Mrs. C's Bookkeeping

Mrs. C's Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping services, personal tax return, corporate tax returns, business set-up, incorporation, government remittances, payroll . Phone/Text 289-237-9344

I live in Binbrook and have my own bookkeeping business. I would like to offer my services to you. I think we would make a great team as I can process all your accounting leaving little or no paperwork laying around in your office. I can be responsible for all payments, deposits, payroll and government payments leaving YOU to concentrate on business clientele. I work on a flat monthly rate which make better for both side in the sense of budgeting for payments with no surprises as well as a savings for your company with no extra payroll costs. To discuss this further at your convenience call me. Rose

Can't believe it's almost over !!

[03/11/18]   Let the tax season begin .. First one done .. 201 to go!!!

2+ weeks to go

Thor numbers make me nervous .. 30 days to the deadline .. That's an average of 4 a day ... Good thing I love my job !!

[03/30/17]   Always taking new clients .. Simple tax returns $20 .. Email me [email protected]

[03/01/17]   4 returns done so far .. All refunds

[02/01/17]   Did you know there is a 'Eligible educator school supply tax credit' for your 2016 tax return filing ... For all my teacher friends !! Take NOTE

[01/29/17]   Well.. my drop box is all cleaned and ready to go... getting my first tax return dropped off tomorrow... Let The Games Begin!!!!

Just picked up my last client !!!! Yup that's it . My work load is full to the rim !!! ... Thanks Cameron Speedway !!! Check them out !!! More than just Paintball and Cart Racing

[07/17/16]   It's time ... Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice Awards... Would be my first ..

Added another desk ... Getting too busy to do on my own .. Business is expanding and I love the challenge!!!

[06/07/16]   Well we officially have 7 days left to file everyone's returns .. Time to get mine done before Colleen!!!

[05/03/16]   Doing my last 3 taxes.. Wow what a season.... More than I expected .. A shout out to my new clients.. See u next year .. Can't wait for my spa day next week.. Time to refresh and regroup !!!!

Almost done ... Can't wait for my Spa day to re-coup !!!!!

Ok peoples'.... Let's get those tax returns in... Only a little more than a month to go

[03/21/16]   Remember ur RRSP contributions made in Jan 2016 and Feb 2016 can be used on ur 2015 tax return!

[03/21/16]   Tip for this week... For prescriptions just go to ur pharmacy and ask for an annual printout for ur taxes .. No need to keep those little receipts ... Shred away

[03/01/16]   For all u moms going through a separation.. One thing to think about.. Don't accept an offer of your spouses RRSP.. Ask HIM to cash it in Not transfer it to u.. Cause u get taxed and depending on ur taxable income u could also loose ur child benefits for a year

[02/25/16]   Done 5 returns already... All refunds... Happy campers !!!!

[02/13/16]   Old phone is back to.. 289-286-1570

[02/13/16]   Ok my drop box is out... Bring on the tax season!!!

Mrs. C's Bookkeeping

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[01/12/16]   I have a new phone number ...,289-237-9344

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Sachem/Glanbrook Readers' Choice

Now that's what I like to see... Free advertising ... Vote for me... Under best people.. Bookkeeper!!!!!!!

[04/19/15]   Ok today is April 18. ... So that means 14 days left people to file ur tax returns.. Also reminder is u drop off the last week of April.. No guarantee I'll get time to do it!!!!!

[04/02/15]   Just a reminder ... Think about yourself and your direct family.... Do any have an impairment of some sort ... Maybe unable to work due to injury, on stress leave.. Recovery from surgery???... They may be entitled to a disability tax credit... If their income is low.. That credit could be transfer to you or another family member.. Think about it and if ur not sure... Just call and we can discuss... Worth a further if ur hard earned money

[04/01/15]   Its March 31... That means 30 more days til tax filing deadline ..... Don't be late !!!

Ok u 99 people... Let's get those taxes in... Lolololo

[03/08/15]   Drop box is ready... Bring it on people... Get ur tax refunds before Easter

[02/23/15]   Let the season begin๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜... Just a reminder for student to get their tuition forms online through their college/university website.. Not available until feb 28th !!!

[02/19/15]   E-Filed my first two tax returns.... Happy clients ... Big refund .. Hey!!!!

Mrs. C's Bookkeeping

Happy tax season !!!

Got my 2014 income tax program... Already to go!!! I will have my Mrs C's box out starting Monday to drop ur tax papers off... Happy tax season !!!!!'

[02/08/15]   Got my 2014 income tax program... Already to go!!! I will have my Mrs C's box out starting Monday to drop ur tax papers off... Happy tax season !!!!!'

[01/28/15]   Are u still getting cheques in the mail from the government whether it is HST, Tax refunds, Child care benefits, Old Age Security, Canada pension... It's TIME to switch to DIrect Deposit...just put in ur tax package to me a voided cheque.. When I complete your tax return this year.. I'll complete the forms for u to get ur Money faster

[01/20/15]   So it's the middle of January... Time to start plans for taxes!!!... Usually the question now is Do i contribute to my RRSP??... I say NO... If u have spare money... Make sure ur Tax Free Savings Account is maxed out first !!

[12/09/14]   The campaign is part of the CRA's efforts to encourage voluntary compliance among groups of taxpayers who, our research indicates, may be at risk of non-compliance. The CRA gives taxpayers a chance to come forward and correct their tax affairs

[12/09/14]   The Canada Revenue Agency will soon be conducting its sixth annual Office Audit Letter Campaign. In January 2015, the CRA will send intent-to-audit letters to selected groups of individual taxpayers and business owners through the campaign. The campaign supports the CRA's increased emphasis on helping individuals and small businesses to better understand their tax obligations and encouraging them to correct any inaccuracies in their past income tax and benefit returns. Better know as their SCARE tactics and when you get this letter it works.
CRA will send about 33,000 letters to randomly selected taxpayers who claim business or rental losses or are employees who claim employment expenses on line 229 of their tax return so don't panic. Just give me a call if you get this letter... so I can make a note on your files.

[02/16/14]   Health Impairment Refund.... do you qualify??.... Have trouble walking, sitting for too long, take an abundant of prescription pills.... you may qualify for a refund that can go back a few years on your tax return.... Questions?... just ask.... I can Help!!

And having an impaired spouse does not count!! I said Health.. not alcohol..

[02/15/14]   You have TAX PAIN.... I can HELP TOO !!!!!

[02/15/14]   First time donations can earn a Super Credit.... well Revenue Canada thinks its Super.... if you never made any charitable donations since before 2007 (this includes your spouse)... then if you make a charitable donation after March 20, 2013 and up to 2017.. then you will receive 25% in a tax credit up to $1,000.... this is a good boost for Charities...

[02/11/14]   Taking on new clients... just send me an email to [email protected].....

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