Tilray is a global leader in medical cannabis research and production dedicated to providing safe, consistent and reliable therapy to patients.

Tilray is a global leader in medical cannabis research and production dedicated to providing safe, consistent and reliable therapy to patients. We are the only GMP certified medical cannabis producer currently supplying products to thousands of patients, physicians, pharmacies, hospitals, governments and researchers in Australia, Canada, the European Union and the Americas.

We're pleased to share our Q1 financial results.

Details: http://bit.ly/2VE1BRC

For many patients, medical cannabis is a very personal journey that can transform one's life.

How has cannabis improved your life? #CannabIS

Happy Mother's Day From Tilray

To all the moms who fight for their kids and do everything they can to keep them safe,

Happy Mother’s Day.


The Cannabis Council of Canada announces newly elected Board of Directors

Congrats to Philippe Lucas, our VP of Global Patient Research & Access, for being elected to the Board of Directors of the Cannabis Council of Canada!

newswire.ca OTTAWA, May 9, 2019 /CNW/ - After a very successful first year as a unified national industry association, and with the framework of cannabis legalization...


Tilray to Invest Additional $32.6 Million to Increase Canadian...

ICYMI, yesterday we announced an investment to increase our Canadian cannabis production and manufacturing footprint.

newcannabisventures.com Tilray® Announces Investment to Expand Canadian Production and Manufacturing Footprint to Increase Supply of Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Company plans to add 203,000 square feet at three of its existing facilities located in Leamington, Ontario; London, Ontario; and Nanaimo... #tilray #tlry

Mental Health Week: Natalie's Story

When it comes to mental health, we all need to do our part to help raise awareness and end stigma. #MentalHealthWeek


Canadian study shows Tilray products having positive impact on anxiety

92% reported that cannabis improved their symptoms, although they continued to show moderate-level severity.

cannabisintel.com.au   A paper published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research in April 2019 indicated medicinal cannabis is having a positive impact on Canadian patients suffering from anxiety, while reducing reliance


Evidence mounting about cannabis' ability to treat mental health conditions

There’s an interesting relationship between cannabis and mental health in that both are stigmatized.

New research pushes past that stigma and explores cannabis as a viable treatment for conditions such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.


dailyhive.com Research into the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabis is rapidly expanding to a variety of ailments, including mental health conditions.

It’s been five years since we sent our first cannabis shipment from our flagship facility in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Since then, we’ve expanded our global footprint to serve patients in 12 countries around the world.

Seeking a high-CBD extract? Our 5:20 CBD oil is available at the Tilray store! http://bit.ly/2JcZVHl

What does cannabis mean to you? #CannabIS


Canadian pot producer Tilray to explore the use of cannabis for kids with aggressive behavioural problems in a new study

"We are proud to support research like this around the world.”

thegrowthop.com Researchers hope that if results show promise, CBD could someday potentially reduce or negate the use of drugs such as antipsychotics and antidepressants


Sunny Portugal: A gateway to Europe's medical pot market

“The paradigm is shifting from prohibition to legalization."

uk.reuters.com Famous for its roasted suckling pig and wines, the Portuguese city of Cantanhede...

We’re proud to celebrate the official ribbon-cutting ceremony of our EU Campus in Cantanhede, Portugal.

Full details ➡️ http://bit.ly/2DwT0VM


A reminder for our Canadian patients that taxes are due next week! 💸

Learn how to calculate your medical cannabis expenses by giving our Patient Services team a call at 1-844-TILRAY1 📞

As we enter tax season, we'd like to remind patients that taxes are due April 30!

Learn how to calculate your #medicalcannabis expenses with us in our Tilray Tips feature: https://bit.ly/2H7k0ir

We recently released a couple of super-soft cannabinoid molecule t-shirts that combine our love of science and nature.

Head on over to tilray.ca to get yours.

Cannabis can mean a lot of things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

What does cannabis mean to you?

We spent the last year continuing to break new ground as a global leader in cannabis.

Today, we’re pleased to share our annual shareholder report: https://ir.tilray.com/financial-information/annual-reports/

Are you #TeamTHC or #TeamCBD?

Our super-soft cannabinoid molecule t-shirts combine our love of science and nature.

Find yours in the Tilray Shop: tilray.ca

Becoming a Tilray patient is simple!

✔️Register at customer.tilray.ca/en/Signup
✔️Book your appointment at http://tilray.ca/find-a-clinic

Please take note for Easter long-weekend, there will be no shipping pick-ups on Friday Apr 19 & Monday Apr 22. As always, our Patient Support team is available to help 24/7. Take advantage of our monthly features by hopping over to the Tilray Shop http://store.tilray.ca 🐣🌷🐰

Each year the World Health Organization chooses a cause to champion for #WorldHealthDay, this year falling on Sunday, April 7. The cause, universal health care, is something Canadians have benefited from in some form since 1957.

Although medical cannabis can be claimed as a health expense: https://bit.ly/2G3FVFv on your income tax forms, it is not currently covered by most public health plans.

Tilray continues to advocate for prescription coverage by the federal and provincial governments as well as private health insurers.

Learn more about advocating for medical cannabis coverage here: https://bit.ly/2CYOyPp


Pain study demonstrates need for patient access to cannabis as medicine

Tilray is at the Canadian Pain Society Scientific Meeting in Toronto this week to talk about advancing the science, safety, and efficacy of cannabinoid therapy for pain.

Learn more about our research into medical cannabis and pain:

dailyhive.com Tilray's pain study surveyed 2032 patients who use medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of pain issues and often as an opioid alternative.

[04/02/19]   Cannabis & Travel

Tilray is at the forefront of clinical research in medical cannabis and we’re very proud to support two groundbreaking studies that have potential to identify more indications in which cannabis can benefit patients in-need: https://bit.ly/2FQmFLy

We are committed to advancing cannabinoid-based science to further understand the potential benefits of medical cannabis as a treatment option among critical patient populations. There is a serious need for more clinical data in our field, and we are proud to support research like this around the world.


New product labels

A new look and feel to your Tilray medicine, but the same quality Tilray products and ingredients. What do our new label requirements mean for you?

Today we share a breakdown of our new product label elements, which you can expect to see over the next few weeks:

tilray.ca New look, same great quality Tilray products. With the introduction of the Cannabis Act on October 17, 2018, all Licensed Producers of cannabis were given six


Patterns of medicinal cannabis use, strain analysis, and substitution effect among patients with migraine, headache, arthritis, and chronic pain in a medicinal cannabis cohort

It's your choice.

For many patients, medical cannabis is a personalized journey to find the preferred product and dose. As part of our commitment to research, we asked patients with chronic pain about their choices in medical cannabis products. Here’s a snapshot of what you had to say.

Among all patient groups with chronic pain, hybrid varieties of whole flower were most commonly preferred. When researchers drilled down to migraine sufferers, hybrid varieties were also preferred, with a subset identifying sativa varieties as their preference. When researchers looked at patients with arthritis, that group preferred indica varieties.

Researchers, including Philippe Lucas, Tilray’s vice-president of patient access and research, and Dr. Joshua Eades, our chief science officer, collected and analyzed responses to an electronic survey.

You can read the full paper here:

thejournalofheadacheandpain.biomedcentral.com Medicinal cannabis registries typically report pain as the most common reason for use. It would be clinically useful to identify patterns of cannabis treatment in migraine and headache, as compared to arthritis and chronic pain, and to analyze preferred cannabis strains, biochemical profiles, and pr...

Every March 26 is #PurpleDay worldwide, a day that raises awareness for #epilepsy, an often poorly understood affliction that affects millions of people across the globe.

At Tilray, we have had the privilege of working with patients, like Abigail https://bit.ly/2HIfNSg, and we're exploring ways to help the ongoing investigation into how medical cannabis could help people with epilepsy manage their symptoms.

Tilray’s 2:100 CBD oil is currently being used as a study drug used in a trial on pediatric epilepsy conducted at the SickKids Foundation in Toronto. That trial studies how children with Dravet Syndrome, a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy, respond to adjunct therapy with a high-CBD medical cannabis extract.

Tilray patients with epilepsy receive priority access to this specialty product with an approved referral from an epileptologist, neurologist or pediatrician. For patients with other conditions who are interested in high-CBD medical cannabis extracts, we offer 1:25 CBD oil (returning to our shop soon) as well as 5:20 CBD oil (available now).

Learn more: https://bit.ly/2HIOgA7

Amazing turnout at the Medical Cannabis Conference for Older Adults today!

This ground-breaking conference was designed to inform and empower older adults on the use of medical cannabis, and includes the cutting-edge research findings from experts in the field, as well as learnings from others with “lived experience”.

Tilray is proud to support engagement around the future of medical cannabis and the emerging needs of older adults, with expert advice on how we can -all- live our best lives.

Did you know? Tilray offers 10% discount for patients 65 years and older! Call us at 1-844-845-7291 for more info.

Did you know? Tilray Patients with approved coverage from Veterans Affairs Canada have additional access to our extract products.

Update to the Tilray Bridge Program:

We’ve recently lifted the five-bottle maximum restriction for our 5:20 CBD, 10:10 Balance and 25:0 THC oil, which means VAC patients can order up to their allotted prescription online or over the phone.

To allow us to make this improvement, Tilray oil will now count as 10 grams against your monthly prescription allotment. This allotment change has no impact on the formulation of Tilray oils – it’s simply a requirement to ensure adequate reimbursement from Veterans Affairs.

Simply log into your account and place your order. Our friendly and knowledgeable 24/7 Patient Services team is always available to answer any questions you might have about this change.

Call toll-free to 1-844-TILRAY1 or email [email protected].

[03/20/19]   Spotlight on THC


Cannabis — MS Society of Canada

For #MSAwarenessMonth we’re shedding light around medical cannabis for the management of #MultipleSclerosis. Tilray currently serves hundreds of patients with #MS and we’re committed to educating and providing information to those considering adding cannabinoid therapy into their current care plan.

According to the MS Society, complementary therapies may include a wide variety of interventions including exercise, nutrition management programs and the use of medical cannabis.

While MS is not currently curable, effective strategies can help modify or slow the disease course, treat relapses, manage symptoms, improve function and safety, and address emotional health.

Learn more:

mssociety.ca Disease-modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS) aim to either slow disease progression or manage symptoms of MS. Many individuals diagnosed with MS...

Expanding our product selection! The Tilray shop is well stocked this week, and even more selection is on schedule for release. From high-CBD to high-THC extracts to whole flower in a range of cultivars, the choice is yours: https://store.tilray.ca

Share your story

Over the past five years, we have been proud to supply tens of thousands of patients, across five continents, with a safe and reliable supply of pure, precise and predictable medical cannabis.

Our goal is to empower our community by sharing the stories of those within it, with the hopes that one story may help another patient, like you, to find relief. If Tilray has helped you get your life back, we invite you to share your story at tilray.ca/en/shareyourstory.

Happy Pi Day!

Using Tilray oils in food is easier than Pi! #PiDay (3/14) has grown in popularity each year as a fun way to celebrate math and science while eating – you guessed it – pie!

Your oils come fully decarboxylated and ready to use, which means you can drop them into meals, providing a discreet dosing option.

Celebrate Pi Day today with The Wellness Soldier Pie, courtesy of chef Cody Lindsay. To learn more about using cannabis extracts in food, check out "Cooking with Cannabis" in the Tilray Shop.

😋Healthy shepherd’s pie recipe: https://bit.ly/2O5dQzC

Did you know there are no CB1 receptors in the brain stem? European Journal of Internal Medicine’s – Practical Considerations in Medical Cannabis Administration and Dosing paper explains “Cannabis has a superior safety profile in comparison to many other medications, with no reported deaths, due to a lack of CB1 receptors in brainstem cardiorespiratory centres": http://www.cpsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/MacCallum-Russo-Practical-Considerations-in-Medical-Cannabis-Administrat....pdf
For #BrainAwarenessWeek, we take a look into the role of the brain:
1. Cerebrum - the largest part of our brain plays a role in memory, attention, thought, speech and consciousness. It’s also involved with our senses. The brain’s wrinkly matter is made up of bundles of fibres that transport information (like electrical wires).
2. Frontal Lobe - involved with our personality, behaviour and emotions. Helping us to choose from good and bad, as well as predicting consequences.
3. Parietal Lobe - helps put things in order, like letters, words and numbers. It's also responsible for our 'body sense' e.g. knowing where our arms and legs are in relation to the rest of our body. Assists in recognizing and locating objects in 3D e.g. so we can pick things up.
4. Temporal Lobe - Interprets things we see and hear. Involved in remembering faces, objects, scenes and language. Inside the temporal lobe is the hippocampus, which consolidates information from short-term memory to long-term memory.
5. Occipital Lobe – A visual processing center. Determines shape, colour and movement. It also essential to all the dreaming we experience when we sleep.
6. Cerebellum - receives information from the sensory system, the spinal cord, and other parts of the brain and then regulates motor movements, including balance, coordination, and speech.

Last chance to pick up our limited release Tilray Bundle:
5-grams of Sensi Star, Wappa, and Warlock CBD.

Get yours at: https://bit.ly/2HcZpsM

Feeling a bit off from the time change? You're not alone. Studies reveal that the Monday after a #timechange can trigger underlying health issues and workplace injuries.
To help navigate through negative effects caused by springing forward, we have compiled five tips to help get you back on track:
1.Plan to sleep and wake at your usual time.
2. Try and get sunlight as soon as you can after awakening; go outside for a walk.
3. Before reaching for that extra cup of coffee, try drinking more water. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can impact your natural ability to sleep at night.
4. Opt for brain-food this week: leafy greens, bright vegetables and fruits, and extra protein. Your diet can play a supportive role in eliminating unneeded brain fog.
5. Avoid bright lights in the evening - especially screen time. As a society we have real boundary issues with our devices (keeping up with work and social media) being present with us at all hours of the day. For this week, considering making a conscious effort to limit screens in the bedroom to encourage a more restful sleep.
In addition to these useful aids, we are also sharing the role that cannabis can have for the treatment of insomnia. Learn more at: https://bit.ly/2tlOuEq

Top of the morning to you! Green Cush is now available
in the Tilray Shop (just in time for St. Patrick's Day).

As an industry leader, Tilray has a unique opportunity to build from the ground up and become a model for equality. Our priority is to seek out employees with a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Tilray has been a pioneer in diversity throughout our organization, from our front line to our women-led board of directors (an industry first). Each team member is vital to producing clean, natural medical cannabis products at the GMP-certified quality level.

Today we celebrate all of the talented women of Tilray, what it means to work in cannabis, and what inspires our team each day.

 #IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay #BalanceForBetter


As an industry leader, Tilray has a unique opportunity to build from the ground up and become a model for equality. Our priority is to seek out employees with a range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

Tilray has been a pioneer in diversity throughout our organization, from our front line to our women-led board of directors (an industry first). Each team member is vital to producing clean, natural medical cannabis products at the GMP-certified quality level.

Today we celebrate all of the talented women of Tilray, what it means to work in cannabis, and what inspires our team each day.

#IWD2019 #InternationalWomensDay #BalanceForBetter


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