St Ursula's Church, Bern

St Ursula's Church, Bern is an Anglican Episcopal church in Bern, Switzerland.The church is one of the ten Anglican chaplaincies in Switzerland that have a resident chaplain (minister) and together form the Archdeaconry of Switzerland. St Ursula’s has a long tradition of ministry to all English-speaking people in the Canton of Bern and beyond. It also provides a home for Christians from many different denominations and cultural backgrounds.History19th CenturyBetween 1832 and 1847, the Chaplain from Christ Church, Lausanne held 21 services in Bern at the invitation of the British minister. These were probably held at the British Legation.Hoteliers throughout Switzerland were eager to offer facilities for worship. In 1845, the Bernese authorities gave permission for English services to be held in the chapel of the Bürgerspital. A group of innkeepers undertook to pay the cost of bringing a chaplain from England. Twelve years later, the former deer-park outside the city walls was sold for redevelopment. The Cantonal Forestry department made a grant of land at the top of Hirschengraben for building an English church. Plans were drawn up in 1858 by the influential English architect, George Edmund Street, but although the community raised Fr 8454.50 towards the construction, this was not enough, and the grant was revoked.In 1859, the Colonial and Continental Church Society undertook to support a chaplain in Bern. In 1887, funding was taken over by the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. Services were held for a while in the Old Catholic church of St Peter and St Paul, but there were complications due to the bitterness felt by Roman Catholics against the Old Catholic movement, which spilled over into the diplomatic field. It was fortunate that the congregation moved in 1887 to the hall of the Lerber School (now the Freies Gymnasium) in Nageligasse.

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Andere Religiöse Organisationen in Bern (alles anzeigen)
kids-team Schweiz kids-team Schweiz
Galgenfeldweg 1
Bern, 3006

kids-team gewinnt und schult Christen für die evang. Arbeit unter Kindern...immer mit dem Ziel, dass Kinder Gott kennenlernen und ihm vertrauen.

Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists Inter-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists
Schosshaldenstrasse, 17
Bern, 3006

The Inter-European Division is an organization of Seventh-day Adventists Church, comprised of 18 countries with several languages and cultures. Its mission is to help all the fields to get the main goal of the church, which is to make disciples for Jesus

Partyservice Partyservice
Bern, 3027

Wir helfen mit, in euren Gemeinden und Jugendgruppen Glory-Partys steigen zu lassen. Unser Anliegen ist es, die gute Botschaft vom Kreuz zu feiern und die Herrlichkeit Gottes mit euch zu geniessen.

Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern
Friedensstrasse 9
Bern, 3007

Die Kirchgemeinde Frieden Bern bietet an den Standorten Friedenskirche und KGH Steigerhubel Spirituelles, Soziales und Seelsorge für alle Menschen an.

Katholische Gesamtkirchgemeinde  Bern und Umgebung Katholische Gesamtkirchgemeinde Bern und Umgebung
Mittelstrasse 6a
Bern, 3012

Römisch katholische Gesamtkirchgemeinde Bern und Umgebung/Dekanat Region Bern

youthplanetbern youthplanetbern
Montbijoustrasse 6 Im Hof
Bern, 3011

youthplanetbern ist die Jugend vom ICF Bern. Es treffen sich junge Menschen aus Bern und Umgebung, um Gott und Gemeinschaft zu erleben.

AD Bern AD Bern
Sulgeneckstrasse, 58

Igreja Evangélica Assembleia de Deus portuguesa em Bern, Suíça

RiverLife Bern RiverLife Bern
Zeughausgasse 35
Bern, 3011

English-speaking, Interdenominational, Evangelical, Church
Alpeneggstrasse 5
Bern, 3012

Diskussionsforum der Römisch-Katholischen Kirche im Kanton Bern

Asian Church of Switzerland Asian Church of Switzerland
Strasse Blankweg 27
Bern, 3072

We pray together with Asian People, We Follow Jesus Christ and holy sprit

Kirchliche Jugendarbeit Refbejuso Kirchliche Jugendarbeit Refbejuso
Altenbergstrasse 66
Bern, 3013

Vineyard Bern Pfingstkonferenz Vineyard Bern Pfingstkonferenz
Papiermühlestrasse 50
Bern, 3014

Gemeinsam mit über 30 Partnern führen wir eine Pfingstkonferenz mit Bill Johnson, Martin Bühlmann und weiteren Rednern durch.