The Sunlight Experiment

The Sunlight Experiment offers information and sourcing for various herbal, and nutritional supplements.

The Sunlight Experiment is a collection of articles diving into evidence-based research on holistic and alternative medicines. The difference between a pharmaceutical medicine and a plant extract is simply the chemicals involved. Conversely, pharmaceuticals usually contain a single chemical which can be studied closely for its effects in a controlled experimental study. Both are made from the same elements and can have the exact same effects in the human body.

The Sunlight Experiment investigates the biochemical activities of both pharmaceuticals and plant based medicine to uncover the unbiased truth behind these different forms of medicine.
I aim to find new and effective drugs to target the conditions we fall ill from as human beings... regardless of their origin.

How Does The Influenza Virus Make Us Sick?

Influenza is a specialised virus that uses special proteins on its surface to enter our cells and hijack the DNA to make more copies of itself. These then go on to infect more hosts and start the process over again. For all of human history we have been plagued by viruses. Influenza has been especially virulent over the past 100 years, and has lead to what has been deemed "the worst catastrophy in human history". How does influenza infect us and make us sick? What are the risks of influenza cata

Drug Therapies For Influenza

Ever wonder what medications we use for influenza? Here is a quick guide for understanding how antivirals work, what their downfalls and strengths are, and how best to use them. Most of us that fall ill from influenza will recover within a few days. For some, however, the infection can lead to much more serious complications like pneumonia and death. What medications are available? What are their strenghts and weakensses?

Tim Ferriss

Embrace the fats! Not all fats are treated equally in our bodies. Up until recently, the medical establishments considered all fats equally detrimental to our health. Conversely, current research suggests that some fats are actually good for you (olive oil and macadamia oil) while others are bad for you (trans fats and all hydrogenated fats).

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat

Understanding Ayahuasca

For the past several years after trying Ayahuasca I have been very curious as to how it affects the brain. This is a summary of the current theories, and some of the other uses ayahuasca may have in modern medicine. Ayahuasca is a blend of 2 Amazonian plants, brewed to produce one of the most psychoactive substances in the world. It's commonly used in the treatment of drug addiction, chronic depression, and anxiety disorders but has also seen a surge in global interest for non-medical reasons.  

Nootropic Profile: L-Tyrosine L-Tyrosine is a popular addition to nootropic formula. It serves as the building block for the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenalin, and noradrenaline and thus plays a significant role in the stress response. Learn how you can use L-Tyrosine in your nootropic stack.

What Is Sarsaparilla Root? The word sarsaparilla rings a bell in many peoples mind. It is a common, and popular herb in both western and traditional Chinese herbalism, and is one of the key ingredients in the traditional root beer recipe... But what exactly is sarsaparilla? What is it used for, and is there any evidence

Which Catuaba Should You Be Using?

Catuaba is an important herb from the Amazon basin. This one is used mainly for age-related memory decline.

The problem is that there are numerous unrelated species all referred to as Catuaba. Which is the right one to use? Catuaba is the common name of over 8 unrelated species of plants. Learn the difference between these species so that you know which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

Nootropic Profile: Alpha-GPC

Another nootropic analysis for you. Alpha-GPC is a popular addition to many nootropic formulas, yet is not well understood by the consumer market. What makes this addition so important and why should you consider adding it to your nootropic stack?

What Is Yerba Maté Tea?

What is yerba mate? Yerba maté is a popular beverage in South America, which has spread all over the world. The stimulating actions of the tea make it popular among students, entrepreneurs, and as a social or morning ritual.

What Are Racetam Nootropics?

Racetams were the first nootropics ever discovered. That was back in the 60's while researchers were looking for new treatments for motion sickness. Racetams were the first class of nootropics ever discovered, and remain one of the most popular nootropic substances on the planet. Why you ask? Find out more here.

Travelling to the Himalayas? Peru? Some useful information on altitude sickness.

Nootropic Profile: Huperzine-A (Huperzia serrata)

Huperzine-A for memory and Alzheimer's prevention. We look at a common nootropic, huperzine-A coming from Chinese clubmoss. What does it do? How does it work? Why should you use it? All of these questions will be answered.

Why We Should Be Interested In Natural MAO Inhibitors

OMG MAOI FTW Monoamine oxidase inhibitor increases have been linked with a variety of neurological disorders, and naturally, declines with age. Modern MAO inhibitors tend to come with a variety of undesirable side effects, pushing us to look for new MAO inhibitor options...

Nootropic Profile: Huperzine-A (Huperzia serrata)

More Nootropics... Huperzine-A comes from Chinese club moss. It's one of the most promising I've seen for Alzheimer's, and memory in general. It's also very easy to find and safe to use. We look at a common nootropic, huperzine-A coming from Chinese clubmoss. What does it do? How does it work? Why should you use it? All of these questions will be answered.

Caffeine Doesn't Make You Smarter

Sorry folks... We all love caffeine from one source or another. Whether it's coffee, tea, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut, or pure caffeine, this molecule is loved by all. Many of us use caffeine in the mornings to help us wake up... at school to keep us awake... and throughout the day when we meet friends and fami...

3 Reasons Failure Can Be The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To You Don't chalk up every failure as just that. If you learn from the things that don't go your way, you'll get closer with every failure to greater and greater success.

How the Anti-Vaxxers Are Winning

This is a great article on the facts behind anti-vaxxers. There is no real "conspiracy" behind vaccination and there are countless pieces of evidence showing it DOES NOT cause autism.

This is beginning to become a serious health concern.

I recommend giving this a skim over... A major measles outbreak in America is only a matter of time.

The ONE Bedroom Change I Recommend To All My Patients For Instantly Better Sleep

Stop playing on your damn phones all night.... It's simple but super effective.

Is Psilocybin a Nootropic?

Psilocybin is the active component in magic mushrooms. Psilocybin is the chemical found in magic mushrooms. It has been getting some attention lately as a possible nootropic in small doses. Here we have a closer look at how this chemical works, and consider how this may or may not offer nootropic benefits....

The Right Way To Use Aloe On Sunburns + 6 Other Aloe Tricks

I cant seem to kill my aloe plants. Tough as nails, strong as an ox. Get the most out of this amazing easy-to-grow plant.

5-HTP Benefits for Anxiety, Depression, Sleep

This plays in well to an upcoming blog post I wrote on... magic mushrooms... 5-HTP has shown promise as a treatment for mood disorders and insomnia. Learn the benefits of 5-HTP and its side effects before you try a 5-HTP supplement.

Best 7 Nootropics For 2017

Nootropics are on everybody's mind (pun intended), but sifting through the heaps of garbage in the nootropics market to find the gems can be tough... so I did it for you.

Let's get smarter in 2017 together, share this post if you agree with any of these picks. The world of nootropics is large and convoluted. There are many great supplements out there, as well as many bad ones, and it tends to change drastically from year to year. This is a guide for 2017 with our top 5 nootropics for the year 2017. Enjoy!

Does eating chocolate improve your brain function? - Your Brain Health

Raw chocolate, aka cocoa, aka cacao are indeed good for the brain. Chocolate flavored sugar is not....

Embrace the bitter! Everyone loves a study that turns one of our favourite vices into a health benefit. Recently, the news headlines tell us “eating chocolate improves brain function” and that it “could help protect against normal age-related decline”.

Costa Rica Has Achieved 100% Renewable Energy – But What's the Fine Print?

Costa Rica ❤ How Costa Rica achieved 100% renewable energy, and what it means.

What It Feels Like to Die

Have you ever thought about what it might feel like to die? Many of us don't consider this until we see it first hand, yet it's something all of us will find out in our own way.

This is a beautiful read. Science is just beginning to understand the experience of life’s end.

Check Out An #ActualLivingScientist

Name those scientists in your life! One of our favourite trending hashtags in a while!

Iridescent Leaves Take Advantage Of Quantum Mechanics To Thrive In The Shade

Plants are amazing,440037 Iridescent flowers are common in nature. Their sparkly petals attract bees' attention, tempting them to come over and pollinate the flower. But why would leaves be iridescent? This is the question Heather Whitney, a plant scientist at University of Bristol, asked while studying iridescent flowers.

Introduction To Nootropics Nootropics are any substance that improves the natural abilities of the brain to improve cognition. there are many ways these can work, and this month we will be exploring a few of them, why they are useful, and how we can put them to work for us.

Donald Trump and the Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorists

Maybe the new administration is looking for a population decrease through widespread disease and discomfort.

This is a good way to start... By Laurie Garrett Things are getting down and dirty now. And millions of lives are at stake. I cannot possibly state strongly enough how dangerous it is that President-elect Donald Trump has embrac…

Threatened Scientific Culture In America

Thoughts? Why We Need To Stand Up For Science In the Face Of Trumps America The Sunlight Experiment aims to investigate the science behind natural and botanical medicines. The founder, Justin Cooke, spends a lot of his time filtering through scientific literature to bring you insights and up to date informati...

The Earth Has Lungs. Watch Them Breathe.

Watch the earth breath There are more trees on Earth than there are stars in the Milky Way, and what they do for the planet is amazing.

The Debate About Statin Medications

Controversial... yes. Care not. The debate about whether or not statin medications are effective and safe or not has been a hot topic lately. Here are some of the points arguing each way without writing a novel about this complex and contraversial topic.

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels Naturally In some of my recent articles, I talked about the role of cholesterol in heart disease. We know that high cholesterol levels are a marker for heart disease, and we know heart disease is the leading cause of death in the developed world. It makes logical sense then that we should consider the ways we...

Health Tip: Meditating at Bedtime

Meditation can improve your heart! And other things... A busy mind can keep you from a good night's sleep. And a relaxing meditation ritual may be just what you need to wind down.

The Ultimate Plant-Based Grilling Guide (Avocados, Peaches, Asparagus, & More)

Eating more plants is a good way to protect your heart. Here are some fun ways to grill veggies and get more heart healthy foods into your life. Let someone else deal with the hamburgers.

Why Google DeepMind wants your medical records - BBC News

Im on the fence as to whether or not this is a good move for humanity. What do you think? Google has made headlines for its forays into healthcare but what is its ultimate goal?

3 Tips for Avoiding Fake News in Science

A good article in the age of fake news. Astrophysicist Michael J. I. Brown offers some guidelines for identifying fake or bad science.

Why Olympic Swimmer Dana Vollmer Refuses To Count Calories

Some health insights from an Olympic swimmer. Nutrition doesn't need to be complicated. Who has time for that?!

I'm An Endurance Athlete. Here's Why I Smoke Weed To Optimize Performance

Endurance training is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Many people think cannabis is detrimental to this sport when in fact it is not! Try a vape, edibles, or tincture though as inhaling smoke is clearly not going to help your heart or endurance. "In the past, I had relied on ibuprofen, but this seemed to do the job just as well — with fewer side effects."

Cholesterols Role In Heart Disease

Not everyone knows why cholesterol is seen as the "bad guy" in terms of heart disease. Cholesterol Cholesterol isn't famous for its role in our cell membranes, or as a precurser to many of our hormones of our body. Rather, it's famous for its role in heart disease. Cholesterol is blamed almost exclusively for the millions of deaths each year due to heart disease. In light of this, me...

Why Nutritional IVs Are The Hottest Thing In Athlete Recovery Right Now

This is strange but an interesting option for athletes. Stretching for recovery? Here's something else for you to consider.

Stunning Trail Running Instagrams That Will Inspire You to Go Wild

This month is heart health month. Lets have a great start to 2017 and focus on how to keep our hearts beating strong well into old age.

Here are some instagrams worth following for some excellent trail running motivation to get you going. You can only pound the pavement for so long before you start itching for some green. If you're feeling antsy in the urban jungle, feed your need for the...

A Beginners Guide To Heart Disease

This is a basic overview on the various forms of heart disease. There will be many more posts on heart disease this month so stay tuned. This ia a basic overview of some of the different forms of heart disease.

The rise of oil palm and silent forests

We are still looking for alternative sources to curb this ecological disaster. Over 50% of the products on supermarket shelves have palm oil as an ingredient. Its production has resulted in massive loss of virgin rainforests in South-East Asia. Now it’s threatening the forests of our North-East

Are Energy Drinks Bad for You?

Are energy drinks bad for you? Yes and no. Red Bull may give you wings, but at what cost? To some, energy drinks are dangerous elixirs, while others consider them magic potions of vitality? The truth about how they affect your body is not so black and white.

What's the Deal with Fish Oil? | Under Armour

Fish oils are great for your heart. Among the rows and rows of vitamins and supplements on store shelves these days, fish oil stands out. Experts speak highly of it, and many Americans are already popping a gel cap daily, but what exactly are you swallowing? What does “omega-3” mean? Do you need to supplement with “omega-6” as well? A...

How to Become a ‘Superager’

Become a superager. The takeaway from this is to keep your mind challenged throughout life to keep it sharp well into old age. Sudoku isn’t enough. You have to push yourself.

Herbs For Hangovers

The last article we posted was very real in its suggestion that there doesn't exist a cure-all for hangovers. Time is always your friend. But you might be able to reduce that time with these herbs! ;) 1. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) When you drink alcohol, it is sent to the liver to be processed. The liver basically uses a set of enzymes to break down the alcohol into acetaldehyde, then acetate, and finally carbon dioxide and water. This process can be taxing on the liver. The main enzymes res...

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