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You know what I had no idea I would enjoy so much? Removing old tattoos I did!! This bad boy is 20 years old and looking fine if i do say so myself, but today it got zapped for the first time!
I can't wait to see this through.

In case you were worried about booking in for laser removal on a tattoo I or any of my collegues previously did....DO NOT WORRY!
It is all good.
My goal is to give you what you want, and if fresh skin is that thing, I'm your girl for it!

Text a picture of your tattoo to 250-327-7579 for a free quote.

Thank you so much for your patience everyone.🙌
We finally have the news you've all been waiting for... we're opening May 26th...🎉 hooray! 🎉
Unfortunately we are 🚫not accepting walk-ins🚫 at this time, it will be by appointment only.
👉If you had an appointment scheduled before the shut down you should have been contacted already and rescheduled. If we missed you somehow please reach out: 📱250-327-7579 📧 [email protected], and we will get it sorted for you asap.

Here are the main protocols we will be implimenting:

✅*Clients must come alone. No friends/family/kids allowed in the studio at this time.

✅*All clients must wear a face mask upon entering the studio AND for the duration of their laser removal treatment.

✅*Upon entering the studio clients will be asked to put all belongings into a storage bin and then must immediately wash their hands.

✅*No food or drink in the studio. Please ensure you are well hydrated and have eaten BEFORE your appointment.

✅*We would prefer if you paid by card, but we will accept cash. Please ensure you have the correct amount as we will not be giving change at this time to avoid any potential cross contamination.

As always we have an above standard cleaning routine and will continue to serve you in a comfortable yet sterile manner.
Things are going to be a bit wierd for the time being so we are asking that you have patience with us as we implement the new protocols and regulations required for us to be open.

I am looking forward to see all your wonderful faces again!
- Des

***Protocols may change at any time as more information and evidence come forth regarding Covid-19.

Hey friends, i'm sure you're just as excited as me to start lasering your skin clean again. 😂 We're working on our re-opening strategy and protocols at the shop but are still awaiting final word from health Canada.

I will be contacting previously scheduled clients to get you in ASAP once I know the re-opening date.

One thing is for sure... friends/kids/tag alongs will not be permitted in the studio under the new health canada guidelines 😔

As always text 250-327-7579 for free quotes,questions or appointment scheduling.

Stay safe and we will see you SOON!

This is the dreaded message no one wants to hear... We have made the difficult decision to close until further notice.
We thought about trying the CTV method of taping the laser handle to hockey sticks to keep the 1-2 meter distance the Canadian CDC has put in place but that would just be bad for everyone 🤣

But in all seriousness, we did our part by limiting our clients and ramping up our disinfecting of the shop over the last week but, we've all agreed that wasn't enough to keep us all safe and to flatten the curve to take the load off our health care system. And surprisingly we'd also like to keep our immune compromised fearless leader alive to continue being able to keep lasering those tattoos off!
So for now we will be contacting everyone who has an appointment over the next two weeks to reschedule. We hate to do it but It's necessary for all of our health.

IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT US PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 250-327-7579 Or email [email protected]

Facebook and Instagram messages are great too.

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

Much love 🖤

Text or call 250-327-7579 if you have any questions or concerns!

Many of you know we've always held cleanliness and proper sanitation procedures as a top priority at Desire Tattoo Studio long before the COVID-19 crisis. Due to the recent updates from Health Canada, CDC and the government we would like to further implement extra precautionary measures for the health and safety of our awesome clients, staff (one of which is immune compromised) and family members.

As we continue our regular cross contamination prevention procedures of the entire tattoo studio, we will also add EXTRA disinfecting procedures of commonly touched surfaces such as door handles, counters, chairs, debit machine, phones, etc.. multiple times throughout the day paying extra attention to door handles, and the debit machine.
Business will continue as usual with some slightly modified requests to our clients.

An appointment only policy is put in place so please call us at: 250-585-7771 in lieu of walking in.

We ask that you DO NOT come into the studio if:
* You are feeling sick, coughing or have been in contact with anyone showing signs of illness.
* Have been travelling recently or been around anyone who has recently returned from a trip.
We will honour your deposit and reschedule you for a later date, but please try to give us 48 hours or as much notice as possible.
* We also ask that you come ALONE to your appointment, no friends or family allowed at this time. Less people in the studio means less chance of risks and exposure.
These precautionary measures will help to keep us all healthy and safe and in turn lessen the load on our hospitals and medical system.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.
Stay safe and remember... cough into your arm/elbow pit, stay home as much as you can and as always WASH YOUR HANDS!
❤ The Ladies

Are you thinking about having a tattoo lightened or removed but scared to book an appointment? WE ACCEPT WALK INS!!

👉1925 Bowen Rd unit #200, On the upper level by subway.

We give free quotes as well, just text a tattoo selfie to: 250-327-7579

** Tattoo right before the first session and what it looks like immediately after.**

Hey friends, we will be closed this week for renovations. (Feb 23rd to march 1st)
We will be answering texts 250-327-7579 and emails though so if you have any questions please contact us! [email protected]

Thanks for your patience, we will see you next week!

In case you've never seen it, this is what we like to call "frosting". It's what happens immediately as we laser your tattoo. It lasts for a very short amount of time, and as the sessions progress you see less and less of it.
This is the first laser session on a solid black kangaroo that was done really well. Stay tuned for progress updates!
Text 250-327-7579 or email [email protected] with a picture of the tattoo you want removed for a *FREE* quote.
Thanks for sitting so well Adam 😊

25% OFF! Last few hours to take advantage of this discount...

Have your ex's name tattooed on you? How about a wedding ring and you're no longer together?
👉 Text us a picture of your tattoo 📲250-327-7579 and book an appointment to receive 25% off your laser removal sessions.

*Offer valid until midnight Sunday Feb 16th

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Have your ex's name tattooed on you? How about a wedding ring and you're no longer together?
👉 Text us a picture of your tattoo 📲250-327-7579 and book an appointment to receive 25% off your laser removal sessions.

*Offer valid until midnight Sunday Feb 16th

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Effective Feb 3rd Empire Tattoo Removal will be located at Desire Tattoo Studio at 1925 Bowen Rd. #200. I am extremely happy that Desiree will be taking over the business and continuing to service my clients. Feel free to continue to text and call the phone to book your appointments at 250-327-7579

Desiree has been in the tattoo industry for over 23 yrs. She was recently diagnosed with MS and is unable to tattoo anymore. This new venture allows her to get back to being in her shop and around the people she loves and in an industry she truly has a passion for.

Many of you know Desiree already and she is more than happy to remove tattoos that she has also done over the years. She understands that styles and peoples personal opinions of their own tattoos change. She is there to help you get what you desire.

Desiree has all of the client info and your prices do not change. If you are scheduled to go in after Feb 3rd please keep your appointments and show up on time.

Thank you everyone for your patronage to my studio over the past couple of years. I really enjoyed meeting every single one of you, laughing with you and often laughing at you and your tattoos (all in good sport). I will cherish the many friendships I made as well.

Thank you!

Side note: My favorite tattoo that I ever removed was on a young man who asked his tattoo artist for 2 horseshoes but ended up getting 4 pen*s's. Instant Legend with an incredible sense of humor.

I have a few openings this Friday. Perfect time to get a session in before Christmas. Private message me to book your spot today.

Shoot us a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

If you are wondering what to get your favorite Laser Tattoo Removal Tech this holiday season look no further! Vente Caramel Ribbon Crunch with Extra Crunch.

Thank you Bonnie Johnston for today's treat! xo

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This weeks Shout Out goes to Christie at Sirens Ink. Art and tattooing are like second nature to her, she is an incredibly skilled and talented artist. Christie operates her shop on Saltspring island and worth the trip! Follow her today to check out some of her work. @sirens_ink82

The best month of the year!! Show us your Halloween or ghoulish inspired tattoos. Show & Shine!

Right now is the perfect time to begin removing your old or embarrassing tattoos before next summer. Send a photo to ‪250-327-7579‬ for a free and quick quote.

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Beaula Brow Academy

A local shout out for a business that is doing it right! Danielle is highly skilled and truly has a passion for what she does. If you are looking for microblading this is the woman for you!

Beaula Brow Bar @beaulabrowbar is owned by Danielle Jackson who is highly experienced in Microblading, Hybrid Brows and Colour Correction work where she also offers training at Beaula Brow Academy in Nanaimo.

“Each brow is unique to the client and designed according to their face shape, age and facial measurements to ensure we create the most natural looking brow.”⠀ Visit her website for more details and a portfolio on her work:www.beaulabrowbar.com


50% Laser Tattoo Removal! Available only at IslandDailyDeals.com

Get yours today and call/text 250-327-7579 to schedule your appointment.


Celebrity Tattoo Artist Dos and Don'ts ft. Josh Lord | INKED

Considering getting a tattoo? Watch this video by Inked Magazines Josh Lord on the Dos and Don'ts of getting a tattoo.

If you have a tattoo that you would like removed please feel free to contact us.

Call/Text 250-327-7579

Celebrity tattoo artist, Josh Lord, shares some of his dos and don'ts when it comes to tattooing, and getting tattooed. #Inked #TattooArtist #Celebrity WEBSI...

Shoot me a text with some images of your tattoo's that you would like removed and I will reply with a quote for you.

Text (250) 327-7579

Remove & Move On!

SALE! Please share on your wall. $75 tattoo removal for any tattoo, any size. Purchase online only by clicking the link below. The sale ends at noon on August 15th, act fast!


Truly Tragic! Don't worry, we got you! Call or text a selfie to 250-327-7579 for a free consultation.

Clients often ask me what my most memorable tattoo is that I have removed. Last year an elderly woman came in with her son, sat down, and proceeded to roll up her sleeve. I could tell by the way she and her son were looking at each other that this was going to be a numbered tattoo.

I looked it over and said "No problem, I can remove this for you!" and the look of relief on both of them was incredible. I begin prepping her and we get to talking. She tells me that when she was a child she was taken to Auschwitz with her parents, was separated immediately upon arrival, and never saw them again.

Once she was "liberated" or freed from Auschwitz she migrated to England, and then finally to Canada years later.

I told her "there is a fad going around where young people will carry on a "number" once the original owner of that number passes away." and her response was priceless (keep in mind this a frail older woman)...

"F**k that!" she says. "This is my number, I was born without it, and I will die without it, no one else will have this number on them. This number cost me my mother and father"

"Fair enough" I said.

I asked "What advice would you give young people instead?"

Her reply is equally priceless.."Do what that lesbian says 'be kind to one another"

Disclaimer: Photo shown is not of my clients tattoo. I am respecting her privacy and the photo is a Google image search. I am allowed to share her story as long as I do not reveal her identity or her tattoo. Thank you for understanding..

Remove & Move On! Spots available for tattoo removal. Schedule your appointment today.

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

Wrong Answers Only.

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

Fading your tattoo gives your tattoo artist the best opportunity to produce the highest quality of work possible. Without laser tattoo removal, the cover-up tattoo may not meet your expectations regardless of the tattoo artist’s skill.

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

Is it you?

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

Empire Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After. Remove & Move On!

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

An amazing story! Tattoo artist Benjamin Lloyd announced on Facebook that if he got 50 likes he would give all the kids at Auckland Starship Children's Hospital temporary tattoos. He got over 400,000 likes and still rising.

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: ‪(250) 327-7579‬

"Where did it go?"

Fact: It is not actually me who removes your ink, all I do is smash the ink into a thousand pieces with the laser. Your body does the rest. Basically you pee your tattoo out.

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

True Story. Book your first session today!

Text a tattoo selfie for a free quote/consultation.
Text: (250) 327-7579

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50% off: 30-min Tea Leaf Reading & 60-min Relaxing Raindrop Massage or Foot Soak with Reflexology!

A HUGE shout out to Gypsy Hart! We did an exchange of services and I had the BEST 30 minute massage of my life today to work out some lower back pain I was having. Go and see her and treat yourself today! Seriously!



Empire Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are NOT forever!

Many of us suffer from “Tattoo Regret” and often we hear “oh man, I was only 17 when I got this” or “I really want his/her name taken off of my body”. Don’t worry! We can remove them for you. Our state of the art machines can safely and quickly remove all colors in all tattoos. We use the most advanced laser tattoo removal systems on the market ensuring complete tattoo removal in fewer tattoo removal sessions.

Our Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling system gives you optimal comfort eliminating a lot of the discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal. Sit back and let us remove all of your tattoo regret in the comfort of our relaxing studio.

We have tried every topical numbing cream out there and we now proudly provide the best solution for those who would like to minimize the discomfort of tattoo removal. While we do use the Zimmer Cryo 6 Cooling machine for every procedure we often suggest a topical numbing cream top help make your visit as enjoyable as possible. Contact us if you would like to purchase a tube for $35 (trust me, this stuff is amazing!)

Depending on the size of tattoo that is to be removed most procedures can be done in short as 1 minute and can go as long as 15 minutes. Free Consultations: Please feel free to message us or text an image of your tattoo to (250) 327-7579 for a free quote. Be sure to provide the age of the tattoo as well as that helps determine how many sessions you will require to have it removed.

We en-devour to respond to all emails, messages, texts, and phone calls in a prompt and kind manner. Our staff is here to help answer all of your questions. Please feel free to call or email us and we will reply at our earliest convenience.

Remove & Move On!

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Opening Hours

Tuesday 11:00 - 18:00
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Thursday 11:00 - 18:00
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