The Vaughan Team

The Vaughan Team

We have built a family team to take care of you and your family!

As caring and committed financial services advisors, we help our clients realize their goals and dreams while staying true to their financial responsibilities. With our tremendous amount of combined experience and expertise, we partner with our clients; guiding, teaching and empowering them to build the kind of future they want for themselves. We do all of this with a spirit of family values, life enjoyment, community and good fellowship.

Our ultimate objective is to provide exceptional advice and service to help you achieve your personal financial success.

We have been serving the Hamilton/ Niagara region for over 40 years. We are life insurance licensed in Ontario, and mutual fund registered in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

Our team is made up of the following professionals to serve you:

Dave Vaughan, CFP, R.F.P.
Certified Financial Planner

Rachel Vaughan,
Life and Health Insurance Advisor
Investment Fund Advisor *

Laura Petrunick, BA, MScEd, CHS
Life and Health Insurance Advisor
Investment Fund Advisor *

Morgan Ketler
Life and Health Insurance Advisor
Investment Fund Advisor *

* Mutual funds are distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

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Saving for a house is a big commitment! Do you know what it takes to make it happen and save enough money? We can help you with a roadmap & plan!

You hear about the debt-to-income ratio when making a budget or applying for a loan. But what exactly is it?

This past week Laura took a road trip down to Fidelity Investments head office in Boston, MA. They were hosting advisors for their annual conference.

Fidelity manages over 2 Trillion in assets globally, and 133 Billion in Canada. While Laura was there she was able to hear from Fidelity's top rated Teams of Portfolio Managers & Analysts.

These are some of the reasons why Fidelity is one of The Vaughan Team’s preferred investment solutions!

Harness your cash flow |

How many people a year do we meet that say "I don't know where my money goes!"

TOO many to count really. This is why we are focusing more and more on cash flow. This is a good quick read on some tips and tricks. Reach out to us for your very own cash flow help! How can you better control your income and debts so that you harness all your available funds? When tackling cash flow planning, first look at which expenses you can actually control and how to do that. Then, your advisor can help you make any needed changes to your debt structure. Once you take tho...

Happy Birthday to our amazing country! Everyone stay safe, be cool & have FUN!

The question is...Who called who this morning about outfit choices?

Laura OR Morgan?


One quarter of Canadian seniors fear they will run out of money | The Insurance and Investment Journal Seniors’ greatest financial fears are running out of money and being unable to pay for long-term care, says a national survey by the Financial Planning

Jersey Day #Humboldtstrong

[04/09/18]   Tax MYTH #1-

You should refuse a pay increase so that you can stay in a lower tax bracket.

It’s a common and mistaken belief that if you accept a pay raise which bumps you into the next tax bracket, then all of your income is going to be subject to the higher rate of tax. But this is not the case. Only the income amount above the tax threshold of the next bracket is subject to the new tax rate. All of the income you earn below the higher tax bracket remains taxed at the lower rate of tax.

Federal tax brackets for the 2018 tax year:
• 15% on the first $46,605 of taxable income, +
• 20.5% on the next $46,605 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $46,605 up to $93,208), +
• 26% on the next $51,281 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $93,208 up to $144,489), +
• 29% on the next $63,489 of taxable income (on the portion of taxable income over $144,489 up to $205,842), +
• 33% of taxable income over $205,842.

If you have any further questions, let us know- also HAPPY MONDAY!

Desjardins Group

It's not too late for 2018 taxes to improve your relationship with the TAX man!

Did you miss the boat for your RRSP contributions this year? Get started today with automatic transfers.


Who else has this problem??? 👍 or 👎#wecanhelpifyoudo #paychequesandplaycheques

Contributing to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is one of the most effective ways for Canadians to save for retirement. Here are some valuable suggestions you can take advantage of:

1. Make it automatic- Bi-weekly or monthly contributions are easy and you can also benefit from tax deferred growth on your contributions throughout the year.

2. Contribute more during peak earning years- If you are in a high tax bracket, consider maximizing your contributions to benefit from the tax deduction. Plan to withdraw in retirement when your income and tax rate are likely to be lower.

3. Consider an RRSP Loan- If you have excess RRSP contribution room, you may want to consider an RRSP loan so you can make a larger contribution to your RSP. You then use your tax refund to repay some or all of your loan. The result is more money working for you sooner.

4. Consider making your contribution to a Spousal RRSP -A Spousal RRSP is opened by your spouse or common-law partner, but that you contribute to – and you get the tax deduction. This income-splitting strategy can save your household taxes before and after retirement.

5. Top up when you can - Think about contributing raises, bonuses, tax refunds and extra cash flow after you pay down a debt. At the very least, boost your annual contributions by the inflation rate.

6. Plan for more than retirement -You can borrow funds from your RRSP to buy a qualifying home through the Home Buyers’ Plan or to pay for qualifying educational programs through the Lifelong Learning Plan.

Talk to your US if you want to work on these strategies OR if you want more information. Happy RRSP season!

[02/15/18]   Did you get a REFUND on your taxes last year or did you have to PAY?

Rachel, Laura & Morgan had a nice evening out with their spouses @ Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery & Distillery. Hosted by our wholesale team @ Fidelity Investments!

If you haven't been to the outdoor rink there yet...go check it out! ❄️🏒⛸🇨🇦

I just supported Celebrity Ice Cup 2018

To our Facebook friends and family,

As you all know giving back to our communities is very important to us. We regularly support various organizations, and will continue to. This year Morgan will once again be beating myself up for the Hotel Dieu Shaver Celebrity Ice Cup charity hockey tournament in 2018! 3 full length games in 5 hours.

He has participated for the past 2 years and has had a lot of fun doing it! Last year they collectively were able to raise $220,000. Since it started they have raised $560,000=AMAZING!

Most of our local clients to the Niagara area are familiar with Hotel Dieu Shaver and what they do there. But for those of you who do not, they are the local rehabilitation hospital. They do an amazing job at helping people get back on their feet after an injury or illness. Most of us have either spent some time there ourselves, OR visited someone who has.

If you can find it in your budget and your heart to help Morgan this year, we would all greatly appreciate it! Any donation is appreciated, and also any donation over $25= tax receipt. Thank you in advance for your help and support once again!

CLICK ON the link below for his donation page

The AMF warns about risks of initial cryptocurrency offerings | The Insurance and Investment Journal

Buyer Beware! As long as you understand the risks... Quebec regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) warned investors on Jan. 15 about the risks of initial cryptocurrency offerings, commonly called

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network

Please be aware of this. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us ASAP!

We have been advised that an ill-intentioned individual is currently attempting to obtain personal information by telephone by claiming to be associated with Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network.

Please be vigilant. Never disclose personal information when you doubt the legitimacy of any caller. If you think you experienced a phishing attempt, please report it to 1 866 335-0338 or email so that we may track the severity of the issue.

For information on phishing and how to protect yourself, visit**%20IMPORTANT%20%E2%80%93%20TELEPHONE%20SCAM%20**

Is taking control of your finances one of your New Year resolutions???

Desjardins Group

'Tis the season to be jolly. Happy Holidays from our family to yours! ☃💚

We were out spreading some holiday cheer!

The next generation

[11/20/17]   4 out of 10 Canadians don't feel confident when speaking about their finances!

Every age has it's priorities & challenges

Periodic Savings, how does it work?

3 very powerful words= DOLLAR COST AVERAGING!

Watch the 90 second VIDEO by clicking on the link below. Financial markets can be volatile and in the short term, it’s difficult to predict the right time to buy or sell your mutual funds. However, there is a good strategy to be less exposed to market fluctuations: periodic savings!

🎃🎃🎃Happy Halloween from The Vaughan Team! 🎃🎃🎃

minus Dave who is currently catching some rays in Florida. 🌴

In case you didn't know. Laura is😊 happily helping and supporting local businesses as the new Vice President of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

The Hamilton Walk for Down Syndrome | Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton

The Hamilton Walk for Down Syndrome | Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton

We are sponsoring the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton Annual Walk on Sunday at Bayfront Park! Come see us there, or join in the walk...we all need to get our "steps"...right! :-)

Pre-retirees relying too much on their homes to fund | Insurance Journal Many Ontarians could be overestimating their ability to finance their retirement using their homes, suggests new research released today by the Ontario

On Monday we rode THE BIG BIKE for our annual Heart & Stroke Event! Thank you to all of our clients, family & friends for your contributions and support once again this year! ❤️

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Please support our team. We are riding a big bike in support of The Heart and Stroke Foundation. Leading a fundraiser is rewarding. But when your fundraiser is as unique as you are, it's sheer magic. So be daring! Run a 10K. Host a gala. Paint a mural. Dye your hair a brilliant red. Dare to put your heart into your fundraising. Dare to be a champion for heart disease and stroke!


Looking for the good stuff 😍

There are a lot of good things happening in the world — here are 20 quick headlines you might have missed recently. (via Interesting S-Word)

FCAC warns consumers to take steps to manage debt The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is advising consumers to take steps to manage a rise in interest rates.

Five financial homework assignments for this summer

Who is up for a mini summer project? Nobody really feels like talking about money at this time of year. But now may be when you have the most free time to think about things with a clear head and take care of some business. Here are a few suggestions for a little summer homework.

🍁🍁🍁Happy 150th Canada! 🍁🍁🍁

To all of our clients, family and friends- relax, have fun and be safe!

[06/23/17]   The power of investing to build wealth and achieve long-term goals has been proven time and again! But not everyone takes full advantage. What separates the most successful investors from the rest????

Follow our 5 Habits of Successful investors series coming soon!

The Impact of Inflation #2

When it comes to personal finances, how much is advice worth?

Did you know? Households that use the services of an advisor for their financial decisions have, on average, twice as many assets, double the savings rate an...

Sometimes this happens at the office! #twinning

Two-thirds of Canadians have not had conversation on finances with elderly parents

Are you with the One-third of Canadian's or with the Two-thirds??? Sixty-two per cent of Canadian adults with parents over the age of 65 admit they have not had a conversation with their parents about elder caregiving and financial support even though they feel it is important, says a recent CIBC poll.

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