Jonathan Jackson - Sun Life Financial advisor

Jonathan Jackson - Sun Life Financial advisor

As a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) in good standing, the services I provide include planning, investment management as well as insurance solutions.

I am a Sun Life Financial Advisor. These are my personal opinions, not professional advice and they do not reflect the official position of Sun Life Financial.
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TFSA annual contribution limit rises to $6,000 | Investment Executive

The Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) is quickly approaching its 10th anniversary. Many dismissed this as an insignificant savings vehicle when it was first introduced -- but look at it now. TFSA annual contribution limit 2019 CRA Tax Free Savings Account Canada Revenue Agency

Do you know the difference between Alzheimer’s & dementia?

When your symptoms are pointing in different directions, having access to a network of physicians like Best Doctors can help you understand your medical condition and treatment options.

Best Doctors is a part of certain health insurance contracts. Contact me today to learn more.

Life insurance calculator

Life #insurance can help you protect the financial security of the people who matter most to you. Do you know how much you need to protect and provide for your loved ones once you’re gone? Try this free calculator to find out. Sun Life Financial can help you build and protect your savings with investment products, life insurance, health insurance, and financial advice.

4 ways to stop diabetes before it starts

Prediabetes affects at least 6 millions Canadians, many of whom don’t know they have it. It’s important to understand this silent threat and how to prevent it. Click here to learn more. If diabetes is runaway blood sugar, prediabetes is blood sugar that’s picking up speed. Here’s how you can prevent one from turning into the other.

What to do if you’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is a serious #health concern for Canadians. Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle means getting a goodnight’s sleep. Sleep better with these tips. The end of Daylight Saving Time means an extra hour of shut-eye. But is that enough to make up for lost sleep? And how can you get more sleep?

10 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers - The Simple Dollar

It’s Financial Literacy Month and what better time to share some important tips for purchasing your first home. Contact me today to discuss your saving and protection needs! #FLM2018 In the summer of 2007, my wife and I purchased our first home. As a first-time home buyer, I knew we needed to spend a considerable amount of time

Ten year-end tax-planning tips for investors — but start now if you want to take advantage of them

As December 31st quickly approaches, now is a good time to look at your tax planning needs before the year ends. Here are 10 tips you should start thinking about now. Jamie Golombek: The arrival of Halloween means there are just two months left until Dec. 31; start planning now

Pattie Lovett-Reid: Are you worried about the costs of living longer? - BNN Bloomberg

In a recent survey, over 50% of respondents indicated that they are concerned about the financial costs associated with living longer. To feel confident in your #retirement, contact me today. A new BMO survey found that 51 per cent of respondents are concerned about health problems and costs associated with living longer, 47 per cent said they are afraid of running out of money and 40 per cent said they worry they will become a burden on their family.

Pattie Lovett-Reid: Are you worried about the costs of living longer? - BNN Bloomberg

In a recent survey, over 50% of respondents indicated that they are concerned about the financial costs associated with living longer. To feel confident in your #retirement, contact me today. A new BMO survey found that 51 per cent of respondents are concerned about health problems and costs associated with living longer, 47 per cent said they are afraid of running out of money and 40 per cent said they worry they will become a burden on their family.

Getting hitched? Get a financial plan

You may be recently married or are planning an upcoming wedding. Find out why having a financial plan can help you avoid divorce. (Special) - August is the favourite month in Canada to get married. According to Weddingbells magazine, 67 per cent of weddings in Canada take place between June and September but the most popular month to tie the knot is August, with 23 per cent of weddings taking place in that month.

RRSP vs. Mortgage calculator

Are you torn between paying off your mortgage or contributing to your RRSP? Use this simple (yet effective) calculator to find out which strategy is right for you! Sun Life Financial can help you build and protect your savings with investment products, life insurance, health insurance, and financial advice.

Staying healthy during cold and flu season can be simple and easy to do with a few preventive measures. Here are some simple and practical steps you can take to avoid falling ill.

How to reduce investment risk

Asset allocation and portfolio diversification go hand in hand. As an advisor, I can help you build a balanced approach to your investments that make you feel confident in your #financial future. There’s no predicting how well your investments will perform or how steady your returns will be. That’s why it’s important to diversify your portfolio.

5 financial frights and what to do about them

Haloween was just a few days ago, but these 5 #financial concerns might frighten you at any time of the year. Ghosts and goblins may no longer keep you up at night, but here are 5 financial frights that might.

Looking past the premiums | Investment Executive

Do you think Whole Life insurance is expensive?

The long-term benefits of permanent life insurance often outweigh the upfront costs. I’m here to help you find the right coverage. Permanent life insurance can be good value for wealthy clients who can afford the upfront costs

TFSA or RRSP: Which one is better for you?

November is Financial Literacy Month and there's no shortage of money questions - especially when it relates to investing within a TFSA or RRSP.

Contact me today to learn which option is right for you! The math is simple. Tax timing based on your financial situation and discipline will help you decide whether to save your money in a TFSA or an RRSP.

Four reasons why business owners should consider life insurance

Business owners, life insurance could provide the necessary cash flow to solve some big problems should they arise. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider a life insurance policy. Life insurance can sometimes provide needed cash to solve some pretty big problems

Critical illness insurance calculator

Recovering from a serious illness can come at a significant price that is over and above what your government health plan will pay for. Check out this calculator to find out more! Use our critical illness insurance calculator to find out how a serious illness could affect your finances and how much coverage you may need.

5 ways to save on your child’s next birthday party

It’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you intended on your kid's birthday party. Here are some easy tips to help you save #money on their next birthday bash. Birthday parties for kids don’t have to be over the top or expensive. Here are some smart and simple ways to save money on your child’s next bash.

How Much Should You Really Spend On Dining Out?

Wondering where your money goes each month? On average, Canadian families spend $300 a month eating out. Here are 4 ways you can lower your restaurant costs and keep your finances on track. Forgoing home-cooked meals for takeout can quickly blow your budget.

How to make your savings last well into retirement

Creating sustainable income that can last for decades takes careful planning. As an advisor, it’s my job to help create a plan that will allow you to live and love your life in #retirement. Contact me today! Tom Ivaskiv made sure his money would last well into his retirement. Here’s how you can do it, too.

Pre-nup or post-nup: Why have a marriage contract?

It may not sound romantic, but drawing up a pre or post-nup agreement could provide some important benefits. A marriage contract can be a sign of love, not mistrust. And it’s not too late to draw one up, even after your wedding day.

Term life vs. permanent life insurance

There are a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs. To find out if term or permanent life #insurance is right for you, contact me today! Understanding the difference between permanent and term life insurance will help you choose the protection you need – and prevent regrets in the future.

What you need to know about home insurance | Watch News Videos Online

Summer vacation will soon be upon us and many will be taking a vacation, renovating or just relaxing. It’s a good time of year to review your home #insurance policy to ensure you know what to do in case of an emergency - whether it is an unexpected accident or an extreme weather event. Watch this video to learn more. Watch What you need to know about home insurance Video Online, on

7 things you need to know before you become a landlord

The decision to become a landlord could end up being a costly one. Here are 7 tips you need to know before diving into the rental business.

I have a number of referral partners who can help with many of these potential issues. Ask me for an introduction. Whether you’re renting out space for profit or to help cover your mortgage, these tips will help make your experience stress-free.

Estate planning – Don’t do it yourself

There are some things in life that you shouldn’t do alone and estate planning is one of them. I also work with my client's lawyers to make sure the appropriate barriers are in place.

Don't know a lawyer who can help with preparing Will/Power of Attorney documents? Ask me for an introduction. Have you seen the recent Home Hardware ads, where an adorable young couple tackles a complete home renovation on their own? It’s hard not to root for

Canada’s banks downplay concerns about household debt, interest rates | The Star

Homeowners! Despite fluctuating interest rates, you can save money on your mortgage. Read the article to find out how. Reasons not to panic include households’ ability to keep mortgage payments in check, a manageable number of home-loan renewals and the still-low cost of borrowing.

Four questions to ask about your workplace pension plan

There are a number of different workplace pension plans, but you may not achieve the lifestyle you want in #retirement with them alone. To gain a better understanding of your plan, here are 4 key questions to ask. If you have an employer-sponsored pension plan – or you’re considering joining a company that offers one – know the answers to these questions.

Where to go for a family vacation in Canada this summer

Summer is around the corner! If you’re taking time off, check out these Canadian options. City, wilderness, beach, mountains - whatever your vacation preference, there’s a destination in Canada that’s right for your family.

Most Canadians don’t have the benefit of paid time off. With Critical Illness Insurance for your kids, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can take time off to care for them when they need you the most. Contact me today about Critical Illness Insurance for your children.

Canadian millennials are feeling higher rates in their wallets - Article - BNN

Are higher borrowing costs curbing your personal spending? Let’s work together to establish financial goals that will allow you to live and love your life. More than half of Canadians under 35 years old said they are spending less because of recent interest rate increases, according to a survey by Nanos Research.

Why Stephen Poloz isn’t ready just yet to pivot on interest rates

Are you prepared for another rate hike? The Bank of Canada’s next rate decision is on May 30th. Contact me today for a free holistic review of how another rate hike could affect you. Kevin Carmichael: Bottom line — low for a bit longer

How to avoid these 5 common TFSA mistakes

The TFSA just turned 9 years old. Despite it being almost a decade, many common mistakes are still being made. Here are 5 of them to avoid. A tax-free savings account (TFSA) is a great tool for hitting your savings goals. Make the most of yours by sidestepping these easy-to-make errors.

5 important considerations when writing a will

It’s never too early to start writing your will. Click here for a list of the 5 important issues you need to consider.

I can also make an introduction to a lawyer to start the discussion. A will protects your assets and your family, yet about half of us don’t have a will or a power of attorney.

How much does it cost to own a home?

There’s a lot of #financial factors to consider before purchasing a home. Here are 7 you should know. Whether it’s a bungalow, condo or duplex, buying a home is a huge accomplishment. But owning a home is also a significant financial responsibility.

12 key documents you need to gather

Do your loved ones know where to find your important documents? Here are 12 items you should store together to ensure you have an orderly estate.

Don't have a will? Ask me for an introduction to a qualified expert who can help. Can you imagine what would happen if you died and your family didn’t know where to find your will? Or your money?

Bank of Canada raises qualifying mortgage rate after Big Six banks hike rates

Bank of Canada raises qualifying mortgage rate after Big Six banks hike rates

Are you in the market for a new home? The Bank of Canada raised the conventional 5-year mortgage rate, which raises the bar for homebuyers trying to qualify for a mortgage.

Ask me for an introduction to a Mortgage Broker who can help you. The central bank qualifying rate is separate from the actual mortgage rates offered by banks, but is used to assess homebuyers who are seeking loans

How to cover the cost of cancer

How to cover the cost of cancer

Preparing for the unexpected is key to every #financial plan. Contact me today to ensure you’re ready for anything life throws your way. #CancerAwarenessMonth If you're diagnosed with cancer, your finances could take a hit along with your health. Here's how to be ready.

Long-term financial planning imperative for golden years

Long term financial planning imperative for golden years

Taking a holistic approach to planning your financial future will ensure your needs are covered at every life stage. Let’s get started today. #planforthefuture Sun Life Financial advisor Brian Burlacoff discusses various financial pitfalls associated with retirement years

Which is better in retirement: Owning or renting?

Which is better in retirement: Owning or renting?

The decision of whether to own or rent in #retirement is about more than money. Contact me today for a review of your personal goals so we can find a solution that best suits your needs. Thinking of selling your home as retirement nears? Do you buy again, or rent? The decision is about more than the money, say these experts.

10 Life Insurance Myths Debunked - MoneyWise

Life insurance myths debunked

There are many myths when it comes to life insurance and these 10 can make it difficult to decide which coverage best suits your needs. Contact me today to see if life #insurance is right for you. Are you aware of these life insurance myths? Read on to find out more!

Employee benefits: Taxable or not?

Learn about the 8 taxable employee benefits that may have affected your income last year. Does your T4 say you made more than you thought you did? Perhaps you didn’t consider your taxable benefits. Find out what is and isn’t taxable.

Estate planning now can ease the tax burden later | The Star

Locating and recovering assets for an estate can seem like a daunting task for any executor, which is why it’s important to prepare yourself and your family. Have that #financial conversation today. #estateplanning Accountants say some preparation now makes life much easier for the people you leave behind.

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