Tantra Fitness

Tantra Fitness

Tantra Fitness is Vancouver’s Best Pole Dance Studio. Also offering the most fun Dance Fitness classes and an Aerial Arts program all under one roof. *We respond to messages within 24 hrs from 10am-10pm.

Tantra Fitness was founded in 2004 by Tammy Morris. Tammy was a professional pole dancer for 10 years, and when she reached her “best before date” she decided to take a year off to see what she wanted to do with her life.

Going from dancing 6 days a week to nothing started to show on her body so she reluctantly started going to the gym. It didn’t seem to being doing much so she started to jog 5 days a week while going to the gym and watching her diet. While it helped, nothing compared to when she was pole dancing. Tammy then decided to get a pole and start dancing at home to get her dancer figure back. She heard that there were some pole classes happening in Los Angeles and they were becoming popular. It seemed only a natural fit that she take her experience, get a formal fitness education and open a studio. Thus became the first Tantra Fitness which opened in Vancouver near Granville Island in January 2004, making it the first pole dancing fitness studio in the city.

Within 6 months Tantra had grown out of that space and expanded to its current location on Cook Street in the famous Olympic Village. That same year, Tammy started teaching at UBC’s AMS Minischool and continues to offer classes there each semester. Tantra Fitness started with Pole Dancing and Cardio Striptease programs only and has now expanded to offer everything from Ballet Boot Camp and Aerial Hoops to Ballfit and Burlesque. We also specialize in pole dance and lap dance parties for stagettes, bachelorettes, birthdays, and corporate events.

Want to learn from home? Subscribe to our online tutorials: www.tantrafitness.com/tantratutorials

Want to become a certified Pole Fitness Instructor? Do it all online in the comfort of your own home: www.tantrafitness.com/gravityverticalfitness

TABOO WINNER ANNOUNCED! Watch to see who won a 1 month, 24 class membership for all locations. Just for fun, we decided to draw 4 winners, one in front of each location, Burnaby, Mount Pleasant, Gastown and Richmond!. So stay tuned, we have lots of driving to do:) #winner #tantrafitness #funfitness #tabootradeshow #bestpoleandaerialstudio #aerialhoop #aerialyoga #silks #poledance

#MotivationMonday #noregrets #tantrafitness #tantratutorials

#ihaveclass contest entries!!

#ihaveclass contest entries!!

Last day at Taboo! Come visit us at our booth! #naughtybutnice #tabootradeahow #community #teamtantra

The judges were hard at work and the results are in! Come see our finalists tomorrow at 5pm. Amateur: Jodi & Tatyana Semi Pro: Steph, Lena & Savy Pro: Lily & Shannon #MissPoleDanceTaboo #Tantrafitness #naughtybutnice #TabooShow

Come visit us at Taboo all weekend! #naughtybutnice #tantrafitness #community #funtimes

Looking to get your splits? Or even just a really great stretch?! Join us tonight for Splitsability with Geena, 8:30pm at our Mount Pleasant location! #funfitness #flexibility #tantrafitness #goals

New daytime class! Join us Friday's, 12pm for BELLYFIT at our Gastown location. Bellyfit is the ultimate holistic fusion of Dance, Fitness and Yoga. Set to a soundtrack of the best electronic dance music and ambient tracks available, you'll get 40 minutes of sweaty, high energy cardio, 10 minutes of targeted + full body core work and 10 minutes of relaxing stretches to finish it off. #bellyfit #tantrafitness #funfitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout

#MotivationMonday Stay consistent at #Tantrafitness #inspiration #polefitness #lifeisbetterupsidedown #funfitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout

New Class Alert! VERTICAL BARRE Join Caroline MacGillivray every Thursday at 5:30 in Mount Pleasant. Tone, tighten and lengthen every muscle in your whole body. Register now www.Tantrafitness.com #funfitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout #tantrafitness #tantrafitnessmountpleasant

New Class Alert!! ACROYOGA is coming to Tantra in February. Every Friday night, join us at 7:30 at out Mount Pleasant location. Bring a partner or partner up when you arrive! #AcroYoga #Tantrafitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout

Looking to increase your strength? Add Pole Fit to your fitness plan and see the results! Join us for Pole Fit Monday at 5:30 and Thursday at 6:30 in Gastown, Monday at 5:30 in Burnaby, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 in Mount Pleasant and Tuesday at 5:30 in Richmond. All levels welcome! #funfitness #strongisthenewsexy #polefitness #tantrafitness

Amazing Splits workshop today with Dr. Jen Crane PT, DPT, OCS,ATC #getbendy #tantrafitness #flexibility #funfitness Candace Luft Catherine Caroline MacGillivray Caroline MacGillivray Sari Rosofsky Julie Renee Seal Jenna Javelin dmak Brooke Fujiyama

January is here and it’s time to get fit! Take the work out of working out with fun classes like Build A Booty every Wednesday at 5:30pm at our Gastown location with Laura. #tantrafitness #funfitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout

Volunteers wanted for the TABOO TRADE SHOW, Feb 2 - 4th! We need help at the booth with demo’s (all levels), sales, promotions and managing our booth. If you are interested, please email Tammy@Tantrafitness.com. Come have some fun at the sexiest show all year! All volunteers will receive an extra ticket to bring a friend:)

Only 6 days left to register for The Daily Grind with Jay Park! This Erotica Level 2 workshop will teach you a sensual routine focusing on Jay's signature flow. Register now! https://www.tantrafitness.com/classes-workshops/workshops/
#itsoktobesexy #tantrafitness #funfitness #erotica @Jay Park

#MotivationMonday Empowerment is taking control of yourself, setting goals and achieving things you never thought possible. Defy your limits at Tantra Fitness. #confidence #inspiration #motivation #tantrafitness

CIRQUE PHYSIO - Supercharge Your Splits - January 21st, 12pm at our Mount Pleasant studio. $75 pp Register now, space is limited and this workshop will fill up! This workshop will teach you how to address ALL structures that limit flexibility, and how to integrate this into your training. We will discuss methods to address joint mobility, nerve tension, muscle tension, and ACTIVE flexibility issues surrounding front, back, and middle splits.
@cirquephysio #flexibility #splits #tantrafitness

It's that time of year again! Join us for the 7th annual Miss Pole Dance Taboo Feb 2nd through 4th at the Vancouver Convention Center. Now accepting applications until January 21st. Cash prizes for all divisions. Email Tammy@Tantrafitness.com for more info or to apply. #tabooshow2018 #naughtybutnice #misspoledancetaboo #itsoktobesexy #tantrafitness

#MotivationMonday #tantrafitness #strength

NEW MOUNT PLEASANT CLASS! Polesque tonight @5:30. This upbeat fusion of Pole and Cabaret Burlesque will leave you feeling sassy and wanting more! #poledancing #funfitness #taketheworkoutofworkingout #tantrafitness

How today’s polers are turning feminism upside down. A must read! by @Jane Stacie"......female bodies of all kinds can exist in their “imperfections”, in a female-dominated space, without judgment. Through shared vulnerability, polers are communicating to one another “this is a safe space — my body is okay, your body is okay, all of our bodies are acceptable”.


#ihaveclass contest entries!!

Check out our very own Tammy Morris in this month's issue of HLM Magazine!

#bestpoleandaerialstudiosince2004 #funfitness #poledance #aerialarts #taketheworkoutofworkingout #tantrafitness #burnaby #vancouver #burnaby #mountpleasant #yvr

Tired of running on a treadmill like a hamster? Take the work out of working out at Tantra Fitness. Starting at just $88 per month for all access and all levels. Try Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Hoop, Dance Fitness and so much more. Start today and have the most fun you will ever have working out. http://www.tantrafitness.com #tantrafitness #gastown #burnaby #richmond #mountpleasant #vancouver #bestpoleandaerialstudio #funfitness #lifeisbetterupsidedown #taketheworkoutofworkingout #healthy2018

Tired of running on a treadmill like a hamster? Take the work out of working out at Tantra Fitness. Starting at just $88 per month for all access and all levels. Try Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Aerial Yoga, Hoop, Dance Fitness and so much more. Start today and have the most fun you will ever have working out. http://www.tantrafitness.com #tantrafitness #gastown #burnaby #richmond #mountpleasant #vancouver #bestpoleandaerialstudio #funfitness #lifeisbetterupsidedown #taketheworkoutofworkingout #healthy2018

Merry Christmas from Tantra Fitness. May all your holiday wishes come true! #tantrafitness #merrychristmas #happynewyear #health #happiness #polefamily #naughtlist #naughtybutnice #resolutions

FREE CLASS ALERT! Come join me tonight at 5:30 in Burnaby and burn some calories before Christmas. Members and non members welcome for free!! @tammy_the_real_deal_morris #funfitness #getlean #tantrafitness #motivation #ballfit #cardio

Sneak peak of Polesque taught by the amazing @katschellenberg Offered every Saturday in Gastown at 2pm and coming to Mount Pleasant Monday’s at 5:30 in January! #bestpolestudio #teamtantra #tantrafitness #itsoktobesexy #confidenceissexy #inspiration #funfitness

Thank you Victoria Finehout-Vigil for blessing us with your amazingness! You will be missed! #teamtantra #guestinstructor #bestpoleandaerialstudio #lifeisbetterupsidedown #spinpole #aerialhoop #polelife

#MotivationMonday Come fly with us! #tantrafitness #bestpoleandaerialstudio #silks #lyra #aerialhoop #poledance

Don’t miss out! One last chance for Rebecca Starr workshops. Aerial Hoop and Advanced Pole tomorrow at our Richmond location. Register now!

#MotivationMonday It’s never too late to try something you’ve always wanted to! #tantrafitness #tantratutorials #inspiration

Get a piece of Rebecca Starr before she leaves us😥 Pole Tricks Around the World and Lyra Flows and Flavour (Aerial Hoop). Both these workshops are Intermediate/Advanced and offered at our Richmond Location. $65 pp/90 mins Register now: https://www.tantrafitness.com/schedules/richmond-schedule/

Spots are filling up at our Santa Baby workshop! Don’t miss out, register now!

#motivationmonday Challenge your limits at Tantra Fitness! #funfitness #inspiration #polefitness #bestpoleandaerialstudio #lifeisbetterupsidedown photo by Nick Mui

Black Friday Sale! Today only $49 - 4 Class Punchcard. Any class, any level at any location! #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #tantrafitness #funfitness #poledance #aerialhoop #silks #flexibility

Black Friday Sale! Don’t miss out. Available in studio and online, tomorrow only! $49 4 of any class, any level and any location! #blackfriday #blackfridaydeals #tantrafitness #funfitness #bestpoleandaerialstudio #poledance #aerialhoop #silks #flexibility

Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping! Spend $40 and get $50. It’s like free money! Limit one per person for personal use, unlimited as gifts. On sale till December 25th. Redeemable after December 26th! #tantrafitness #thegiftthatkeepsongiving #christmasideas #holidaygiftideas #holidayspecials #funfitness #poledancing #polefitness

#MotivationMonday We never use the words "too hard" at Tantra, only challenging because if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. #teamtantra #tantrafitness #reachforhestars #funfitness #changeisgood #polefitness #poledance

Pole Dance Classes | Tantra Fitness


POLE 101 & 202 COLOURS UDATE! You may have noticed that some of the colours have changed. We hope this helps make it easier to understand. There are 8 shades of Black in the static series and 4 shades of grey in the spinning. You must collect 4 of each colour to move to the next level. You can start in either colour series and can take both colours at the same time! Still confused? We have now added our curriculum and the corresponding colour to the website: https://www.tantrafitness.com/classes-workshops/pole-fitness-classes/ Happy poling!

tantrafitness.com Pole Dance ClassesClick on each class name for more detailed description. *Classes may not be offered at every location. Check studio schedules for...

Its that time of year again!! Our infamous 12th Annual Santa Baby Lap Dance Workshop. You don't want to miss this! #bestpoleandaerialstudio #funfitness #lapdance #itsoktobesexy #bsexy #teamtantra #tantrafitness

Give the gift that keeps on giving! $40 for a $50 gift certificate. It’s like free money! #tantrafitness #christmasgiftideas

GUEST INSTRUCTOR ALERT! Rebecca Starr! Yes, another amazing international pole athlete is joining our team till the new year! Don’t miss out. Welcome to the team Rebecca Starr *Classes included in membership! #teamtantra #tantrafitness #bestpoleandaerialstudio #funfitness #lifeisbetterupsidedown

Video Girl Hoop


We are excited to announce that Victoria Finehout-Vigil will be here until the new year. You can find her in:

November 12th - Advanced Pole Lab 3:00pm to 4:25pm

Mount Pleasant:
November 14th - Intermediate Pole Spin 5:30 to 6:25
November 21st - Intermediate Pole Spin 5:30 to 6:25
November 28th - Intermediate Pole Spin 5:30 to 6:25 & Hoop Lab 6:30pm to 7:25pm

No extra fees! Come learn from an International Aerial Athlete.

#bestpoleandaerialstudio #teamtantra #funfitness #tantrafitness #lifeisbetterupsidedown

Hoop Demo April 2017, Coloane, Macau S.A.R. Victoria Finehout-Vigil

Want to get more flexible? Spaces left in tonight's Intro to Contortion with @Rebecca Starr #tantrafitness #flexibility #funfitness #sexyflexy

Motivation Mondays are back! Like/Share if you agree:) #MotivationMonday #tantrafitness #funfitness #polefitness #ilovepole

More tutorials with the beautiful Jay Park! #sexiestonlinestudio #tantratutorials #itsoktobesexy Jay Park

More sexy tutorials are being created right now!! 🔥🔥 #tantratutorials #onlinepolelessons #sexiestonlinestudio www.tantratutorials.com

Best of luck to all our competitors at PSO in Seattle this weekend!! We are off to a good start! #gotantrago #teamtantra #tantrafitness #tantra4gold #PSO2017 PoleSportOrg Geena Renk

Friday night awards ceremony, Tantra takes gold in every category!! So proud of our team! #teamtantra #tantra4gold #bestpolestudio #tantrafitness #tantrafitnessburnaby #tantrafitnessrichmond #tantrafitnessmountpleasant

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314 Water Street (4 Locations In Metro Vancouver)
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1B6

Opening Hours

Monday 15:30 - 21:30
Tuesday 11:30 - 21:30
Wednesday 15:30 - 21:30
Thursday 11:30 - 21:30
Friday 11:30 - 20:30
Saturday 10:00 - 14:30
Sunday 10:00 - 15:30
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