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47% of people under the age of 50 do not have a financial planner.


If you fail to plan - you're planning to fail. It's a scary feeling going through life events by yourself, but it doesn't have to be that way. At Investors Group comprehensive plans are built for clients that are customized to meet their current needs. Having a tangible plan gives you reassurance that your goals can become reality. Throughout your lifetime, everyone can benefit from financial planning. Whether it's getting your first job, buying your first home, raising a family or just saving for retirement.

Confronting the ‘wonderful’ problem of the too-large RRSP


Is your RRSP too big? Some might find that question funny... However, those with large amounts saved in their RRSP face a giant tax liability in the future.

business.financialpost.com Baby Boomers could be facing a big tax hit when it comes time to draw down their RRSPs. But there are ways to minimize the damage.

The ultimate money question we need to ask


"Life is fragile. Life is tenacious. How do you live each day knowing that it can end in a heartbeat and yet behave as if you will live forever? Insure our lives against living too short and then build our retirement pool against living too long."


livemint.com Focus so hard on the future that your today is a grim treadmill of the relentless search for more

Five ways the federal budget may affect average Canadians


Some important highlights from today's federal budget announcement. http://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/five-ways-the-federal-budget-may-affect-average-canadians

business.financialpost.com Smoking just got more expensive, housing hopefully will get cheaper and the tax hit for cannabis

RRSP deadline is March 1st. If you'd like to know more on how you can maximize your contribution, let's talk!

What to do when your adviser retires — just as you are heading into retirement, too


What do you look for in a financial planner? What would you do if you retire the same time as your adviser?

business.financialpost.com Four main points to think about when looking for a new professional

Here's what Americans say they would do with an extra $10,000


What would you do if you had an extra $10,000? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/26/lending-tree-survey-given-10000-americans-would-pay-down-debt.html

cnbc.com It can't hurt to be prepared.

Where to get free stuff on your birthday


Shoutout to all the February birthdays - I'm one of you!

Best way to soften the blow of turning another year older? Let one of these generous retailers GIVE you a FREE present on your birthday! http://www.moneysense.ca/save/where-to-get-free-things-on-your-birthday/

moneysense.ca With a little digging, you can find dozens of retailers wanting to help you celebrate your birthday with cool freebies. Here are 20 to start you off.

[01/18/18]   What would happen to your family if you were diagnosed with cancer, stroke, or a heart attack today? Would you be able to pay your mortgage, medical bills, outstanding debts? Would you have to sell your house, or have your partner work 2 jobs? With critical illness insurance, you won't need to ask any of these questions. http://ow.ly/Rx1L30hG3QO

Fitness, finances top Canadians’ New Year’s resolutions - Article - investmentexecutive.com


Canadians are eager to change their financial situation for the better, with 1/3 of New Years Resolutions pledging to improve financial health. Make 2018 the year you speak to a financial advisor, let's make your goals happen. http://ow.ly/mz9l30hA3qE

investmentexecutive.com Over a quarter of Canadians plan to make a money-related resolution this year

5 things to watch in Canada's housing market this year


Is buying / selling your home one of your New Years Resolutions? These factors will be a game-changer for the housing market in 2018.


cbc.ca Real estate was a big topic in the business world in 2017, and with some major changes on the horizon, the subject is likely to dominate headlines again this year. Here are five things to watch in Canadian real estate.

Essential tax numbers: updated for 2017


2018 is peaking it's head around the corner. Here are the important numbers you need to know going into the New Year!

advisor.ca You have a lot to remember as an advisor, so we've assembled this handy list of tax numbers

We have 750 billion reasons to have ‘the talk’ about inheritance with our children


In the next decade, there will will be a large transition of wealth. Having an estate plan gives you a peace of mind that it will be passed along as per your wishes. Minimizing tax and any unforeseen costs along the way.

business.financialpost.com Put plans into place while everyone has the wherewithal to understand the implications

One in three Canadians already feeling the pinch on finances from rising interest rates: poll


We've been in a low interest environment for quite awhile and for millennials it is all we know. Learn how rising interest rates will impact you.

business.financialpost.com ‘It’s clear that people are nowhere near prepared for a higher rate environment,’ says president of insolvency firm MNP, which had the poll done

More Canadians Are Retiring With Debt


Everyone has a different view of what their retirement looks like. However, a common response is "I'd like to be debt free in retirement". Why are Canadians carrying debt with them into retirement? Plan ahead and get that burden off your shoulders. Contact me if you are looking to improve your situation.

investorsgroup.com As people’s work years draw to a close, many still owe a lot of money.,As people’s work years draw to a close, many still owe a lot of money.

Want your money to go further in retirement? Defer CPP until age 70


Here are some eye opening numbers... By 2036, 25% of the Canadian population will be 65 or over. In the 1960s, 6-7 workers were making CPP contributions for every eligible CPP recipient. By 2031, it will be 2.6 workers per 1 CPP recipient. Can you rely on government income in retirement?

beta.theglobeandmail.com By postponing your CPP pension, you are essentially transferring some of the investment and longevity risk back to the government, Vettese writes

How to Make More Money


Tips to increase your net worth 💰

investorsgroup.com Bump up your net worth and your lifestyle with these income-increasing tips.,Bump up your net worth and your lifestyle with these income-increasing tips.

Equifax hack said to affect only Canadians with U.S. dealings


Wow... Your personal information might have been hacked. Over the summer the private information of up to 143 million Americans, along with an undisclosed number of Canadians have been comprised. They say Canadians with US dealings are at the highest risk.

cbc.ca Equifax Canada's customer service agents are telling callers that only Canadians who have had dealings in the United States are likely to be affected by the massive hack announced last week.

Canadian dollar edges higher as Canada’s bond yields climb


The Canadian dollar increases to 0.83 US dollar. I sense a shopping trip across the border in the near future 😀

beta.theglobeandmail.com Loonie at 82.35 U.S. cents

The secret to paying less tax in retirement


Tax planning is one of the pillars of financial planning. In retirement you will start receiving government money (CPP, OAS, GIS), pension money through work and money coming from your personal investments. This money is taxable and in order to ensure that you have a successful retirement you should seek the advise of a financial planner. Have a professional help put more money in your pocket and less in the government's.

theglobeandmail.com The goal is not to reduce taxes year by year – that can lead to expensive tax traps – but to reduce taxes over the balance of your life

Is critical illness insurance worth it?


Approximately 1 out of 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Critical Illness Insurance is a fantastic way to protect yourself. As an additional benefit, if you stay healthy until age 65 you will also receive all your money back. Either way your benefiting from having this policy. Here is a great article illustrating the importance of having CI insurance.

theglobeandmail.com Consumers need to be aware of the complexities and limitations of this financial product, experts warn

Investors Group “Individual” - Full


What does your financial plan look like?

We’re all different. So why are they giving us all the same financial advice? Don’t settle for off-the-shelf financial advice. Get advice that’s as individua...

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People who have raised children and now are helping their parents are the sandwich generation,” says Christine Van Cauwenberghe, VP Tax and Estate Planning. Mitigate stress – and save your finances – by planning ahead:

theglobeandmail.com The Globe and Mail offers the most authoritative news in Canada, featuring national and international news

What the loonie’s roller coaster ride means for your financial planning


It is hard to believe that the Canadian dollar was once at par with the US. Going forward, it'll be interesting to note how our spendings and savings will be impacted.

business.financialpost.com Jason Heath: Investors who have owned foreign investments have benefitted handsomely in recent years due to both performance and currency

What you need to know before you say ‘I do’ to a marriage contract


Tis' the season, are you or someone you know getting married this year? Here are a few things to take into consideration before the big day.

business.financialpost.com Laurie H. Pawlitza: The end of May heralds the beginning of a dramatic period in the family law calendar — 'marriage contract season'

Helping Disabled Canadians Save


A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) helps parents and others save for the long-term for of a person with a disability. The federal government matches what you put in the account. For those who qualify it is a great way to capitalize on the government grants.

investorsgroup.com Thousands of Canadians have opened an RDSP since the program was introduced in 2008. Thousands more who qualify have not. Here’s what you need to know.,Thousands of Canadians have opened an RDSP since the program was introduced in 2008. Thousands more who qualify have not. Here’s what you need to kn...

Mortgage Planning | Mortgage Advisor | Investors Group


Buying a home? Investors Group is currently offering a great promotion on their mortgage rates!

investorsgroup.com An Investors Group Mortgage is one of the most affordable mortgages. Speak with a financial advisor to understand the mortgage process & discover your options.

Investors Group “Unique” - Full


We’re all different. So why are they giving us all the same financial advice? Get advice as unique as you.

youtube.com We’re all different. So why are they giving us all the same financial advice? Don’t settle for off-the-shelf financial advice. Get advice as unique as you ar...

Drop Your Debt Or Put Money in the Market?


Should you build your wealth or eliminate your debt? Why not both... Have a strategy that is customized to meet all of your goals.

investorsgroup.com With today’s low rates, the pay down debt or invest debate isn’t as clear cut as it used to be.

'Best gift government has given us': The long-term power of the TFSA has yet to be fully tapped


Completely agree, the government has limited the use of TFSA thus far. It's potential has yet to be unlocked!

business.financialpost.com The TFSA is new enough that Canadians tend to think of it just as a savings, and not investing, vehicle. That's a mistake. Here's what else you could be doing with it

Five reasons experts say Toronto home prices are going through the roof


Why is the housing market skyrocketing in Toronto? These experts give their insight to the cause.

business.financialpost.com It’s a mystery that is stumping politicians and policy makers alike, but here are five factors that could be causing the market to defy gravity

Don’t Give Money the Silent Treatment | Investors Group More


Talking about your personal finances can be a sensitive topic. It is important to find a professional you trust to provide you with the proper advice. This article outlines how silence can be detrimental to your financial future.

investorsgroup.com Finances can be tough to talk about, but keeping your money issues a secret can be bad for your health.

7 Steps To Selling Your Small Business


Are you or someone you know selling their business? Here are just a few points to take into consideration. Hiring a financial planner would help ease making these financial decisions.

investopedia.com Money in the bank and newfound free time make this grueling process worth the trouble.

It’s important for millenials to develop good savings habits as early on as possible. Secure your financial future and plan ahead.

Holding off on CPP until they are 70 would make huge difference to this couple’s retirement income


Delaying your CPP payments will have a large impact to your retirement plan. At what point does it benefit you the most?

business.financialpost.com If Harry and Mary defer the start of OAS, they would get a 7.2 per cent a year boost or 36 per cent in total increase each year to 70

Is your bank trying to upsell you? Here's what you should – and shouldn’t – buy


Is your debt increasing? Here are products that you should avoid and/or get rid of. You'll start to see an increase in your cash flow and dedicate those funds to your financial goals.

theglobeandmail.com A customer’s best defence against upselling is to know which sales pitches are worth listening to, and which to shut down

How Much House Can You Buy? | Investors Group More


Can you guess how much the average house is going for across Canada?

investorsgroup.com Here’s what $470,661, the average home price today, can get you across the country.

Mutual funds, not homes, increase Canadians’ net worth


82% of Canadian millennials expect to buy homes soon. With the consistent rise of the housing market and the foreign influence are we going to start seeing houses that hold 3 generations of family members?

advisor.ca Home sales hit their highest level since April 2016, gaining 5.2% in February compared to January, reveals statistics from the Canadian Real Estate Association. Read: The solution to Canada’s housing crisis The national average price for a home sold in February was $519,521, up 3.5% from a year ago....

'We are all doing it': Employees at Canada's 5 big banks speak out about pressure to dupe customers


Unfortunately this is commonly known among the banks. I'm not one to bash competitors so I'll let this article speak for itself. If you are at all concerned and want to improve your finances I urge you to reach out.

cbc.ca Employees from all five of Canada’s big banks have flooded Go Public with stories of incredible pressure to meet sales targets — at any cost.

Stay Safe Online | Investors Group More


Protect your online identity.

investorsgroup.com Avoid digital fraud by knowing the facts.

RESP advice for Mindy Lahiri | FromYourAdvisor.ca


Mindy Lahiri is a gynecologist from New York. She gives birth to her son, Leo, but splits up with her fiancé and colleague Danny after it’s clear they’re incompatible parents. How can this single mother plan for herself and her son?

fromyouradvisor.ca How to secure her son Leo's future.

EU parliament votes in favour of landmark trade deal with Canada


Trump's criticism of globalization has pushed the European Parliament to make a free-trade deal with Canada. Before this agreement the EU was Canada’s No. 2 trade partner after the U.S., and Canada was the EU’s 12th-biggest.

business.financialpost.com Ratification by the European Union parliament now paves the way for 90 per cent of the agreement to come into force once the Canadian Parliament follows suit in the coming months

So Long, Social Media | Investors Group More


How long could you be disconnected from social media before going through withdrawals??

investorsgroup.com There’s a movement afoot, called the Joy of Missing Out, where people put down their cell phones and enjoy the world around them. We explain.

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