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At reDEFINE Health & Wellness, we challenge the status quo on fitness, nutrition and essential oils. Join us on your journey in becoming the best YOU!

Sweaty beauties after a night of boxing.

Come check out this craft fair and help raise funds for the school. I’ll be there selling my oils.

How many of you struggle with self-doubt? I know I do. It can be very debilitating. What are some of the strategies you have implemented to help you over come this doubt? Let’s talk about it.

Choose HEALTH!!

Maybe we need to break up with gravity?? 😜

It’s important to have boundaries in place for every area of your life. Great reminder for setting those boundaries for your energy. You only have so much to give, choose wisely.

Do you ever feel like you can’t show your emotions or your true feelings?

Do you ever think that you don’t have a right to feel the way you do?

Have you ever stuffed down what you were feeling in order to stay strong and brave for those around you?

Have you ever ignored what you were needing because it might cause someone else to feel stressed or pressured to meet your needs?

Sometimes as Moms we just soldier on and push through because that’s what’s expected.

I didn’t realize how much I had been doing that until today when I was all of a sudden in tears.

Steve has been traveling a lot for work the past year and a half. Sometimes away for just a few days, but sometimes weeks at a time.

Not much I could do about it I suppose, so I just kept going, taking care of the boys and the house and work and everything else on my own, because no one else was here to help me.

It’s not like he really enjoys the travel or has much choice, so I never wanted to make him feel bad for leaving us. I understand how much he’s sacrificing as well to work at this job with the high demand for results, the long hours, the stress and the travel.

But I don’t think it actually hit my until today how lonely it is without him here, and how hard it is feeling like a single mom.

My entire schedule with clients, classes, kids activities, school, volunteering, and all errands, gets done without any help. I can’t rely on anyone else being here to help so if it can’t fit in my schedule, it doesn’t happen. It often leaves me driving all over town, or figuring out how I’m going to make it all work.

This entire time I have stuffed it all down and pretended it wasn’t there. I would say to people it was hard without him but didn’t really let it show or truly sink in even to myself. It’s not like complaining about it would change it so for the most part, I just kept it in. Until today.

Today I broke a little, today I cried and felt the deep loneliness. And it hurt.
My body has given me clues pointing to my increased stress levels which I also ignored and kept buried. It all came flooding out and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I was brave and vulnerable and shared how I felt with Steve. It doesn’t take away the loneliness but it helps to know that he knows. It helps that I could share this with my sister in law, and now I share it with all of you.

If only to bring awareness to the moments when we think we need to show we are stronger than we really are.
To the moments we tell ourselves we’re not allowed to feel this way.
To the moments we feel like we have to “keep it together.”
To the moments we take on shame and failure.

But these might just be lies we are telling ourselves.

Who am I to feel this way? Other people have it so much worse.
Who am I to feel burdened when there are so many full-time single moms out there.

You know what??!

It’s ok to not be ok!
It’s ok to fall apart every now and then.
It’s ok to say “THIS SUCKS!!”

Because it does, it sucks!! It’s hard, it’s lonely and it hurts.

Is my pain less real because there is someone out there hurting more? NO!

Is my loneliness not valid because I do still have a spouse? NO!

Is it not ok to be because I only have two kids when others have many more? NO!

It’s all real, it’s all valid.

For me, and for you!!

I’m not the only one who struggles with issues like this, and neither are you!

Life is hard, and it’s ok to say so.
Being a Mom is the hardest job in the world and let me tell you, NO ONE has it all figured out. There is no such thing as a perfect parent.

We are all just doing the best we can.
So yes today I broke a little, maybe it will be your turn tomorrow, and that’s ok.
We are only human after all.

Apple picking with my big boy

Come down to the health show at the convention centre.

[09/25/19]   Stress, cortisol levels, the adrenal glands, thyroid hormones and how they all play a major role in our ability to release unwanted weight. Sound intriguing? Come to my talk at the Wellnessnews Health Expo this Saturday at 3:30.

Great time tonight at reDEFINE as we listened to Dr Tonia speak. I think everyone learned something that they could implement into their own lives. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Last week I had the opportunity to go with my son on his Grade 12 Urban Missions trip to Vancouver.

We spent the first day having amazing conversations with homeless people and then they got to try panhandling on Robson Street. It was such an eye opener for us all and the kids who got to experience what it felt like to have to sit on the street and beg for money I believe will be forever changed.

The compassion that comes out of this to see these people as humans is so powerful. One of the most impactful things for me was the fact that once you sat down and talked to these people they didn’t ask for anything!!
They were just so happy just to have someone take the time to hear their story.

The second day we got to tour Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford and also visit their amazing museum where right now you can see their new exhibit “The Faces of Jesus”.

On The third day we were put to work at the Fraser Valley Gleeners. This non-profit takes vegetables from local farmers that cannot be sold to stores, processes and dehydrates them and makes big bags of soup mix. These then get donated to missions trips and other humanitarian organizations that then take them all around the world to feed hungry people. We produce so much food in this country and it’s just amazing to see it being used to feed those who don’t have any.

My introverted self needed a full day to recover after that (21, 17 year olds), but so glad I got to go.

Cody was absolutely exhausted by the end but he had a great time.
He played a little basketball with the guys and I have to say he’s not a bad shot.
He even made a new friend, Damion, at the college who was so sweet and played a little one-on-one with him.

An experience to be treasured!

How to get the most out of meditating—even when you feel like you have zero time Spoiler: You can meditate anywhere you want to.

Timeline Photos

Ladies I have something very exciting to share! But it’s also very scary. And that’s why I need to share it now, because sharing it makes it real.

Next summer I’m running a Christian Women’s retreat!! EEEK!!

I am so very excited about this as I have partnered with an amazing woman, Catherine Kitchen who brings her passion for health and love of God with her. Together we are going to guide brave women to embrace who they truly are in Gods eyes and learn to let go of who they are pretending to be.

Only by seeing ourselves through Gods eyes, as pure and blameless and absolute perfection, can we let go of the shame and guilt that keeps us stuck. Only then can we shed the limiting believes that tell us we are not enough.

Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not interesting enough, not a good enough wife, mother, daughter, friend, co-worker, human...

The scary part about all this is struggling with my own self-doubt that says I’m not a “good enough” Christian, that I have no right guiding other women in this capacity, that I do not have enough wisdom or insight to lead.

But as I learn to lean into God more and more each day, I realize that I don’t have to have all the answers. I don’t have to be perfect before I take this step of faith, I don’t have to “have it all together”.

I just have to show up and hold space. God will do the rest.

So if you need to fully embrace the love of God in order to let go of the false self you are presenting to the world and fully step into the woman God created you to be, then I invite you to come along with me on this retreat. It will be on the Island in the Summer if 2020.

5 nights to connect with God and other amazing women. 5 nights to embrace who you really are and start loving and living the life God planned for you. 5 nights to uncover the lies you have believed for far too long.

I hope you’re ready, because I’m ready to embrace you in Gods love and walk beside you on this journey.

More details will come, please stay connected.

Praise 106.5

Do you embrace who God made you to be or are you still pretending? Are you still trying to be the person you think you should be? The one who will be accepted by others?
Read this, I hope it will help shift your perspective.

You are free to be exactly who God created you to be.

[08/31/19]   How much do you allow the opinion or approval of others to determine your self-worth?

If you are a Christian, do you still find yourself basing your worth and value on others’ opinions of you rather than God’s?

This is something that I believe all of us will need to work on for the rest of our lives, but we can work to change our thinking and belief pattern so that we are resting in Gods truth instead of the lies of this world.

“If we base our self-worth on the approval of others, then we are actually saying that our ability to please others is of greater value than Christ’s payment.” Robert S McGee - The Search for Significance.

Hmm, I feel like this is a great reminder for myself.

5k Foam Fest Fun Run

Alright ladies how about a reDEFINE team next year? Who’s in??

Wave times are selling out across the country! Have you got your tickets yet?

Awesome day with some of my amazing reDEFINE women. A hike in Strathcona then dinner and drinks at Cactus Club.

Sometimes all you need is a good book and a beach.

[08/21/19]   I am very excited to be having Naturopath Tonia Winchester come to reDEFINE to speak to us about hormones!! Ooo hot topic. She is going to enlighten us about the role stress and anxiety play on our hormone balance and also, how balanced hormones are key to losing weight. More details to come but mark your calendar for September 19 at 7:00pm.

Standing in the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of PEI. I was there a few weeks ago for the first time and it was amazing. Just hubby and I. 😊
We explored Nova Scotia, PEI and a bit of New Brunswick. All provinces we had never been to before. Canada is amazing and we could probably spend our lifetime just exploring this magnificent country!!

[07/24/19]   I’m officially on vacation now. I’m sitting at YVR waiting to board the plane to Halifax. I will be gone for two weeks and classes will resume on Friday August 9. I will be checking in so please leave me messages if you need anything. Have a great couple weeks everyone.

Outdoor market happening today until 3:00 at Shima Karate Club.

These lovely ladies were getting their “Rear Attitude” adjusted on Saturday morning. I don’t know if they still liked me after that.

[06/28/19]   You don't need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

Lori and Marie showing the bag who’s boss

The ladies killing it tonight!! Awesome work everyone.

Love this. Had to share

This is absolutely appalling!
My son bought this drink today so I took a quick peak at the label.
73g of SUGAR!!
That works out to almost 18tsp
I know I cannot always control what my teenager does and eats but I’m leaving this sugar out so he can see what he’s consuming and hopefully make better choices.

[05/15/19]   I am in awe of what I get to be part of in my job.
I have a 90 year old client who has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 2 years due to decreased strength and risk of falling. I have worked with her for 6 months improving strength and mobility, progressing to standing and walking in place holding a safety bar.
Today I witnessed her walk about 40 feet down the hall with only her walker.
Feeling so blessed to be in this line of work and be part of this amazing lady’s journey.

Doors are open come on down.

Mother’s Day gift pack available only from my booth at the Mother’s Day Market tomorrow in the old Sears building.
Give your Mom something that will benefit her health and wellbeing.

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