Sandy Antunes Osteopathy

At Sandy Antunes Osteopathy, we treat the person behind the symptoms. Our hands-on treatment looks to address the underlying causes of your health issues.

Our Osteopathic Philosophy is simple: We believe that the human body has the inherent ability to heal itself when obstructions to health are removed. As such, we try and facilitate that natural healing process by listening to and understanding each patient’s particular needs and developing an individualized treatment plan that along with your specific home care enhances your results. With realities such as the demand for optimal health care that can address the underlying cause of the problem and not just treat symptoms, there is an increasing interest in osteopathic treatment and its approach to maintaining health and preventing disease. Osteopathy is a philosophy, an art and a science based on the application of sound principles. Osteopathic treatment is not just a set of techniques. Osteopathy considers the person as a whole, including external factors such as stress, exercise, diet and environment in an approach to achieving and maintaining good health. It recognizes that all the systems of the body are interrelated and interdependent, and that disturbances in one system can affect the others. It applies these principles with a sound and thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. An osteopathic treatment integrates diagnosis (assessment) which reflects the condition of the body and manipulation to restore structural freedom in the tissues, biomechanical imbalance, and enhance fluid flow throughout the body, therefore creating the optimal setting for healing to occur. “Osteopathy should not be defined by its manual techniques but rather, by the application of its philosophy”.

Classical Osteopathy. #bodyadjustment

⁉️Someone was asking, what is the meaning of this Logo in our t-shirts?. Body is kept inside the rectangle because there is one body, one person, one structure which is unique. However, Adjustment is kept one step in the rectangle, one step outside. This is because Adjustment is specific to each patient, responds to the Osteopathic Principles but it can come in many different ways. This openess in thought and application is what makes Body Adjustment so effective in all circumstances. Body Adjustment is not a technique, neither a receipe to treat, it is Classical Osteopathy. Let the Osteopathic Principles lead your treatment.

➡️Do you want to know more about it? Come to our #ICOConference2020 in March.

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#instituteofclassicalosteopathy #bodyadjustment @ Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

ICO 2019: A year in review.

One Year of activities at the ICO in 2 minutes. Thanks everyone that made this possible 🙏 #instituteofclassicalosteopathy #icoconference2020

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

One Year of activities at the ICO in 2 minutes. Thanks everyone that made this possible 🙏 #instituteofclassicalosteopathy #icoconference2020

Darou Wellness

The Darou Wellness Team wishes you well this holiday weekend! 💕

We thought we take this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves!
Photographed below:
Lachlan Crawford, Naturopathic Mental Health- Naturopathic Doctor 🌿
Sandy Antunes Osteopathy - Osteopathy 🌿
Alyssa Brunt - Pelvic Physiotherapist 🌿
Dr. Shawna Darou, ND - Naturopathy and Functional Medicine 🌿
Jennifer Ide - BIE Practitioner 🌿
Dr.Kimberley Ramberan, ND - Naturopathic Doctor 🌿
Shreya Batra - Clinic Co-owner 🌿
Laura Norton - Mental Health Therapist 🌿
Pamela Kruusi - Office Manager

Not photographed here:💕
Daryl Fang - Acupuncturist 🌿
Marika Berni Naturopathic Doctor. - Naturopathic Doctor🌿
Irina Chan - Front Desk 🌿
Edrianne Crisostomo - Front Desk 🌿

If you would like to learn more about the practitioners at Darou Wellness head over to our website.

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

“Your hands should be like antenas...”JW

”Nurturing confident expertise and a wider scope of practice”😀😀😀

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Museum of Osteopathic Medicine

“The best doctor is one who can help Nature cure itself.” A.T. Still
Image: Museum of Osteopathic Medicine [1980.389.13]

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

John Wernhan used to say: “you must remember that Osteopathy is an art form and is no easy path. It is difficult to teach, difficult to learn and difficult to practice. Remember that it is not enough saying that you have succeeded in making the patient feel better, what I want to see is that the lesions are corrected and the body is made a whole. Reducing symptoms is relatively easy, but restoring the organism and increasing its functioning in order to establish permanent health, that is another issue”.

This is why in our postgraduate course we aim for quality of teaching

Holland covers hundreds of bus stops with plants as gift to honeybees

A gift to bees❤️🐝.

Shelters support biodiversity while also capturing dust to improve air quality and storing rainwater

Osteopathic Meet & Greet

Join us on July 17th at 6:30 Darou Wellness to learn more about Osteopathy! Please RSVP to let us know you’re coming. Join Us! For a complimentary informative session and meet osteopathic practitioner Sandy Antunes. Sandy Antunes will be discussing the treatment of oste...

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

“We pay particular attention to the skeletal structure of the body because every mechanical operation of the body, as well as its visceral attachments, has its terminal point in a bone” Mervyn Waldman / Further information #instituteofclassicalosteopathy #bodyadjustment

Sometimes, a break is needed.

Tick talk with @annehartley.

Tears, Laughter and Motherhood - Hometown Stories | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand

Tears, Laughter and Motherhood, in Japan. (This video is available until June 16) In the city of Osaka, there is a place where new and expectant mothers can receive support for their physical and emotional wellbeing. Hisako, a former midwife, is the person who takes care of them. With 11 children of her own and one divorce behind her, Hisako knows firsthand the struggles that com...

A little ‘behind the scenes’ of the Eight Branches photo shoot today!

I’m in this kind of mood today😎.

Un ostéopathe manipule un bébé prématuré pour l'apaiser : des images magnifiques. (VIDÉO) Pour trouver leurs marques à la sortie du ventre de leur mère, les bébés ont parfois besoin de quelques petites manipulations.

World Midwives

In his writings, Leboyer didn't stop at denouncing what he had seen in the delivery room. He dedicated his life to coming up with innovations to make childbirth a more pleasant and memorable experience for all those involved - including the baby.

Perhaps his most important contribution to the field of obstetrics - for which he will go down in history - is his assertion that a baby has "rights" during birth, and that these rights must be taken into account as much as those of the mother.

Osteopathic Centre for Children

It's your 1-month call! Applications for our postgraduate DPO and APO courses close on 30 June.

If you're looking for "gold standard" paediatric training then look no further:

Thanks, Free the Flow (Renee Pilgrim) for asking a lot of bloody questions, and posting this!

I love talking about all things related to menstruation!

One of the first questions I ask my clients, apart from what day they are on their cycle, is the colour of their menstrual blood. I also want to know if there are any premenstrual symptoms, how heavy the flow is and if there is any pain. As a Chinese medicine practitioner, this information helps me with the diagnosis of my client and allows me to work out the best treatment to give them i.e.: acupuncture, herbs and dietary advice. Our periods are a snapshot in time of what is happening internally! Periods are universally taboo, but I am all for embracing this miracle we are blessed with and breaking the stigma.
A little tip is to do as little as possible for the first 3 days of bleeding. I know it can be very difficult, but postpone as much as you can and the rest of your menstrual cycle will thank you for it.

Embrace your period.

Artwork by @kanpobliss

#acupuncture #chinesemedicine #fertility #womenshealth #periodproblems #pmsproblems #balance #womenswisdom #altonameadows #stkilda

A taste of Classical Osteopathy at the ICO!

🖐 sign now for our taster day and discover the thinking process benhind the treatment in Classical Osteopathy. June 22nd 😉 #instituteofclassicalosteopathy


Caroline Stone in Toronto, this summer!
Obstetrics & Post Partum and Paediatrics courses. Sign up! CANADA - TORONTO COURSES - AUG 2019

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Institute of Classical Osteopathy Conference this year. 👍🏼

The ICO conference in London was a real sucess. Thanks to the amazing speakers that made this possible and all of you who attended and spent a great osteopathic weekend with us. See you on the 1st of March 2020 / “The spine as the axis of life”

It was great to spend time with my Osteopathic family this weekend. ❤️

Institute of Classical Osteopathy - nurturing confident expertise and a wider scope of practice 🙏 meet/discuss/improve #instituteofclassicalosteopathy #bodyadjustment

Always thinking Anatomy...! Happy Easter folks!

Osteopaths New Zealand

"An osteopath is a human engineer, who should understand all the laws governing his engine and thereby master disease." - Andrew Taylor Still

Hi, meet Andrew Taylor Still! ✨🙋‍♂️

Working as a physician in the 1800s, AT Still witnessed sometimes harmful and ineffective practices (including giving patients arsenic and opium!) resulting in much suffering and death. The loss of his three children to spinal meningitis cemented his focus on discovering the root of disease rather than curing symptoms.

AT Still pioneered the concept of "wellness'' and treating illness from a context of the whole body. He proposed that the alignment and balance of the musculoskeletal system directly influenced the body's ability to function and heal itself via it's relationship to blood and nerve flow.

And thus osteopathy was born! 🙌 His success in treating patients gained much popularity and many people became interested in learning his methods. There are now schools all over the world teaching osteopathic medicine with our numbers growing every year.

Osteopathy continues to prove itself as a SAFE, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE form of treatment and we look forward to telling you more over the coming week! #OsteopathyWorks #OAW2019

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Two amazing osteopaths Chris Campbell & Chris Batten guided our students through the philosophy and practice of Classical Osteopathy #instituteofclassicalosteopathy @ London Metropolitan University

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Introduction to Classical Osteopathy with Mervyn Waldman and students coming as far as Canada or Spain and UK students. #instituteofclassicalosteopathy @ London Metropolitan University

Settling into my new clinic space. Treated a mom and baby team on this cozy and snowy afternoon. ❄️

People are already falling on the ice. Here are a few tips to avoid falling Posted by: Mark Haggar KLKN TV News Director

Careful out there!❄️💨☃️❄️ Penguins can show us the way

What is Osteopathy?

“It is a scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology in the hands of a person of intelligence and skill, who can apply that knowledge to the use of man when sick or wounded by strains, shocks, fall, or mechanical derangement or injury of any kind of the body.” A.T. Still, Philosophy and Principles of Osteopathy, p.18.

Image: Museum of Osteopathic Medicine [2010.02.910]

Sage Sayings: “What is osteopathy? It is a scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology in the hands of a person of intelligence and skill, who can apply that knowledge to the use of man when sick or wounded by strains, shocks, fall, or mechanical derangement or injury of any kind of the body.” A.T. Still, Philosophy and Principles of Osteopathy, p.18.

Image: Museum of Osteopathic Medicine [2010.02.910]

Goodwill Healing: Applied Clinical Therapeutics

Be sure to get tuned up for the Christmas season!

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

The word “general” in the term “general treatment” does not mean, however, vague or unspecific treatment. Tactile tissue analysis demands the most precise diagnosis to determine accurate treatment. Neverthless the whole body is examined as well as treated as an anatomical and physiological unit, each part according to its peculiar needs as well as in relation to the rest of the body. MW

Doctors can now issue prescriptions for free visits to the ROM

I love going to the ROM! For all that can be accomplished using modern medicine, healthcare professionals still face enormous challenges in treating patients to the point w...

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Sarah Wheeler explains some spinal mechanics changes in the pregnant mother. Thanks to Sarah and Miriam Elkan for such a thorough seminar in obstetrics and gynecology 😀 #instituteofclassicalosteopathy #bodyadjustment #johnwernham #johnmartinlittlejohn #andrewtaylorstill #weloveclassicalosteopathy

Restoring the Organism.

On the 7th April -Restoring the Organism- come and join to our ICO International Conference with the following speakers:
⭐️ Mervyn Waldman - “Primun non-nocere the trestment of elderly, sick and injured”
⭐️ Chris Campbell - “Littlejohn lectures in Psycho-Physiology”
⭐️Sue Turner - “Roots, stems and shoots of our tradition”
⭐️Michel Odent - “How can neonates cope with microbial and stress deprivation?”

Workshops 6th of April
⭐️Chris Campbell - Clinic experience workshop
⭐️Chris Batten - “unwiding the fascial web”

Workshop 5th of April
For students of osteopathy and 2018 graduates.
⭐️Mervyn Waldman-“Introduction to Classical Osteopathy”

Workshop 8th of April
Only for ICO members
⭐️Mervyn Waldman



Uplift Connect

This is us. ❤️

This social experiment might make you look at others differently.

Thank you TV2 Denmark and Director Asger Leth.


22日からChris Batten D.OとMark Robson D.O を招待して国際セミナーを開催しています。
WEEK5ではChris Batten DOからの質問を受講生どうしでディスカッションしながら考えたり、これまでの受け身の講義から参加型の講義になり受講生は大変ですが面白いですね。

Chris Batten D.Oの講義は受ける度にリニューアルされていて何度受けても新しい発見があります。



Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Excellent webinar with #carolinestone covering detailed practical anatomy for Osteopaths. From the mediastinum, to the lungs, to the anterior cervical area and thoracic outlet... Thanks #carolinestone and everyone that logged in, from Canada to Europe and Japan. Next one in January with Andy Cotton 😀😀😀 #instituteofclassicalosteopathy

Teacher Tells Deaf Student That Other Kids Can Hear Him Fart, and His Reaction Is Perfect

Funny how a simple fart can lead to so much good! Unless you grew up with hearing difficulties, it can be tough to fully understand how hard it is to be deaf. Simple things that we take for granted are processed completely differently for those with hearing impairments. Like farts, for example. First-grade teacher Anna Trupiano found this out when....

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

ICO representation at the ATSU Founders Day events in Kirksville, where A T Still set osteopathy in motion.

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Classical Osteopathy!

Last weekend the ICO was representing traditional Osteopathy at the iO conference in London. Tim Jason Sparrow and Hendrik Vlek duscussed The Body Adjustment: A classical approach to 21st century healthcare. 😀


Institute of Classical Osteopathy

Tim Sparrow in Dorking 20-21st October 2018

The physiological basis of osteopathic medicine.

Will look at the neurology and physiology surrounding the osteopathic lesion and understanding the background to disease and its treatment

For those who took the Foundation Course in the UK or abroad and want to carry on their pathway to become full MICO
£200 ICO members
£250 non-ICO
enrolment at: [email protected]

Are you well adjusted?

Eggs are cracked.....Spines are ADJUSTED!

Get your spine adjusted 🙂

Institute of Classical Osteopathy

We firmly believe that the Postgraduate training in Classical Osteopathy provides students with a broader capacity for osteopathic application, improves their confidence to help patients and develops the bases to learn about the holistic reach of the pioneers of the osteopathic profession.😀

More info about our courses: [email protected]

London Clinic of Classical Osteopathy

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