University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP)

UTIHP creates initiatives through its committees to engage the student body & the community beyond in global health issues, connects students with an interest in global health, and inspires students to take action in addressing global health challenges.

Founded in 1988 by a group of medical students in response to an increasing global health interest on campus, UTIHP has grown over the years to become the largest interdisciplinary student group in the country, with members from faculties across campus.We operate entirely independent of any large organizations, non-governmental or otherwise, and are entirely student driven. Almost everything we've done has been created from the ground up. We truly believe in an interdisciplinary, collaborative, and outside-of-the-box approach to solving today's global problems. Our structure and fluidity means that our members are open to a world of possibilities for creating positive and lasting changes in our local and global communities.

We organize our initiatives around 8 different committees that provide students opportunities to engage, connect and contribute to the field of Global Health. To learn more bout our committees, visit our website: & the individual committee FB pages found in our 'likes' section!

Loyce Pace: Making Sense of the US Budget Proposal for Global Health

"US Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said the US “strongly, strongly” supports WHO.” That same day the Trump administration released an FY18 budget with a 26% reduction in global health funding among other massive cuts to UN agencies.

It is important to recognize that the gains we make in one area like polio eradication is tied to other areas. It’s difficult for those of us who work in global health to be comfortable with silo thinking and accept that people still will be able to survive and thrive with these proposed cuts."

**CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE" GENEVA – At a World Health Assembly side event on Tuesday, US Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said the US “strongly, strongly” supports WHO.” That same day the Trump administration released an FY18 budget with a 26% reduction in global health funding among o

Healthy Generation Fund - Deadline for Submissions Extended!

HEALTHY GENERATION FUND - Extended Deadline: June 15th, 2017

The Healthy Generation Fund was created through a generous pledge by the Clerici Family to the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME). This Fund affirmed the mutual commitment of the Clerici family, IHPME and the Institute for Global Health Equity & Innovation (IGHEI) to the shared values of creating impact on the healthcare system that helps bring about systemic change, fostering entrepreneurial and social responsibility spirit among youth, upholding social and equity values and inspiring others for philanthropic support.

The annual competition seeks to attract proposals led by teams of students, faculty and community-based organizations with inspiring social innovations for improvement in equity in the healthcare system. The innovations could include the creation of a new solution, process, product, tool, service, model or any other socially-oriented venture or the adaptation of an existing one, always benefiting the health and well-being of students, directly or indirectly.

UTIHP recruitment 2017-2018

The University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) is recruiting executive members for the 2017-2018 year!

Founded in 1988, the University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) is the largest charity on campus and is a joint organization under the Medical School and Faculty of Arts and Science. UTIHP is a student-run non-profit organization which promotes health on campus and in its community. It is also a levy group under the University of Toronto Student Union. UTIHP has 12 different committees that run large global health events across all three campuses. Every year, UTIHP recruits around 30 co-chairs and 70 more sub-committee executives. Members of UTIHP come from diverse and interdisciplinary backgrounds, including the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Arts and Science and Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

A. Co-Chairs
1. Earthtones Concert Co-Chairs (2)
2. Ontario Model World Health Organization (OMWHO) Secretary General & Under Secretary General (2)
3. Health and Human Rights Conference Co-Chairs (3)
4. Global Health Engage Co-Chairs (3)
5. REACH Co-Chairs (3)
6. High School Partnership Program Co-Chairs (3)
7. Scholars Program Co-Chairs (3)
8. Discovery Fund Co-Chairs (2)

B. Core Executive
1. Finance Chair (2)
2. Public Relations Co-Chairs (2)
3. Graphic Designer (2)
4. Web-designer (2)
5. Videographer (1)
6. Photographer(1)

Wednesday May 3rd 2017, 11:59 PM
- please send in application and curriculum vitae to
- short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview in early May

All students are eligible to apply. We pride our group on recruiting undergraduate, graduate and professional students!

RECRUITMENT PACKAGE, with details concerning each position:


Please feel free to send Derek Tsang or Hannah Girdler a message if you have any questions! WHAT IS UTIHP? The University of Toronto International Health Program (UTIHP) is one of the largest charities on campus and is a joint organization under the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Arts and Science. UTIHP is a student-run non-profit organization that promotes health on campus and i...

Student alleges University of Toronto mishandled sex assault complaint | Toronto Star

Thank you for your courage @Tamsyn Riddle!

We look towards the day where sexual assault on campus has better communication channels, timelines on action, transparency and legal counsel for sexual assault survivors. Tamsyn Riddle has filed a human rights application alleging the school failed in handling her sexual assault complaint.

Breathing Life into Medical Oxygen Ahead of WHO Committee Decision

"Hospitals throughout sub-Saharan Africa can’t obtain enough medical-grade oxygen for patients who need it. Low blood oxygen, or hypoxemia, accompanies many conditions, from trauma and pregnancy complications to pneumonia. Now, a Kenyan entrepreneur has created a system for more cheaply producing and distributing oxygen. It’s called Hewa Tele, or “abundant air.”

Still, experts say donors, governments and hospitals must prioritize oxygen in budgets and policies. Today, oxygen is listed on the WHO’s Essential Medicines List only for use during anesthesia. Global health organizations have submitted a proposal to also list oxygen as essential for managing hypoxemia."

**CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE** Oxygen is one of the most frequently-required medical interventions in the world, yet it remains in critically short supply in low-resource hospitals. The WHO will soon make a decision on whether to include oxygen in its updated Essential Medicines list.

Malaria: Images from the Pacific

"Pearl Gan, a Singaporean photographer, set out to increase awareness of the plight of people affected by malaria in the Asia Pacific—including the marginalized migrant populations living on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border in the Mae Sot area, Tak Province.

In a special photo essay for Global Health NOW, Gan, who collaborated with the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Eijkman Oxford Medical Research Unit, Jakarta and J. Kevin Baird, PhD, on the effort, describes some of the people she met for the project and their daily challenges fighting malaria."

**CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE** Daw Ngwe Tein, above, is babysitting her 3-year-old grandchild, Blu Nay L'Paw, while Blu's mother works as a Medic in the Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) in Mae Sot, Thailand.

The Role for Mindfulness in Public Health

"Mindfulness—the process of first observing and then letting go of various thoughts and feelings—takes practice, but could have a public health payoff.

Mindful modalities like yoga and meditation are known to relieve stress—which, in turn, affects many aspects of health with links to premature birth, immune dysfunction and obesity. Mindfulness can also help improve our response to triggers that spur harmful behavior, such as smoking, explains Anna Bradley, a public health professional and yoga teacher."

**CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE** My favorite definition of mindfulness is “to pay attention with abiding faith in a loving universe,” from Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. Put more simply, mindfulness is a practice of first observing and then letting go of various thoughts and feelings.

Anh Cao on Homelessness - Health and Human Rights Conference 2017

Missed out on our Health and Human Rights Conference? Watch Anh Cao, a top graduate of the University of Toronto, speak on his own experiences with homelessness.

Anh, a foreign student from Vietnam, had a long and bumpy road to the top, but it was journey that many will never forget. With plummeting and unaffordable international fees, Anh was left with no choice but to live in a youth homeless shelter in order to complete his education. Despite his living circumstances, he was the top graduate from Canada’s largest university. He is currently doing a Masters degree in immunology with Dr. Treaner.

Anh, a foreign student from Vietnam, had a long and bumpy road to the top, but it was journey that many will never forget. With plummeting and unaffordable i...


Want to keep abreast of UTIHP events and news? Check out our website:

Stories from a home for terminally ill children | Kathy Hull

How do we face death? A model for hospice care for terminally ill children in the states.

To honor and celebrate young lives cut short, Kathy Hull founded the first freestanding pediatric palliative care facility in the United States, the George M...




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