Calgary Vision Therapy: Dr. Brent W. Neufeld, OD

Calgary Vision Therapy
Dr. Brent W. Neufeld, Developmental Optometrist
Helping you achieve your potential

Calgary Vision Therapy
Dr. Brent W. Neufeld, Developmental Optometrist
Helping you achieve your potential

Let's face it by June we all just want to be on summer holidays. That's why CVT wants to really reward you for your continued effort in June with a BIG Bucket of Summer Fun. Whatever your summer involves we've got you covered. There are activities for home, the beach, camping, road trips or even plane trips. Popsicles to keep you cool & sweet treats to share with friends. Oh, and did we mention chocolate? Cause there is that too. So persevere with your VT work cause we really want you to be the winner of all this summer fun.

Congrats to our May prize winner! Hope you have lots of fun using your imagination and building. Keep up the good work in VT.

Check back really soon as we will be posting info about the June prize tomorrow and trust us you don't want to miss this!!! Dr. Neufeld's daughters are wishing they could sign up for VT right now so they could start getting entries too. 😀

If you can make it to Eye Live by 5pm Dr N would love to share a piece of cake with any Calgary Vision Therapy friends.

And the April winner is... Rena! Congratulations Rena! Well done.

There are still lots more opportunities to win. Remember to keep doing your homework & having a great attitude to earn entries for the May Mystery Prize.

Hats on for Mental Health day

Watch for the announcement of the April winner coming very soon. We decided the May prize should be a mystery. Any guesses what it could be?

Remember to do your therapy homework every week and good luck!😀

Eye Live

Who is enjoying this sunshine? Isn't it great!!! While enjoying it please don't forget to protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses with proper UV protection in the lens. Many sunglasses say they give 100% UV protection because of a spray coat they apply to the lenses, however, this wears off over time and can actually be more harmful. It's important to buy sunglasses with lenses that have UV protection built in them. For more info check out or talk to Dr. Neufeld.

Who is enjoying this sunshine🌞?

Remember as you are leaving home how important it is to bring a great pair of sunglasses with you to protect your precious eyes. Lost your shades or need new ones? No worries. Visit us at Eye Live & we'll help you find a great pair with UV protection approved by Dr Neufeld.


Who likes to win stuff?

Hey Calgary VT Students!

Now all your hard work doing therapy homework & trying your best during your therapy sessions is not only going to help you out but will get you entries in our draws for great prizes.

Here's the prize you could win this month.

We have the best patients at Calgary Vision Therapy & Eye Live.

A big thank you to Morgan & his family for treating Dr. Neufeld & family to fresh organic eggs. So good! And eggs are full of really important nutrients for your eye health.

The Effectiveness of Vision Therapy in Improving Visual Function - Vision Help

One of the questions we get asked the most is "What are your success rates?". While the answer to the question is mostly based on how much someone is willing to work themselves, check out this journal article on how vision therapy can address different visual deficiencies. Report by the American Optometric Association Documentation on the Clinical Research and Scientific Support Underlying Vision Therapy Note: There is a tremendous amount of literature available which documents the effectiveness of vision therapy in treating binocular vision (eye coordination and a....

From all of us at Calgary Vision Therapy, we hope you had a great holiday season and wish you a wonderful new year. Jaxon was busy practicing his vision therapy and incorporated his body alphabet into a Christmas card! Way to go Jaxon!

From First-Grade Reading Speed to Law School: Darby’s Success Story

Check out Darby's success story! It's never to late to try and improve your skills! “It’s hard to understand how bad your vision is until it’s been improved.”

Vision therapy is not just for kids with learning difficulties. Barbara (age 57) came to vision therapy with social goals in mind. She can now read for longer, she can control her eyes better, and most important to her, can maintain eye contact when conversing with others! We can't wait to see what other quality of life improvements Barb can achieve!

Sometimes success is measured in numbers or the reduction in the amount of effort it takes to complete a task. Other times it can be the confidence that we find in ourselves. Take a look at Jacob's story. Since starting vision therapy he has improved his abilities in many areas! Way to go Jacob!

Christine reduced her double vision, improved her balance, feels more confident driving, and reduced the strength of her prism glasses. Congratulations on the many changes made to your quality of life with one year of Vision Therapy!

We know it can be hard to practice reading, writing and other academic based activities while on holidays or summer break. However, our recent graduate Owen (age 8 in grade 3), showed that it is possible to complete vision therapy even when camping! His hard work and determination paid off. Way to go Owen!

We are pleased to share Luisa's successes from her recent graduation at our office. Congratulations Luisa! Keep up the great work.

What Happened Within This Player’s Skull

In many cases, vision therapy is required to help retrain the brain after concussions or head injuries.

This is one of the services provided at Calgary Vision Therapy. Call us today for an assessment if you have had a concussion and are still suffering symptoms. 403-242-1800

(Most of our patients have already gone through PT, OT and vestibular therapy with varying success. NOTE: each of those areas ARE very important for post-concussion rehabilitation. However, because eye sight is often 20/20, the vision dysfunctions are often overlooked especially in the early stages). New research is shedding light on just what happens inside the brain during blows to the head.

Auditory Processing: How to Recognize an Auditory Processing Disorder in my Child

Visit us at Booth 611 today and tomorrow to experience non-20/20 Vision problems that can contribute to learning difficulties.

Looking forward to speaking to a full room of teachers this afternoon at CBE teachers convention.

Mat Exercises: Brain-Building Animal Exercises for Gross Motor and Higher Learning

Brain building animal exercises for gross motor and higher learning.

Success Story - Vision Therapy Children, Adults. Behavioral Optometrist Virginia – Dr Tod R Davis

Congratulations to Dr Davis for the successes his vision therapy office is having and the lives that they are changing.

Success stories such as these are very common at Calgary Vision Therapy. Unfortunately due to Alberta College of Optometrist rules, we are unable to post on our website success stories (even with the family's written authorization). Want to read more? Visit our office at Suite 130, 2880 Glenmore Trail SE and read through the binders of success stories that our patients have written.

Are you a teacher and are interested in more information? Visit our booth at the Calgary Board of Education's exhibit this February. Also, Dr. Neufeld will be speaking on Thursday afternoon on Vision and Learning at the CBE teachers convention this February. Come, participate and learn.

(Parents, forward this to teachers). My son spent most of his early education years struggling for unknown reasons. He was bright, seemed to grasp concepts and was always found to not need intervention when it was applied, but his grades still suffered. He was agitated and confrontational when it came to school work. He took his frustr...

A Case for Cursive? - NEA Today

Proper pencil grip and writing IS still very relevant and very important (even in this age of computer technology).

It continues to amaze me how many kids (and adults) have no idea how to effectively hold and utilize a pen/pencil. I often hear the response that it really doesn't matter because they will end up using a computer anyways. Advances in technology might bring about a cursive comeback.

Keep Your Eye on the Balls to Become a Better Athlete

One of the many tools that we use as part of our vision training programs. Pro sports teams are using a new video game that claims to sharpen cognitive skills. Some scientists are skeptical.

Merry Christmas from our Calgary Vision Therapy team!

Bauer Crawling Reflex: Delays in Learning and Motor Development if Your Child Skips the Crawling Stage

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2000 reported that children who used walkers as babies and toddlers showed delays in reaching sequential milestones (sitting up, crawling and walking) compared to those babies who never used walker-type devices. Researchers concluded there was a connection between the use of these walkers and delays in motor function, which then created potential problems later with language and learning.

Dr. Iman: Remembering Developmental Milestones

We were never meant to read William Leith reviews Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain by Maryanne Wolf

From First-Grade Reading Speed to Law School: Darby’s Success Story

If you know a child that is struggling to learn to read, share this message with them.

Contact Calgary Vision Therapy at 403-242-1800 ( for more information. “It’s hard to understand how bad your vision is until it’s been improved.”

Motion sickness could be a sign of an undiagnosed vision problem

This Chart Shows You When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed

Interesting. What time do your kids get put to bed? Is it similar or vastly different to these suggestions? One question we’ve always struggled with is what time we should get our little ones to bed. Go to bed too early, and they goof off, get hyper and never get to sleep. Go to bed too late, and we’ve got grumpy tired kids who can barely make it through the

Calgary optometrist helps struggling kids connect eyes and brain with vision therapy | Metro News Dr. Neufeld, an optometrist with a special interest in vision training encourages parents to watch for vision processing issues in their children

Fribbit pays a visit to our Calgary Vision Therapy office

Does outdoor play make kids smarter? If you want your kids to do better in school and in life, research increasingly shows that playing outdoors boosts their attention span, focus, cognitive development and mental health.

Children Diagnosed with Developmental Delays May Also Have Undetected Vision Problems Many children diagnosed with “developmental delays” also struggle with vision problems; and often parents learn that their child has an accompanying vision problem even after their family eye docto…

We are proud to show our updated wall of graduates who have successfully completed their vision therapy program. These individuals are many of the reasons we offer vision therapy services. Changing one life at a time is very rewarding.

Calgary Vision Therapy

Visual skill training improves reading skills

Visual skills are more than just being able to read the 20/20 eye chart. At Calgary Vision Therapy, we test for the developmental level of these skills and provide the necessary visual rehabilitation therapy required to build and develop the skills which are developmentally behind.

Call Calgary Vision Therapy at 403-242-1800 to schedule the appointments.

Forward this to teachers and parents of children who are struggling with reading. This may be a piece of the puzzle that they have been missing. SEATTLE – Children reading below grade level showed improved reading outcomes after basic visual skill training when compared to traditional reading training, according to a poster presented here at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting. Maureen K. Powers, PhD, and c...

Visual test effective in diagnosing concussions in collegiate athletes, study suggests

Share this with athletic trainers of your or your child's sport teams.

Dr. Neufeld and Calgary Vision Therapy can train sport team's athletic trainers on how to use this test to attain a baseline reading for their players. During the season, if it is thought that the player may have had a concussion, the athletic trainer will learn how to use this same test to determine the probability that their player may have had a concussion, and as a result, should not return into the game. If your athletic trainer is interested, have them contact Dr. Neufeld at the Calgary Vision Therapy office, 403-242-1800, for more details.

For sport athletes who have suffered a concussion, some may benefit with vision therapy to rehabilitate the negative visual effects that a concussion may bring. (A few examples are: frequent headaches with reading books, intermittent double vision, sight goes in and out of focus, reduced ability to keep place on the page when reading). This vision rehabilitation training is done at Dr. Neufeld's office, Calgary Vision Therapy.

If you know someone who has had a concussion and is still experiencing lingering visual symptoms, have them call our office for an evaluation, 403-242-1800. A sideline visual test effectively detected concussions in collegiate athletes, according to researchers. This quick visual test, easily administered on the playing field, holds promise as a complement to other diagnostic tools for sports-related concussion.

The Merits of Reading Real Books to Your Children

Reading to your kids is important on so many levels.

If your child is having troubles with learning to read, a visual problem may be contributing to their difficulty. Many of these visual dysfunctions can be remediated through office vision therapy at Calgary Vision Therapy. 403-242-1800 A small child cannot tap the duck in a board book and elicit a quack; for that, the child needs to turn to a parent.

Efficacy of vision therapy for convergence insufficiency in an adult male population. - PubMed - NCBI

Combination of office vision therapy with home supplementary therapy was found to be the most effective rehabilitation for convergence insufficiency in adults. As the brain is plastic (changeable) throughout life, vision therapy should continue to be a treatment option for not only kids but also for adults.

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with convergence insufficiency? Have them contact Dr Neufeld and Calgary Vision Therapy at 403-242-1800. J Am Optom Assoc. 1999 Apr;70(4):225-32. Clinical Trial; Comparative Study; Randomized Controlled Trial

Postural Control: When Core Stability is Compromised, Your Child’s Learning is No Longer on... Postural Control: When Core Stability is Compromised, Your Child’s Learning is No Longer on Autopilot This article provides helpful information regarding postural control. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Human autopilot is an idea I talk about all the time. I’m usually cursing it…

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