Accelerate Kinetics Personal Training

Accelerate Kinetics Personal Training

Working with a trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals – goals as modest as touching your toes again or as ambitious as preparing to run a marathon. Whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility, develop speed or simply feel good again.

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Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Facebook Series | Episode 25 - Muscle Gain or Fat Loss

Watch and learn as Sylvain Cyr (B.Sc., BCRPA - TFL) discusses whether you should gain muscle mass or lose fat first. He also reviews how to properly decrease and increase caloric intake so it doesn't effect the bodies metabolism.

Office: 604-683-0785

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Counting down to December 23rd 💕
My little Pearl will be landing ! Looking forward to meeting my little girl 🐶

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Watch Andre Noel Potvin demonstrate how to safely pick up heavy dumbbells off the rack and/or floor, learn proper positioning for yourself and the equipment so you don't injure yourself!

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

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How Do You Know When it is Time for a Joint Replacement? - Infofit

A debilitated hip or knee joint can make life agonizing. How do you know when it is time to take the "leap" and have joint replacement surgery? A debilitated hip or knee joint can make life agonizing. How do you know when it is time to take the "leap" and have joint replacement surgery?

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Ask The Expert - Andre Noel Potvin

The inner thigh side plank is designed to help you prevent and/or manage back pain by strengthening your core muscles through an isometric hold. They focus on strengthening the transverse abdominus, gluteus medius, internal and external obliques primarily. During the inner thigh side plank, the adductors are also a focus which are muscles found in the inner thigh.

Watch the full video for all of the modifications for beginners to advanced exercise enthusiasts

How To…

1. Rest on one side of your body over elbow on a bench, feet on the ground.
2. Ensure that your body is entirely straight while maintaining a tightened core.
3. Use a dowel rod (e.g., Broomstick) to help you align your body. Use a mirror to help check your form.
4. Raise your bottom leg off the ground while keeping the top leg completely straight and in line with the rest of your body, and your top foot flat on the floor.
5. To increase intensity, do the same exercise on the ground instead of a bench.
6. To decrease intensity, do the same exercise against a wall over your hand.

Note: Make sure you alternate sides to ensure on even workout and hold each according to your muscular endurance ability, measure by a time interval (20-second hold).

André Noël Potvin, MSc, CES, CSCS, BCRPA -TFL, is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Owner of Infofit , North America’s Premier School for Fitness Professionals.

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Why Should You Choose this Powerhouse, Nutrient Dense Food? What Are Some Examples of Greens and How Do They Taste?

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Do you find it hard to stay motivated during the holiday season?

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

Vytogo is a combination of four superfoods so nourishing that together they contain the full spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed to support complete nutrition. This powerful powder formula offers pure plant whole food nutrition, conveniently designed for at home or on the go.

Vytogo is raw, vegan, certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and doesn’t contain any soy, yeast, corn, preservatives, sulphites, fillers, binders or sweeteners.

Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

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16 Awesome Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle - Infofit

Making life altering decisions can be easier than it sounds with the right set of instructions to build your new foundation. Changing to a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, but starting without an action plan in place makes it almost impossible! Check out these tips and tricks.

Sooooo my progress chart so far since June!!!
Top two pictures June 7th this year ....
top right hand July 22 down
Middle three August 23
Bottom three October 26th!
4 months and I am down around 23 pounds all ready ! No secrets ... no magic pills... all about working out and eating right. Even as a health professional weight gain can be a struggle when you have hormones, pain and eating the wrong diet. You can work it off if you are willing to put in the work ! More updates to come !!

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Infofit - Personal Training Certification and Fitness College

What is a Ketogenic Diet? What is it about Ketogenic Diets that can explain their results?

International Day of the Girl October 11th, 2017
“I raise up my voice – not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”
- Malala Yousafzai
There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They are a source of energy, power and creativity. They can drive change and help build a better future for all.

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