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Hamilton personal injury law firm, Mackesy Smye, provides personal injury lawyers for accidents, malpractice, slip & falls and other personal injury cases.

Mackesy Smye is one of the top personal injury law firms, not only in the Hamilton/Burlington area, but in North America according to Martindale & Hubble Peer Review Ratings.

The personal injury lawyers of Mackesy Smye have a combined legal experience of over 175 years. We have successfully represented thousands of injured victims of serious accidents or medical negligence.

Our representations have been made at all levels of Courts and Tribunals concerned with motor vehicle accidents. We are highly respected by our peers, the Courts and the insurance industry.

We offer you a free consultation to openly discuss your rights following injury in a motor vehicle accident. If it is difficult for you to come to our office because of your injuries, we will come to you at the hospital or in your home.

Denied Disability Claims – Appeals Lawyers in Hamilton

Do You Need Disability Help? We Can Assist with the Claims Process

Have you suffered an injury or disability and need to claim disability benefits? It is not as easy a process as you may imagine. In fact, there is a myriad of factors to consider, and a range of different programs in the province.

Read our latest post to learn how our disability lawyers can help with the claim process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether you have applied for the wrong benefit, or program, or failed a medical, our experienced disability lawyers can get you the benefits you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents | Top Collision Avoidance Tips

Want to Avoid a Personal Injury Claim? Here’s How to Ride Safely

Riding safely, obeying the law, and training help reduce the risks of motorcycle accidents and suffering their undesirable consequences. Hamilton personal injury lawyers often come across accidents that could have been avoided. If you were injured in a crash, contact Mackesy Smye. One of our Hamilton lawyers will review your case and help get compensation for the aftermath.

Read the article below for simple riding tips and advice so you can avoid an accident this summer, and ride as much as you want – safely. We all want to avoid a dangerous motorcycle accident and personal injury. This post provides some top tips to help you enjoy the ride – safely.

Slip and Fall Case Costs | Personal Injury | Ontario

Injured in a Slip and Fall? Consider the Costs of Legal Action

As a slip and fall accident victim, you may be entitled to substantial financial damages, but the cost of the case can offset any gains. Legal expenses can add up even if you end up settling out of court. How do you decide if starting a case is worth it? A free consultation with Hamilton personal injury lawyers at Mackesy Smye can help you determine if pursuing the case is a financially sound decision.

First, read the information below about the various expenses associated with slip and fall cases. Some slip and fall cases can cost more than the claim is worth, so read more to learn if going to trial and pursuing your case is financially practical.

Need a Car Accident Lawyer? We Can Help

Car accidents are never fun. Whether someone hit you from behind, skipped a red light, or was speeding, even a small accident can result in injuries and the need to claim from insurance and the liable parties. There are several ways that insurance companies assess fault, and we have our own methods of establishing liability to help you get maximum compensation.

Check out our blog on assessing fault and talk to one of our lawyers at Mackesy Smye today.

Reporting a Car Accident in Ontario | Auto Collisions

Car Accidents in Ontario Should be Reported per Provincial Law

If you’re in a car accident, stop and assess the situation. There are many rules regarding how to report it, and you don’t want to miss anything. Any mistakes can peg legal liabilities and expenses on you later, at a time you don’t need such hardships. Mackesy Smye will guide you and assess your personal injury case; the Hamilton law firm is familiar with the entire process according to Ontario law.

Review the tips below on reporting car accidents, so you know exactly what to do if one happens. Find out if your accident must immediately be reported to the police, and when insurance and/or personal injury claims should be made, by reading our post.

Dangerous Property – Do You Have Grounds to Sue?

If you have been injured on another person’s property, you may have grounds to bring a lawsuit against them. When considering premises liability, our personal injury lawyers will determine if the owner or occupier of the property was aware of the unsafe conditions and whether or not he or she took appropriate action to warn you of the conditions or rectify the situation. Let us help you with your claim while you focus on recovering.

Check out our latest post on premises law to learn more.

Have a Personal Injury Case? Know the Time Limitations that Apply

There are many fine details regarding personal injury claims, including the time limitations in place to make a claim after the accident. Provincial law sets various limitations and, once a predetermined time period has passed, no legal action can be taken. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers can clear up any uncertainties, and find unique aspects of your case that may exclude you from the Limitations Act.

Learn about how long you have to file a claim/lawsuit, and what exceptions may apply in your situation, by reading our article below.

Personal Injury Law | Pain and Suffering

Get Compensated for Pain and Suffering and Maximize Your Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured in an accident, the pain and suffering from your personal injury may entitle you to a higher cash reward settlement. Changes in your qualify of life can be quantified using a couple of different methods. A Hamilton personal injury lawyer knows the legal environment and how to get the maximum amount possible. Mackesy Smye is the Hamilton law firm for advice, representation, and free consultations if an injury has affected your well-being.

Read more below for details on how a pain and suffering claim is calculated. Have you sustained a personal injury? Read more to learn about non-pecuniary damages and how a Hamilton personal injury lawyer can negotiate on your behalf.

Personal Injury Lawyer | Education and Background

Don’t Settle for Second Best – Know What Top Lawyers Have to Offer

Winning a claim through a law firm is a long and tiring process. Invest wisely by choosing a personal injury law firm that hires accident lawyers with the qualifications that can win your case. Mackesy Smye, a Hamilton top law firm, will fight for you, so call today for a free consultation.

Start the journey by reading the information below, which will arm you with knowledge of what makes a lawyer great and not just average, and what qualifications and personal qualities they should have. The experience of your Hamilton personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. Read more to learn about where Canada’s top lawyers have studied and worked.

Surgical Negligence | Medical Malpractice Law in Ontario

Surgical Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Surgery is expensive, complicated, and downright scary. The surgeons we choose are expected to do their very best to help us. But, this isn’t always the case. Accidents, errors, and outright negligence can and do happen, and you may be entitled to make a fair and just claim for your suffering or loss.

Read our new informative article on surgical negligence and see if a consultation with one of our medical lawyers is something you need to consider. Personal injury from surgical negligence is not something we take lightly at Mackesy Smye. Our medical malpractice lawyers here to help – call today.

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