Fireweed Essentials

Fireweed Essentials

We have some delightful products in the store if you're looking for a Mother's Day gift for this weekend. A hand and body lotion, a bubble bath and a spray - all made from natural ingredients and all scented with my "Love" blend.

I also infused the Mango Lotion Bar I created with my "Love" blend to make a very nourishing and moisturizing body bar. Mango Butter is loaded with vitamins like A and E, essential fatty acids, and natural antioxidants. Mango Lotion Bar is made using only 3 simple ingredients and has a remarkably light and non-greasy texture. It is also creamy and highly moisturizing, soaking into the skin easily to soothe dry, chapped or itchy skin.

We had a delightful surprise today while we were picking stinging nettles. We stumbled across these wild violets. I had no idea how sweet smelling and delightful these violets are. The more I smell their aroma, the harder it is to capture their unique and elusive identity - charming and mystical are words that come to mind. So different from the pungent, earthy smell of the nettles they're growing with.

I think it's precious that the stinging nettle leaf is shaped like a heart and has our best interests at heart.

Rosemary from my garden ready to be distilled into a hydrosol. Some of this Rosemary is still in bud - so pretty.

For mental clarity and focus, spray Rosemary hydrosol on you and around you. The scent of Rosemary is energizing and invigorating and will offer a pick-me-up whenever you need one.

I'm really loving these new bottles I just got in that have different crystals for roller balls - rose quartz, carnelian, fluorite, among others. It'll make a wonderful container for my new blend called "Love".

Fireweed Essentials's cover photo

I just received my recent order for SeaFlora Gel (wild organic seaweed skincare) from SeaFlora. I love this product and company for their integrity and commitment to harvesting seaweed ethically from our local coastline.
Thalasso-therapy (derived from the Greek word Thalassa, meaning ocean) has been used since ancient times as a healing agent for many ailments.

Interestingly, kelp begin their yearly growth exactly on the Spring Equinox (which this year is March 20th at 9:58 pm when the sun is exactly above the equator and day and night are of equal length). It will grow an astounding two feet every day until it reaches its peak. It's just one of many kelp found in our area that take up carbon from the atmosphere of the ocean - a similar action to the trees in the forests.

Thank you to all who participated in the workshop Saturday on the connection between our sense of smell and our emotions. It was my pleasure to spend some time with each of you sharing my heart's delight. I will be offering this introductory workshop again if you weren't able to attend this one.

Coming up quickly is my next workshop on Wednesday, February 27th - Exploring Essentials Oils and Emotions. This builds upon the introductory workshop and is an ongoing event that will be happening the last Wednesday of every month - a creative and personal exploration for creating your life. I hope you can join us.

We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00am - 4:00pm this week and next, until December 21st.
Wishing everyone happy holidays.

Thank you to everyone who attended the open house last weekend - it was my pleasure to share the day with all of you.
Patricia Cloran, I'm so happy you won the gift basket! May the gift of health be yours this Christmas and into the new year.

The store will be closed this Friday as we prepare for our open house on Saturday. Please stop in for a cup of tea and a cookie from 10am-4pm if you are able - I would love to see you.

We're getting ready for our Christmas Open House - please drop in Saturday, December 1st, 10:00am-4:00pm. I've created some new products I'm excited about and there will be a chance for you to enter a draw to win a gift basket that includes both aromatherapy and handmade goodies, including a 100% baby alpaca wool shawl I made. As always, my medicinal salves and lotions will be available, as well as beeswax candles, soaps, essential oil sprays and lots of aromatherapy jewelry.

A few weeks ago I shared a link to a summit that was taking place. I am still listening and learning so much from these wonderful experts in aromatherapy, but one of the interveiws, with Dr Jessie Hawkins, is especially interesting to me as I was just asked about this in my personal practice.

The conversation is about the use of essential oils with children, and Dr Hawkins maps it out so eloquently with age-specific stages of a child's developement:

Birth to 6 months - a child’s gut and skin are still developing and so should only be ingesting mother's milk or formula, depending on the required needs. With a healthy child not requiring specific medical attention, there should be no need for essential oils.

7 to 12 months - a child is starting to eat solid food and he/she may experience the pain of teething and some bumps and bruises - at this point, flower and citrus oils could help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with this, but only in the appropriate dilution for the situation.

Dr. Hawkins states that body and skin care products “just for fun” are not recommended, as well as the inhalation of aromatics. She also points out that children under one year of age breathe faster and so they inhale 50% more air than adults do. When we diffuse essential oils into the living space they are receiving twice as much as we are!

12 to 24 months - a child is more robust and baby-safe skin care products (HIGHLY DILUTED) can be introduced in small amounts.

2 to 6 years - topical, first-aid is appropriate for short term medicinal needs, but still no inhalations of aromatics.

7 to 12 years - children are much more like adults and suffer some of the same anxieties and illnesses and can be treated like adults with dosing that is determined by weight and a focused attention on the individual and their specific needs.

This, of course, is just an overview of Dr. Hawkins' interview with David Crow, and you can find out more about her through her website

If you too have listened to the Summit and would like share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

Candle-making has begun in preparation for the upcoming Christmas season. Here's a sneak peek at some of the new items we have in the store.

Is your diffuser as therapeutic as your oils?

This is one of my favourite essential oil diffusers simply because as a Registered Aromatherapist with a focus on essential oils as medicine, this diffuser gets the pure essential oil into the air and into the body through the respiratory system. While other diffusers use heat or vaporization in their diffusing process, an atomizing (also known as nebulizing) diffuser breaks down the oil in its natural state, leaving its chemical composition in tact. Atomizing diffusers are different because they are able to break down the particles of the oil small enough to enter the deep part of the lungs. The size and availability of breathable molecules from other diffusers are mostly filtered out by the nose and nasal cavity.

With the cold and flu season on the horizon, having an atomizing diffuser in your home or office can be of great benefit in supporting your body, both in prevention and recovery.

Rosewood is an essential oil that I find extremely useful in many different applications. But as of August 2018, all of the Rosewood essential oil in any of my blends for emotional support will be replaced with Ho Wood. Sadly, Rosewood is on the endangered species list and must be protected. I will continue to source my Rosewood from reputable suppliers and use it sparingly for physical applications that require its wonderful, soothing effects. Ho Wood essential oil is steam- distilled from the bark of the Ho Wood tree and contains the chemical linalool. Rosewood, which contains this same chemical, is useful for respiratory ailments, especially in children, and one I turn to often.

The labeling of some of my products will change gradually over time to include Ho Wood. If anyone is unsure or would like more clarification, please let me know.

What a day of harvesting fireweed this week - my field of dreams in full color! Acres upon acres of Fireweed in full bloom alive with the buzzing of bees with their own vibrational frequency. Not only was I immersed in my heaven, but I was able to harvest a large quantity of this potent plant for the majority of the products I'll be making. Now I'll be busy drying and storing this plant to use later in salves, lip balms, and tea.

In keeping with my gratitude theme this year, I'm grateful for this beautiful crop of Melissa that came up at the beginning of the month. I harvested some to put in the Fireweed lip balms I make. Melissa has anti-viral properties that help with cold sores and is also good for the nervous system for anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, shock and vertigo - all wonderful components to enhance my Fireweed lip balm.

I'm always amazed at the power of Essential oil sprays to affect their environment in such beautiful and meaningful ways. Here's a client's experience with a custom spray I made for her that has become the catalyst for positive change.

"Dear Margo,
The spray you made me continues to be such a powerful, positive influence on myself and my home that I feel compelled to take the time to thank you again for this potent gift you have given me. I'm amazed at the transformation within and around me that happens every time its smell is released into the air. Somehow this smell transports me to a new space and new possibilities and puts the past in its place, where it no longer affects me. This freshness brings an excitement that gets me every time. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Spring is the time for wild edibles to appear and one of my favourites is stinging nettles (Urtica dioica). When I think of Stinging Nettles, I think of spring cleaning for the body. Stinging nettles are stimulating to the liver and are rich in vitamins and nutrients promoting good detoxification. Dried and made into a tea, it's also a great tonic for seasonal allergies which some people suffer from at this time of year. This year we found a new location and harvested enough to make some fresh nettle hummous and nettle pesto. Delicious! There's lots of recipes on the internet..anyone wanting to try these recipes will find lots to choose from. Nettles are best harvested early in the season when their leaves are fresh and tender.

Tisserand Institute

Here is Robert Tisserand's response to a recent article in The National Post.

Robert Tisserand on Lavender and Tea Tree as potential hormone disruptors.

Please watch the video for Robert's comments at the moment. Below is a summary of his stance, with links to previous articles and research papers at the bottom.

New research does not confirm estrogenic effects for essential oils

Research that has not yet been published, but which was the subject of a recent press release, appears to add little new or convincing evidence that essential oils present any risk of hormone-disruption.

The study is said to demonstrate that, of eight essential oil constituents studied, all of them showed a hormonal effect in vitro, either estrogenic or anti-androgenic. The constituents were selected because they occur in lavender and/or tea tree oils, which were the subject of previous research by Korach.

* This was an in vitro study, and as such does not tell us whether such an effect takes place in the human body, or what the threshold dose would be.

* The full research has not yet been published, so we don't know how potent the effects were. Very weak estrogenic activity, 10,000 times weaker than human estrogen, is typical of estrogens from plant sources.

* Research using a standard protocol in pregnant rats has shown that topically applied lavender oil is not estrogenic.

* In cases where lavender oil is thought to have caused breast growth in pre-pubertal children, none of them showed elevated levels of estrogen.

It is feasible that the hormonal effects seen from in vitro testing is caused by phthalates leached out of plastics used in the testing.

* One of the authors co-published a 2007 study showing an in vitro estrogenic effect for lavender oil and tea tree oil.

* In the 2007 study, 96-well trays were used. These are made of plastic that contains estrogenic substances such as phthalates.

* We know from other research that essential oils leach these substances out of plastic.

* This creates doubt about whether the essential oils were responsible for the in vitro effects.

* If the phthalates etc. are responsible for the hormonal effects noted, this would explain why all 8 constituents seemed to be active, probably with different potencies related to the degree of leaching.

Older posts on the topic:

Carson, C. F., Tisserand, R., & Larkman, T. (2014). Lack of evidence that essential oils affect puberty. Reproductive Toxicology, 44, 50–51.

Spring is almost here and I am feeling the excitement of new beginnings.

I have been working on some new projects and one of them is a new way of supporting my clientele.

I am practicing a new technique that will focus on the application and integration of each client’s personal blend to their pulse points, or meridians. Pulse points are found in different parts of the body and follow meridians flowing through us. When we apply essential oils to these little centers, they will follow the meridian in such a way that the body receives support. It is a gentle - yet very effective - way to apply essential oils as medicine.

One of my most popular products is coconut massage cream. I sell this unscented and use it to give hand massages. I have now infused this formula with Fireweed and it will be the base and anchor for my new technique and treatment for my clients' personal blends.

Fireweed is wonderful for so many things and to have it incorporated into each treatment I give now feels very right for me. I will also be offering this for sale, alongside the original massage cream very soon.

Did you know essential oils can help your child navigate their emotions a little easier? The world is a complicated place, but especially so for our children. Since our sense of smell bypasses the logical mind and goes directly to the Limbic system - where our emotions reside - inhaling essential oil molecules allows us to relax very quickly and can be a powerful, supportive tool for any of us to use when we need some solid grounding.
Specifically chosen oils for your child's unique situation can be created and added to a pocket inhaler (made from medicinal-grade plastic and resembling a lip balm tube). This is an easy, practical and unassuming way for your child to - step back - and gather themselves enough to be able to take control of situations that may feel overwhelming. Different essential oils are known for supporting different body systems, but each of us has specific needs and preferences, so this is always my first focus and the key to any personal blend I provide.

With the right tools and inspiration, I believe we all have the ability to change our outlook, and then, the outcome in our lives.

Yesterday, when I needed to visit the hospital, I wore in my aroma pendant the essential oils of Black Spruce and Rosalina - these were two of the oils I had on hand whose chemistry would support me in that environment. At this time of year, our beautiful aromatherapy jewelry can also act as a functional tool to keep us strong and healthy. A blend that's worked well for me and one that I call "Winter Wise" contains Fragonia, Kunzea, Rosalina, Raventsara and Palmarosa. I'm sure you have your own favorites to help you through the cold and flu season - please don't forget to utilize the medicinal power of Essential oils in whatever capacity you have.

At the start of this new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for supporting me through the years and continuing to do so. It is my truest desire that you all know wellness and happiness in 2018. With gratitude as my focus, I have chosen this image of Melissa...many of you may know it as Lemonbalm in your gardens. Robbi Zeck in her book "The Blossoming Heart" suggests: "To breathe in the fresh, light scent of Melissa and let gratitude open you to the treasures of your heart. And the song of your own hearts' knowledge will be revealed to the universe as you give thanks and offer blessings for another day of loving and living." I am following her example and will be aligning myself with Melissa this year.

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