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Check out this new Episode of "Real Talk with Sua & Ali"
Check out this new Episode of "Real Talk with Sua & Ali"
Attention real estate investors, Are tired of trying to find properties that cash flow in the lower mainland? If you are looking to invest in newer real estate that has all the necessary goodies to attract higher quality tenants for a long time, and save money on because you are not having to pay property transfer tax in a city that has over 1 million people in it CMA then have view of this video. It just may be what you are looking for.

Licensed in BC with Team 3000 Realty Simplifying Real Estate Investing For You

Simplifying Real Estate Investing For You

Feds reveal significant new measures to help small businesses weather COVID-19 storm

For all you small businesses The federal government has increased the payroll support and introduced new measures, including loans and tax deferrals, to help small and medium-sized businesses weather the storm of COVID-19. . . .

B.C. announces $500-a-month rent supplement, freezes rent increases and evictions

For all those landlords, please share with your BC tenants to help them understand that there is aid and "not paying rent" is not really a fair option to those that are providing rental housing to you. This is a time that we all need to work together so no one is left financially stranded. Rent supplement will be paid directly to landlords, in cases where tenants are struggling to pay rent due to income lost through virus crisis

The Hawaii lifestyle investing real estate workshop you've been waiting for!

Have you checked this out?

The Hawaii lifestyle investing real estate workshop you've been waiting for!

Have you seen our latest upcoming educational event?

The Hawaii lifestyle investing real estate workshop you've been waiting for!

The Hawaii lifestyle investing real estate workshop you've been waiting for!

Bank of Canada lowers overnight rate target to 1 ¼ percent

Bank of Canada lowered its overnight rate from 1.75 to 1.25 following the US Fed earlier this week. This should lower the variable rate. The fixed rates have been dropping for the last few weeks and most likely will continue to drop. The Bank of Canada today lowered its target for the overnight rate by 50 basis points to 1 ¼ percent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 ½ percent and the deposit rate is 1 percent.

Is British Columbia’s condo industry about to fall off a cliff?

Very interesting read on the strata insurance issue facing so many strata corporations in BC and beyond. Anxiety is rising among realtors and investors in BC as insurance premiums for condo towers skyrocket

Edmonton housing sales, prices go up slightly in January: report

Edmonton real estate market is showing signs of improvement on the year over year numbers. While sales volume was down slightly, values have increased across the board. Edmonton’s housing market appears to be showing some signs of life with sales in January increasing slightly compared to last year.The Realtors Association of Edmonton released its report Feb. 3 an…

Petrochemical window open for Alberta’s Industrial Heartland

Interesting read on the potential strong growth in the petrochemical industry in the Alberta heartlands. Read the full story and comment on

Victory for Trans Mountain pipeline as appeal court rejects challenges

It has been a long time coming and this is hopefully ends this legal battle. Let's get on with responsible business that helps the entire country. “Contrary to what the applicants assert, this was anything but a rubber-stamping exercise,” Justice Marc Noël wrote in his ruling.

Focus on housing supply, not the mortgage stress test, says Scotiabank CEO

When even some of the biggest players in the real estate industry such as the lenders, along with agents, think tanks and experts suggest the issue is the housing supply not the stress test you would hope that those in Government might consider listening and start addressing the real issue. ‘Everybody wants to talk about the demand side without looking at the supply side’

Massive Edmonton apartment deals boost city's multi-family market

The Edmonton economic signs continue to show signs of improvement, dropping vacancy rates, ongoing revitalization of the downtown, REITs and larger players acquiring more properties are all good indicators for those savvy investors to take action. 'Every residential REIT in Canada has eyes on Edmonton right now if they are not already here'

Edmonton rental vacancy rates forecasted to go down, prices expected to rise

More good news for Edmonton real estate market investors and landlords. CMHC is forecasting the Edmonton vacancy rate to decrease to 3.4% down from 4.9% in 2019.
This is also expected to push prices up as well. Finding rentals in Edmonton at an affordable rate is forecasted to be more difficult this year, according to new data from rental property website talked to 25 housing professionals …

This Vancouver company is building homes for people living in slums | News

This is a positive and wonderful idea and if it can somehow also be adapted for those housing needs that are not purely in slums as mentioned that would great. World Housing has one mission: end global homelessness. It's the non-profit's belief is that everyone deserves the safety of a home.

The city of Coquitlam is working with planners and developers to deliver a community and economy that is working residents, businesses and investors.

‘Government needs to get involved’: B.C. strata’s plea after insurance bill with 780% hike

This is a very serious issue that strata and condo associations are facing and the government needs to address. "I would like to hope that people feel the same way as me that they're concerned, they're shocked, and they'd like something done about it."

With the start of a new decade here's wishing all our clients, suppliers, and colleagues a wonderful New Year filled with great health, success, joy, and prosperity.

On Behalf of the Strategic Investors Realtors® team, to all our clients, suppliers, fellow agents, Thank you for supporting us and I hope that this special season is filled with peace, joy, love, and great memories for you and your families.

Another of these amazing BLUE CHIP PO💲ITIVE CA💲H FLOWING INVESTMENT CONDOS in the Solara in Edmonton, AB JUST SOLD and added to one of my savvy investor's real estate portfolio!! 🎉

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS 👏🍾 to Byron, one of my long-time investor clients who invested and closed on a 2 Bedroom / 2 bathroom + media room condo.

By taking advantage of the tremendous value proposition and Edmonton’s trajectory for a long term buy and hold for ca💲h flow real estate, she has secured a quality addition towards his family’s financial future.

Bryon, I am delighted and honoured to have helped you achieve your goals with this addition to your investment portfolio!

A BIG THANK YOU 🙏for the privilege to assist you in growing your cash flow real estate portfolio.

FYI, there are ONLY 4 of these great California split 2 bedroom/2 bathroom + media room condos with tenants in place available starting at a DEEP DISCOUNT of ONLY $206,000. PM or call me if you would like to find out more details.

Check out the brief video on the opportunity.

Modest increases projected for Edmonton housing market in 2020

More promising news for Edmonton and savvy real estate investors that take advantage of the current market conditions. Edmonton’s housing market will see a “modest” boost in 2020 but growth still remains below the predicted national average, a Royal LePage market survey projects.The aggregate pric…

B.C. condo owners brace for sticker shock as insurance rates surge ’50 to 300%’

Heads up condo owners in BC. "Anyone now purchasing into a condo and into any strata corporation in B.C., one of the documents you want to request is a copy of the insurance policy."

Alberta Blue Skies

Some more good news for Alberta.

Some great news!

1,000 New Jobs for Albertans as CNRL Announces $250M in Additional Spending & 60 Drilling Locations

Trans Mountain expansion moves forward

Action on the critical infrastructure for Albertan landlocked oil producers who want to expand to Asia’s energy-hungry markets. Safer method than rail & allows Canada to be more competitive pricing vs. selling 90% just to the US at deep discounted prices. Following years of delay, construction of the Trans Mountain expansion is moving forward with expectations pipes will be in the ground by Christmas and work in British Columbia will start in the sp…

Edmonton tech sector leaps into Canada's top 10, a 26 per cent jump in jobs over five years: CBRE

Edmonton is much more than government, oil and gas. Now it's one of the top 10 cities in Canada for the tech sector. Again with one of the cities with the youngest population, this bodes well for a diversified economy and future growth over the long term. Edmonton’s burgeoning tech industry has seen a 26 per cent increase in jobs since 2014, shows a new report ranking Canadian cities based on tech talent.It’s a momentum that champions of…

BC Is Canada's Eviction Capital, Here's How Your Province Stacks Up | Better Dwelling

Surprising stats about evictions in Canada. BC is 2nd only to Ontario for forced moves. Canada is a country of movers, but apparently not everyone wants to move. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows hundreds of thousands of households were forced to move in 2018. Canadian households forced to move were largely due to evictions and foreclosures. Forced To Move, a.k.a. Evictions and F...

Positive sign on the Alberta economic horizon. Alberta forecast to return to pre-recession levels in 2020,” Both the Conference Board of Canada and ATB Financial are seeing a similar trend, forecasting 2 per cent economic growth next year.

Canada’s Major Cities Saw Condo Prices Rise Over 3x Faster Than Houses | Better Dwelling

Interesting stat. Condo pricing increase at a greater rate than SFD. Affordability??? Canadian real estate prices have been on a tear, but most of the gains are in condo apartments. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) release its Residential Property Price Index (RPPI). The result for Q3 2019, show Canada’s largest cities have seen a large movement in home prices recently. The large movem...

Interesting article on a new Homegrown Canadian construction start up that shows promising signs to revolutionize the construction industry with new" greener" construction materials aimed at multi-family, industrial, and commercial construction.

BC steps up action against real estate's 'hidden owners'

As promised BC's government is taking further steps against money laundering and tax evasion by requiring all private BC businesses to keep transparency records of beneficial owners. The new requirement will come into effect on May 1, 2020. The province will require business owners to keep transparency records of beneficial owners

RESCON: Rental housing is Canada’s sleeper issue

Excellent article on the need for more rental housing across the country and the need to rethink how it is being "managed" by the various levels of government. With housing markets across the country returning to form, this trend is overshadowing my sleeper issue that wasn’t properly addressed by any political party during the federal election &ndas… :) Apartments, Condos and Houses for Rent Across Canada

Very interesting rental stats for various cities across Canada.
Source is is designed to help you during your rental journey. easy-to-use map-based search combined with high performing filters and listing alerts makes finding a new rental home in Canada easier and faster.

Housing market to continue recovery into 2021: CMHC outlook

Here is a balanced forecast for the Edmonton market according to CMHC. It's not all great news but not bad either. Alberta’s housing market is poised to continue its slow recovery from the recession spurred by low oil prices in late 2014, according to a new report from Canada’s national housing agen…

Who Bears the Burden of Property Taxes in Canada’s Largest Metropolitan Areas?

Very interesting read on who bears the brunt of property taxes between residential vs. commercial in some of the major urban centers across Canada. Property taxes are the primary source of revenue for local governments in Canada. The revenues raised are used to pay for a variety of public services including police, schools, fire protection, roads, and sewers. Owners of different classes of property, including residential, commercial and industr...

5 things apartment building owners need to know … but probably don’t - Goodman Commercial Inc.

Great info for investors considering multi-family property acquisitions or development. If you own an apartment building, this could be the time when you sell for rental redevelopment.

Edmonton among most affordable real estate markets in Canada, report finds

Yet another reason that Edmonton is attracting people. Edmonton’s benchmark home price puts the city among the most affordable real estate markets in Canada, a new study shows.Realty firm Zoocasa conducted an analysis of median incomes across 15 …

Province plans to fire Alberta real estate council to deal with dysfunction | CBC News

In working with several of my Albertan peers, there was tremendous frustration with how the regulatory body RECA was operating. The Minister of Service announces a strong change and plans to appoint official administrator to manage RECA’s affairs. Bravo! The province will fire all eight remaining members of the Real Estate Council of Alberta and appoint an official administrator, actions recommended by a consultant asked to investigate “significant conflict” on the council.

Population growth continues to drive Canadian condo market activity

As real estate investors and rental housing providers we benefit from population growth and foreign immigration. Strong fundamentals continue to attract people towards Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

Better supply should take priority over stronger purchasing power

In medicine, to cure a disease, target the root rather than the symptoms. The same idea applies in solving the real estate affordability issue. So many real estate experts (now IMF) have been saying fix the supply issues to help housing affordability. This is the only effective long-term solution to the housing affordability crisis, says the IMF

St. Albert strip mall sold for $3.6M with an upside One-acre property with adjacent gas station land lease has potential for increase in lease rates

Migration to Alberta hits highest level since petro-slump

More promising news for Alberta. Alberta is experiencing a larger number of people moving to Alberta. A large portion of those moving to Alberta are international immigrants, which bodes well for those "rental housing providers" who have quality
rentals. The number of people coming to Alberta has reached the highest level since plummeting oil prices clobbered the province’s economy half a decade ago.For the first time since 2015, according to…


If you have ever wanted to invest in real estate but weren't sure where to begin, this Free introductory event will help you learn how to get started on the right footing. For this introductory evening event, we are excited to share with you a base and practical knowledge of what is involved when investing in real estate that you can implement to reduce your risk and increase your success. We will help you understand what to look for and how to navigate what can be mu...

Wow! I'm feeling pretty pumped. I received two pieces of great news.

The first is that #REIN just picked Edmonton as the #1 city in Alberta in which to invest. I guess their research agrees with mine. I have been saying invest in Edmonton for a while. The opportunity is there for long term PO💲ITIVE CA💲H flow and appreciation. One must be selective and do their due diligence to find the right fit.

The second is One (Solara) "door" closes and another Solara "door" Opens. Another Savvy Investor chose to invest in the Solara property. Another PO💲ITIVE CA💲H FLOWING Solara 2 bedroom/2bathroom + media room with underground parking is NOW under contract.

Very few of these incredibly well built and desirable condos left.

PM me if you would like more info.

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