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Women's Ministries Department of the Inter-European Division of Seventh-Day Adventists. News about what our women are doing.

The Department of Women's Ministries exists to uphold, encourage, and challenge Adventist women in their pilgrimage as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His world church.

Mission: Nurture, empower and outreach

Mi Tienda Evangélica

¡Novedad! Biblia de Estudio NVI para la mujer con: perfiles de personajes, artículos, citas y otros contenidos que reflejan las contribuciones de más de 80 mujeres de una amplia variedad de trasfondos étnicos, denominacionales, educativos y ocupacionales.

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JAE - Juventud Adventista de España

Os presentamos una importante novedad: la “E-semana de Oración” en las redes sociales, del 24 al 30 de noviembre. Cada día diferentes youtubers adventistas, agrupados por la iniciativa ‘Kalidoscopio’ nos ofrecerán su reflexión en un vídeo-clip de 4 minutos que no te puedes perder. Kalidoscopio es un proyecto del departamento JAE que impulsa el uso de los medios online para compartir el mensaje del evangelio desde jóvenes para jóvenes.
• Dante – @Inflexiona
• Nuria – @Núria Celeste
• Andrea Tena – @Celestinos7D
• Josias – @Antídoto
• Ana de Castro
• Aaron Morán
• Álvaro Garcés – @alvarogarcésmusic
• Ragüel –

#kalidoscopio #somosjae #cambiatumundo #adventista #semanadeoración

God bless them!

Meet some of our female pastors and leaders from across the TED who are now returning home from our Women in Ministries retreat to continue in service for The Master.

NAD Women's Ministries

Do you crave frequent reminders that Someone treasures you above all else? Does your heart need to hear a love song? Then spend a few moments each day reading the stories in this devotional book. They not only highlight God's multifaceted love but also bring the blessed assurance that His undying love is focused on you. Order your copy today at Proceeds from this book help to fund scholarships for young women. Learn more about this scholarship at

Retreat for women who minister. Be blessed!

119 women pastors and leaders from across the Trans-European Division meet for worship, fellowship and networking, and to discuss issues pertinent to their needs, 15-17 November 2019

What are you going to do to orange your world from November 25th to December 10th? (16 days of activistm)...
Quels projedts avez-vous pour sensibiliser les gens contre la violence?

Les Clubs Soroptimist de Genève – Genève-Fondateur et Genève-Rhône – se sont de nouveau mobilisés en 2018 à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de lutte ...

Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists, TED

This is about Women in Ministry - not Women's MInistries.
So proud of the Trans-European Division for having so many women who work as ministers (pastors). God bless your retreat!

119 female pastors and leaders gathering for the TED women in ministry retreat.

UN Women

25 November is the International Day to End Violence against Women, kicking off the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence! The world will be turning orange to show that #GenerationEquality stands against rape. Will you join us? 🌎 🧡

Women’s congress in Papua New Guinea opened by Prime Minister Almost 5000 women attended a weeklong women’s congress in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, opened by the nation’s prime minister. The event, held at Bautama campsite from September 23 to 29, was the th...

Women’s Ministries Leadership Training Seminars on Video
Leadership Certification, Level 1

A four-level leadership program has been developed because we realize the great need for women to develop skills that will enable them to serve in all areas and on all levels of our church organization. E. G. White reminds us that "There is a higher purpose for woman, a grander destiny. She should develop and cultivate her powers, for God can employ them in the great work of saving souls from eternal ruin" (Evangelism p. 465).
Developing and cultivating the abilities of women is one task of this department, and one to which we are committed.
The curriculum for this program has been divided into eight subject areas. They are:
1. History and Philosophy
2. Biblical Studies
3. People Skills/Personal Growth
4. Speaking Skills
5. Leadership Skills
6. Writing Skills
7. Nurture Projects
8. Outreach Projects
These seminars are offered around the world in different ways. It is most enriching to attend weekend seminars where the topics are presented. But not everybody is able to do so for various reasons. That is why the North American Division has recorded the whole Level 1 seminars as a Video series of short presentations for those who may want to complete them on their own if the certification seminars are not being offered in their region. They are also useful as refresher seminars for those who have already attended and want to go over the material again. The video links to vimeo are provided on the EUD WM homepage as well as Handout downloads. At the bottom of the page there is a list you can download where you can make a note of the date when you watch which seminar.

2019 enditnow NAD Summit on Abuse

The 2019 enditnow NAD Summit on Abuse was held in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary Chapel on the campus of Andrews University. It was live streamed…

Adventist Learning Community
Online Courses and Resources for Pastors, Teachers and just ordinary interested People

The North American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists has developed a Learning Community consisting of online courses on just about every subject you can be interested in. These courses are available for all and free of cost. All you need to do is register and log in.
Today we would like to introduce you to a course on:
Mentoring Young Women
The purpose of this course is to equip those working with youth to better understand the challenges and needs of young women in order to provide effective ministry through mentorship.
After watching the videos, completing course learning materials, completing the learning activities, and taking short multiple choice quizzes, you'll earn 0.1 continuing education units (CEU) and a training certificate.
By the end of this course you will gain insights into the needs of teenage girls, be better equipped to mentor them during a transitional time in their life, and have tools to create a safe atmosphere in your church for youth.
About the Instructor:
Erica Jones currently serves as the Assistant Director of Women’s Ministries for the North American Division. Her primary ministry is mentoring teen girls and developing resources to help them make wise choices and live fulfilling lives. She also dedicates time to abuse prevention and education.
She received her undergraduate degree in English from Southern Adventist University, after which she accepted a position in the General Conference Youth Department as an editorial assistant where she served for four years before transitioning to NAD Women’s ministries. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in professional counseling.
One of Erica’s greatest desires is to empower young women to have the tools to make wise choices in their relationships, recognizing that the choices they make now will impact them for their entire lives.
Photo: Adventist Learning Community

Whole & Holy Women's Convention
Whole&holy Women's convention, Florida Hundreds of women from around the North American Division came to Orlando, Florida to connect with God and each other as they learned about aspects of mental, emotional,…

God in Shoes - Orlando, Florida
God in Shoes outreach project

On September 27, more than 600 attendees of the 2019 NAD Women’s Convention participated in a day of community service organized by God in Shoes. Since 2009,…

Every Child Everywhere | ADRA Advocacy

Speak up for out-of-school Children
Every Child Everywhere in School

No child should ever be denied an education. Not because of where they live. Not because their government is failing to provide adequate and free education. Not because their family is poor. Not because of conflict or displacement. Not because of their gender, ethnicity, or disability. Every child, everywhere, has the right to attend school and get an education. Unfortunately, 262 million children, adolescents, and youth are currently denied this right.
A child who is out of school is more vulnerable to human traffickers and recruitment by militias, and at increased risk of early marriage, teen pregnancy, and child labor. An uneducated adult lacks the ability to lift themselves out of poverty, and their children face barriers at every stage of life: an increased risk of dying in infancy, malnourishment which affects their mental and physical development, and the continued cycle of poverty, dooming another generation.
Without education, nothing changes. Disadvantage lingers.
Find out more about the project under and please sign the petition.

UN Women

❌That's normal
❌It happens to everyone
❌It's because you're pretty
❌What were you wearing?
There is no excuse for sexual harassment.

Adventist Review Online | Most Populous State in Brazil Passes ‘Breaking the Silence Day’ Bill São Paulo governor thanks the Adventist Church for its social initiatives.

Introduction to Women's Ministries - Carla Baker

This is "Introduction to Women's Ministries - Carla Baker" by NAD Adventist on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Russian-speaking women's congress in Germany
God will not leave you

Under the motto “God will not leave you”, a Women's Congress was organized in Pirmasens from 27 to 29 September 2019, attended by 220 Russian-speaking women from Germany. The motto song with the same title reminded us all that we are not alone because our loving, heavenly Father is always with us.
The warm, joyful and informal atmosphere was felt right from the start when the organizers of the congress, Larissa Beitel and Irina Rollgaiser, greeted the participants. Pastor Norbert Dorotik, President of the Mid Rhine Conference, spoke special words of welcome on Friday evening.
The speakers came from far away. Thus Galina Stele, Doctor of Practical Theology, came from the General Conference in Washington. She urged everyone to ask questions such as, "Who are you?" "What are the four kinds of love?" And "How do Millennials and Generation Z differ from other generations?"
The second speaker and neuropsychologist Elena Jakovenko from Kiev spoke about the mental health of a modern person, the healing of relationships and the ways of solving problems.
As a further guest we heard Ludmila Verlan on the Sabbath afternoon. She runs a center for the promotion of physically and mentally handicapped children in Krasnodar and answered questions about her work.
The singer and violinist Angelika Wishnja from Moldova enriched the congress with her musical contributions and the concert on the Sabbath evening.
Often it was very quiet in the room, because the women listened intensely and some tears wiped from their eyes. But again and again loud laughter filled the rooms. There were many unforgettable moments.
Seventy women attended the early morning prayer circle led by Nina Beitel and Vera Peters, in order to bring their cares and needs to the Lord. It was a particularly blessed time.
The beautifully and tastefully decorated lecture hall, delicious food and small gifts in the form of chocolates on the chairs and luminous pebbles not only made for comfort, but for the feeling of special appreciation for literally every woman.
On all days of the congress lots of literature in Russian was available. Under the guidance of Olga Stier and Raisa Miller, books on the important topics of education, relationships, prayer, personality development, as well as stories and experiences from life could be acquired.
We had a lot to talk about and did not want to break up on the Sunday. As they were leaving, many women expressed the wish to organize a congress in this context every year.
Thanks be to the Lord and to all who have prepared this wonderful meeting. May God help so that there will be another opportunity to hold such a congress, and that such encouraging, educational and inspiring meetings can continue.
Reported by Ludmila Verlan Photos Olga Stier

Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

About 43 ladies of all ages coming together for the Northern Ohio Mini Retreat in Sheffield Lake.
Guest presenter Rose Hofacker encouraging ladies to break the ice, get to know one another and pray for each other. Discussing Deborah, she explores her identity as a daughter of God and her (and our) call.
Diana Kellawan spoke with ladies about reversing negative thinking and toxic thoughts, replacing them with God’s Truth.
#ohioconference #miniretreat #daughtersofgod #deborah #ourcalling #anointedbygod #identity #god #claiminggodspromises #wordofgod @ Northern Ohio Adventist Academy

NAD Women's Ministries

Looking for a new idea as you plan your women’s retreats or events?

The Minnesota women’s retreat offered “round robin breakouts” for the first time. Five breakouts. 30 minutes each. All in the main meeting room. Time was called and attendees could switch to a different breakout. Gave women the opportunity to attend four different short sessions. Topics included exercise, your devotional life, essential oils, etc.

Spiritual Retreat for Women in France
Being or Seeming

From 20 to 22 September 2019, about fifty women met at the Le Rocheton International Center, a peaceful site in the midst of a wooded area, an ideal place for reflection and meditation.
From Friday evening, Eliane POMIER, social counselor for family and victimology, invited us to come to Jesus according to Matthew 11:28 as we are and it is he who will transform us.
The theme chosen for this retreat "BEING or SEEMING" seminar aroused great interest among the participants. The guest Pastor Jethro CAMILLE opened avenues for reflection with images and biblical stories. Some snippets from the topics:
• You can spend an entire life next to yourself without knowing yourself.
• Discover the different strings that bind us and hold us captive from the eyes of others.
• Be wary of the effect of a "halo" (appearance), meaning we see only what we want to see.
• Learn to develop an attitude of caring listening.
• Knowing God will reveal our true worth.
The theme song for this meeting was:
"Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face; and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace."
This chorus will resonate for a very long time in the hearts of the 50 participants of this weekend.
Reported by Enide CADASSE, Women’s Ministries Director for the North France Conference

Women’s Ministries Retreat in the Berlin-Mid-German Conference
Wolves and Giraffes

Our venue was in a small village with a stone church and a wide view over the fields. About 40 women and two men came together for a retreat in Dahnsdorf from September 27 to 29, 2019. Gabriele Stangl, Women's Ministries Director for the Conference, had prepared everything very well and lovingly with the Women's Ministries team of the Berlin-Mid-German Conference. We received a friendly welcome, nice decoration, great vegetarian meals - we were really pampered!
On Friday evening, the team introduced themselves and the program for the next few days, and we met Ulrike Gelke, the speaker. It was time for rest, listening and many hands-on moments. Singing, praying and talking did us good, as did walks of different lengths . For the social night we had the choice between a cheerful film, a discussion round about sustainability, paper crafts or working with wool ("Bobbel" - wool with beautiful color gradients is the starting material for shawls or scarves).
But now to the "wolves and giraffes": They did not run around in the village, but are a symbol for our patterns of conversation in conflicts: wolves bare their teeth, fight, exert violence. "Tit for tat," "one must answer rudeness with rudeness " ... Giraffes, however, have a particularly large heart because of their long neck, so that there is always enough blood in the head. They stand for learning a language that goes from heart to heart, the so-called "non-violent communication". Ulrike Gelke took us by the hand and explained the four components of "Nonviolent Communication" according to Marshall B. Rosenberg in an entertaining and humorous way.
1. Everything starts with "listening and watching without judgment". Not so easy, because we are constantly evaluating.
2. Perceive and express feelings. We often only feel our emotions when they "boil up". It would be better to talk about things before that, to cry, to laugh.
3. What are the needs behind my feelings? What is important to me, what is valuable?
4. Ask precisely and unambiguously in order to make our lives easier.
We were encouraged to start over again, to ask the right questions and to respect ourselves and others. We had beautiful, blessed days and I can only invite you to come the next time! Thanks to all the helpers who prepared this beautiful weekend, but above all thanks be to our Lord!
Reported by Käthe Leuwer Photo: Jan Kriener

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Every woman is called to know Jesus passionately and tu use her gifts to serve as a disciple in the church and in the community.
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Leute treffen, Veranstaltungen, Veggie-Mittagstisch, Seelsorge, gemütlich Kaffee trinken und sich wohlfühlen - das alles und noch mehr gibt es bei uns.

Voodoo Rhythm Records (official) Voodoo Rhythm Records (official)
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EUD Youth Ministries - AY EUD EUD Youth Ministries - AY EUD

Official page for the EUD Youth Ministries Department. If you want to know more about international youth events, regional youth events, what the youth from EUD countries are doing and more, this is the place.

Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern
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Die Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern bietet an den Standorten Friedenskirche und KGH Steigerhubel Spirituelles, Soziales und Seelsorge für alle Menschen an.

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Kirchliches Umweltmanagement.

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