Valentino De Miglio - Primerica Financial Services

Valentino De Miglio - Primerica Financial Services

I started my journey as part of a crusade to help individuals and families earn more income, become properly protected, debt-free, and financially independent.

Financial literacy, it affects everyone. Every person, whether low income, middle income or high income, exchanges money for products or services. I'm here to help you identify if you're paying too much in the financial and insurance sectors, or if you're on the right track to your goals and dreams.

[05/05/19]   Sorry to be blunt with this post, however, let's get down to basics. Jobs are not secure, even with a union. Unless you are self-employed and can control your level of effort relative to your income, it will never change. Times are tough. We are being taxed up one side and down another.

You have a pension? That's wonderful. Consider yourself lucky as they are slowly becoming a hot comodity in the job market. Consider this though, did you know that your pension is only part of one's retirement plan? Unless you live quite frugally or are willing to downsize in your retirement years, a pension will not carry you into a comfortable golden age.

Consider that you have to take things into your own hands, if you're looking to do more than just pay your bills and relax for the day. If you have a home, you know that you'll have expenses. Own a car? More expenses. Aside from that, what longer term goals do you aspire to have? Would you like to take some vacations, own a cottage, a boat or a sports car? Would your goal be to help those in need? What if a family member needs your help to pay for treatment that is not standard issue but could save their life?

Invest your hard-earned money into different vehicles like an RSP (retirement savings plan) or a TFSA (tax-free savings account). Maximize what's available to you for those later years. Don't know the difference or don't know a strategy to invest that works best for you? Please reach out to me, and let's come up with a personalized solution for your needs.

At the end of the day, you have to be proactive for your future. No one else is going to do it for you. Contact me today, and let's make that difference together.

$2.5-billion class action against Sun Life set to proceed | Advisor Supreme Court denies insurer’s bid to appeal the ruling that certified the class action

[04/18/19]   At the end of the day, our plan is to invest for our retirement and whatever goals and dreams we have. We don't want to struggle, but rather, we want to enjoy our golden years.

Unfortunately, that's not the case for some, and so in times of need, we should be there to support them however we possibly can. Not long ago, I took on a client on a referral basis. This client was not treated well during his disabled years, whereas prior to that, he made a great level of income and invested appropriately. When he could no longer due to changing life conditions, he was abandoned via his enquiries, his emails and his phone calls by his previous advisor. I pledged that I would not let him go through his years alone. Fast forward to present day, and this client's health is now failing, and he's left with unfulfilled goals and dreams. His only wish is to ensure that his family are taken care of. This is where I've had to step up my game. I've been through the steps one takes after a loss, and so I was able to promise him that I will guide his family to a solution regarding their future at a time when emotions will be running higher than ever, and they won't be thinking with the utmost clarity.

Customer service makes all the difference to one's comfort level. Can you honestly say that your branch Advisor will visit you at your home or hospital room if you're no longer mobile? To collect signatures or review the difficult details of a conversation that many don't want to have? Will they get in touch with their professional contacts in other areas to help ensure you get the help you deserve to get? When you have someone on your side that views this industry from a different point of view, you'll get these extras that many others simply don't offer.

Universal Life Insurance, a 1980s Sensation, Has Backfired A long decline in interest rates caused premiums to soar when they were supposed to stay level, trapping retirees and forcing many to drop coverage. “These life policies were quicksand,” says one 85-year-old customer.

Suze Orman: If you waste money on coffee, it's like 'peeing $1 million down the drain'

Many don't realize just how much money is wasted on small daily, weekly or monthly 'habits'. Change can be tough, but such a small thing like making your coffee or tea in the morning and bringing it with you to work as opposed to buying it on the way adds up to alot of money saved. Money that can be repurposed to paying down debts and saving for retirement. Food for thought, if you knew that the habits you control now could cost you a million dollars or more later, would you consider doing things differently? It all comes down to your financial priorities.

How AGF's CEO views risks in 2019

Awhile back I posted of how I had the honour to meet the top leadership of AGF. I've had the pleasure to speak with them on several occasions and it's always a pleasure to listen to their insights on the market and their position within it.

I invite you now to experience some of that same insight and knowledge through AGF's own Kevin McCreadie, the new CEO and existing CIO. When you have top-level execs who eat, sleep and breathe what they do, and enjoy it, you know you're in great hands. Kevin McCreadie, CEO and chief investment officer at AGF Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss the company's strategy that includes diversification, cutting expenses and focus on retail.

New York Financial Superintendent Lacewell Warns of Hidden Costs in Universal Life Policies | ThinkAdvisor Linda Lacewell noted that the internal charges on these policies can increase annually and can spike in later years as a policyholder ages.


Great speech. Something to think about

These are the 3 rules Lou Holtz wished he knew when he was 21.

Speech given at Franciscan University of Steubenville

[02/05/19]   Just a friendly reminder that the RRSP Contribution deadline is March 1st. If you're looking to maximize your tax return while also contributing towards your future, message me.

I have a strategy that I can even show you to boost your contributions up to an additional 40%

So very proud and honoured to work alongside our trusted partners at AGF Investments. To the very left is former CEO and New Executive Chair, Mr. Blake Goldring. He has served as AGF's CEO for 25+ years, and has also just received the Order of Canada for his Philanthropic Efforts. To our right is Mr. Kevin McCreadie, who has been appointed as AGF's New CEO. These gentlemen, along with so many others at AGF, have been our firm's partners for over 20 years and have been providing solutions for Canadians for 61 years in the industry.

Does your financial representative know the people at the helm of the firms they invest with? Personal relationships matter, and so does the insight that privilege provides.

[12/24/18]   I would like to take the time to wish my family, friends, clients and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. If you're driving, please be safe and consider planning transportation ahead of time.

Let's remember to give thanks to each day, because tomorrow is never promised. So spend time with those you love and have fun. Lastly, don't forget to leave the petty stuff outside in the cold.

Thankful for you all who are in my life. Let's round out 2018 with cheer.

[12/08/18]   Attending our annual compliance meeting here at our office. One thing I'm very proud of is the length our company goes to protect our clients, our financial team and the company itself.

When you are a client of Primerica in any capacity, rest assured that your personal information is kept safe and confidential. We are constantly being audited to ensure that what we do is in your best interest, and that we stay compliant in all areas of our business, as well as our interactions with you, our clients.

Thank you again to all my clients, friends and family for your continued support. It means volumes to me and my journey in this business.


Acceptable debt versus bad debt | Cape Breton Post

Worth the read... Not all consumer debt is bad but it’s wise to be cautious: expert

Mortgage math: Rates aren't everything, don't forget to consider term You shopped around for the best deal on your mortgage and weighed the pros and cons of going with a fixed-rate or a variable-rate loan, but another key factor to consider is the term.

Valentino De Miglio - Primerica Financial Services

Life insurance...a topic heard by many, but not truly understood by many. The thing is, odds are, your health will decline as you age either because of poor decisions or those that are out of your control. None of us know when or if our health will decline, and for sure, none of us know when we're going to die. The only thing we do know, is that we get older.

Message me so we can have this conversation, one-on-one, because not only is there a misunderstanding of what life insurance is and does, but also that there's more than 1 type out there.

Ask yourself this, do you know what you have? Do you know why you have it? Do you know what you pay and what is included? If any of these answers is a no, then let's sit down together. No obligation, no consultation fee or costs of any kind. Just some good old-fashioned conversation.

Primerica Announces Countrywide Event in Canada

This is so exciting because we went from having our largest convention every second year, to now having a Canadian and American convention in offsetting years. Our growth has no glass ceiling, so if you're looking for a new career challenge or want to offset your full-time income with a part-time/some-time/any-time career opportunity, please message me. We are always expanding, and the proof is in the pudding. Primerica Announces Countrywide Event in Canada

Group RRSPs | Pension & savings plans |

Let's touch upon a great option for both you and your employees.

As we all know, there are not as many companies offering pensions or payroll-deducted plans anymore. The problem today is, are people saving enough for their retirement on their own?

Likewise, as a business owner, you're always looking for ways to reduce your taxes.

Let's have this conversation, one-on-one with no obligation, so that you can finally put to rest whether this is an option you could incorporate to reduce your taxes and keep your employees happy, or not. A Group RRSP is identical in structure to an individual RRSP – only it is set up by your employer. A Group RRSP is designed to encourage you to save at work by contributing through payroll deductions.

Insurance for your small business — Canada Business Network

Attention small business owners. In the event of unforseen circumstances, are you prepared? I mean truly prepared?

I don't know about yours, but my crystal ball seems to be in the shop a lot these days. Personal injury, illness or any setback not allowing you to run your business the way it is intended to run can happen anytime and without cause or reason. Talk to me to discuss the options I can help you with to protect your livelihood A.K.A. your business. The right type of business insurance can provide peace of mind in both your personal and business life.

[06/26/18]   Are you a small business owner or self-employed? Talk to me about protecting your business in the unexpected times, and also, let's talk about a great way to retain your valuable employees.

Banks sell mortgage insurance, but independent experts say you shouldn’t buy it Consider life insurance instead

Why this Airdrie family regrets buying into a group RESP | CBC News

The title of this article is misleading, and I'll explain why. The family that it centers around bought into a 'pooled RESP' otherwise known as a scholarship trust fund...not to be mistaken for an individual RESP (which can also be made as a group RESP) in which you have a lot more flexibility. When reading the article it clarifies that, but at first, you may be thinking your group RESP is what they have, and it's not.

If you're confused with what you have, or if you're looking to set something up, please message me. I'll make sure you don't set up the wrong type for your children. Group RESPs are longterm investments that should only be purchased after reading the fine print in detail, says a Calgary financial advisor, after an Airdrie family spoke out about why they regret their decision.

Documentary on Primerica : The Greatest Company On The Planet

If you've ever wanted to see a true North American success story from beginning to present, I invite you to watch this short documentary. It is for the reasons stated that I would never consider working anywhere else. So proud to be a part of this company, and the movement it represents.

This is the true story of one of the greatest companies ever created.

[05/05/18]   "It doesn't cost anything to think big, but it can cost you everything to think small" - Bo Adams

Group Life insurance doesn't pay

For all those who think that your group life insurance from work is all you need, please watch this

Plano, TX school teacher dies from cancer and family doesnt get insurance money after being promised every thing was fine. Dont get your life insurance at work!

Entrepreneurs Pave the Way for the Future of Canada's Economy To honour Canada’s 150th birthday, Shopify is celebrating all the creators, innovators and game-changing entrepreneurs who have helped build this coun

Primerica Featured on Fox Business On Saturday, March 31, 2018, the Fox Business Network aired this feature about Primerica on its Talk Business 360 program. This incredible segment showcases Primerica’s unique story on a national p…

[04/19/18]   Life insurance...a topic heard by many, but not truly understood by many. The thing is, odds are, your health will decline as you age either because of poor decisions or those that are out of your control. None of us know when or if our health will decline, and for sure, none of us know when we're going to die. The only thing we do know, is that we get older.

Message me so we can have this conversation, one-on-one, because not only is there a misunderstanding of what life insurance is and does, but also that there's more than 1 type out there.

Ask yourself this, do you know what you have? Do you know why you have it? Do you know what you pay and what is included? If any of these answers is a no, then let's sit down together. No obligation, no consultation fee or costs of any kind. Just some good old-fashioned conversation.

Ex-LiUNA construction workers shocked to lose half at pension cash-out | The Star

This is very concerning. How does it make you feel about what a pension company has intentions to do if you decide to leave them? Members of Laborers' International Union of North America thought they were building a future, but pulling out of pension plan early means losing half.

Canada pension plan [CPP]

Still think you'll be taken care of by the government?

What are your thoughts on this?

You need to know where is your Canada pension plan going, which you contributed over 40 years ago????????????? by Randy Laughlin

Bitcoin Buyers Have to Take a Wild Guess on Their Taxes

Like I've always said, if you don't understand the investment, you shouldn't be investing in it. I get the draw of it all, the exponential gains people were experiencing and all, but many will now find it a nightmare for tax filing purposes if they weren't tracking things closely during their investment periods. The only guidance from the IRS on digital tokens came in 2014, before the industry hit breakneck growth.

A.M. Best Affirms Credit Ratings of Primerica, Inc. and Its Subsidiaries A.M. Best has affirmed the Financial Strength Rating of A+ (Superior) and the Long-Term Issuer Credit Ratings (Long-Term ICR) of “aa-” of Primerica Li

They bought their prebuilt homes at the market’s peak. Now they face financial ruin | Toronto Star

Nobody believed it would happen, but housing prices fell suddenly. Read what it did for these families. Real estate may not always be the sure bet you thought it was. If it were, these families wouldn't have bet their homes were going to fetch what they thought, only to be valued lower in the midst of a binding contract. A group of buyers in an Oakville subdivision say they have been trapped in a unique period in the Toronto-area housing market that has left them in an “impossible” situation.

Should You Buy Primerica (PRI) Ahead of Earnings?

...and the stock keeps going up. $15 IPO in 2010. Over $94 currently. Not hard to understand for a company that's constantly doing the right thing for their clients. Market analysts know the numbers, they see the numbers, they know client satisfactory levels, and even with their high expectations for the stock, PRI still beats those expectations. Primerica (PRI) is seeing favorable earnings estimate revision activity as of late, which is generally a precursor to an earnings beat.

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