Alex Gallant

I am a Financial Advisor with Oak Harbour Wealth Management. I am expanding my client base currently and also looking for other advisors to join our firm.

[03/07/16]   Looks like another solid day on the markets! Especially the Canadian indexes... a little surge in oil prices and some strong indicators that the U.S economy is recovering have driven most of the gains... this also equals more foreign exchange with our friends to the south, which will equal a stronger dollar for us as Canadians.... just in time for some of us to be travelling south to the Carribean! ;) As always, if you need some free financial advice, contact me and I'd be happy to sit with you and discuss all of your needs!

[02/29/16]   Looking to make some extra money? Ask me about my pay for referral program!

[02/29/16]   RRSP Season is finally coming to a close... I hope you took advantage of it! The benefits of tax deferred RRSP contributions are amazing, yet most people barely take advantage of their full contribution room! Think about this, depending on your marginal tax rate and your contribution size, you could be getting thousands of dollars back in your tax return, while allowing your money to grow completely tax deferred. Although it's pretty much too late (you have until end of day today) to contribute for your 2015 tax return, having a plan to make sure you don't make the same mistake for the 2016 tax year is crutial! Contact me for any advice or assistance with your personal investing and all other personal finance needs.

[02/01/16]   I am officially open for business! Transfer to my new dealer partners is complete and I'm ready to take on new clients. If you're currently unhappy with your financial professional, or you just need a change, give me a call or message me. I'd be happy to sit down with you and show you what a complete financial plan looks like and all the benefits it can provide. Don't procrastinate, your future depends on it ;)

[08/18/15]   Hopefully this summer has found a significant amount of fun and relaxation for you... I'm sorry to say it's winding down :(
Just a couple of weeks left of August and then it's back to it!... Whatever 'it' is for you ;)
It's crazy how fast time goes by - especially when you have a little person at home that you can use as a gauge!
A line in a movie said 'Time is the fire in which we burn' Some will know the movie, others won't, but that's not important... The interpretation of the line is important... If that is your belief of time, then it would seem to be a slow painful process. That's a horrible way to look at it! I would say time is the road, we are the vehicle... Although the road will end, we choose how we travel on it. Some choose to make that trip a horrible one, while others make it exciting! As we wind down the 8th month of 2015, I challenge you to reflect on your trip so far and if it's leaning on the horrible side, pull over, grab a quick bite, refill the tank and remember... The trip is yours, you can make it what you want it to be :)

[07/20/15]   First off... Congrats to 2 of my teammates - Steve Bradshaw & Justine Follington for passing the first stage of Provincial Licensing! Proud of you guys :) Secondly, just got back from our Bi-annual convention in Atlanta... All I can say is... Wow... 50,000 people in any venue is crazy! The atmosphere is electric and very inspiring! I love this company and what we do for regular people... But it's a nice reminder of just how massive this company really is and how it truly will dominate the financial service industry! I'll have a small but significant role in that dominance thanks to some of the great people I'm aligning myself with!

[06/22/15]   To anyone reading this, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while... been very busy with my business (which is a good thing). News to report... a few new members of my team to recognize... first off, Steve Bradshaw... this guy is plain smarter than me... there, I said it! No doubt he's going to light up this business! Secondly, Eric Archibald... this guy has zero issues with talking to people! Very little need for training, mostly a need for pulling back the reigns!!! Last but not least, Justine Follington... Justine is a part of Eric Archibald's team and a shooter in her own right... she's been keeping us busy training her and I could see this girl very quickly becoming a force in this business!!! Proud of all of my new teammates!!! I love this business :)

[05/13/15]   Hope you're all enjoying your week... even though the weather took a slight turn for the worse :( I just want to take this time to welcome Roger St.Onge to my team! Roger has proven himself extremely successful at the highest levels of mangement in his field and has now chosen to begin a new career in the financial sector. No doubt he'll bring his experience and expertise to his business and do amazing here! Proud to be working with you!

[05/01/15]   I just want to congratulate a couple members of my team... First off, Linda Duggan - so proud to have you as a newly DUAL licensed agent!!!! The MFDA finished processing your application and it's now hit the system as official!!! Can you say bonus time!!! :) But also want to acknowledge Meghan Linger for passing your LLQP and taking final steps to Provincial Licensing!!! Very proud of you both!!! I love this business!!! Where else do you get to help people build a business for themselves and get to work with such excellent people??? I feel privileged to have you both on my team and excited to continue to watch you grow in the business!!!

[03/27/15]   Winter is almost gone... and it's time to do some spring cleaning! We all likely have some "cleaning" to do in our lives... personally or professionally, so let's get a head start before the warm weather gets here! After today's last kick at the can (hopefully), maybe there isn't much of a rush afterall :( I'm always around for those of you that want a change of profession... as for personal changes, well you're on your own in that department ;)

[01/23/15]   By now you all know I'm a big proponent of the power of the mind and the ability to control our destiny through thought which in turn leads to action... but I'm going to take a second to rip at a saying I think is kind of weak... it goes like this... "whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right"... ummmm... nope... I can think I can fly all day, but the law of gravity is going to disagree... strongly I might add depending on how convicted I am to try (ie: height)... so there needs to be an asterisk in this quote... I get the idea of the quote, but it just seems so lazy... as if the author (Henry Ford) was a bit busy making cars and said... I need to come up with an inspirational saying... and quick!!! This was the birth of this nugget (add a descriptive word of choice prior to nugget)... I don't rip too much on it since the point of it is inspiring... I just think it shows a lack of commitment to the act of figuring out an inspirational saying... something unfortunately that continues now and I'm sure, well into the future... feel free to comment and add some "nuggets" of your own... we'll discuss ;) Happy weekend to you all :)

Had a great time with some of the team at the 2015 Kickoff Event!!! The team is growing and the excitement is high! 2015 is going to be a huge year!!!!

[12/31/14]   Happy New Year everyone! 2014 was a pretty tough year for me personally... If we were to compare it to the stock market, this was my 2008 :( But not unlike the stock market, life has it's ups and downs... And since 2014 was a pretty down year... 2015 should be an explosive and fantastic year! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2015! I will be here offering life and financial advice to those of you that want it :)

[12/11/14]   I will try to compose something worth the time you're taking to currently read this... but the weather outside my office is currently bumming me out :( Another year is fast approaching a close and no doubt some of us feel like shutting down and restarting in January. This is a common theme with most people... we're all about starting over. Not that this is a bad thing... in fact, it's what makes the human spirit great! Having said that... many people (myself included) will use this restart as an excuse to put off doing something that may be scary or require effort to a later date as an excuse to continue self-destructing behaviour... whether it be in personal or professional goals, it's all the same. If we all know the measure of insanity is to continue to do something the same way and expect a different result, then why do will still practice that action? I know this message is early as It's not even Christmas yet... but my usual instinct would be to post this much closer to the New Year... so you can see the driven point within ;) If you want 2015 to be a much different/better year for you in any area of your life, it might be time to start doing today what you would normally put off until January 2nd.... let's face it, the 1st is worldwide hangover day and we know nothing happens then!

[12/06/14]   Okay so I know it's time to start posting some content on this page more often... I won't wait until the new year to do it... But being true to my need for procrastination, I'll do it tomorrow... Or wait... This counts... I'll come up with something slightly more profound tomorrow... Latest Monday :)

[10/24/14]   There are no words to properly describe how awful the events were that took place in Ottawa yesterday... or the sadness we all as Canadians feel for the loss of one of our couragous soldiers. To add to our grief personally, he was a Hamiltonian... Unfortunately, I didn't have the privilege of knowing him personally, but I can't help but feel a personal loss... perhaps just because he was Canadian, or because he could have been my neighbor... or the fact that this type of thing isn't supposed to happen in Canada. We have a false sense of security as Canadians, but we need to be aware that this type of senseless evil can happen anywhere. This kind of hatred is a festoring cancer that grows and causes sick and desperate people to commit unspeakable acts of violence on innocent people... all in the name of personal ideologies bent on the destruction of western culture and political views. My deepest condolences to the family of our fallen brother.

Checked my junk folder to see if anything ended up in there by accident only to find this... these idiots aren't even trying anymore! This did make me chuckle for a while though... hehe :)

[10/06/14]   2 of my guys have just completed their first weekend of licensing and my other studette Linda has booked 2 opens and a close this week all while preparing for licensing herself! I'm so proud of my team! I love this business!

[08/12/14]   Would you trade off hot weather and rain for cold weather and sun?

[08/03/14]   Having love for yourself is not a learned behaviour... You don't have to work on loving yourself... It's innate... You do however have to work on disliking or even hating yourself... This is an unnatural learned behaviour... So how about remembering what you like about yourself today?

[07/25/14]   So the U.S markets took a bit of a plunge today based on news from Visa saying they expect global spending to be down over the third quarter this year... Wow, I dont know how to take this?... maybe Visa expects people to finally start living/spending according to their means, or... Visa is experimenting with their power to not only control our (middle class man/woman) wealth, but the fat cats that own their shares as well... all part of their plans to rule the world by burying the average consumer in mountains of debt...

[07/14/14]   Maybe now that the World Cup is over, people can get back to some sort of work?!? Or we'll remember it's summer and do something else ;)


Had to share this video... if this doesn't move your mercury at least a bit, you need to hook some electrodes to your chest...

Please share this video anyway you can, i think its a powerful message that could help a lot of people. NOTE: this is the first homeless man i asked, i didn'...

[07/07/14]   Motivation & Momentum are kind of like the chicken and the egg.... in order to achieve momentum in anything, you need the motivation to get it started and keep it going... but motivation comes easily from momentum... so you better figure out a way to get motivated and create that momentum you need... otherwise you'll sit around all day being the chicken trying to fertilize your own egg, or the egg trying to find your way into a chicken that doesn't exist ;)

[07/01/14]   Happy Birthday Canada!!! A great big country with a small population of wonderful people :)

[06/27/14]   I'd like to say something inspirational today... but I've been hit by the procrastination bug, so I think I'll put it off until tomorrow ;) Feel free to insert something profound here ________________

[06/25/14]   It's been said that time is money... but you can waste all the money you want and still make more... time isn't so forgiving... so be selective and cautious with what you spend your time doing... for many, that should be easier now that Game Of Thrones is finished for the season ;)

[06/24/14]   Hey do something great today!!! Or maybe tomorrow... ok fine, make it no later than thursday...

[06/19/14]   It's a beautiful day out today... I know a good number of you are either at work or parked on a soft cushion somewhere watching soccer... but I figured I'd throw out a message into the social media world just in case someone is waiting on facebook to provide a little knowledge/inspiration!.. I know it's almost summer and we're all excited about the bbqs and pool events we're going to be holding/attending... but like all seasons, summer will end (sooner than we'd all like) and Fall will be here and shortly after that (42 hours, 11 minutes to be exact... hehe, jk) Winter will be here and hang around for it's usual 6 months... lol. Before these seasons change and you're left stuck in the Winter snow... waiting for another Summer to come, dont you think it's time to finally start the path to that one thing that's burning you up inside to achieve /do/have??? Most of us are natural proscrastinators... we get comfort from putting things off until tomorrow because we see the discomfort it will cause today... but isn't it worse to wait and wait and then look back and regret not beginning now? Later on in life, you'll not regret the things you did as much as the things you didn't do... take some time today to start something that puts you on the path to what you want to have/do/achieve... do yourself a favor, make it a really small change... REALLY small... this way it will seem easy, but get you on the right path... you can always increase your efforts, but if you never start, or start too big, you'll either fail by not doing anything and putting it off until "someday" or you'll fail because you tried to accomplish too much all at once and quit when it got hard. Take for example if you're a smoker... and you usually smoke 20 cigarettes per day... drop that total down to 19... track it!!!... get used to that and then adjust again to 18 and proceed lower and lower... before long, you'll have conditioned yourself to smoke less... eventually you may have the ability to quit altogether! If I told you to stop smoking tomorrow, the chances of your success are incredibly low since the task is too great! You can see how this approach will work in any area of your life... the key is to take the immediate action today... don't wait... think about where you could be this time next year!!!

[06/17/14]   If I told you before you began working that you could determine the age you'd like to retire (within reason) and the amount you could expect to be paid at that time, would you do what was necessary to meet those goals? Unfortunately very few are actually given that information early enough to be able to do anything about it. By the time most people learn the rules of the money game, they've limited their ability to take advantage of all the tools at their disposal. We're not properly shown how the financial products and services we buy actually work and we're not taught about them in school, so how are we expected to do well with our finances? Some people figure it out as they go... usually at the expense of their credit score earlier in their adult life... uh hmm... me... but as with anything, the best way to learn is trial and error... and I tried and I errored! But I learned invaluable lessons that I wouldn't have learned otherwise. Even though time may have passed and you've aged both financially and in years, the financial game is something you have no choice but to play... wouldn't you rather have all the rules instead of finding out when it's too late? You literally can't afford not to...

[06/15/14]   Statistics say that 6 out of 10 Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck... Financially, it may be coming up sunny days for you now, but what happens if it starts raining all of a sudden?!? You dont want to be caught without a financial umbrella!!!

[06/13/14]   At this point I'm sure it's common knowledge, but I'll state this fact anyways; we all need to be saving more money. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade and have been completely unaware of the fact that people have learned a very dangerous habit of buying now to pay later. I'm not sure when this trend began exactly, but if I had to wager a guess, I'd say it was sometime around the invent of credit cards and lines of credit. Thanks to this dangerous ability to spend well in excess of what we can hope to payoff in a reasonable time period, we've accumulated record amounts of debt.
Since there really isn't proper regulatory bodies protecting consumers from themselves in this regard, we are continuing to slide down this slippery slope of debt. In fact, in Canada alone, on average, each and every person is in debt to the tune of 162% of their annual income. In the U.S it isn't much better at 140%. I know what you're thinking, this is quite an alarming statistic, but not as alarming as the fact that our debt is increasing and little to nothing is being done to prevent lending agencies from offering more and more rope for which consumers are inclined to hang themselves with.
Since there is an obvious need to do something about this, but no apparent sense of urgency, it seems unlikely that anything will change unless we begin to change our spending and saving habits. Our record amounts of debt have now also caused massive shortfalls in our amount of savings and more importantly, our ability to retire with dignity.

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