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Science behind these food sensitivity tests has been debunked — but they're still widely offered | CBC News

Luckily my patients are generally well educated and discerning enough to recognize the lack of balanced reporting and pure sensationalism in this recent CBC Marketplace report. Although most/many programs at CBC are publicly funded, some are industry funded (as I suspect this show is). I’ve been using these tests for over 20 years and they have helped most of the people that did them. It is important to have the interpretation of the results with a professional familiar with the test and not by professionals that blindly support things like the Canada Food Guide, the use of sugary Ensure and Boost drinks and poor quality supplements like Centrum (known to contain harmful additives and fillers). As Dr. Z. Rona says, " The dietician quoted in this story is claiming that people could die as a result of this test. So, where are all those dead bodies?". I couldn't agree more.

Does the CBC ever report on how many people die every day from over the counter drug use, drug interactions, opioid prescriptions and medical errors? There were approx 997 deaths in 2016 due to prescription opioids alone! How about reporting on the vaccine serious adverse events in Canada listed as 102 "serious" events in the last quarter of 2016 - which implies 408 serious adverse events per year or more than 1 per day! There were close to 4000 implied other adverse events. Antibodies are made by the immune system against toxins and invaders. They are not just "record keepers". Dynacare and Life Labs would not be putting their reputation on the line with bogus lab tests. For those interested in reading more, below is a link to the CBC article and a link to LifeLabs comment and research.

I had a little 3 months old formula fed baby with serious eczema in my practice 3 weeks ago. The Mom was diligent and took her baby to their family doctor who prescribed steroid cream. She was was not given informed consent re the length of time to use it, risks of thinning the skin, problems with long term use, toxicity of ingestion if she scratched her face and put her hands in her mouth and was given multiple refills. Yes, the cream helped, but as soon as she stopped using the cream, the eczema returned immediately. This baby was also extremely constipated and did not sleep at night and was borderline colicky. Did the MD ask the Mom about her bowel movements and other well baby signs? No, he didn't. The Mom was concerned about using the cream and brought her to see me. This baby was on a dairy based formula that because of the whole symptom picture, made me suspicious of a dairy intolerance. I made the recommendation to switch to a specific brand of hypo-allergenic formula, changed the cream to a plant based non-toxic formula, and within days the baby was sleeping at night, pooping every day and by 3 weeks, the eczema was gone. This kind of stuff happens EVERY SINGLE DAY in my office. Is this everyone's experience with their MD? No, but it was standard medical opinion. I didn't order this IgG test for this infant patient, but I might have had the patient been an adult with more complex health concerns.

The CBC should be celebrating the victories of naturopathic medicine and advocating for patient choice and not marketing fear and this garbage. ~~Dr.Karen Two of Canada's biggest labs promote and offer something known as IgG food tests at their labs, marketed as a way to test for food sensitivities. But medical experts call these blood tests "irrelevant," "unvalidated" and "inappropriate" when it comes to tracking food intolerance.

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Good little ab workout (no equipment needed) with Olympian Dara Torres. Give it a try this weekend!

This 12-time Olympic medalist reveals her ultimate 6.5-minute ab workout that helps keep her fit.

Woman planning on dying Thursday says Ottawa is forcing early death on her

Excellent article about a newer topic that needs to be addressed - medically assisted suicide: A Halifax woman with terminal cancer who plans to end her life on Thursday says Canada's assisted dying legislation needs to be improved.


Have you had your appendix taken out? It may be an extra blessing in disguise!

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I wouldn't want the food colouring in my coffee, but these are really amazing! If "you are what you eat", I think drinking a tiger or rainbow every morning might add something special to my day :) Happy Thursday!~~Dr.Karen

The perfect Thursday morning pick-me-up

The Best of this Life

Yes, we can get this done for you!

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[10/24/18]   Awww thanks Tamala for the beautiful & thoughtful flowers! I was “tooting my horn” yesterday that I got 100% on a recent exam I wrote in the States and was feeling pleased with myself 🙂. Tamala got me these flowers to celebrate :))) ~~Dr.Karen. #ihavethebeststaff

A good chuckle:

Did you know Power House in Nanaimo has some super healthy lunch options to go? THIS is my kind of fast food! ~~Dr.Karen

Pressed for time!? Fresh to go! Daily, we prepare a few of our popular menu items for you to quickly grab & go over lunch! Yummy Buddha Bowls, Falafel & Sweet Onion Wraps! While quantities last.

ABC 7 News - WJLA

Beautiful. Glad to see this respectful, heartfelt, deserving ritual (that I was otherwise unaware of). Have a look ~~Dr.Karen

ORGAN DONOR WALK OF RESPECT: This hospital in Idaho does a "Walk of Respect" for organ donors, and it's truly an amazing thing to watch. ❤🙏

Watch with the sound on 🔊 to get the full effect.

When in Newport Beach, do like the Newportians(?) :)) vitamin shot, avocado toast & almond milk mocha - and I saw this guy! Would Nanaimo/area patients like quick, easy injection options? Check out this vitamin shot menu in pics & tell us what you think! ~~Dr.Karen

The diverse things NDs can do:

Happy Friday!

Doctors are surprisingly bad at reading lab results. It’s putting us all at risk.

Not sure if things would be much different in Canada, but I thought this was a well written article as I like to discuss numbers and percentages with my patients ~~Dr.Karen Basic math mistakes mean they often put too much faith in tests and technology.

Researchers warn world's deadliest mushroom could be found in Nanaimo

Know your mushrooms! If you’re not sure, don’t pick or touch them! NANAIMO — Mushroom lovers in Nanaimo and across the mid-island are being warned not to forage in urban areas in case they accidentally pick the most dangerous fungi on the planet.

Penguin swims 5,000 miles every year for a reunion with the man who saved its life

Here's a feel good Friday story: The bond of friendship knows no limits!

UNILAD Adventure

Happy Autumn Solstice! Here's a little piece of Canadian beauty to beat the rain ~~Dr.Karen

Nova Scotia is the perfect Autumn destination 😍🍂

🎥 Brinton Photography Halifax Architectural Head Shot Corporate Photographer

What does Kim Kardashian eat? In case you care, see pic below. I was asked by a patient to comment on this diet. It doesn’t have quantities re serving sizes and I can not verify that this actually IS her diet (as I am not Ms.K’s physician). This is, however, a healthy, whole food diet that looks good to me re weight loss or weight maintenance. It shows low carb intake without being carb free (ie. portion control). I’d estimate that she eats 1500 cal/day and she apparently works out 5 days per week with a trainer - 2 hrs per day. And she probably has a chef that keeps her on track! But this is all certainly doable for the average person if you put your mind to it! ~~Dr.Karen

Happy early weekend folks! We will be closed tomorrow for an extra long weekend and celebrating Tamala's special birthday. We'll reopen Tues Sept 4th at 9am. Enjoy the last of the summer :) ~~Dr.Karen

Food sensitivity/intolerance testing available in Nanaimo! Are your friends avoiding gluten or dairy and you are wondering if you should too? We have a couple of spots left for this Thursday, Aug 30th before school starts. If you or your kids suffer from gas, bloating, stomach aches or other digestive symptoms, this is a cost effective and accurate method for providing some insight to food related health (physical and sometimes behavioral) issues. The test is non-invasive, no prep necessary, and you get the results right away. If you have questions about the results or if the results look a bit overwhelming, then we highly recommend booking a follow up consult with one of our naturopathic physicians to discuss how to prioritize making changes. The test and consults are covered by most extended health care plans. Please call the office to check appointment times: 250-729-4969

Psychologists suggest mothers take breaks by going on mom-cations

Mom-cations! As a working mom of 2, I can attest to the importance of this. I typically take a mom-cation by attending a conference. I come back refreshed & motivated with new info for patients at the same time. My mom has 5 sisters & 3 sister in laws. They all took Mom-cations decades ago by visiting each other without their kids. Now with smaller families, we may need to get our sisterhood by connecting with our friends and/or colleagues. What’s been your favorite mom-cation? ~~Dr.Karen For the best results, psychologists say moms should take off for at least two days.

Daily Vaping Can Double Your Heart Attack Risk: Study

Some longer term studies now showing increased risks with e-cigarettes: The U.S. study is the first to look at a possible link between e-cigarettes and heart attacks.

This picture shows what I have been saying for years about Nutella. For more info see link ~~Dr.Karen

If you're heading out on vacation for these last few days before school starts, you may want to follow the air quality report for your destination:

Scary Mommy Time Out

Happy dogs! Happy Friday!!

May life bring you as much excitement as a tennis ball brings this pup. #tbt

Reality check: Weedkiller was found in children’s breakfast cereal. Does it cause cancer?

Much has been known about glyphosate for years. It’s also the likely cause of the dramatically increased intolerance to wheat & other grains that’s occurred. This discussion should have happened 20 yrs ago when wheat intolerances became an epidemic: Traces of a chemical used to kill weeds has been found in a number of breakfast cereals, and it could increase cancer risks for children, according to a study by an environmental research group. But is this true?

U.S. support of formula over breastfeeding is a race issue

Another corporate disappointment motivated by money re encouraging formula over breast milk in some populations due to declining sales in other populations. "Breast is best" is and forever should be the motto for all! Thoughts Blissful Beginnings Lactation Consultant Services ? ~~Dr.Karen American support of the formula industry comes at the cost of the health and lives of Black and brown babies, at home and abroad.

Higher Perspective

Totally! Music & laughter are great therapies! And they are both free!! ~~Dr.Karen

It can even help you live longer!

Westwood Lake closed for swimming due to poor water quality

Westwood Lake is closed for swimming. If you’re heading out for a swim, try Cameron, Sproat or Lake Cowichan. NANAIMO — A hugely popular summer swimming hole in Nanaimo is closed until further notice due to poor water quality. The City said Island Health informed them the E.Coli count in Westwood Lake exceeds the allowable limit and swimming is not recommended due to poor water quality.

Women Die More from Heart Attacks Than Men—Unless the ER Doc Is Female

Well this is if you’re a female patient heading to the ER, you may have a better outcome if you are seen by a female physician: ~~Dr.Karen Analyzing over 500,000 cases suggests having female physicians in the emergency room may save women’s lives

American Academy of Pediatrics Says Some Common Food Additives May Pose Health Risks to Children

Things your naturopathic physicians have been saying for decades about food additives: New report calls for stronger federal food safety requirements and outlines ways families can limit exposure to chemicals used to process, package and preserve everyday foods that aren’t adequately proven safe.

Food sensitivity/intolerance testing available in Nanaimo! Are your friends avoiding gluten or dairy and you are wondering if you should too? We have a couple of spots left for this Thursday, Aug 2nd. If you suffer from gas, bloating, or other digestive symptoms, this is a cost effective and accurate method for providing some insight to food related health (physical and sometimes mental) issues. The test is non-invasive, no prep necessary, and you get the results right away. If you have questions about the results or if the results look a bit overwhelming, then we highly recommend booking a follow up consult with one of our naturopathic physicians to discuss how to prioritize making changes. The test and consults are covered by most extended health care plans. Please call the office to check appointment times: 250-729-4969

Children are being harmed by food additives, U.S. pediatric association warns

Finally! Although it shouldn’t be “news” - we’ve known this for decades - a formal statement about the additives, preservatives & other food borne chemicals being harmful to our children: The American Academy of Pediatrics says evidence is mounting about health risks linked to commonly used chemicals found in everything from plastic wrap to metal cans and packaged food

Fatty foods don’t cause heart disease, bread and pasta do

Refined grains are killing us: This year, more than 610,000 Americans will die from heart disease. It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women.

Best exercises for women by age: What to focus on in your 30s, 40s and beyond

What’s the best exercise for your age? Take a look here: There is still a prevailing myth that women will get bulky if they strength-train and that you control your weight through cardio.

Yeast species used in food industry causes disease in humans

New research linking food industry yeast species to drug resistant yeast species that cause human infections: A major cause of drug-resistant clinical yeast infections is the same species previously regarded as non-pathogenic and commonly used in the biotechnology and food industries. The study, published on July 19th in the open-access journal PLOS Pathogens, was led by Alexander Douglass of University Col...

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