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Soulfarm Healing Company believes that the health of the Soul determines the health of the mind and body. Get back in touch with your Soul!

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Intentional circle:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to come in and say how much I appreciate all of you on this group.

Appreciation is a very high vibration and I would like to keep it going...

As a token of that appreciation...
I am going to offer an
Intentional Circle!!!

This is how it works...
One night a month, we will meet on zoom to create our space of intention. People will be able to come into the zoom room and share their intention in a ceremonial way that I will set up.

This kind of sharing is powerful! I have a group that I meet with every 2 weeks and the process has been life changing!

To get on the list, I need to communicate with you by email.

Go to my website and sign up at the bottom and I’ll have your email here: or send me your email and tell me you want to take part at [email protected] or say yes in the comments and I’ll pm you!

The first circle will be 4pm Monday, January 13.

See you there😘

Note: if you don’t want to miss any info on this and other offerings, join us in the group Your Wild Soul. Press ‘join group’ at the top of this page. We help people with autism, anxiety, depression, or any difficulty find healing by working with horses.

Prince Ea

Every Human Being on Earth should watch this!

“We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass quotes to Guide the Way. "The minute you get near humans, you lose all that. And you are constantly saying 'You are too this, or I'm too this.' That judgment mind comes in."

Duchess Sanctuary

“Let your heart out of its suit of armour. Teach it to ride the wings of the wind.”

To Heal From Trauma, You Have to Feel Your Feelings Feeling your feelings is one of the healthiest things you can do.

A reminder to all that gift certificates are available at Soulfarm for private 1.5 hour sessions for adults, youth, and children for Horse Medicine sessions!

Email [email protected] to arrange your gift certificate delivery!


This image by Charles depicts exactly what it feels like to receive Horse Medicine...ahhhh.

Join us in the group Your Wild Soul to get more into the juicy bits of this work! Click on ‘join group’ button at the top of this page.

Love to all,

193: How to Listen to Your Soul (with Thirza Voysey)

This podcast conversation with Jen Riday of Vibrant Happy Women was an honest look at why I hold both listening to your Soul and allowing the horses to work with us in such high regard. The horses and nature are coming forward in their calm, quiet way to support us on our Soul’s journey. It’s sometimes easy for us to carry on with our regular programming because it feels comfortable. I’ve never been one that could do comfortable for very long because it meant I wasn’t expanding. Listening to my Soul has called from me that I step of the cliff and trust that the Universe will build a bridge under me as I go...there was no waiting for the bridge to be built before I jumped. The jumping and the trusting happened and then the support came. It can be a scary process to Follow your Soul off the cliff, but it is so worth it every single time!

Huge love and enjoy the listen,
Thirza Listening is a part of everyday life, right? We listen to our children, our spouse, our friends, our coworkers. But how often do we pause and listen to ourselves? In this episode, Thirza Voysey talks about ways we can slow down, tune into our souls and find fulfillment.

People-pleasing can be a result of trauma. It’s called ‘fawning’ — here’s how to recognize it.

There is so much in this article for many of us... dare I say, ALL of us humans. We have all faced some kind of trauma and have a way of coping as a result... sometimes giving away our power, sometimes being controlling, sometimes vacillating between the two... yikes!

Lately, in my practice, the animals and us humans have been running into story after story around trauma and addiction of some sort be that substance abuse or eating disorders or addictions to unhealthy thought patterns... and sometimes/usually bodily issues in that area.

We are working with these issues energetically. The sacral chakra is where these issues originate... this space in the human body, just below the belly button, is the home for issues related to emotions, one to one relationships, creativity, sexuality, addictions, desire, joy. So often we stop feeling our feelings because it isn’t safe to do so and then one day we wake up and can’t feel anything.. anger, sadness, joy. This is being disconnected from this part of the body that we can get disconnected from for so many reasons.

Wellness is happening through energetic work and the help of the animals! Reconnecting to Self, Soul, and Nature is the key to this type of healing.

Huge love,
Thirza “I avoided those relationships where love was free and easy. Because it didn’t feel ‘earned,’ so I didn’t feel worthy.”

This is Soulfarm! Ahhh we love it here. We’ve been living on this land for 2.5 years now and it really is a space of wellness. We have been listening deeply to her and she is calling for those who feel called to join us.

I wanted to announce it here, first, that we have decided to open up our home to host private retreats for women coming for horse medicine!

These retreats are custom and private. They include daily private yoga and meditation classes,
horse medicine sessions, and cacao ceremony.

They are solo retreats and can be custom made to suit your timeline and needs. The queen room includes a private bathroom and private space for creating.

Farm to table food will be available and suited to your needs based on your custom retreat.

As always, email me for a call to discuss and set up your retreat or book in my calendar here:

This is really exciting for us and a dream come true! We cannot wait to host your transformational retreat for you!!

Huge love,
Thirza and the Soulfarm family

Hello! Watch this to hear a discussion about your intuition!

I am putting on a workshop “understanding and developing your intuition” that you can join from your home and wear your pjs if you want! (We’ll meet on zoom)

Sunday, November 24, 1-4pm for $67. There will be intuitive exercises and vision journeys as well as info about my journey and all that I have learned on my intuitive adventures so far with the horses and intuition!

Comment ‘yes please’ below amd I’ll contact you if you want to join, or email me at [email protected]!

Can you feel me excitement! Intuition is my favourite thing!!

Huge love,

PS.. why does the video always show the absolute best face on the frozen shot at the beginning!? Haha...

Experts turn to the healing power of horses to stem escalating suicide rates in Aboriginal youths Champion Kimberley rodeo rider Kadin Bauer lost his brother and some of his uncles and aunties to suicide. Now he is part of a program using horses to help lower the suicide rate in his area.

The Epoch Times Canada

Oh my heart. Could barely stop crying enough to post this...!

Never tell me that animals have no soul. This story really touched my heart!

Credit: ViralHog

All 4

This is a lesson we could all do with learning.

This is inspiration for me today and for anyone out there who might need it!

Join our group, Your Wild Soul (click on the button at the top of this page) to be in conversation about really learning to listen to your Soul and watch your life change!

Longer Exhalations Are an Easy Way to Hack Your Vagus Nerve Respiratory vagus nerve stimulation (rVNS) counteracts fight-or-flight stress.

Sacred Dreams

There comes a day, somewhere in the middle of every woman’s life, when Mother Nature herself stands behind us and wraps her arms around our shoulders, whispering

“It’s time.”

“You have taken enough now. It’s time to stop growing up, stop growing older and start growing wiser – and wilder.

There are adventures still waiting on you and this time, you will enjoy them with the vision of wisdom and the companionship of hindsight, and you will really let go.

It’s time to stop the madness of comparison and the ridicule of schedule and conformity and start experiencing the joys that a life, free of containment and guilt, can bring.”

She will shake your shoulders gently and remind you that you’ve done your bit. You’ve given too much, cared too much, you’ve suffered too much.

You’ve bought the book as it were and worn the t-shirt.

Worse, you’ve worn the chains and carried the weight of a burden far too heavy for your shoulders.

“It’s time” she will say.

“Let it go, really let it go and feel the freedom of the fresh, clean spaces within you. Fill them with discovery, love and laughter. Fill yourself so full you will no longer fear what is ahead and instead you will greet each day with the excitement of a child.”

She will remind you that if you choose to stop caring what other people think of you and instead of caring what you think of you, that you will experience a new era of your life you never dreamed possible.

‘It’s time’ she will say…

“to write the ending, or new beginning, of your own story.”~

~Donna Ashworth

BBC Radio Cornwall

It’s funny to me that it is even a question if horses help our mental health. Of course they do!! But I love videos that confirm it!

A trial is being run by the NHS to see if "horse therapy" could provide an alternative to prescribing anti-depressants.

[07/12/19]   Raven is taking on youth struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, or those just needing time in nature and connection. She is ready for 1.5 hour appointments here on Gabriola Island...and I am here too. Email Thirza to book: [email protected].

Spirit horses of the Range

For those joining us here at Soulfarm for guest presenter, Guliz, here is one of her powerful stories of connection...! And for those who aren’t signed up for the workshop yet.. there is still room! There is something so very magical about being in the presence of a herd of horses on the wide open range. It's a mixture of the the invisible and the visible. The known and the unknown. It's wind brushing across your cheeks and moving your hair wildly across your forehead. It's smelling the fres

Happening at Soulfarm, Gabriola Island August 25. I cannot wait!!

All it takes is YOU to show up in your greatness to change this world for the greater.. That’s all.
Nature and the Animals are here to help us.
Come practice deep listening and see what gems you may find, discover and remember.❤️

#equuarius #squamish#whistler #pemberton #vancouver#creativewriting #wildhorses#horses #cheekyeranch

Haha I Realized I posted this earlier without the poster image... trying it again!

This workshop is happening at Soulfarm (on Gabriola Island) on Sunday, July 7.

Spots still available.

Register by emailing [email protected].

We would love to have you join us and crack that heart open...lovingly and gently of course!

This workshop is happening at Soulfarm (on Gabriola Island) on Sunday, July 7.

Spots still available.

Register by emailing [email protected].

We would love to have you join us and crack that heart open...lovingly and gently of course!

Re-Wilding the Heart: Intuition Development Workshop

This is the same workshop that Guliz will be bringing here to Soulfarm on Gabriola, August 25! Email [email protected] for info and to register. It will be life changing!!

Half-day adventures where we exercise our intuition, as guided by the horses. COME JOIN US: We explore to...


When this former soldier developed PTSD it was horses that helped him heal.

Our 7 year old is always asking us questions...what’s your favourite thing? Who do you love the most? If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

So the other day, my husband asks Kai, our son, what do you most want in the world? And I’m waiting for him to say something like, money, or toys...and he looks at his papa and says, “I want you to be happy.” I cried. And I’m crying now as I write this...seriously!

All that our kids want is for us to be happy! doesn’t that light a fire under your ass to get happy? Stop working on all those other distractions that you think are important, but are just making others happy and make yourself happy. When you are happy, everything else will work out! I Promise!

Email me for a Soul Reading at [email protected], and for $50, we will dive into what your Soul wants and what you need to do to get happy!

I hear farmers around here say, “when is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. What is the second best time? Today.” It’s the same with self development. Let’s do this now!

Huge love to all of you powerful Beings!

The first workshop day being offered is next tuesday, June 11! Contact us at info to register! We also have weekend dates in July and August!

The day starts with beautiful heart opening yoga with Clara and then horse medicine with Thirza and the herd in the afternoon.

Our promise is that you will have an experience here..and it just might quietly change your life!

This summer, we are going workshop crazy!!

The energies are high for heart-opening right now on the planet, so let’s jump in that current! The horses are here and ready to Help!

Come to Soulfarm during one of these 3, 1 day retreat will be happy you did!

“I choose to dance!” How about you?

"Again I will remind you: Lighthouses were built for storms, and you know what I’m speaking of. It’s not a time of testing, it’s a time of adjusting. So dear Human Being, as your DNA begins to shift, a change of your comfortable past reality is what often happens. Don’t despair. There is a reason for all these things, and if you’re one of those who decides it in the face of this fear, 'I choose to dance,' then you’re going to make it through."

(From Book 11: Lifting the Veil,p. 330)

/Pic: via Google images/

It’s a good day when I get to lay on the ground in the sun! Many humans have such a go go go lifestyle these days and I just don’t want to keep up. I wanna do this.. like the animals. So much healing comes from the earth. Pachamama shares her love with us and when I lay like this, I feel her wrapped around me, supporting me... and who doesn’t want to feel the support of the entire Earth! Me please! #soulfarmhealingco #naturehealing #horsemedicine #chakraalignment #chakrahealing #medicinehorses #inspiredbynature #sinkintonature #deepselflove #relaxyourwholebeing #beyourwild

horse therapy for people, Soulfarm Healing Co. gabriola island, bc

Hey everyone! Check out our shiny fresh updated website! We are taking bookings for daytime and after school sessions now! email [email protected] to book We help people with autism, anxiety, depression, or any difficulty find healing by working with horses.

Healing with’s happening all the time and this beautifully documented case is just one example. The comments hold many many more...

THE POWER OF COHERENCE. Here is a photo of a woman with cerebral palsy (and a nervous system that is misfiring) in a wheelchair. As the horses noticed her jerking movements, they realised her nervous system was misfiring and one by one, they laid down around her (slowing down their breathing rate, which slowed down their heart rate, which created the pulsing resonant field that caused her nervous system to entrain/synchronise with). She later reported that her jerking movements had calmed down significantly.

Over in our group, Your Wild Soul, I’ll be going live on Wednesdays at noon and doing horse wisdom card readings for those who ask.

Join us in the group!

This today....

"We locked up our wisdom into our bones
And swallowed the keys
They sank in our rivers of blood
And we forgot the maps
Because we had to forget the mysteries
To keep them safe.
We wove our hair into brooms
And swept over our paths
And then burned the earth with our rage
We didn't teach our children
It was the only way to protect them,
we thought
But in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys
And told them stories and riddles and songs
With no roots, just tangled threads
That would take years to unwind
Just enough time
For the rains to fall again
and put out the fires
For the dams to break
For the rivers to flood
For the paths
to be walked again
For the soil to breathe
And as the old bones crumble
Deep beneath the rubble
We find we've always had the keys
Our stories and our maps
Our paths are revealed to some
And the seeds grow again
The threads are unspun
And woven again"
~Amara Bronwyn Hollow Bones
Art by Jan Parker
Full moon blessings..
art by Edward Robert Hughes (1851 – 1914)

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