Dance Divine, Conscious Freestyle Dance, Vancouver

Dance Divine, Conscious Freestyle Dance, Vancouver

Conscious Free-Style Dance Event

Dance Divine is free-style dance event that helps people reconnect with their feelings, intuition, community and Source.

It does this by drawing on the therapeutic powers of conscious movement, music and connection and by providing a safe container in which we graduate from structure and facilitation to practice listening and responding to the Authentic Self - our own wise authority.

Jelena Marda

"Dance Divine", the Dance Divine Logo and all related Dance Divine Trademarks and Licensed Works and Services are based on the works of, and are owned by, Jelena Marda of Dance Divine.

Please note (below) the time and location change for this coming Sunday!

[09/03/17]   Sweet and sexy summer time set coming up

Monday September 4th, the Dance Centre is closed but one of our dancers - George - is celebrating a 60th b-day by renting the Cambrian Hall and having me play music for some after-dinner dancing and cake-eating. You are welcome to join from 7PM onward. Thanks George!

Tonight is the official launch party for Umaluma - a stellar new dairy-free gelato shop in Chinatown - started by our very own Ian Wenig. I will be DJ-ing from 6 to 10PM and keeping the vibe bouncy :-)
You MUST try these exotic, gourmet!

When I Was the stream

When I was the stream, when I was the forest,
when I was still the field, when I was every hoof, foot, fin, and wing, when I was the sky itself;

No one ever asked me did I have a purpose,
no one ever wondered was there anything I might need . . .

for there was nothing I could not love.

It was when I left all we once were that the agony began,
that the fear and questions came and I wept. I wept.

And tears I had never known before.

So I returned to the river. I returned to the mountains.
I asked for their hand in marriage again. I begged--I begged

to wed every object and creature. And when they accepted,
God was ever present in my arms.

Meister Eckhart (1260-1328)

As someone who has been primarily home-bound this summer, my wish for you is that you have been enjoying nature, and on a deeper level, having moments of sweet connection with your primal and instinctual nature, your sensual selves, your inner child. I hope you all have a memory of being friends with the earth and its creatures, of being wild and free, muddy and grass-stained, sweaty and wild-eyed, running on pure, fierce joy.

Trust that part of you to tell you about 'wellness'. About spirit. About truth.

Much love, And a little poetry.

#consciousdancevancouver #sundaymorningdancevancouver

[08/20/17]   Sweet, spacious and intentional set coming up for the morning. Hope to see you

Whether or not you are onto/into planetary influences and such, I invite you to bring something personal for the altar this Sunday. Something that represents your intentions, values, the quality of your consciousness and your ability to direct that.

On Monday night, the day of the Solar eclipse, I will hold extra time after the dance for us as well.

In the meantime, maybe we can send some love to the world (Barcelona, Finland, Charlottesville and so many more) and channel feelings of justice or anger into conscious, embodied movement and grounded, heart-centred action.

Keep holding the Light folks! It looks so damn good on you... ;-)

#consciousdancevancouver #ecstaticdancevancouver

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