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We provide guided tours and transportations in and around Bern with a eco-friendly e-Rikscha

Jam jam from today in Indian restaurant in luzern.

Rikscha walla yestorday day trip to Grindalwald and Interlaken with his gest from 🇺🇸. And they so nice time that they booked me and my service today es well for Luzern and Zürich. And agen we hed very nice time and very good lunch in Luzern in indian restourant.

This year when Indian President visited Switzerland 🇨🇭 Bern city . , And rikscha walla was so happy to ebel to driven some very important people of india in bern . Thanks to indian Embassy in Bern .

Rikscha walla yestorday afternoon with gest from 🇺🇸 They hed very good time in bern city but i hed to a good time with them after one and half tour. Working on street and sell them tour withen 2 min to 3 min and to cenvence them about some thing i that they really not pland .You relly have to know befor you go to this client or tourest in steet. Rikscha walla relly enjoy doing his jub because its not just making money its allso to understand the people and how they think and what they really wand or looking for. When i am with my rikscha in Bern city and i see other people its like riding a Book for me and it just make me so happy when i am able to understand other. 👏

Agen today Rikscha walla gest from Saudi arabia with ETuk , Hed hust supper time toghter.👏

From today my gest from Singapur nixt to Einstein Museum Bern . After two hour tour with E Tuk . They have booked one month ago . They hed wonderful time with me and to see this beautiful Bern city . And they told me from now most of ther frind have to come by Been city. Rikscha walla thanks to this kaind of friendly gest 🙏. Rikscha walla thanks to all fen from rikscha walla . And wish to all of you take it iasy in Life.

All this fotos are from this year with Rikscha walla and his gest. And working with Restourant Tibits bern and with TCS Bern . And ACS bern

Rikscha walla in 2014 started his own company es Rikscha walla in bern city.
Its so nice to meet people from all over the world. I love my job .

Last week rikscha walla with his E Tuk and rikscha 👏

last week with rikscha walla gest from Czech republic after two hours tour.

Its alleyways very nice to give a good memory of bern city to the gest coming to visit bern city . And each time rhey have time and tour with rukscha walla , they say we will never forget this wonderful time with rukscha walla and this beautiful bern city. This was yesterday gest from 🇺🇸.

Today evening rikscha walla with His E Tuk with Tibits and his swiss gest. 👏

From today my indian gest and ther Toghter, after the been city tour.
They war very kaind and respect family. I wish that all the othe indian gest traver to any where in the world . I wish i dont say that they mast , Onliy to be frendly to the people ther traveling. Because in switzerland 🇨🇭 its dosent metter if you make lot of money or little most of time . I hope that i have not afend my indian pepal.
Even most of my indian gest are very kaind and frendly.🙏

Here what and how the indian gest love bern city with rikscha walla and with his E Tuk .

yesterday rikscha walla with his indian gest in beautiful bern city.

Today rikscha walla gest from 🇮🇳.

today rikscha walla clients from Australia 🇦🇺.
After tour

Yesterday my indien 🇮🇳 gest after two hours bern city tour with rikscha walla

Today rikscha walla at Hotel Believe palace bern With his gest from 🇺🇸.

Rikscha walla gest from india 🇮🇳 today.

today agen gest from USA. After tour with rikscha walla at berenplaz bern

today my gest for ladys from Walis with rikscha walla E Tuk Tuk at restourant Tibits.

my last tour for today was over at 21: hours, for abaut 1 and half hours tour of bern city.

Agen today my gest from 🇺🇸 After one hour Bern City tour . Hed Dinner toghter in indian restourant.

today afternoon gest from USA 🇺🇸 , Head 3 hours been city tour with rikscha walla. We all 3 hed good time.

From today rikscha walla gest from 🇺🇸 after city tour.

two days ago my client from agen from 🇨🇱 . After bern city tour with rikscha walla .

Two days ago gest from 🇨🇱 after old part of bern tour.
We all hed wonderful time .

Yesterday after having tour with rikscha walla .

yesterday rikscha walla hed indian grupe of 23 person to shwo Bern city walikg tour .

today my indian gest living in USA .
They not only done two hours bern city tour with me , they also invited me for lunch 🥗.

This indian famliy living in UK . They have taking to rikscha one hour city tour today. We all hed so much fun

It seems that in usa is holidays time , es most of my gest at moment are American. This is agen today after one and half hours bern city tour. Very kaind gest

Rikscha walla gol is not just to arren lots of many , afcorse i need to live , but at same time my gol is to promod much es possible bern ciy around the World 🌎 in beuteful way .

My indian gest from last week at Bärenplatz after bern city tour . Its amazing in job to meet all kaind people and from allover the World here in Beutiful bern city . After they have tour with rikscha wallla they like to become frind with me and they wish and love to come any stay more days in bern city.
After having such a nice time toghter.
I love what i du here in bern city. And i really feel home here . Every day wahn i go in the city with my rikscha and i see every shope restourant cafe office people that i know and even the when i don’t know i see happiness on ther face and that shwo me that i am home . Bern city i love you .
I thanks to all the people of bern city to saport me . 🙏

Today at Bärenpark with my English gest

Rikscha walla in old part of bern city with his teem.

today rikscha walla with his Swiss and England gest near bahnhof after one and half hours bern city tour

And now they have book me for coming Friday for all day 👏😘

my indian gest from sunday after having 3 hours bern city tour with me . One eikscha and 10 client just amazen how did rikscha walla mad all of them happy by end of tour ? This foto is after bern city tour with me. You dont need so much to mack other happy 😌. That what i blive . All you need to know is to understand them. 🙏

from last week my gest for one hour bern city tour

from 2 days ago my Japanisch gest for two hour bern city tour

From last week my indian gest in rikscha bern city

Some days ago other indian grupe with rikscha walla tour in bern

Indian famliy with rikscha walla having city tour .

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