Motion Prosthetics

Motion Prosthetics

Motion Prosthetics is based in Nanaimo and offers state-of-the-art artificial limb fittings. We are dedicated to helping you do what you want to do!

Motion Prosthetics is owned and operated by Markus Säufferer, B.Sc.(Kinesiology), CP(c). He has been serving the needs of amputees all over Vancouver Island for over 16 years. At Motion Prosthetics, the focus is on achieving a prosthetic fitting solution that is as unique as you are and we are committed to an exceptional and satisfactory outcome. We realize the importance of listening to your needs.

CBS News

Never say never...

Inspirational! A group of military amputees cross the Boston Marathon finish line waving an American flag 🇺🇸

Finding an Active Lifestyle Fit for You How can you stay active and healthy with your new normal? What about exercise modifications or a new regime now that you have a prosthetic? Find out what you should look for if you want to start an exercise plan, join a gym, hire a trainer or participate in a group exercise class. Our panelists are....


The fear of falling, as well as injuries from falling, pose a serious risk to the limb loss and limb difference community. According to a large study, half of the investigated #amputee population (52%), reported falling in the past 12 months. Additionally, one out of every two amputees (49%) reports a fear of falling, which can significantly impact their #mobility and quality of life. Our goal is simple: to design a #prosthetic device that reduces trips and falls, because the world isn't flat. #LimbLossAwareness #LLAM

Out with the old, in with the new. It’s nice to know we can recycle some of these old sockets.

Breakfast Television & CityNews Vancouver

How War Amps Champs Spread Inspiration. War Amps Champs embrace life just as they are, and we meet charming 12-year-old Matteo to learn more about the prosthetics that keep him running, swimming and playing.

She had her leg amputated and 14 rounds of chemo by age 3. Now she plays varsity basketball. Huntingtown's Amanda Merrell plays with a prosthetic leg and was her JV team's leading scorer. “Sports is literally my everything,” she says.


Poverty can be eradicated.


Don't skip the beach this summer! Just follow this good advice from Tanya on how to manage your prosthesis at the beach. #riteonpoint TK

Somebody got real creative with that fancy duct tape from the craft store. The only thing is, that stuff does not come off, so no more heat gun adjustments. And check out those jewel beads!


I have two good feet and I can't do this!

Check our All Pro All Star and Le Reve performer, AJ, showing some moves at OT World! #AllPro #OTWorld18

Chemainus Valley Courier

A public service announcement for the War Amps Child Amputee Program done last year with Chemainus' Darevin Curnow and members of the B.C. Lions has won a couple of major awards. Curnow teamed up with Travis Lulay and Jeremiah Johnson for a PLAYSAFE advertisement on TV. The announcement received Gold and Grand Awards at the Mercury Excellence Awards in New York. Curnow lost part of his left foot in a lawn mower accident and now encourages other children to 'spot the dangers' before they play.

The War Amps

Committed to improving the quality of life for Canadian amputees since 1918.

[03/26/18]   Today, the WarAmps came through in a big way: a very deserving amputee had been fighting with her private health insurance company for almost 3 years to have her microprocessor foot/ankle paid for. The War Amps' Advocacy Office legal team went to bat and submitted several legal briefs to the insurer, only to get rebuffed each time. Well, today they cut a cheque for almost $16,000 to a well-deserving amputee who fought long and hard. Never give up!


Fresh Produce

We are SUPER excited to be adding ANOTHER new foot to our growing RUSH Foot Collection!

Introducing the first elevated vacuum system to join the RUSH Foot family of feet.....THE RUSH FOOT EVAQ8! An unprecedented ELEVATED VACUUM SYSTEM that seamlessly integrates effective vacuum with the same rugged simplicity of all the RUSH Foot designs you know and love. Achieve upwards of 22inHg in just a few quick steps. The perfect foot for individuals seeking an elevated vacuum system.

NO batteries! NO complicated pumps! NO charging! NO bulky components! Minimal maintenance. Completely waterproof (salt and fresh water) and all-terrain.

Go anywhere. Do anything. The RUSH FOOT EVAQ8 Collection elevates your life.

*The RUSH FOOT EVAQ8 Collection is available NOW in the RUSH ROGUE EVAQ8, sizes 25-29cm and the RUSH HiPro EVAQ8, sizes 25-29cm. Coming soon in additional sizes and the RUSH FOOT LoPro EVAQ8! Stay tuned. #ElevateYourLife

Visit for more information on which RUSH Foot is right for you.

B.C. eliminates prescription deductibles for families with incomes under $30,000

No mention of prosthetics here, but Fair Pharmacare deductibles affect both pharmaceutical and prosthetics coverage. This is great news for amputees with incomes below $30,000. The bad news is, once again amputees don't seem to show up on the radar for both the government or the news media. British Columbia has announced plans to eliminate or reduce prescription-drug deductibles for low-income earners.

How cool is that?!

FINALLY had a chance to work with the talented actress, Angel Giuffria 🔥😍. This look on this girl is everything.
.Angel and her amazing prosthesist, Rob from Advanced Arm Dynamicshave been working through the prototype phase with us for our ‘coming soon’ below elbow prosthetic covers!
.Above Elbow covers currently available for the new Fillauer #NEXO system 😎.
#alleleswomen #prostheticcover #armcover #advancedarmdynamics

Alleles Design Studio

This is a little know but great performing knee from Europe. The Alleles covers are pretty nice too!

Paul kills it in this video. For all of you who are curious about Osseointegration, this video is pretty flippin' amazing! He is using a VGK Knee (from and an ALLELES cover, of course ;)

Model's second leg amputated due to toxic shock syndrome from tampon

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. But life goes on. The emphasis of a peer visitor after amputation cannot be understated!
#FoxNews Model Lauren Wasser’s life changed at the age of 24 when Toxic Shock Syndrome – caused by a tampon – caused her to lose her right leg and the toes of her left foot.

'So much love to give': Kazakhstan boy with 1 hand gives and gets armful of love in Canada

Here's a nice Christmas feel-good story for y'all. Merry Christmas! Kirill Facey went from being an unwanted child in Kazakhstan to a much-loved son in Paradise, N.L., and he is thriving.

Now available, a world-wide first, a knee component designed exclusively for the short trans-femoral amputee. All of the weight is up top and the stance mechanism is extremely easy to activate, even for those with weak musculature or short limbs. The VGK-S!

Now available, a world-wide first, a knee component designed exclusively for the short trans-femoral amputee. All of the weight is up top and the stance mechanism is extremely easy to activate, even for those with weak musculature or short limbs. The VGK-S!

A prosthetic leg to match her skin tone: Regina woman wonders why it's not available

This woman apparently feels "excluded" because her prosthetic footshell doesn't match her skin colour perfectly. She thinks they should be available in a number of different shades. Of course, there is always the option of a cosmetic skin covering, which covers the entire prosthesis and which is available in dozens of skin tones, but is not funded by the public system. Of course you can't see her foot when she's wearing her shoes anyways. I'm not sure a lack of perfectly colour-matched foot-shells is the biggest issue in prosthetics today, and I'm thinking "excluded" and "lack of diversity" sounds a wee bit "whiney". Perhaps the CBC should have done a bit more research before even considering this as "news". What do you think? When Regina resident Rahab Wanjau went to pick out a prosthetic leg and foot at Wascana Rehabilitation Centre, she was discouraged to find only two colours were available.

Honda engineers in Ohio build new arm for co-worker

There are a good number of different dimensions to this story. Hey, first of all, it's great that this guy has co-workers and a company that will do this for him. But then again, why doesn't the employer just give their employees a good enough health-care plan that will cover the cost of a properly made prosthesis. You see, anyone can 3D print something, make it look real and wire up some motors and servos from a salvaged remote controlled toy truck, and hopefully by the 6th or 7th try to get it sorta-kinda close. But watch the video: you don't even see him actually use the prosthesis in any functional way! A certified prosthetist could have made it fit and work. All the engineering to make a functional hand that works and lasts and fits has already been done by a team of engineers working on this for years. And the same goes for all the other parts. Nice try guys! I wish the news wouldn't pump out these kind of fake news success stories when really it's a big fail:( When you rob a client of the opportunity to have a real, proper prosthesis then, yes, it is a big fail. A group of engineers at Honda came together to help out a co-worker who had one of their arms amputated.

Steve's Harmony P4 Story

Sort of a lengthy video... This technology has been around for years, but with the Harmony P4 it has become miniaturized to fit those with longer limbs. Shock absorption, torsion and elevated vacuum in a nifty small package!

Learn how Steve's Harmony P4 vacuum prosthesis helps him get out of bed in the morning and get more from each day.

"This sucks! ", I said to myself. Actually it didn't suck and I might actually have used a slightly stronger word. In this industry, we can generate quite a bit of, often hazardous, fine dust, especially when grinding carbon fibre composites.Having a dust extractor that really sucks is a must. While trying to suck the dust off a cleaning rag today, the whole rag got sucked in, jamming up the machine. It was time for the inevitable disable and clean-out. I found all kinds of interesting debris that had been sucked in over the years. A forefoot toe-filler piece and a paper coffee cup were among the lost and found items. I am going to have to talk to someone about that coffee cup though...

Lookin' good Adam!

@theadamroper writes:
."I'd say the biggest impact the cover has had is connecting me and other amputees to a sort of impromptu Instagram community- with folks who recieve the covers sharing their photos and following each other's stories, even making new friendships. Being an amputee tends to feel like a lonely experience with very sparse opportunities in our local communities to meet with other amputees to share experiences, and find support with adapting to the various challenges of work and daily life. My hope in the future would be seeing these makeshift photo-sharing connections translate into meetups with amputees across Canada (road/camping trips, bike rides, parade appearances, etc)."
.Design: ALPINE _Forest Green_Black_
.We completely agree Adam! Thank-you for sharing and contributing so much to this wonderful and colorful community 💚
If you would like to help shatter stigma surrounding disability in this space, please email me at [email protected] and I will provide you with a quick style guide :) .
.#allelesmen #LouderThanLabels #Poet #prostheticcover #inclusivedesign #representationmatters #iamadaptive

Stop by the office and grab your FREE copy of Thrive magazine. This is a quarterly publication which highlights stories of amputees, and has great articles on skin care, new products, etc. Get 'em while they're hot off the press!

Naked Prosthetics

I met these guys and saw their products at a trade show in Boston last fall. What they are doing is really incredible. This is probably the best application of digital design (no pun intended) and 3D printing I've seen for prosthetics. They actually make those wire frames from laser-sintered stainless steel: pretty cool. If you or someone you know has any level of finger amputation and is looking for a functional replacement, call the office and we'd be happy to review this new technology with you.

Our prosthetic fingers are innovative, custom, high-quality devices that provide amputees with a functional solution.


Seventeen Magazine featured a double amputee teen as part of its #PerfectlyMe campaign in October:

We've been working with a new high-tech material called Paralex. It is a compose fibre made from a blend of carbon fibre and NSP. The carbon has a greater rigidity and the NSP is tougher, not as brittle compared to carbon. And it looks great too! Same strength to weight ratio.

Sadly, there's less and less Christmas cheer spread each year. However, first prize, for the nicest card and gift basket full of goodies goes out to our friends at OrthoActive. Merry Christmas!

Study: Virtual reality gaming eases phantom pain

We've been looking for an excuse to buy a new XBOX for the office. I think we just found one: A study published in The Lancet found that using virtual reality computer games helped alleviate phantom limb pain in amputees. Swedish researchers placed sensors on the residual limb that allowed users to move a virtual limb created on screen, resulting in a 50% reduction in pain after 12 sessions…

PIP Video String 2

Here is a really practical new application for 3D printing in prosthetics. This company is able to 3D print, by laser sintering a custom fitted, made to measure, articulating finger prosthesis. This is available for most levels of finger amputation. Check out what some of people in the video can do. If you have any questions about this, we'd be pleased to help you.

PIPDriver Video shown at the 2016 AOPA & ASHT National Conference.

What a great story. My first thought was, maybe it's time I go back to school and get retrained. Then I see he's also got prostheses on both legs! What a little trooper.

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Presented by the Challenged Athletes Foundation®
Do you want to learn:
• Techniques to unlock your prosthetic capabilities?
• Leg-over-leg running mechanics?
• Methods to improve speed and balance?
• Methods of movement in multiple directions for a variety of recreational activities?
• Training routines and sport-specific exercises?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, join world-renowned experts during our NO COST event. All ages and abilities welcome!
When: September 17, 2016
9:00am - 12:00pm – Clinic
12:00pm - 12:30pm – Free Lunch & Össur Showcase
Where: Fortius Sport & Health
3713 Kensington Avenue Burnaby, BC V5B 3B8, Canada
Attendees: Volunteers:
Contact Travis Ricks [email protected] or 858-210-3524
Attending Experts:
• Bob Gailey, PhD, PT
• Peter Harsch, CP
• Össur Clinical Specialists
• Team Össur
• Össur Ambassadors • Team CAF
Join the conversation!
@OssurCorp @CAFoundation #LifewithoutLimitations #MyWinningMoment #TeamCAF
Proudly supporting:
© ÖSSUR, 02.2016 Register for a CAF event today and help physically challenged athletes find success in sports and life.

Yes, we do arm prostheses too! For some reason, somebody thought it was all about the legs. Here are a couple of recent state-of-the-art myo-electric limbs. Notice how they are NOT 3D printed?

Would you walk on this foot? Carbon composite, as tough as it is, gets worn down over time by abrasive sand or dust inside the foot shell. This one is literally hanging by threads. Not even sure how the guy was able to walk in to the office.

Rehm 'not giving up' on Rio 2016 Olympics after study on use of prosthetic blade inconclusive

Unfortunately, it now looks like every athlete wanting to use a prosthesis in an international event against able-bodied athletes will need to commission a study specific to their very own level of disability, prosthesis being used, and sport. The good news is, there is an "in", an opportunity to compete against the rest. Paralympic and world long jump champion Markus Rehm has “not given
up hope” of competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games after a study
into whether his...

How one-legged high school mountain biker 17-year-old KC Fontes lost his leg to an aggressive tumor when he was in 7th grade. After chemotherapy, amputation and a whole lot of courage, KC now competes one-legged for the Salinas High School Mountain Bike team.

Double-amputee pilots plane, fulfilling dream

Follow your dreams... Huang Meihua lost her legs when her school collapsed in China's Sichuan earthquake eight years ago, but she never lost her dream to pilot an airplane.

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