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Wynperle Law is the leading team of personal injury lawyers in Hamilton. Please contact us with questions or if you have been involved in an accident and seek a high level of professional service.


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us2.campaign-archive2.com We are honoured and excited that we have been nominated again for the Spectators’ Annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Being nominated means we're making our clients happy and that is our greatest reward. We are proud of the recognition that this nomination signifies.

Wynperle Law supports the Rally for Accident Victims. Sign the petition at Change.org


Wynperle Law Continues Sponsorship of SCI Ontario

Wynperle Law Continues Supporting SCI Ontario in Their #Advocacy For Those With Injuries to the #Spine http://bit.ly/1m2QExf

wynperlelaw.ca “Been there, done that” the key to delivering peer support to those with spinal cord injuries.


Ripple Effect: How One Disability Affects Us All

How Does One #Disability Affect Family, Friends, and Our Society? http://goo.gl/1G9H6Z #Health #Injury

goo.gl A personal injury law firm knows that a person who does not receive support for their disabilities will have a ripple effect through society.


Thank you Wynperle Law! | Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Wynperle Helps Outside the Courtroom – SCI Ontario Helps Those In Need Through Our Contributions http://goo.gl/1JvoVD #InjuryLawyers #SpinalCord

goo.gl Spinal Cord Injury Ontario champions excellence in service, advocacy and quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.


Stay Safe and Sound By Avoiding a Slip and Fall Injury this Winter

#Ice and Snow Make Neighbourhood Sidewalks Unsafe. Try These #WinterSafety Steps http://bit.ly/1fLddVz

wynperlelaw.ca Follow these practical safety tips to avoid seriously injuring yourself during Canada's winter weather.


5 Tips for Safer Driving Through Dangerous Winter Conditions

5 Tips to Make Your #WinterDriving Safer Despite Dangerous Conditions http://bit.ly/1enI2AS #autoaccident #lawyer

wynperlelaw.ca Concerned about hazardous roads this winter? These 5 tips can keep you safe.


How to Make Your Home Accessible for People with Disabilities

Why Home #Accessibility is Important For People With a #Disability http://bit.ly/1a80Set

wynperlelaw.ca After a family member comes home with an injury or disability, a disability lawyer will suggest you take the initiative in making your home...


Can You Always Trust the Products in Your Shopping Cart?

Why the Products You Buy Might Need a Second Glance http://bit.ly/1ajSkeT #injury #lawyer

wynperlelaw.ca Do the products you buy carry some invisible risks?


FAQ Video – Is my case worth pursuing?

After an Injury, You May Need #Compensation to Fully Recover. We Explain Why Your Case is Worth Pursuing http://bit.ly/1bGoXZs #PersonalInjury

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – Is my case worth pursuing?Posted onDecember 3, 2013byadminIs my case worth pursuing?The aftermath of an injury is stressful enough, but...


FAQ Video – How long until my case is resolved?

Our 9th FAQ Video Examines How Long A #PersonalInjury Case Might Last http://bit.ly/1eAzaFt #Compensation

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – How long until my case is resolved?Posted onNovember 21, 2013byadminHow long until my case is resolved?A common question posed by...


FAQ Video – Who is going to pay for my healthcare and medical bills?

Who Covers the Costs of a #CarAccident? Our 8th FAQ Video Explains How #Compensation Works http://bit.ly/IhhXpk #PersonalInjury

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – Who is going to pay for my healthcare and medical bills?Posted onNovember 12, 2013byadminWho is going to pay for my healthcare and...


FAQ Video – How will I pay for a lawyer?

A #PersonalInjury Lawyer Doesn't Have to Bankrupt You. Our 7th FAQ Video Describes Our Compassionate Approach http://bit.ly/1c8WObJ #Recovery

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – How will I pay for a lawyer?Posted onNovember 6, 2013byadminHow will I pay for a lawyer?Having the right injury lawyer on your side is...


FAQ Video – If I am at fault for the accident, can I still seek...

Can You Seek #Compensation for an Accident If You're at Fault? Our 6th #FAQ Video Lets You Know http://bit.ly/1c8W9a7 #PersonalInjury

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – If I am at fault for the accident, can I still seek compensation?Posted onOctober 29, 2013byadminIf I am at fault for the accident, can...


FAQ Video – How do I choose a lawyer?

Choosing a Lawyer Can Be Intimidating. Our #FAQ Video Helps You Decide Which Qualities To Look For http://bit.ly/17XGxXG #Recovery #PersonalInjury

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – How do I choose a lawyer?Posted onOctober 23, 2013byadminHow do I choose a lawyer?When accident victims need to choose a lawyer, they...


FAQ Video – What can I claim?

Which Aspects of Your #Injury #Recovery Can Be Claimed During a Lawsuit? We Explain the Details in This #FAQ Video http://bit.ly/17XG7kg

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – What can I claim?Posted onOctober 15, 2013byadminWhat can I claim?After an injury or accident, you may find yourself being hit with a...


FAQ Video – Are there time limits on making a claim?

After an #Injury You May Be Focused on #Recovery Instead of Filing a Claim. Our #FAQ Explains How Time Limits Can Work http://bit.ly/18oj16W

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – Are there time limits on making a claim?Posted onOctober 9, 2013byadminAre there time limits on making a claim?The issue of time is a...


FAQ Video – Why should I choose Wynperle Law?

The #GTA is Full of #Injury Lawyers. Our FAQ Explains Why We're Your Best Decision http://bit.ly/1969o7m

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – Why should I choose Wynperle Law?Posted onOctober 1, 2013byadminWhy should I choose Wynperle Law?The airwaves and commercial breaks are...


FAQ Video – Should I see a lawyer?

Not Sure Whether You Need a Lawyer After an Accident? Our First #FAQ Video Helps You Decide http://bit.ly/1cvNz3N #Injury #Recovery

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – Should I see a lawyer?Posted onSeptember 30, 2013byadminShould I see a lawyer?If you are an accident victim, you might ask yourself,...


FAQ Video – How do I complete all these insurance forms?

A #PersonalInjury Case Can Fall Apart Without the Right #Insurance Forms. We Can Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly http://bit.ly/1a59Wd8

wynperlelaw.ca FAQ Video – How do I complete all these insurance forms?Posted onNovember 27, 2013byadminHow do I complete all these insurance forms?After an...


How to Handle the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

How to Overcome the Difficulties of a #Motorcycle Accident http://bit.ly/HQ3Vet #lawyers

wynperlelaw.ca Find out how you can endure and successfully recover after a serious motorcycle accident.


Steps You Should Take If Seasonal Fun Ends in an Injury

Why a Law Firm is There to Help After a Winter Injury http://bit.ly/1gwpYoJ #injurylawyer #wintersports

wynperlelaw.ca Learn about the dangers of winter sports, how to avoid them and what you can do if injured on the slopes.


5 Myths of Disability and Chronic Illness

5 Myths That People With #Disabilities Have to Deal With Everyday http://bit.ly/178VpNg #Disability

wynperlelaw.ca People who live with disabilities often have to struggle against prejudice. These five myths are often the source of a disabled person’s struggles.


4 Major Government Injury Benefits that Everyone Should Know About

The 4 Government Benefits That Can Aid You After an Injury http://bit.ly/1hqoHeY #OntarioGovernment #Health

wynperlelaw.ca After an injury, your family is likely struggling with finances and expenses. A personal injury lawyer can help you claim these four government...


3 Ways to Strike Back After an Assault

Why Physical Assault Warrants Immediate Attention from a #Lawyer http://bit.ly/19m2g5y #personalinjury #lawfirm

wynperlelaw.ca You don’t need to remain a victim if you were assaulted. Seek out the help of a personal injury law firm to overcome the challenges of such incidents.


Online Marketing through Press Release Distribution - PRWeb

New Lawyers, New Offices, and New Possibilities For Those Seeking Arbritration. Read the Details On Our New Expansion http://bit.ly/17YUujj #PersonalInjury

prweb.com Online press release distribution is cost-effective online marketing. Learn how PRWeb gets your content in search results to drive website visibility.


How an Injury Lawyer Helps Ease the Transition to a New Life Post-Accident

Adapting To The Changes That Come with Disability Is a Struggle. Here's How We Can Help http://bit.ly/178zacT #Disability #InjuryLaw

wynperlelaw.ca A personal injury lawyer can be an enormous asset when a person is dealing with disability in the aftermath of an accident.


Why an Auto Accident Doesn’t Need to Bring Your Life to a Halt

Reasons Why an #AutoAccident Shouldn’t Curb Your Quality of Life http://bit.ly/176rXtR #accidentlawyer

wynperlelaw.ca Approach an auto accident lawyer if a car accident has brought new limits into your life.


Personal Injury Firm Wynperle Law Announces Advocacy Initiative for New...

Wynperle is on the Front Lines of Educating the Public on #therapeutic Technologies for Personal Injuries http://bit.ly/153iyEj #personalinjury

prweb.com Toronto, ON. (PRWEB) July 30, 2013 -- Wynperle Law is a personal injury law firm that is based in Hamilton, Ontario and works with clients who have...


Injured Worker Wins $5 Million Insurance Claim

Injured Worker Wins $5 Million Insurance Claim

www.wynperlelaw.ca A few weeks ago, a Canadian judge, Justice Acton of the Queens Bench of Saskatchewan, awarded Luciano Branco $5,000,000. The $4.5 million awarded...


Testing Ontario’s New Accident Benefit Regime

Testing Ontario's New Accident Benefit Regime

www.wynperlelaw.ca Once again, Allen Wynperle is co-chairing the Annual Joint Insurance Seminar for the Hamilton Law Association and Insurance Adjusters’ Association...


Before You Take That Dream Vacation Protect Yourself

Before You Take That Dream Vacation, Protect Yourself

www.wynperlelaw.ca We’ve all read these stories in the paper and shuddered at the facts. Someone plans a sunny vacation getaway in a tropical paradise and the...


Auto Accident Lawyers on the Rise with Canada’s Leading Cause of Deaths

With Car Accidents in Canada on the Rise, the Demand for Auto Accident Lawyers Increases

thedeeperyougo.blog.com Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death in Canada, and the leading cause of accidental injury. A collision which took only a...


Personal injury tips within the workplace

Injured in the Workplace? 3 Tips You Should Consider

canadiansilver.wordpress.com If you or a loved one has been injured in a car or workplace accident, or another type of incident, …Continue reading »


Steps to take when involved in a car accident

Legal Steps to Take After You've Been Involved in a Car Accident

sheryltips.hubpages.com Most residents of Ontario will be involved in at least one car accident in their lifetimes; many will be the result of the recklessness or...


Dog Bite Attorneys: How They Occur & Statistics | PartyAftermath.com

Dog Bites: A Serious Problem That a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You With

www.partyaftermath.com Statistics have reported that every year over 4.7 million people are severely injured from a dog and the more frequent victims are children ages...


Hiring An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer « Business Entourage

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer With Experience

www.bentourage.com February 17, 2012 | In: business, business communications, business education, Law, Mind and Body, Misc., New Business, Personal Injury Lawyers...


How To Avoid Electrocution, Types of Electrical Injuries, Personal...

Electrocution & Electrical Injuries: When Personal Injury Lawyers Come Into Play

www.thehowtoworld.com Without warning electrocution and electrical injuries happen every day instantaneously. Becoming in contact with an exposed wire or a disconnected...


Wrongful Death Lawyers: Receive Compensation For Pain & Suffering

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Receive Compensation After a Wrongful Death

www.zimbio.com A wrongful death claim is filed due to another party’s negligence or wrongful actions that resulted in someone dying. In order for someone to file...


Burn Injury Attorneys

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help You After Suffering a Burn Injury

muskokagirl.buzznet.com The largest organ in the human body is the skin which protects and functions in a certain way that is critical for any individual to survive. Now...


Wrongful Death: Personal Injury Attorney In Hamilton

What a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You Understand in the Case of a Wrongful Death

digestingtoronto.blog.com Having the heartache of losing a loved one can be extremely hard to deal with, but when you lose someone you love due to someone else’s negligence...


Birth Injury: Personal Injury Lawyer - MuskokaGirl Blog

Affected By a Birth Injury? Why You Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

muskokagirl.blog.ca The day of the birth of your child is truly a miracle for your family, but when a child or



Learn About Surgical Errors and How a Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help



Injured At Work, What You Need To Know

Why It's Imperative That You Know Your Rights If You've Been Hurt on the Job

postingsfromagirl.tumblr.com If you have ever had the disadvantage of being injured during work hours which causes a personal injury, or perhaps even received an illness from...


What To Do If You Had A Slip, Trip Or Fall Injury

Slip & Fall Injuries Are Common, But How Do You Know If You Need an Injury Lawyer?

howisthequestionwhyistheanswer.blog.com Slipping in a store, tripping down the stairs and falling down escalators; those are all serious accidents that are the largest single cause of...

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Our personal injury team is led by James A. Scarfone and Lauren Grimaldi. We are passionate about the work we do for those who need our help. Call today.