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Rupert Health Centre Inc

Rupert Health Centre Inc

Multidisciplinary Clinic with Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapist and Kinesiologist.

Where to turn for low back pain relief - Harvard Health

Know more about low back pain relief Low back pain that doesn’t subside may need a doctor’s care. A good place to start is with a primary care doctor or a chiropractor, who can assess pain, and in most cases, can treat it. Low back pain sometimes needs the care of a speciali...

Topical pain relievers may be less risky for the heart than pills - Harvard Health

Check the information about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) commonly used to treat arthritis may be less risky for the heart when used in a topical gel formula instead of in pill form.

Sugar, salt or sweeteners may be key to getting children to eating greens

Looking for strategy to get children to eating greens? Adding very small amounts of sugar or salt to food may increase vegetable intake by reducing bitterness, and could be an important first step in getting children to eat leafy greens, researchers have found.

What’s that constant headache pain in the temples? - Harvard Health

Check out for the information about constant headache Throbbing pain in the temples, especially on just one side of your head, is typically a symptom of migraine pain. But when throbbing turns into a constant headache, and it's accompanied by pain when you touch your temples, it may be a sign of tempora...

Is your pillow hurting your health? - Harvard Health

Check out for information about how pillows affect health Pillows are useful tools for comfort and positioning. The right sleeping position can help stave off symptoms of heartburn and some conditions that cause dizziness. But pillows can cause harm if they provide too much or too little support, leading to...

Don’t allow arthritis to keep you from exercising - Harvard Health

Exercising with arthritis National health surveys suggest that about 60% of people with arthritis are getting advice from health care professionals about how to stay active. However, about 40% of arthritis sufferers aren’t getting counseling.

Unilever explores PET plastic recycling tech for food packaging

Check out for the new technology for PET disposing Unilever is looking into a technology that converts PET plastic waste back into virgin grade material for use in food packaging.

Why am I losing weight? - Harvard Health

Check out for reasons to loss weight Unexplained weight loss should be investigated. It may be caused by an overactive thyroid, cancer, or a chronic infection.

‘Small’ link found between eating red meat and distal colon cancer in women A diet free of red meat appears to reduce the risk of distal colon cancer, according to a British study, which noted the link amongst women monitored over the course of 17 years.

Cardio dance routine - Harvard Health

Cardio dance routine All you need are light clothing, a good pair of shoes and a few minutes of your day and Harvard exercise expert Michele Stanten will have you on your way to meeting your fitness goals.

Misconceptions about ibuprofen have led 15% of adults to take unsafe amounts, researcher says

concerning about ibuprofen A U.S. study that found many adults who use ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs take too much prompts concerns over the fact NSAIDs can be purchased over the counter.

Confused about eating soy? - Harvard Health

Eating soy for health? Eating soy may not help your heart, but it won’t hurt your heart. It’s high in polyunsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and it’s low in saturated fat.

'Why would you come?' Nova Scotia family doctors the worst paid in the country

when younger GPs less care about earnings As Nova Scotia struggles to recruit and retain family doctors, it continues to pay those already here less than their counterparts elsewhere in Canada. Is it time to change the compensation model?

The real story behind the sudden drop in Canada's drug prices

would it make the Pharma-care to be plausible? Also in this edition: Is Ontario offering a college diploma in "pseudoscience?" And a closer look at a public relations campaign calling on governments to fund a new flu vaccine for seniors.

Doctors are finally helping stop superbugs

Know about superbugs A new kind of thinking is helping curb the over-prescribing of antibiotics. @NightshiftMD explains why doctors are finally starting to get the message.

Learn how to reduce salt with these 5 tips - Harvard Health

Know more about the reduction of salt intake If you're like most people, chances are you eat far more than the recommended amount of sodium, one of the main components of salt. Current federal guidelines advise getting no more than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium daily, but the average American...

CDC's Youth Risk Surveys

The tumultuous period in the lifespan... Learn more about how CDC's Youth Risk Surveys provide data to improve adolescent and school health.

Game Day Food Safety Tips

How are meals going ? Tackling a buffet? Practice these game rules and keep the runs on the field.

Reality check: Is pizza a healthier breakfast choice than cereal?

Consider pizza a healthier breakfast ever? Be honest, which one is more appealing: hot pizza or cold cereal?

There's nothing 'simple' about a blood test for cancer

early detection greatly increase the chances for successful treatment for cancers Also, should parents introduce their teens to alcohol?

Generic drug industry agrees to cut prices up to 40% in 5-year deal with provinces | CBC News

Is it makes health expenses sustainable? Canada's generic drug industry agrees to cut prices 25 per cent to 40 per cent for provincial/public drug plans, in exchange for suspending open tenders.

Safe Sleep for Babies

Are you guarding a little one? There are about 3,500 sleep-related deaths among US babies each year. Learn what you can do to help in this issue of Vital Signs.

Prevent Norovirus

Stay healthy and protect yourself and others from Norovirus following a few quick tips. Protect yourself and others from norovirus! Wash your hands often.

[01/19/18]   We will be closed on Sat, Jan. 20, 2018. Please book your appointment at Happy Holidays!

Here's The Best Way To Wash Fruit And Vegetables To Remove Pesticides (Blog)

Find out the best way to wash vegetable and fruit If you want your fresh goodies to be chemical free, it's going to take a little more work than just running them under water.

Answer these 5 questions to help make your New Year’s resolutions stick - Harvard Health Blog

What are your new years resolutions? For New Year's resolutions to become reality, remember change is a process. Keep your goals realistic and have a specific plan for how you will reach them.

[12/22/17]   We will be closed on December 23, 2017. Please book your appointment at Happy Holidays!

What is Pain? 4 different types of pain you should know about - Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne

Did you know there are 4 types of pain? Read here to distinguish them: What is Pain? 4 different types of pain you should know about Author: CCA Staff Team Date: Dec 20, 2017 Chronic Pain, Collaborative Care: Empowering Patients, Common Conditions, Education, health risks, Injuries, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, sports injuries, Top Contributors to Back Pain Share Page: Fa...

The Newest Reason To Avoid Tanning Beds Could Be Viral In Nature

Did you know about the cons about using a tanning bed? Papillomavirus is normally harmless, but research has shown the infection can lead to skin cancer.

What is Pain? Here are 3 things you need to know - Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne

What is pain? Read here to find out: What is Pain? Here are 3 things you need to know Author: CCA Staff Team Date: Dec 13, 2017 Back Care Tips, Blog, Chronic Pain, Common Conditions, Low Back Pain, MSK Strategy, Neck Pain, sports injuries Share Page: Facebook Twitter Everybody experiences pain, but what exactly is pain and how do we me...

Don’t delay treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome - Harvard Health

Avoiding treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome could mean permanent damage: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition caused when the median nerve, which runs down your arm into your hand, is compressed by a ligament that crosses over it. Symptoms include numbness and pain in your hand. Women tend to be more prone to carp...

A Cold Or Flu Isn't Permission To Stop Healthy Movement

Should you rest or continue your workout if you have the flu? Sure, put your workout on hold. But daily motion should be non-negotiable.

What to do for stubborn low back pain - Harvard Health Blog

Are you always experiencing low back pain? Read here to know more: How does a doctor treat her own low back pain? By following the same advice she gives her patients, including starting with non medication approaches.

5 Ways to “Fit-in 15”: Setting Fitness Goals - Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne

It only takes 15 minutes to start living a healthy life! 5 Ways to “Fit-in 15”: Setting Fitness Goals Author: CCA Staff Team Date: Nov 22, 2017 Healthcare, Healthy Aging, Heart Health, MSK health tips, Sports Share Page: Facebook Twitter Do you? Want a more energized lifestyle? Need help finding time to be active? Want to get started with little or no...

My Adorable Pup Showed Me The Joys And Benefits Of Daily Movement

Did you know having a dog can lower your risks of heart disease? Find out more here: Laughter is medicine, movement is critical, and stress relief is a must for a long life. You can do all of things by yourself, but it's more fun with a dog.

3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Repetitive Strain - Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne

How does chiropractic treatment help with repetitive strains? 3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Manage Repetitive Strain Author: CCA Staff Team Date: Nov 29, 2017 Chiropractic Expertise, Chiropractic Treatment & Workplace Productivity, Chronic Pain, Common Conditions, MSK Strategy Share Page: Facebook Twitter In most cases, when we do strenuous activities and?...

5 Ways To Boost Your Digestive Health With Food

is a healthy digestion? Most Canadians are only getting half of the fibre they need in a day.

Self-care: 4 ways to nourish body and soul - Harvard Health Blog

Self-care is more important than you realize. Read more here: Here are four ways you can incorporate taking better self-care into your everyday routine. It's good for you and good for the people you care about.

There are major health benefits to adding traditional cardio to your workouts

Why are cardio workouts good for you? Newbies should focus on resistance training and developing a solid foundation of aerobic fitness before adding in anaerobic exercise

Fall Prevention Quiz: Learn Your Risk - Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) – Association chiropratique canadienne

What are your chances of falling? Fall Prevention Quiz: Learn Your Risk Author: Mike Sheeler Date: Nov 15, 2017 Blog, Collaborative Care: Empowering Patients, health risks, Healthy Aging, Injuries Share Page: Facebook Twitter As we age the impact of a bad fall can become more serious. Recovery times become longer and some injuries,…

What’s new with the flu shot? - Harvard Health Blog

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Data from 4 recent flu seasons found the vaccine's effectiveness declined over time, so getting the flu shot later in the season may be a strategy for some.

Tips on Preventing Falls – Rupert Health Centre Inc Blog

Read here for some tips about fall prevention! As leaves are falling and rainy weathers are coming to Vancouver, these factors can become a hazard and lead to slipping and falling. Here are tips on how to prevent or reduce your chances of falling this autumn and winter!

Why You Should Be Cooking With Cabbage

Do you know about the health benefits of eating cabbage? Versatile, affordable and super healthy, it's a great time for active older adults to add cabbage to their plates.

The cost of chronic pain - Harvard Health Blog

Has this thought occurred to you regarding chronic pain? People with chronic pain or conditions must shoulder the costs of many treatment-related expenses that are considered complementary or alternative.

I love my kids but they’ve ruined my neck - Harvard Health Blog

Follow these tips to reduce neck pain: Anyone who spends time looking down (at their kids, phone, tablet, or laptop) will likely endure some neck pain. A physical therapist offers some advice.

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