happy if all our wishes and goals are fulfilled in our lives? We should not forget to be grateful and enjoy what we have achieved. Corrie ten Boon once said, “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” What a wonderful truth that makes life so much easier. We can enjoy every moment of our lives.
And we did. Waldpark provided the best of terms. What a luxury to sit down to a meal without doing anything. We had time to laugh and talk, sing and pray. The workshops on Saturday night offered various possibilities for creativity or just enjoyment.
On Sunday morning Gabi Stangl spoke about “God and my Sandwich.” She explained how God calls us to his table even when we only have little to give. His gifts and our gifts – his abundance and our naught. God’s table is always set for us.
Women’s retreats are times for charging our batteries and letting God feed us. Do not miss any of these opportunities.
According to a report by Angela Völker

Adventist Review Online | Is This Really Love?

written by Karen Holford, one of the speakers at the people7.0 Congress How to recognize abuse and abusers, and begin healing

Remember Mother’s Day
All Women can be “Mothers in Israel”

In many countries around the world Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Other countries celebrate on the last Sunday in March or the first Sunday in May. Whatever day you celebrate, it is a special day for families to show their appreciation for their mothers. The day has evolved into an occasion for kids to honor and give presents to their hardworking mums. The day has no religious connotation, but it is a good occasion to do what the fifth commandment says: “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you” (Exodus 20:12).
Thus Seventh-Day-Adventist Women’s Ministries would like to honor all the women who are taking care of their families and all women who show love to those in their vicinity, even if they have never given birth to a child. Women can be “Mothers in Israel” to all those who need love. By being a mentor to a younger person you are doing just that. Thank you for being a role model and supporter.
In my family we used to bring Mum breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. We would pick flowers in the fields and put them on a tray with burned toast and a glass of milk. Whatever traditions you have in your family, I hope Mother’s Day will be a happy day for you and all women.
By Hannele Ottschofski
Photo: Shutterstock

NAD Women's Ministries

Glimpses from the Damascus Grace Seventh-day Adventist Church (Maryland) women’s tea. Almost 70 women—from 2 to 99 years old—enjoyed an afternoon tea, games—including musical hats for those under 15, and speaker. This community outreach event attracts many friends and guests. #nadwm

Sewing Circle of Hearts
Women’s group in Kisdorf, Germany, goes online

When Stefanie Hansen started sewing heart-shaped cushions with some women from her church in 2014, it was her desire to help women in a difficult time that provided the impulse. Since then the project has evolved so that now they even have their own website:
From time to time we have brought reports of their activities on this news site. The website invites people to the bimonthly sewing bees and shows what the group is doing. There is also information about how people can donate to support this ministry, as the cushions are given free of cost to hospitals. The website also shows an overview of the various products that they make in addition to the heart cushions. Maybe when you see the articles you will be inspired to do something similar. May God bless all who dedicate their time and energy to making projects like this a consolation for women in need of a heartfelt token of love. Photos:

Women’s Sabbath in the Muntenia Conference, Romania
Encouragement, Inspiration and Sharing

On May 4, 2019, 270 women from the Muntenia Conference gathered for a Women’s Sabbath in Cernica, at the campus of the Adventist University in the vicinity of Bucharest. 30 guests (non-SDA women) were also in attendance. The motto of the day was “Women at the Crossroads.”
The speaker used the story of Abigail as an example. According to her course of action the participants received five helpful points to follow in difficult situations:
1. Act (promptly)
2. React (wisely)
3. Transform (the bad into good, the curse into a blessing)
4. Speak wisely! (Choose to use words as a powerful instrument given by God)
5. Wait patiently for the victory!
The second part of the church service looked at the story of Elizabeth and Mary. God called both women to extraordinary tasks, but both had completely different circumstances. Both accepted God’s call. How do we react when God calls? Are we ready to follow?
The afternoon was filled with many diverse reports of what Women’s Ministries groups are doing in their local churches. It was so interesting to hear the reports and to see how creative the women are. Some activities have already been reported in our WM News.
The whole day was very encouraging, inspiring and motivating. The desire was expressed to organize an annual meeting of the women in the conference in order to strengthen and encourage each other as well as to share experiences.
The meetings were enhanced by various musical performances, and they had even composed a special motto song for the day.
Reported by Dagmar Dorn, EUD Women’s Ministries Director.
Photo: EUDWM Muntenia Conference
Team leaders: Luminita Ionescu and Elida Oncea with Dagmar Dorn

People7.0 Congress Presentation

What is people7.0? Watch the video to find out!

Second Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security
Connecting with participating women

Attending the second Global Summit on Religion, Peace and Security organized by the AIDRL (International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty) at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva from April 29 to May 1, 2019, was a mind-opening experience. The topic was "Building bridges, fostering inclusivity and countering hate speech to enhance the protection of religious minorites, refugees and migrants."
The AIDRL was founded in 1946 by Dr. Jean Nussbaum and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt who was deeply engaged in promoting and defending human rights. Their common goal was that of protecting, defending and promoting liberty of thought, conscience, conviction and religion for everyone, everywhere. Since then Adventists have been champions of religious freedom for all.
Among the male dominated participants, a few women were also in attendance and meeting them was very interesting. I was impressed by Sana Mustafa, a young active and enthusiastic woman who is a refugee herself with a tough personal story. She is a founding member of the Network for Refugee Voices, a coalition led by refugees working to increase refugees engagement with International community to pursue inclusive, sustainable, and effective refugee and immigration policy. Mustafa is also a Member of Syria's First Syrian Women’s Political Movement, whose aim is to unite women from across professional fields and ethnics to ensure vision for women's inclusion in a future Syria.
Reported by Dagmar Dorn, EUD Women’s Ministries Director
Photos: EUD

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Every woman is called to know Jesus passionately and tu use her gifts to serve as a disciple in the church and in the community.
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