Beyond Pilates/ Noam Gagnon

Beyond Pilates/ Noam Gagnon

Fitness for All!!

Beyond Pilates was established in 2007, and has become one of the centres for learning the Pilates Method in western Canada. Beyond Pilates is dedicated to the original philosophy of Joseph Pilates, which advocates physical fitness as the first requisite of happiness. By upholding the fundamental principles of the Pilates Method, BP gives clients the means to enhance and empower their lives through the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.

How “THE WORK” Affected Gloria’s Pilates Business & Practice

Hello everyone,

A good friend Gloria Gasperi wrote this great article... read if you can...

Noam Gloria Gasperi was in the 2012 Class of THE WORK, and has been a fixture in the Vintage Pilates community ever since. She has organized workshops and conventions in Italy (where she is based), and …

What is the Franklin Method? #franklinmethod #dynamicimagery #powerfultool @noamgagnon

beautifully said..

Franklin Method

Looking forward to this amazing experiential educational workshop offered by the Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer and seeing good old friends again.

Our newest logo for DNI: Dynamic Neuro-Cognitive Imagery, which is what we practice at the Franklin Method. Learn more about DNI here:

Thank you Vintage Pilates for posting this blog article.

Franklin Method

Join us in New York City, for the 2nd Annual LIVE CE event that will take your education to a new level.

Day 1: Skeletal Joints

Day 2: Muscular System and Fascia

Day 3: Visceral Fascia & Organs

Example Topics:

“Mobility and ease for the muscles and fascias of the neck”
- New DNI, touch and movement exercises
- Infra and suprahyoid muscles, scalenes, levator scapulae
muscles of the tongue and more

“How to liberate upper mediastinum (the busiest place in the body)! “
- Behind the upper sternum we find the roof of the heart, the aorta, the trachea, the oesophagus and more
- This area becomes easily congested by a lack of movement and bad posture
- Discover how to free up this area with DNI and movement
- Liberate your upper back and breathing in the process

“Adductors, the where what and how! “
- Learn how to touch, move and train the different adductors
- Discover their fascial relationships, learn new stretches
- Free up your hips in the process

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