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Soulfarm Healing Company believes that the health of the Soul determines the health of the mind and body. Get back in touch with your Soul!

Spirit horses of the Range

For those joining us here at Soulfarm for guest presenter, Guliz, here is one of her powerful stories of connection...! And for those who aren’t signed up for the workshop yet.. there is still room! There is something so very magical about being in the presence of a herd of horses on the wide open range. It's a mixture of the the invisible and the visible. The known and the unknown. It's wind brushing across your cheeks and moving your hair wildly across your forehead. It's smelling the fres

Happening at Soulfarm, Gabriola Island August 25. I cannot wait!!

All it takes is YOU to show up in your greatness to change this world for the greater.. That’s all.
Nature and the Animals are here to help us.
Come practice deep listening and see what gems you may find, discover and remember.❤️

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Haha I Realized I posted this earlier without the poster image... trying it again!

This workshop is happening at Soulfarm (on Gabriola Island) on Sunday, July 7.

Spots still available.

Register by emailing [email protected].

We would love to have you join us and crack that heart open...lovingly and gently of course!

This workshop is happening at Soulfarm (on Gabriola Island) on Sunday, July 7.

Spots still available.

Register by emailing [email protected].

We would love to have you join us and crack that heart open...lovingly and gently of course!

Re-Wilding the Heart: Intuition Development Workshop

This is the same workshop that Guliz will be bringing here to Soulfarm on Gabriola, August 25! Email [email protected] for info and to register. It will be life changing!!

Half-day adventures where we exercise our intuition, as guided by the horses. COME JOIN US: We explore to...


When this former soldier developed PTSD it was horses that helped him heal.

Our 7 year old is always asking us questions...what’s your favourite thing? Who do you love the most? If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

So the other day, my husband asks Kai, our son, what do you most want in the world? And I’m waiting for him to say something like, money, or toys...and he looks at his papa and says, “I want you to be happy.” I cried. And I’m crying now as I write this...seriously!

All that our kids want is for us to be happy! doesn’t that light a fire under your ass to get happy? Stop working on all those other distractions that you think are important, but are just making others happy and make yourself happy. When you are happy, everything else will work out! I Promise!

Email me for a Soul Reading at [email protected], and for $50, we will dive into what your Soul wants and what you need to do to get happy!

I hear farmers around here say, “when is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. What is the second best time? Today.” It’s the same with self development. Let’s do this now!

Huge love to all of you powerful Beings!

The first workshop day being offered is next tuesday, June 11! Contact us at info to register! We also have weekend dates in July and August!

The day starts with beautiful heart opening yoga with Clara and then horse medicine with Thirza and the herd in the afternoon.

Our promise is that you will have an experience here..and it just might quietly change your life!

This summer, we are going workshop crazy!!

The energies are high for heart-opening right now on the planet, so let’s jump in that current! The horses are here and ready to Help!

Come to Soulfarm during one of these 3, 1 day retreat will be happy you did!

“I choose to dance!” How about you?

"Again I will remind you: Lighthouses were built for storms, and you know what I’m speaking of. It’s not a time of testing, it’s a time of adjusting. So dear Human Being, as your DNA begins to shift, a change of your comfortable past reality is what often happens. Don’t despair. There is a reason for all these things, and if you’re one of those who decides it in the face of this fear, 'I choose to dance,' then you’re going to make it through."

(From Book 11: Lifting the Veil,p. 330)

/Pic: via Google images/

It’s a good day when I get to lay on the ground in the sun! Many humans have such a go go go lifestyle these days and I just don’t want to keep up. I wanna do this.. like the animals. So much healing comes from the earth. Pachamama shares her love with us and when I lay like this, I feel her wrapped around me, supporting me... and who doesn’t want to feel the support of the entire Earth! Me please! #soulfarmhealingco #naturehealing #horsemedicine #chakraalignment #chakrahealing #medicinehorses #inspiredbynature #sinkintonature #deepselflove #relaxyourwholebeing #beyourwild

horse therapy for people, Soulfarm Healing Co. gabriola island, bc

Hey everyone! Check out our shiny fresh updated website! We are taking bookings for daytime and after school sessions now! email [email protected] to book We help people with autism, anxiety, depression, or any difficulty find healing by working with horses.

Healing with’s happening all the time and this beautifully documented case is just one example. The comments hold many many more...

THE POWER OF COHERENCE. Here is a photo of a woman with cerebral palsy (and a nervous system that is misfiring) in a wheelchair. As the horses noticed her jerking movements, they realised her nervous system was misfiring and one by one, they laid down around her (slowing down their breathing rate, which slowed down their heart rate, which created the pulsing resonant field that caused her nervous system to entrain/synchronise with). She later reported that her jerking movements had calmed down significantly.

Over in our group, Your Wild Soul, I’ll be going live on Wednesdays at noon and doing horse wisdom card readings for those who ask.

Join us in the group!

This today....

"We locked up our wisdom into our bones
And swallowed the keys
They sank in our rivers of blood
And we forgot the maps
Because we had to forget the mysteries
To keep them safe.
We wove our hair into brooms
And swept over our paths
And then burned the earth with our rage
We didn't teach our children
It was the only way to protect them,
we thought
But in them we planted seeds, seeds and keys
And told them stories and riddles and songs
With no roots, just tangled threads
That would take years to unwind
Just enough time
For the rains to fall again
and put out the fires
For the dams to break
For the rivers to flood
For the paths
to be walked again
For the soil to breathe
And as the old bones crumble
Deep beneath the rubble
We find we've always had the keys
Our stories and our maps
Our paths are revealed to some
And the seeds grow again
The threads are unspun
And woven again"
~Amara Bronwyn Hollow Bones
Art by Jan Parker
Full moon blessings..
art by Edward Robert Hughes (1851 – 1914)

Meagan Saum - Emotional Wellness & Resilience Coach

So important...

So so important in today's world to be supporting our children in the discovery of their triggers, stress impact and development of resilience!!

This is our February offer. February is the month of love!

So love yourself into a high vibration with a 5 session coaching package! These are open for sessions booked in February (it’s ok if the sessions actually take place in March).
There are a limited number of spaces available for this February Love offer!

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” Liz Schelbert

Our program, Horse Inspired Illumination, has been helping women transform their lives!


Having personally experienced Thirza’s life coaching, I highly recommend her services! I feel renewed with a whole new attitude and expanded views on matters dear to my heart and soul that I had lost touch with prior....The GOOD NEWS is.. the block that had me stuck has since dissolved and dissipated thanks to Thirza’s gentle yet firm approach during our ‘Horse Illuminated Journey’ course. Thirza held space for me in such a way that deep transformational work was achieved, and gently so. I am ever grateful as this is a gift that just keeps growing as I integrate my 3 month experience with Soulfarm Healing Company! We completed our agreement (12 weeks worth) a few weeks ago and I am happily integrating and pinching myself in the mornings as I wake up feeling excited about what’s on my plate! My heart is full and overflowing with a renewed sense of enthusiasm Thirza!

Email me at [email protected] or comment ‘me’ below and I’ll send you a private message, if you want to grab this introductory offer and let’s start transforming your life!

Forest sun bathing...these two have it all figured out!

This Sacred Wheel is Mine... I completed it after facilitating the ‘Be Your Wild’ workshop on the weekend. This work is transformational! I have already had so many insights into what I am supposed to be doing in this life... and there are so many layers of knowledge left for me to understand and explore. Once you do this workshop, the Wheel is yours’ for life to be translated by you over and over throughout your life.

This Wheel is your relationship To power!! I have 2 spaces this week for people that want to meet online and complete their Wheel before 2019 arrives!

Start 2019 with clarity and focus! ‘Cause time is moving fast! Book in with me here and state ‘Sacred Wheel’ appointment. Click here to Book with me: or comment ‘Me Please!’ Below and I’ll contact you to set it up!

Soul Purpose Reading with Tarot-SALE!

So super exciting!! I have started offering Soul Purpose readings... and Wow! They are so informative and deep that they are blowing people away!

Get yours for 25% off before December 15! Email or pm me for an appt!

[email protected]

Come join us December 8 at this transformational workshop in Nanaimo! It’s time to step confidently onto your path in the dance with your Soul!

3 ways to transmute our emotions so they don’t take up residence energetically in our bodies!

Let’s get serious about raising our vibrations!

Come and join us at the group Your Wild Soul where we are talking about all this stuff (click ‘join group’ button at the top of this page). By healing ourselves we heal the planet!

See you there!

Hello everyone!!

I am so excited to be offering 45-minute Soul Chakra Readings with the tarot from now until December 15!! Sit your butt down, light a candle, and let’s talk about you and what your Soul wants you to know!

Give yourself the gift of self-compassion and attention before life gets a little crazy!!

Big love to you!

Email me @ [email protected] for a reading, comment below, or pm me for a reading. I’m so excited for these transformations!

Video today about 11:11. What does it mean and why are we seeing it? Check it Out! This excites me so much! Can you Tell? Big love to all of you on your Journey!

Horses can help us dive deeply into our Souls if we will let them. As travellers between the worlds, they guide us patiently to our specific purpose in this life.

Whether you are able to connect with horses in ‘reality’ or in the ‘dreamtime’, they will show you the path. Are you listening to the messages?

Messages are coming every day to you about your path. It is important for us to begin to listen and lighten our energetic footprint.

If we tend to our own vibration and raise it, we are raising the vibration of the world. This is powerful stuff!

Join us in the group, Live your Soulful Life (join group button at the top of this page) to talk more about intuition and learn how to get on your path!

This is what’s happening today in the group and much more is coming about raising our vibration so we can experience freedom!!! Click ‘join group’ at the top of this page if you want to join us!

[10/17/18]   What do you want to learn about here? Eg. energy work, intuition, animal messages, archetypes, horse wisdom, chakras, crystals, tarot? Go!

Meditation!! How do the horses know? Every day, a few times a day, they meditate. It’s pretty cool to watch. There is no magic...or Lots of magic? They are just resting and breathing and connecting with themselves in the moment of now. Simple right? Not so simple for us humans!

A couple of things Raven teaches me about meditation.

1. Routine and make it a sacred priority! She does it Daily a couple of times! Nothing else is more important than meditating when it is time... not eating ( this is why I love watching her meditate because she has access to grass all the time, so for her to choose to rest and connect over food is awesome to me.).

2. She must be comfortable physically and in a safe place when she does it. For the human mind to become present, it needs to be comfortable and not distracted! (Put the phone on silent!)

3. Meditation is a natural state...we as humans think it is so hard and we can’t focus long enough with the monkey mind... maybe it helps to know that meditating is our natural state of being... so really we are just learning how to make our human minds focus and chill for a few minutes.

If you are looking to add meditation as a healing ritual into your life, it really is THE way to shift your life and rise, join us on our 6 week online meditation course. Check in events on this page, Get in touch with your Beingness. And email [email protected] to Register!

Big love!

[10/07/18]   This is what I wish for every human on the planet...let’s get in touch with our wild Soul!

But how? Where do I start? I’m offering a 6 week meditation course on sacred Sunday nights for 45 minutes. Join us and learn many different meditations that you can use daily to transform your life and connect your mind, body, and Soul!

Email me to register [email protected] or message me for pricing and Details! This is a meditation course from the comfort of your own homes! We will meet via zoom, easy peasy I will help...

Let’s get clearing out those cobwebs of the mind and those looping life situations caused by stuck belief systems! Let’s find freedom!

Hey! We’re talking about anxiety this week over at the group, Live Your Soulful Life! Hit ‘join group’ at the top of this page if you wanna come join us ladies! How are you managing your energy? Are you being blown around like a leaf in the wind?

do one thing that makes you happy every day | Quotes general inspiration | Pinterest | Inspirational, Wisdom and Thoughts

What are 3 things that make your Soul happy?

I’ll start:

1. Chocolate
2. My people
3. The entire horse population
4. Dancing
5. Seeing the world as sacred.
6. Connecting daily with my Soul through meditation, ceremony, and time in nature.
7. Crystals! How could I forget those?

Ok that’s more than 3 but you get the idea...and go! do one thing that makes you happy every day

So much yes to This! I used to run a women’s circle called Woman’s Soul Circle and it was so full of love and support! Join my group ‘Live Your Soulful Life’ if you want to experience the online version! You will learn all things Soul,chakra and horse wisdom! And let’s support each other on the Journey! Click ‘join group’ button on this page to join!

Soulfarm Healing Company's cover photo

Soulfarm Healing Company's cover photo

Soulfarm Healing Company's cover photo

Soulfarm Healing Company's cover photo

The Daily Goalcast

This beautiful Soul has passed on and her life has inspired me to shine as me in a way that I have been afraid to. Thank you Claire Wineland.

RIP Claire Wineland

Throw pillows, twinkle lights and the courage to create: Claire Wineland, a cystic fibrosis activist, reveals the most important lesson she learned while living her life in a hospital room.

Speaker: Claire Wineland, Love, Songs, and Updates Page

So here we are.. one year after Raven and I found each other and we are doing some awesome work together. This group of amazing Souls came together today and graced us with their presence. There were so many favourite moments for me in the day...I love working with youth.. but the most amazing thing was that Raven chose to stay and hang out amongst this joyous, youthful energy and just bask. It was beautiful.

Healing Horses: Equine Therapy for Grieving Children Can working with horses help children process grief?

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