St Ursula's Berne

Anglican - Episcopalian - but for all! Making Christ known to the English-speaking community in and around Berne.

We come from different national and religious backgrounds, but gather to worship, to serve God and to learn at St Ursula's, which is one of the nine permanent Swiss chaplaincies of the Church of England's Diocese in Europe. Sunday Eucharist 10.00 For details of other services see our magazine.

Mission: Knowing Christ and making Christ known in the Berne region! Come and join us.

[06/06/19]   Only one week to wait until our summer fete.

Church Family picnic and walk. Ascension day, Thun

[05/19/19]   and on the 9th June we will have an international bring and share lunch after the service. All welcome

[05/19/19]   On Ascension day this year, we will be having a service in Thun, and then a family picnic and optional walk in the afternoon. All are welcome. See our website for more information.🥂

Fellowship at St Ursula's Pub Quiz.
Many thanks to Sue Higson for managing the questions and to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly 🙏✔️

Getting ready for the pub quiz

[05/02/19]   We all wish our Chaplain a happy birthday today.

10 and a baby had a lovely walk yesterday with barely a drop of rain. Great fellowship and fun.

We don't mind a bit of rain. Therefore our first walk of the year will take place, despite the forecast of showers, tomorrow the 27th April . Meeting point is bus stop x behind Thun Station to catch the 1pm number 3 bus to Amsoldingen. Destination shown on bus is Blumenstein. Please wear a rain jacket and waterproof shoes or good trainers. Bring a drink etc.. Distance will be around 9km with a couple of inclines on the way.

A joyful Easter to all from St Ursula's, Berne

Free from our lower hall. New covers available at ikea from 69frs. Ecktorp sofa.

[04/15/19]   Our thoughts are with the people of France as Notre Dame burns. This is so tragic.

Tickets now on sale.

[04/09/19]   Palm Sunday coming up, which means our service starts in the woods. Come along, it is always a lovely service

If anyone is driving over from the UK, or has visitors who are, we need to restock our food. Please contact church office if you can help. Anytime this year is fine.

[03/31/19]   And welcome to our new council. 👍

[03/31/19]   Today was our AGM. A huge thanks to our 2 wardens Maxine and John, who guided us through the interregnum and stood down today to make way for our new wardens. Congratulations to Martin Browne and Vinitha Jacob on their elections as wardens. 🎉

What do you call a gathering of clergy? A licensing perhaps. :)

[03/30/19]   Today is the licensing ceremony of our new Chaplain. All are welcome. 2pm.

Mosque shooter no ideological Einstein

St Ursula's shares the sorrow and horror felt by all the people of New Zealand at last week's murders during worship in Christchurch. Helen's husband, David Marshall, is a specialist in Christian-Musiim relations, and so is our friend Douglas Pratt, who has written an article ( for a New Zealand news site. The ignorance of the terrorist responsible for the Chch shootings is palpable. But this is the stuff of Islamophobia.

A very warm welcome to our new Chaplain, Revd Helen Marshall, and her husband David. 🙏
We celebrated Helen's first Sunday service with us at St Ursula's Church, Bern.

[03/09/19]   we had a lovely time at our afternoon tea and quiz yesterday. The quiz was just set right, not too easy, and not too difficult. The teams all had great fun, with the Seegirls pipping the Beetles to first place and the old dodgers being one point behind them in 3rd place. A big thanks to all who came, and especially to Roland for cleaning up in the kitchen at the end. We will do it again later in the year.

Clearing up recently, we found some batches of old Junior Church photos from 1996 (there's a link to them from "Tidying the Church" in Do you recognize any of these people from 23 years ago?

This morning we had our Mission Sunday service. As well as saying 'Thank you' and 'goodbye' to Revd Ian Eglin and his wife Caroline, we also welcomed Ms Ursula Käufeler from the Heilsarmsee (Salvation Army)
After the service, Ms Käufeler joined us for lunch and told us about the work of the Passantenhifle and the care for those who have nowhere else to turn in their need.⛪

Thank you to all those who helped with the bring and share lunch. 👏🙂


This morning we had our Mission Sunday service. As well as saying 'Thank you' and 'goodbye' to Revd Ian Eglin and his wife Caroline, we also welcomed Ms Ursula Käufeler from the Heilsarmsee (Salvation Army)
After the service, Ms Käufeler joined us for lunch and told us about the work of the Passantenhifle and the care for those who have nowhere else to turn in their need.⛪

Thank you to all those who helped with the bring and share lunch. 👏🙂


[03/02/19]   thanks to all who supported our food and book sale today. We raised CHF 4224.50 for Church funds. 🥂

Lunch soon, sale in full swing. Come and join us


25 years ago this month, the first group of women were ordained as priests in the Church of England. Since then, ordained women have contributed in so many ways to the life of the Church - both public and private, seen and unseen. As parish priests, chaplains, archdeacons, deans of cathedrals and, praise God, now bishops too.

Today we welcomed women from across the Church to Lambeth Palace for a special service to mark this anniversary.

From some of those first priests, to those now training for ordination, we heard unique and very different stories of the joys and challenges of discerning a call to ordained ministry - and living that out. As I said in the service: you are each known, loved and chosen by God to live out your own distinct calling. Praise God for that diversity.

But there's also the question of how long we carry on ‘celebrating’ anniversaries like this. In a sense, you want the ministry of women to become something unremarkable. Something that's just part of the normal fabric of the life of the Church. But we need to recognise that we're not there yet. As well as the high points and moments of celebration, many women still face huge challenges.

Many of those who joined us at Lambeth Palace today have been pioneers as they work out what it means to be an ordained woman in the Church of England – not just for themselves and their communities, but for the whole of the Body of Christ.

Today let's bear witness to those who paved the way in 1994, as well as upholding those whose way into ministry has been opened up since.

As women you are part of the priestly ministry that Jesus Christ shares with all His people. I thank God for your courage, strength and faithfulness as we mark this occasion together.

Diocese of Exeter

From the Diocese where Ian and Caroline are from. A promotion about the Church of England Lent pilgrim resources. Don't forget our Lent course too, starting soon.

The Lent Pilgrim app launches on Ash Wednesday. Bishop Robert of Exeter has helped to write the reflections and here he explains why he would like people to sign up for the 40 day series.

[03/02/19]   Book and Food Sale today.
Breakfast at church tomorrow.
Mission Sunday tomorrow, with pot-luck lunch and a presentation of the Passantenhilfe.
Farewell to Ian and Caroline tomorrow.
Pancakes on Tuesday.
Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday (when else?).

Sale of vintage postcards at our booksale on Saturday. Never used. Plus huge clearance of DVDs. Come and get some bargains. Note we will no longer be offering DVDs in the future.

[02/25/19]   One of the sofas in the lower hall really has seen better days. If anyone has a sofa to donate please let us know. Not too heavy though, as we have to move it out for our sales.

"After this I looked, and there in heaven a door stood open" Revelation 4

Thank you Caroline Eglin for the interactive children's talk. 🙏👪
#givethanks #StUrsulas #Worship #JuniorChurch

Wonderful to reflect on learning and discipleship.
Thank you Caroline for your message.

The 'Bern Kids God's kids' picture takes us back to 2006.

St Ursula's Church, Berne - Revd Helen Marshall

Today we are happy to be able to announce that our new Chaplain is Rev Helen Marshall. She will join us in March. More on our website St Ursula's Church, external links

Leitz projector, functions. With a colour film. Against offers

St Ursula's Church is privileged to have Revd Ian Eglin as their current Locum. We are thankful to have Ian and his wife Caroline with us leading our worship.
On 10 February 2019, Caroline Eglin provided a highly engaging 'Simon Says' together with the junior church with a simple and succinct message 'Follow Jesus'.... God is in charge. 🙂

#followme #followJesus

[02/10/19]   Reminder. To vote at our AGM on the 31st March or stand for a post you need to be on our electoral roll. This year everyone needs to renew their membership. Please contact the office for further details

[02/07/19]   Thun service this evening at 18.30. Chapelle Romonde at Frutigenstr 22, just behind the station. All welcome

An insider look at what some creche helpers get up to when it is quiet on a Sunday morning :). They felt very proud finishing that jigsaw. It only took 15 minutes, but it said 18 months to 2 years on the box.

Simple steps. #ecochurch.

Simple choices that you make every day have a huge impact. Waste minimization is an easy way to do a lot of good.

We and members of the Swedish Lutheran church enjoyed a relaxed evening with our Old Catholic friends at their parish rooms on 18 January, enjoying raclette (with a bingo session to win the leftovers!).

A Joyful and Blessed Christmas to you all!

Wishing all a blessed Christmas, and looking forward to seeing you at one of our services.

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