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Style Rehab


Hey guys! I recently started working as a stylist for the new app Style Counsel. Its a new app for fashion lovers where you can get positive feedback instantly on any outfit you post. Experienced stylists and fashion bloggers will critique and suggest ways to complete your look. Take a personal stylist with you wherever you go! It's available online, free in the Apple Store, through this link

First Impressions are formed in 7 seconds or less. Let me help you ensure you are always putting your best foot foward through my personal image consulting services.

Welcome to Style Rehab! As your Image Consultant, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep you looking your BEST. Learn how to dress your shape, wear the hottest trends and build a wardrobe that lasts. Also, check back for weekly features on Toronto boutiques and fashion events!!

Highlight day 3! #Hermes #fashion #stylerehab #style #paris #vancouver #investmentpieces

Highlight day 3! #Hermes #fashion #stylerehab #style #paris #vancouver #investmentpieces

No caption required.. #paris

Black and gold #MK #michaelkors @michaelkors #stylerehab #style #vancouver #vancouverfashion #toronto #fashion

Goldie Summer 2014

available now Sauvage

Goldie London Summer 2014 collection video.

Pretty in Pink. Pastels are everywhere this season and although I typically wouldn't go for this shade of pink, this blazer was a must have for my wardrobe. It pairs so well with neutrals and bold accents. Paired with my favorite jeans, I'm ready for date night.

Trend ALERT! Black and White.
Is it safe to assume that you are over winter too? I have been fantasizing about my spring/summer wardrobe for weeks now and I've made my list of must-haves, which I will share, but I wanted to start with highlighting some of the seasons hottest trends. The first is my favorite. BLACK and WHITE. It's clean, it's classic, it's easy for any body type to pull off and it makes up 75% of my closet, sooo happy! You should already have a pair of white and a pair of black pants in your closet (if you don't I suggest you start there) and that's half the battle! Wear black and white in a bold and creative way by mixing prints or keep it simple with a monochrome look. This trend can be done countless ways and here is my spin on it for Vancouver Fashion Week #vcfw. Gold watch and a red lip are the only accessories I need. #StyleRehab xo

I hope you are as excited as I am, because it’s a new season for #StyleRehab and spring is in the air. Let me break down my favorite trends for Spring/Summer ’14 and help you make them work for your body, your lifestyle and your wallet. Black and White, Sheath Blouses, Mixing Prints and Pastels are just a few of the trends I’ll be covering over the next few weeks and I can't wait! #StyleRehab xo

I love the beauty and inspiration I get from the many fashion books I have collected over the years. If you are looking for some great fashion reads to add to your Christmas list this year, here are just a few of my favorite books for the fashion enthusiast (in no particular order)!

1. The Book of 100 by Nina Garcia
2. The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style by Kim France and Andrea Linett
3. The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia
4. The Truth about Style by Stacy London
5. Paris Street Style: A guide to Effortless Chic by Isabelle Thomas and Frederique Veysset

Happy Friday
StyleRehab XO

'Tis the Season
Be prepared for the office parties, family get-togethers, friendly drop in’s and everything in between this season with 4 of my favorite holiday trends.

Brocade: Offers the perfect amount of holiday shine and can be done in pants, a skirt or a dress.

Leather: Wear your favorite leather pants or skirt with an oversized knit to keep cute and cozy.

Lace: Update the traditional holiday colors with beautiful jewel tones like raspberry and emerald.

Tuxedo Separates: Trade your favorite black pants or blazer for tuxedo style pieces. An instant style upgrade that looks festive and sophisticated.

StyleRehab xo

#stylerehab has reached 400 followers on instagram! I cannot thank you enough for the love but I would love to reach 500 before 2014. If you like what you see on facebook then you should be following me on instagram for daily outfit inspiration! (Dont forget to share with your friends!)

Add some sparkle and shine to your favorite dark jeans, LBD or leather skirt these holidays with an embellished or printed jacket. This is one of the simplest ways to be party ready this season without spending a fortune! One great jacket =countless new looks #fashion #style #stylerehab

Add some sparkle to your favorite knits! Coming soon , some of my favorite holiday looks for the season. Have questions about what to wear to all of those holiday parties? Style Rehab is here to help xo

Style Rehab's cover photo

Before you know it holiday season will be upon us. No, I am not talking about the tree decorating, present wrapping, turkey eating kind of holiday but the one when you`ve had enough of the cold weather and all of the previously mentioned and need to get away for some much needed vitamin D. Vacation`s mean the inevitable and often dreaded ``packing`` but don`t worry about what to bring, Style Rehab is here to make it easy. Follow these simple tips and you`ll have everything you need to look stylish in the sun (and you won`t be paying those over weight baggage fees!)
How to keep your suitcase light:

1. Stick to 1 color story. Ensure that all of your solids and prints fit into the same color story for easy mixing and matching.

2. 6 or 7 tops and 4 bottoms. A top for almost every day and a bottom for every two or three days you will be away. Separates are great because they offer versatility. Create different combo`s with the same pieces and you never need to wear the same outfit twice!

3. Two light weight dresses. I would recommend one colorful or printed dress and one little black (or white) dress. Both will offer an easy day to night transition.

4. Statement necklaces, rings and scarves. Accessories add sparkle, color and interest to your outfits and allow you to take your outfits from the sun to supper.

5. Wedges. If you haven’t picked up on a theme yet, it`s all about getting multiple wears out of what you bring with you. A wedge can be great with denim shorts for walking around during the day but is also appropriate with your LBD for evening.

Still not sure about what to bring? Contact Style Rehab and I will take the guess work out of packing for you.

[11/13/13]   Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone special? What about the gift of confidence, refined style and the ability to make a strong first impression? Give someone you love a wardrobe makeover and personal shopping experience! Contact me today for packages and prices.

Style for me is all about personality. I think self confidence and being at ease with oneself is a good definition of it - Isabel Marant

TWO DAYS until Isabel Marant for H&M hits select stores and online. Check out the collection now at

[11/06/13]   I got a great question from one of my followers about winter white. What is it? How do you wear it ? And when can you start? So here`s the breakdown:

WHAT: Winter white is ``off-white`` as opposed to a stark, bright white. It can also be referred to as Ecru, Bone or Cream.

HOW: Winter white has made it to the fall runways for the past few years but the strongest winter white looks this year were head-to-toe. Do a monochrome look with some trousers and a wool sweater, or a great knit dress.

WHEN: NOW! You can begin to wear your winter white looks as soon as fall hits and continue right through the holidays. (Just stay away from the red wine!)

StyleRehab xo

Texture, pattern, shine, color - the four elements that create the perfect outfit. Just one example
of how to get it done! Follow me on instagram for more xo #stylerehab

10 of the most wearable looks at Toronto Fashion Week

Some great looks from Fashion Week! The looks that we most admired showed their wearers’ personality without being over-the-top.

[10/28/13]   Is Your Outfit Complete?

Having trouble creating a look that you feel is whole? Always feeling like something is missing? Consider the following when getting dressed. The trick to looking complete is incorporating the following elements into each and every outfit.

TEXTURE: incorporate texture into your outfit by mixing different materials like silk, denim, leather, fur and tweed (just to name just a few).

SHINE: You can bring shine into an outfit in a number of ways but more than just your accessories, consider patent leather belts or shoes, sequins, beading and metallic details.

PATTERN: Patten is easy to work into your outfit, it can be in a belt or a scarf, or even your shoes. It doesn’t need to mean bold stand out colors in your tops or pants. Pattern can be tone on tone, or worked into a fabric (cable knit!)

COLOR: This one is self-explanatory. Although monochromatic is trending right now, don`t dress in monochrome every day. Make sure you incorporate colors that compliment you and your personality in your wardrobe.

MasterCard Stylicity x The Coveteur: Toronto Fashion

If you haven't been to Sauvage or taken advantage of the amazing deals MasterCard Stylicity has to offer, what are you waiting for?

Mixing Neutrals! Check out instagram to see where these pieces are from #stylerehab xo

[10/23/13]   The term ``neutral`` (when referring to color) means belonging to no particular hue. The following are considered neutral and therefore can be worn with any color or another neutral!

White, Ivory, Taupe, Beige, Grey, Brown, Black, Navy and of course anything metallic (silver, gold and bronze).

So the next time you are putting an outfit together don`t worry if black and brown or silver and gold go together (the answer is yes) and don`t worry about what to wear with your favorite cream cardigan or your new grey tweed pants (the answer is anything). Style Rehab xo

LAYER. It's easy to look put
together when you layer properly. Keep one color consistent so your outfit looks intentional but dont be afraid to mix textures and materials! Check back later this week for Style Rehabs guide to creating a complete look. The elements every outfit should have!

[10/22/13]   Happy Tuesday my fashionable followers! Have you shared Style Rehab with your friends and family yet? I would love to get to 200 likes before the end of the year, can you help me do it?

STYLICITY | MasterCard Fashion-week

Get your favorite fall looks for less, right now with MasterCard Stylicity!

This amazing fashion event offers exclusive deals at over 125 of Torontos hottest retailers. If you've been waiting for that amazing FCUK jacket, JCrew cardi or pair of Aldo boots to go on sale, heres your chance. On until November 3rd

[10/18/13]   Your Panties are Important!

Many people don’t realize how your under garments can impact your entire look so, do your clothes a favor and take the time to invest in the right underwear! It’s one of the easiest fashion faux pas to avoid, so consider what you are putting on FIRST before you get dressed.

Strapless top = Strapless bra
Racer back top = Strapless or racer back bra
Fitted dress or skirt = Body slimmer (a.k.a spanx)
White t-shirt = Nude, light pink or light grey smooth bra (no lace or frills)
Open back or backless = Stick on bra

And last but not least, it may seem obvious to some of you but for those of you who don’t own a thong – please get one for those thin dress pants, tight leggings and fitted skirts!

Store Guide: Surmesur, a new custom men’s clothing shop for guys intimidated by the tailor -...

Hey GUYS! Looking for a custom suit but intimidated by the process or the prices? Check out this new shop on Queen E. Name: Surmesur Sells: Tailor-made men’s clothing, ties and belts, plus socks and cufflinks Contact info: 108 Queen St. E., 416-214-2840,

Christian Louboutin Debuts Nude Shoe Collection For Five Different Skin Tones | Live... As a little black girl growing up obsessed with fashion, nothing frustrated me more than the words ?nude? or ?flesh-toned.? I can remember as a very young child the first time I cut myself and my mom reached for a box of Band-Aids .

[10/16/13]   Ever stuck wondering if the price tag is worth it? When to splurge and when to save your wallet? Wonder no more, #StyleRehab is here to break it down.

Leather items like shoes and handbags. When it comes to leather, you want something that is high quality and will stand the test of time.

Denim. I have bought designer and not so designer jeans before trust me, designer jeans will survive wash after wash, hold their shape and their color and only get better over time, they are worth the investment every time.

Quality fabrics like silk and cashmere. Everyone should have a silk top and a cashmere sweater in their closet and these are two fabrics that are worth the price tag.

Be wary of what you spend on trendy items. The fashion industry brings new trends every season. Chunky necklaces, printed pants and leather leggings are a great way to update an outfit, but might not be around in a few seasons.

Basics like the perfect white t-shirt. Let’s face it, it won’t be white forever and soon enough you will need to buy another one. Go easy on your wallet and find a deal!

Tops. Shapes, colors and patterns change from season to season, its easy to find bargains on great tops (both casual and professional) so this is something I wouldn’t recommend spending too much money on.

A great alternative to a standard pump for fall is a bootie. These are just as versatile as any heel but warmer :) Look for something cut low on the ankle to keep your legs looking long. Happy Friday!

[10/11/13]   Find Style Rehab on instagram for daily fashion posts! Just search #StyleRehab

[10/10/13]   Style Rehab’s guide to choosing the perfect jeans:

WASH: I always prefer a dark wash with minimal detailing, or fading. Dark denim compliments all shapes and easily transitions from day casual to evening dressy.

MATERIAL: I know, I know we are talking denim the best fitting ‘denim’ will be a blend of cotton, polyester and spandex. This blend allows your jeans to hug your curves and retain it’s shape after multiple washes and wears. Ideally your jeans should have at least 2% spandex.

WAIST: Most of us look back on the low rise era of jeans and cringe. You jeans shouldn’t create the dreaded “muffin top” (spillage over the top of your waist band) but they don’t need to go up to your arm pits either. It depends on your torso length but ideally your waistband should hit ½-1” below your belly button.

LEG CUT: There are a ton of different cuts when it comes to denim so it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Is it straight or skinny? Maybe boot cut? Or does a wide leg look best? Use your hips as a guideline. For the perfect shape, your jeans should hug your hips and come down straight from that point. This creates the ideal body line. To put it simply, if you are curvy with wider hips, a wider cut pant will be the most flattering on you and if you are narrow with thin hips, a narrower cut will best compliment your shape.

Two things to keep in mind 1) once you have the wardrobe staples you can ALWAYS move away from these guidelines and add color; print and different cuts to your collection but make sure you have the basics first! 2) These guidelines are to find denim that will be most flattering to your body but that being said, I think everyone should have a pair of bootleg or cigarette cut jeans for showing off your favorite fall/winter boots
Hopefully this helpful? If not, let’s go shopping together!

Don't be afraid to get a jacket with a print! What a great way to add some interest to EVERY fall outfit. neutral colours (brown, black, cream and grey) will offer the most versatility so if you are hesitant about prints that would be a great starting point. Also, look out for plaid! It's everywhere this season :) XO StyleRehab

Transition your summer favorites into fall with a great sweater, scarf or boots. You dont need to tuck away your shorts and skirts just yet! StyleRehab xo

Fall doesn't have to be about dark colors, muted tones and dull shades. Wear something vibrant! StyleRehab xo

If you've already worn your denim shirt with your printed and colored pants, your cute summer shorts and skirts... try wearing it with denim! Denim on denim, it works!

The fall collection at Joe Fresh is awesome, including the accessories. Dress it down with a grey sweater or dress it up with a blouse, this necklace works with everything!

I hope everyone has their September issues!!! Fall is fashions biggest season and warrants the biggest magazines!! I can't wait to share my Fall shopping list with you. So stay tuned, but it will definitely include hats, leather and the perfect booties. XOX Style Rehab

I'm BACK!!! Ready to hear about the trends and must haves for fall 2013?? Style Rehab has got everything you need and it's coming soon!

Hello my lovely followers! I'm going to be MIA for the next few weeks while I travel through Spain but ill do my best to give you some teasers along the way! Stay stylish - love Style Rehab xo

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