World Heritage Experience Switzerland WHES

World Heritage Experience Switzerland WHES


Eigentlich gibt es ein schönes Buch zu den Welterbestätten in der Schweiz: «Schönste Schweiz», von der WHES mit heraus gegeben. Leider finde ich es auf der WHES-Seite nicht im Angebot. Wäre schön, wenn das noch ergänzt werden könnte.
Where in the world you can see a well preserved and well maintained UNESCO World Heritage site, right in the middle of the bustling urban city? Only in Switzerland 🇨🇭️. The fusion of the modern and the world, connecting the future and the heritage. Indeed, a remarkable gift to the world.
Amazing. Thought provoking. Efforts to preserve the rare books are commendable. It is indeed, a gift to the world
Bella Suiza!!😙😙

WHES is the umbrella organisation for the tourist network of the UNESCO World Heritage properties and UNESCO biospheres in Switzerland.

«World Heritage Experience Switzerland» (WHES) is the umbrella organisation for the tourist network of Swiss UNESCO World Heritage properties and UNESCO biospheres in Switzerland. WHES works in partnership with tourist organisations and the Swiss UNESCO Commission to promote and coordinate high-quality, unique experiences. This helps to ensure sustainable development of the universal values and create added (tourist) value for the sites. The unique experiences are build on the core values of the various UNESCO natural and cultural heritage properties and the biospheres. They are a central element in marketing. WHES works with the Swiss UNESCO Commission on promoting values and knowledge. In the European context, WHES sets the benchmark for active networking and sustainable marketing by national members. Aims In addition to developing services and marketing, as the umbrella organisation for the tourist network WHES works to achieve the following: to promote and preserve UNESCO values to promote sustainable quality tourism to raise national and international awareness of the Swiss UNESCO World Heritage properties and the Entlebuch biosphere to represent the shared tourist interests of our members before national and international organisations

Mission: Raise awareness of the UNESCO World Heritage properties and biospheres in Switzerland Promote and preserve UNESCO values Promote a sustainable and quality tourism Represent the shared tourist interests of our members

Swiss cities can usually trace their origins all the way back to antiquity. Typically their historic centre consists of narrow and winding streets. However La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle, UNESCO World Heritage since 2009, have a different set up. Rebuilt after a fire, they were designed for the watchmaking industry, with the goal of maximizing daylight, even in the darker winter months.

The visitor centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds is open daily:

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Site UNESCO : La Chaux-de-Fonds - Le Locle, Urbanisme horloger
Foto La Chaux-de-Fonds, Métropole horlogère

Rhätische Bahn

❄️ Allen fröhliche Weihnachten und ein wunderbares neues Jahr ❄️
❄️ Un joyeux Noël et une merveilleuse nouvelle année à tous ❄️
❄️ Buon Natale e un meraviglioso anno nuovo a tutti ❄️
❄️ A merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year ❄️

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Video ©️ Johannes Hulsch Photography

The Museum of Fossils in Meride holds all the secrets of Monte San Giorgio, UNESCO World Heritage since 2003. Thanks to new technologies, the museum can now bring back to life marine creatures that swam in the area 240 million years ago. In the picture the northern side of the pyramid shaped Monte San Giorgio.

Visit the museum in Meride (TI): discount available with the World Heritage Ticket

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Foto Patrick Gerber Photography

Thanks to the preservative properties of wetlands and scientific research, archaeologists have brought to surface tools, artefacts and objects dating back more than 4,000 years. All secrets of the Neolithic societies and the Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps, UNESCO World Heritage since 2011, are to be experienced at the Laténium Park and Museum, the largest archaeology museum in Switzerland.

Visit the museum in Hauterive (NE): discount available with the World Heritage Ticket:

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Die 7 schönsten Weihnachtserlebnisse rund um die UNESCO-Welterbestätten, die Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen sollten. Im Advent wird St.Gallen wieder zur stimmungsvollen «Schweizer Sternenstadt». 700 Sterne funkeln ab dem 28. November über den Plätzen und Gassen der St.Galler Altstadt und hüllen die historischen Fassaden der UNESCO-Welterbestadt in weihnachtlich-festlichen Glanz. Ein romantischer Weihnachtsma...

🔹 Rhätische Bahn in der Landschaft Albula/Bernina
🔹 Chemin de fer rhétique dans les paysages de l’Albula et de la Bernina
🔹 Ferrovia retica nel paesaggio Albula/Bernina
🔹 Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes

©️ Rhätische Bahn AG

Die 7 schönsten Weihnachtserlebnisse rund um die UNESCO-Welterbestätten, die Sie auf keinen Fall verpassen sollten. Im Advent wird St.Gallen wieder zur stimmungsvollen «Schweizer Sternenstadt». 700 Sterne funkeln ab dem 28. November über den Plätzen und Gassen der St.Galler Altstadt und hüllen die historischen Fassaden der UNESCO-Welterbestadt in weihnachtlich-festlichen Glanz. Ein romantischer Weihnachtsma...

Discover the No. 1 road trip of the Alps.

The Grand Tour of Switzerland combines the highlights of Switzerland on the most scenic route our country has to offer. And of course, a stopover at one of the 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a must. What is your personal highlight on the Grand Tour of Switzerland?

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Learn more about the Grand Tour of Switzerland: ---- Switzerland. Nature wants you back:

No plans for August 1st yet? How about a guided tour in the Bern minster in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site? Of course, there will also be plenty to discover and experience tomorrow in the other 11 sites. With this in mind, we wish everyone a wonderful Swiss National Day 🇨🇭 🥂🎉

I love Bern
WL Swiss Photography

Feeling the heatwave? Here a cool picture of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region, UNESCO World Heritage since 2001. On the picture the Sphinx, the highest railway station in Europe with the Concordia (Konkordiaplatz) in the background: there, 3 glaciers converge to build a sheet of ice measuring 900 meters of depth.

Want to know more about this UNESCO site and the Swiss Alps? Visit the World Nature Forum in Valais. Discount with the UNESCO World Heritage Ticket:

World Nature Forum - Visitor Center Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch

The Planta Tower of the Convent of St. John in Müstair, with its swallowtail battlements, was built as a fortified refuge in the event of an attack by the Saracens. The Convent is now listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1983 thanks to its wall paintings, the largest and best preserved cycle of medieval frescoes of its kind.

⏩UNESCO World Heritage Ticket:
Kloster St. Johann Müstair Val Müstair

Bellinzona and its Castles have been a strategic location for centuries. Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis received last weekend his counterpart from the USA in Castelgrande, one of the three Castles part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Have you been in Bellinzona yet? 🏰

World Heritage Ticket

Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino Turismo I Castelli di Bellinzona Ticino Turismo

It was with great pleasure that I welcomed US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to Bellinzona. I am all the more pleased because it has been 20 years since a US Secretary of State has visited Switzerland for bilateral talks! During our meeting we discussed many topics and issues related to our two countries such as Iran, Venezuela, geopolitical situation, multilateralism and free trade agreement. ➡️

Schweizer Pärke / Parcs suisses / Parchi svizzeri

⏰ COUNTDOWN ⏰ Parks market on the 24th of May 2019 in Berne

The children from the Val Müstair will bring the Chalandamarz bells on 24 May during the Parks market on the Federal Square! Join us and immerse yourself in this and many other living traditions of the Schweizer Pärke / Parcs suisses / Parchi svizzeri and UNESCO World Heritage properties!

World Heritage properties on site
World Nature Forum - Visitor Center Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Rhätische Bahn AG UNESCO-Welterbe Tektonikarena Sardona Museo dei fossili del Monte San Giorgio

Die Kinder aus der Biosfera Val Müstair bringen das Geläut der Chalandamarz-Glocken nach Bern - am 24. Mai, am Pärke-Markt auf dem Bundesplatz! Komm vorbei und tauche ein in diese und viele weitere lebendige Traditionen der Schweizer Pärke / Parcs suisses / Parchi svizzeri und der World Heritage Experience Switzerland WHES!

Lavaux, Weinberg-Terrassen
Lavaux, vignoble en terrasses
Lavaux, vigneti terrazzati
Lavaux, Vineyard Terraces

Lavaux Patrimoine mondial

Foto: © Maude Rion, Montreux Riviera - Pure Inspiration

I love Bern Did you say Spring?

🌸 Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend 🌸

🌸 Euch allen ein wunderschönes Osterwochenende 🌸

🌸 À vous tous un merveilleux week-end de Pâques 🌸

🌸 A tutti voi un meraviglioso weekend di Pasqua 🌸

Foto: ©Helga Baechler - märchenhafte reisen

The mysterious opening in the Tectonic arena Sardona allows the most experienced hikers enjoy one of the wildest landscapes in Switzerland. But even from the ground you can experience a unique natural spectacle. Twice a year the sun shines through the "Martinsloch" and lets the rays touch the church of Elm, only for a few minutes.

Don't miss it:
Church of Elm, GL on 13 and 14 March 2019 at 8.40 am.

UNESCO-Welterbe Tektonikarena Sardona

Despite their protective function against attacks and war, the Walls and three Castles of Bellinzona are today a symbol of peace. During carnival, one of the towers of Castelgrande will take part in the celebrations, wearing its famous Red Mask. Do you know the name of the smiling tower? 🎭

I Castelli di Bellinzona Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino Turismo Ticino Turismo

@Matthias Nutt Photography

St. Gall’s magnificent emblem is its sublime cathedral, which together with the Abbey District forms a historic ensemble that is unmatched worldwide. The famous Abbey Library sports the most beautiful secular Rococo interior in Switzerland. Dubbed the “Pharmacy of the Soul”, it is home to 170,000 precious books as well as 2,000 priceless medieval manuscripts.
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Remodeled and expanded by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta, the Fossil Museum in Meride exhibits a selection of fossilized animals and plants from the unique UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte San Giorgio.

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The Benedictine Convent of St John in Müstair is Cultural Heritage since 1983.The determining factor for the convent’s inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List was the presence of the wall paintings in the convent church - the largest and best preserved cycle of medieval frescoes.

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Photo © Aline Henchoz

Le Locle and La Chaux-de-Fonds: two towns built by and for the watchmaking industry.The Watchmaking town planning of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle was recognized by Unesco in June 2009 for its exceptional universal value.

These two towns, which draw their wealth from the harmony linking town planning and the watchmaking industry, possess multiple hidden treasures to be discovered...

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The view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Old city of Berne can be enjoyed particularly well from the Rose Garden. A breathtaking panoramic view of the medieval alleys and houses around the Bern cathedral, illuminated by Christmas lights. During the Advent season, the scent of gingerbread, roasted almonds and mulled wine is in the air and invites to visit the different Christmas Markets in the old town. ��� who are you taking with you?

Foto © Bern Welcome

👏🍂😍 gorgeous photo of Ying Xing Delia Lu Photography via Instagram

Look at these colours... Do you see the Martin’s Hole and Tschingelhörner ?
On two days in spring (13-14 March) and autumn (1-2 October), the sun’s rays hit the church of Elm through the Martinsloch... an amazing spectacle!

Avalanche risk management - intangible heritage - Culture Sector - UNESCO

We are pleased that the avalanche risk management has been declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity! 👏🙂 Website of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Stiftsbezirk St. Gallen © Mattias Nutt Photography

Did you know that the first environmental pollution can be traced back to the age of the pile-dwellers – more than 5,000 years ago? The Laténium Museum in Hauterive takes you on a journey through time back to the Neolithic age...

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Photo Von @Mylittlefrenchtips (via Instagram)

Look at these colours! the beautiful autumn on the Fuorn Pass - part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Val Müstair.

great picture captured by @dupontlina

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The stunning beauty of Monte San Giorgio’s countryside is reason enough to be listed as UNESCO World Heritage property. Its uniqueness, however, stems from its hidden treasure – fossils dating back 240 million years...

Foto di: © Jacques Perler e @carlo6566 (via Instagram)

What a stunning picture 😍 by @wir_res via Instagram. The light trail of a glacier express train over the Landwasser viaduct, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Medieval times come to life in the three castles of Bellinzona. The three fortresses, linked by walls, occupy a defensive position that has been strategically important since the Roman era. Rebuilt several times over the centuries and recently been restored to their full glory.
🍀Quiz:👉 What are the names of the three castles? Comment the names of the three castles and you will win a Bellinzona Pass!*
*can be used until november 4, 2018

🤗🍀SWEEPSTAKE 🤗🍀 Do you know Switzerland?
Discover all our heritage: we are giving away 2x UNESCO World Heritage Tickets.
Tell us: How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there in Switzerland?
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Comment the correct number below the image. With a little luck you might win two tickets for the Panorama High Trail Pizol - an unique experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona!
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The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces are part of Switzerland’s largest wine-growing region and are a shining example of how people harness their natural environment. Learn exciting facts about winemaking during a guided tour through the terraced vineyards of the Lavaux region and enjoy this amazing view over the Lake Geneva!
Lavaux, Vignoble en Terrasses

During a visit to the St. Johann Monastery Museum in Müstair, you will experience over 1200 years of history and get to know the life of the Benedictine nuns! By the way, next Wednesday, 10 October there will also be a herbal workshop - you will learn interesting facts about the herbs and their use and can produce your own herbal salt. 😃
Kloster St. Johann Müstair

The best way to experience the UNESCO World Heritage site Bern’s Old Town is in the company of a tour guide. Discover the the popular attractions and the little, hidden corners of the city.. Tag a friend who would love to stroll through this alley?

Photo credits: @sminata (via Instagram)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Did you know?
In 1900, more than half of the world’s watches were made in La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle.
Enjoy a leisurely ride on the tourist train and discover the two watchmaking towns:

Photo credits: @2300cdf (via Instagram)

Verstärkung gesucht!

Hast du Lust, mit uns zusammen die nationale und internationale Bekanntheit der UNESCO Welterbestätten in der Schweiz zu steigern? Möchtest auch Du einen nachhaltigen Qualitätstourismus fördern, welcher auf den Werten der UNESCO aufbaut?

Zur Verstärkung unseres kleinen Teams suchen wir vom 01.01.2019 bis 31.12.2019 eine/-n Praktikant/in 🤗

Dich erwartet ein motiviertes Team, ein toller Arbeitsort im Herzen von Bern und den Einblick in einen vielseitigen Betrieb.

Schick uns deine Bewerbung bis am 5. Oktober.
Mehr Infos findest du unter:

Photo credits: I love Bern

Wollen Sie Ihr Schule/Universität zum Top-Schule/Universität in Bern machen?

Klicken Sie hier, um Ihren Gesponserten Eintrag zu erhalten.



Spitalgasse 4
Andere Schulen/Universitäten in Bern (alles anzeigen)
Tremolo-Bern Tremolo-Bern
Morgartenstrasse 2B
Bern, 3014

Die Musikszene Bern hat einen neuen Treffpunkt: Bei Tremolo könnt ihr euch in Einzellektionen in Schlagzeug, Gitarre und Gesang weiterbilden. Im Zentrum steht das gemeinsame Musizieren in Form von verschiedenen Workshops.

PSB Pädagogisches Spiel- und Bewegungsmaterial PSB Pädagogisches Spiel- und Bewegungsmaterial
Könizstrasse 194
Bern, 3097

Pädagogisches Spiel-, Förder- und Bewegungsmaterial nach: E. Hengstenberg, E.Pikler Fröbel, Montessori, Nikitin, sowie Eigenmarke "psbSchuetz©"

ResearchIntern ResearchIntern
Waldmannstrasse 15
Bern, 3027

Enabling Research Collaborations.

Unterricht Trompete und Gitarre Unterricht Trompete und Gitarre
Centralweg 27
Bern, 3013

Aareguiding Aareguiding
Bern, 3000

What we are doing here is called fishing- not catching.

Feusi Gymnasium Feusi Gymnasium
Max-Daetwyler-Platz 1
Bern, 3014

Feusi Klassen

Nast Leadership Nast Leadership
Altenbergstrasse 8
Bern, 3013

Wir sind Ihr Partner, wenn es um Führung, Konflikte und Teamentwicklungen geht.

Das fahrende Tonstudio Das fahrende Tonstudio
Seidenweg 48
Bern, 3012

«Das erste Tonstudio, das zu Ihnen fährt» Kreative Teamevents & Schulprojekte

Schanzeneckstr. 1
Bern, 3001

Werde Mitglied:

Musikschule Kellenberger Musikschule Kellenberger
Steigerhubelstrasse 3
Bern, 3008

Den Umgang mit einem Instrument oder der eigenen Stimme erlernen, Freude am Musizieren gewinnen und Fortschritte machen ist eine einzigartige Erfahrung!

Portillo Academy of Music and Sound Technology Bern - Switzerland Portillo Academy of Music and Sound Technology Bern - Switzerland
Waisenhausplatz 30
Bern, 3011

Geniessen Sie eine Ausbildung im Bereich der populären Musik. Die Portillo Academy™ bietet fächerübergreifenden Unterricht im Herzen von Bern.

Yoga mit Beatrice Yoga mit Beatrice
Bollwerk 35
Bern, 3000

Hatha Yoga Stunden, immer montags 17:30 bis 18:45 in Bern, Bollwerk 35, 5. Stock