The Sunlight Experiment

The Sunlight Experiment offers information and sourcing for various herbal, and nutritional supplements.

The Sunlight Experiment is a collection of articles diving into evidence-based research on holistic and alternative medicines. The difference between a pharmaceutical medicine and a plant extract is simply the chemicals involved. Conversely, pharmaceuticals usually contain a single chemical which can be studied closely for its effects in a controlled experimental study. Both are made from the same elements and can have the exact same effects in the human body.

The Sunlight Experiment investigates the biochemical activities of both pharmaceuticals and plant based medicine to uncover the unbiased truth behind these different forms of medicine.
I aim to find new and effective drugs to target the conditions we fall ill from as human beings... regardless of their origin.

How Does The Influenza Virus Make Us Sick?

Influenza is a specialised virus that uses special proteins on its surface to enter our cells and hijack the DNA to make more copies of itself. These then go on to infect more hosts and start the process over again. For all of human history we have been plagued by viruses. Influenza has been especially virulent over the past 100 years, and has lead to what has been deemed "the worst catastrophy in human history". How does influenza infect us and make us sick? What are the risks of influenza cata

Drug Therapies For Influenza

Ever wonder what medications we use for influenza? Here is a quick guide for understanding how antivirals work, what their downfalls and strengths are, and how best to use them. Most of us that fall ill from influenza will recover within a few days. For some, however, the infection can lead to much more serious complications like pneumonia and death. What medications are available? What are their strenghts and weakensses?

Tim Ferriss

Embrace the fats! Not all fats are treated equally in our bodies. Up until recently, the medical establishments considered all fats equally detrimental to our health. Conversely, current research suggests that some fats are actually good for you (olive oil and macadamia oil) while others are bad for you (trans fats and all hydrogenated fats).

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat

Understanding Ayahuasca

For the past several years after trying Ayahuasca I have been very curious as to how it affects the brain. This is a summary of the current theories, and some of the other uses ayahuasca may have in modern medicine. Ayahuasca is a blend of 2 Amazonian plants, brewed to produce one of the most psychoactive substances in the world. It's commonly used in the treatment of drug addiction, chronic depression, and anxiety disorders but has also seen a surge in global interest for non-medical reasons.  

Nootropic Profile: L-Tyrosine L-Tyrosine is a popular addition to nootropic formula. It serves as the building block for the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenalin, and noradrenaline and thus plays a significant role in the stress response. Learn how you can use L-Tyrosine in your nootropic stack.

What Is Sarsaparilla Root? The word sarsaparilla rings a bell in many peoples mind. It is a common, and popular herb in both western and traditional Chinese herbalism, and is one of the key ingredients in the traditional root beer recipe... But what exactly is sarsaparilla? What is it used for, and is there any evidence

Which Catuaba Should You Be Using?

Catuaba is an important herb from the Amazon basin. This one is used mainly for age-related memory decline.

The problem is that there are numerous unrelated species all referred to as Catuaba. Which is the right one to use? Catuaba is the common name of over 8 unrelated species of plants. Learn the difference between these species so that you know which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

Nootropic Profile: Alpha-GPC

Another nootropic analysis for you. Alpha-GPC is a popular addition to many nootropic formulas, yet is not well understood by the consumer market. What makes this addition so important and why should you consider adding it to your nootropic stack?

What Is Yerba Maté Tea?

What is yerba mate? Yerba maté is a popular beverage in South America, which has spread all over the world. The stimulating actions of the tea make it popular among students, entrepreneurs, and as a social or morning ritual.

What Are Racetam Nootropics?

Racetams were the first nootropics ever discovered. That was back in the 60's while researchers were looking for new treatments for motion sickness. Racetams were the first class of nootropics ever discovered, and remain one of the most popular nootropic substances on the planet. Why you ask? Find out more here.

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