Holistic Dental Hygiene Clinic - An Independent Dental Hygiene Practice

Calgary's first biological dental hygiene clinic utilizing an integrative approach to health and wellness without costing you more.

We provide a dental hygiene clinic focusing on a holistic approach to oral health care. We provide each client with individual focus for your health beliefs. Therefore, we offer products and treatments that are SLS, gluten and fluoride free. We look for oral hygiene products we can offer you that are organic in nature.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Golden milk is a delicious and nutritious drink that you won't want to miss!


The 27 jobs that are most damaging to your health

Before you consider a career choice....



Here’s How To Reduce The Pain In Your Knees And Keep Them Healthy - Healthy And Natural.Life

Some tips that may help for knee pain.

healthyandnatural.life The knees are the biggest joints in the body and are also one of the most important ones. They allow us to stand, walk or run and are highly important for our posture and flexibility. No one pays much attention to the health of our knees, but due to their importance, we should strive to …

Dr. Josh Axe

Many people suffer from thyroid disorders.

LIVE: 7 Thyroid Damagers Hiding Out In Your Home

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Difficult access to organic products means you may have to buy non-organic produce. These 12 are some of the safest non-organic foods because of their low pesticide content.

Just Eat Real Food

Mini No-Bake Turmeric Protein Donuts from PaleoHacks turns your favorite treat into an anti-inflammatory, protein-packed recipe. Loaded with extra protein, they’re the perfect post-workout treat or afternoon pick-me-up to ward off tiredness!

Get the recipe here: http://bit.ly/2kwsKAh

Lean Mean Microgreens Inc.

Local Calgary business - Microgreens :) Love it!!

Offering freshly grown trays of microgreens of different varieties for chefs and restaurants.


WHO Medical Marijuana Has NO Public Health Risks and Should Not Be Withheld From Patients

Medical marijuana is soon to be legalized next month.

blogs.mercola.com WHO Medical Marijuana Has NO Public Health Risks and Should Not Be Withheld From Patients


'Sometimes I can't drink or eat': Syrian refugee living in B.C. faces $10K dental bill | CBC Radio

I wish dental care was part of our health care. How did our teeth get to be separated from our body?

cbc.ca This Canadian newcomer never imagined she'd be facing a $10,000 dental bill in her new home.


Warning Signs That Your Body Is too Acidic and How to Alkalize it Quickly - Global Holific

There have been physicians and scientists that have done research As an example Dr. Warburg 1931 Nobel Prize Winner on his research.

globalholific.com The pH of the body, that is, a balance between the alkalinity and acidity levels is crucial for our overall health and well-being. Namely, when the body is overly acidic, i.e., when the balance is disrupted, the risk of life-threatening health problems, such as cancer, increases. If you are not sure...


Cancer thrives in an Acidic Environment. Do This To Make Your Body Alkaline As Quickly As Possible - Global Holific

I am a FIRM believer and it has been proven that MANY disease thrive in an acidic environment. It would be a very interesting study to see if everyone that has cancer are all of them acidic? I am slightly acidic at 6.5. Hard to change habits and I still need to eat more vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!!

globalholific.com Our health exceedingly depends on the alkaline balance of our body, as the function of all immunologic, repair and enzymatic mechanisms is optimal in an alkaline state. There are three ways in which our body regulates blood pH. Initially, carbon dioxide is slightly acidic, so the alterations of the....


The Perfect Inflammation-Fighting Turmeric Drinks: One for Morning, One for Night - Sunday Storyes

I am going to try this receipe for 1 week and will let you know if it helped on its own. My elbows and knees have been really bothering me lately....


Magnesium Advocacy Group

This is a good page to LIKE :)

What you don't know about Magnesium will kill you. Never fear, Magnesium Man to the rescue!


Nine dead in streptococcus outbreak in London, Ont. area, health officials say | Toronto Star

Superbugs....streptococcus used to be treatable now can be deadly.

thestar.com The outbreak was declared more than 18 months ago and the Middlesex-London Health Unit says more than 132 cases of infection have been reported since April 1, 2016.


4 Non-Marijuana Plants You Had No Idea Also Contain Healing Cannabinoids

Interesting article. FYI I love using Echinacea for my cold sore lip balm. My middle daughter Cristen swears by it!!

healthy-holistic-living.com Cannabinoids are a compound within Cannabis that offer a wide range of health benefits. But, you don't have to get high in order to harness them.


Types of Psychotic Disorders

There are many types of mental illness. Many people suffer for years until a proper diagnosis and right medication is found. I find you really have to be an advocate for yourself in the present medical system.

webmd.com Learn about the symptoms of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder, delusional disorder, and more.


Our Blog is up for March 2018 on Colloidal Silver :)


Did you know....fennel can reduce bad breath. I like this chart and love Rosemary :)

Monica Model Management

Today for the #InternationalWomensDay Series in collaboration with Ella Clarens we are featuring Corinne M. Strohman of Holistic Dental Hygiene Clinic - An Independent Dental Hygiene Practice!

She knows so much about oral health and the overall importance to our physical health. Corinne stands out in her approach as she is holistic!

We are also having a model casting this Sunday, March 11th at SalvEdge Boutique 17th Avenue SW from 12:00pm - 4:00pm! You will get a chance to win giveaways.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home

Mmmm LOVE Kombucha :)

kickstarter.com Continuously brew up to a gallon of YOUR OWN kombucha each week! All you need is regular tea, sugar, and our Kombucha Starter Seed™.

My sister in law sent me this recipe :)


The 3-Day Soup Cleanse: Fight Inflammation, Belly Fat, and Diseases - Give You Health24

I think I could eat these soups all week!!

giveyouhealth24.com Our bodies crave for an occasional detox treatment, as it boosts numerous bodily functions and cleanses the body of the accumulated toxins and waste. When you choose for a soup …


5 Signs Of Nutrient Deficiency You Can See On Your Face

Interesting article....if you think you are you maybe should see a Naturopathic physician for check up. I just had my check up and blood work done to be sure :)

healthy-life-box.com Vitamin deficiencies are a common health issue these days, and they can be the main cause of various severe ailments and conditions. For instance, in the last 12 years, vitamin A deficiency has killed over 8 million children, and more than 1 billion people suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Therefore...


These Are The Best Essential Oils For Hormone Balance & PMS

I found this article in news last week!

mindbodygreen.com Clary sage is your new best friend.


Vegetarianism Explained - The Weston A. Price Foundation

What is the difference between a vegetarian and being vegan?

westonaprice.org Vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. You walk into a bookstore and the cooking section is overflowing with vegan cookbooks; restaurants …


Oral Bacteria Linked With Stomach Cancer

Your mouth health is important in keeping your overall health well :)

dentistrytoday.com The increase in pathogens associated with periodontal disease could contribute to the development of precancerous lesions of stomach cancer.


8 Everyday Habits You Do That Can Severely Damage Your Health - Healthy 4 All

healthy4all.net Our health is foremost when it comes to living a happy life. If you are unhealthy, you will feel uneasy, you cannot dedicate your concentration and mind to one goal, and your efficiency level will also considerably decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health at all times. Howeve...



I am not sure if this would work, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try. My knees and elbows have been achy. I should try this to see if it helps.

healthylifehabits.net There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t suffered from back, legs, joint or neck pain at least once in their life. This common condition can vary in intensity...



Do you know if your acidic or alkaline?

healthypeople365.com Acidity affects all body organs, the skin, intestines, brain, bones, lungs, liver, kidneys, and heart. So if the environment in the body is excessively acidic, the body will suffer from numerous he…


This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong In Your Body! - Just For You Info

I have been craving beets lately!!

justforyouinfo.com Beets are extremely healthy as they have potent medicinal properties and offer relief in the case of various ailments and diseases. The anthocyanins give them the red color and have strong anti-cancer properties. Moreover, beets[...]


Oregano Oil Is Far More Superior Than Prescription Antibiotics, Without The Side Effects

Realistically, I don't agree with this title. If your REALLY sick sometimes you NEED antibiotics. I don't think this would cure flesh eating disease, but overall a most likely a very beneficial prevention use :)

naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com Antibiotics have become more popular than ever, and it may seem odd, but people now swallow antibiotics for minor ailments. This is definitely wrong, because excessive use of antibiotics and using the wrong antibiotic often leads to antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are commonly used by patients wh...


According to Psychologists, Couples Who Argue Really Love Each Other More

Thank goodness!!

lifeideasnow.com Believe it or not, couples who argue with each other more often actually are the ones that experience true and more long-lasting love. Ever since, ur childhood we are captured by the thought that t…



Why Himalayan salt is good and for what uses!

globalholific.com Many of you’ve probably heard about the wonders of the Himalayan pink salt block, or about the cooking on a big brick of sunset-hued crystal. The Himalayan pink salt block besides its pretty colorful look it makes healthier, tastier and more interesting meals. It is actually, a large piece of pink...


How to Get Rid of Phlegm and Mucus In The Chest and Throat Almost Instantly

Natural ways to get rid of phelgm with those bad coughs and colds to try.

healthy-holistic-living.com Are your suffering heavy cough with tons of phlegm? Learn how these 4 remedies to reduce phlegm can cheer up your day.

Natural foods for some common ailments to try instead of medication.


Fluoride Action Network | Protecting Your Family From Fluoride

fluoridealert.org Currently we have reached a total of $58,425 from 240 supporters. This is somewhat lower than this point last year, BUT we have been given a boost today ...


Stop Throwing Out Coffee Grounds! 17 Genius Ways To Reuse Them Around The House!

Reduce, reuse and recycle...an interesting use for your coffee grounds!

naturalcuresandhomeremedies.com Did you know that coffee grounds have other purposes outside of your cup? Today, we will find out more about the amazing uses of coffee grounds! 17 Incredible Ways How to Use Coffee Grounds Use Coffee Grounds as a Dog’s Flea Repellent Coffee grounds can effectively repel your dog’s fleas. Bathe ...


Find Out Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick With The Chines Face Map - Just For You Info

We have the tooth meridian chart. This is one of your face too!

justforyouinfo.com Chinese healers have a long history of reading faces in order to diagnose and detect diseases. The skin can show changes in internal organs much sooner than the organs themselves, which is why reading faces[...]


Honey with Turmeric: The Most Potent Antibiotic That not even Doctors Can Explain - Just For You Info

This may be helpful in taking during this bad flu season?

justforyouinfo.com With certainty, turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the whole world and it has extraordinary culinary and medicinal properties. It has been used in Ayurvedic, Indian, and Chinese medicine for a long[...]


Retired Chief of a Pharmacy said: “The World needs to Know, That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer” … Here is How to Prepare it !! - Global Holific

How to prepare your own alkaline water.

globalholific.com Many illnesses in the world need proper treatment, and some of them are so effective that doctors and pharmaceutical companies prefer to keep them secret, to take care of their business. But you can learn about the benefits you can get by consuming alkaline water, a very effective way to reduce free...


Healing Your Neurological System

I thought this was an interesting article.....

medicalmedium.com Medical Medium

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