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Don Stoddart has been in the mortgage industry for almost 30 years; he was a co-owner of First Provincial, one of the founders of Mortgage Intelligence, and a top producing broker at both Mortgage Intelligence and Mortgage Architects. Currently Don is the Broker / Owner of Key Mortgage Partners - DLC. He has helped thousands realize their dreams of homeownership.

15 Space-Saving Garage Solutions

15 ways to save space in your garage so you can actually bring your car inside!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Has your garage become a disorganized jumble of tools, paint cans and miscellaneous clutter? Check out these solutions for saving space in your garage, from overhead racks to fold-up workbenches.

Dr. Sherry Cooper: Q4 Growth In Canada Last Year at 1.7%, Bringing Annual Growth to 3.0%

President Trump announced he intended to slap tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminium imports. Canada is the most significant supplier of foreign steel to the U.S. This announcement was roundly condemned by the international community.

#BramptonMortgageBroker As expected, growth in the fourth quarter of last year paled in comparison to the robust performance of the first half. Statistics Canada revised up growth estimates for the first half of the year to 4.2%, from the initial estimate of 4%. Following economic expansion of a whopping 4.0% in Q1 and 4.4...

Make a difference!

#BramptonMortgageBroker #GoodSamaritanDay

Making Smarter Down Payments - Dominion Lending Centres

Mortgage insurance premiums can be a little confusing here is a little insight to help you out.

#BramptonMortgageBroker Mortgage Insurance Premiums. Many people know what they are- an extra cost to you the borrower. But not many people realize how they are calculated. Understanding the premium charges and how they are calculated will help lead you to making smarter down payments. 5%- 9.99% down payment of a purchase....

Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business?

Client reviews are very important for our business in order to gain local ranking and more importantly our new clients initial trust. They often rely on our past clients like yourselves sharing their experiences to help gain this trust. If you would be so kind to leave us a Google review or Facebook review about your personal experience it would be truly appreciated! We want to make sure we are doing everything possible to make our clients are happy, comfortable and confident with their mortgage decisions!


How To Fix These Incredibly 4 Common Living Room Mistakes

Does your living room have these common mistakes? Here's how to fix them!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Have you fallen victim to any of these common living room mistakes? Don't worry, here's how to fix them once and for all.

4 Signs You’re Ready For Homeownership - Dominion Lending Centres

Signs that you are ready for home-ownership
#BramptonMortgageBroker While most people know the main things they need to buy a home, such as stable employment and enough money for a down payment, there are a few other factors that may help you realize you’re ready, perhaps even earlier than you thought! As a mortgage broker, it is my job to ensure that each Read Mo...

Click here to support Kristen Saroli's Road To Recovery organized by Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Association

As many of our close friends and family are aware, the Stoddart family has always been involved with hockey. Don and Brooke have been a part of the Brampton Canadettes organization for 20 years now, Brooke playing for 16 of those years then fulfilling her dreams by going to school and playing hockey in the states, while Don coached and is now the president of the organization. The hockey community is a very close nit group and when tragedy strikes we become even closer. Kristen's unfortunate story started with a collision during her hockey game that unveiled a per-existing condition of Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). We are reaching out to our friends and family to help a special family in need.

On October 21st, 2017 after a collision during her hockey game, Kristen was rushed to Brampton Civic Hospital where doctors did a CT scan and found blood in her brain. She was then airlifted to Sick Kids Hospital where she was diagnosed with an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM), a hemorrhage of the blood vessels in the brain. An operation was performed to drain the fluid and she was heavily sedated. A few days later her medical team decided to perform an angiogram to prevent a re-bleed but were unsuccessful. A week later, the AVM re-bled and she was rushed into surgery again where part of her cranium was removed, followed by yet another angiogram. Another trying week followed, and further difficulties lead to a third angiogram being performed. During this time, she battled to keep her vitals at bay with her family keeping watch at her bedside, before slowly starting to show signs of improvement.......

To continue reading please click the link below.

You can follow Kristen's progress via Twitter at

Thank you for your support!

-Don and Brooke On behalf of the Brampton Canadettes Girls Hockey Association, we are asking for your help to support a special family in our community. On October 21st, 2017 after a collision during her hockey game, Kristen was rushed to Brampton Civic Hospital where doctors did a CT scan and found blood in he...

11 Tips For Saving Money You Might Not Have Thought Of

Wondering how to save more money? Here are some simple tips

#BramptonMortgageBroker New year, mo’ money.

6 Steps to Prepare Your Finances for a Mortgage

Getting ready to purchase a home? Here are some steps to help you prepare your finances for your mortgage!

#BramptonMortgageBroker However intimidating entering--or re-entering--the housing market may feel, the benefits could be huge if you approach it in a sensible way.

10 Things to know about your new neighbourhood


10 Qualities to Look for in a Fixer Upper

Fixer Uppers can be fun! Here are some qualities to look for when purchasing one!

#BramptonMortgageBroker What makes a house flip-worthy?

20 Ways to Keep Wet-Weather Muck Out of Your Entryway

Sick and tired of having the wet weather following you into your home? Here are some helpful tips to keep the muck out!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Neither snow nor rain nor sleety nights can keep us from living our busy lives. But that doesn’t mean our entryways have to look like a hazard zone. Find out how to prep your foyer and mudroom for the seasonal onslaught of wet-weather gear.

Tried and tested life hacks that will help you save some serious cash | CBC Life

Life hacks that will help you save some serious money! Does anyone already partake in some of these?

#BramptonMortgageBroker At-home manicures, zip ties to unclog your drain, and budget-friendly cleaning cloths, all from your favourite frugalista, Amrita Singh.

10 Things to consider before your mortgage renews!


Bank vs. Credit Union - A who is who in borrowing - Dominion Lending Centres

Building your mortgage knowledge: Banks vs. Credit Unions

#BramptonMortgageBroker Banks and Credit unions are often grouped together into one category under “financial institutions”. While they may have several similarities in terms of financial service offerings, in the world of mortgages the banks and credit unions have little in common. As mortgage professionals, we work w...

Canadian Home Sales Slide In January Led By Greater Golden Horseshoe - Dominion Lending Centres

It is no surprise that housing activity slowed in January following a pulling-forward sales surge as homebuyers hurried to purchase before the mortgage rule changes in 2018.

#BramptonMortgageBroker It is no surprise that housing activity slowed in January following a pulling-forward sales surge as homebuyers hurried to purchase before the mortgage rule changes in 2018. The January 1 implementation of the new OSFI B-20 regulations requires that uninsured mortgage borrowers be stress-tested at a...

Common Renovating Costs: Walls, Doors and Windows

Thinking of renovating your home, here are some of the common renovation costs!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Taking on a renovation is daunting enough on its own, not to mention when you’re left to estimate how much the project will cost once complete. In our Common Renovating Costs series, Danny Edell of Toronto-based boutique construction and renovation company True Contractors outlines what you ...

Common Renovating Costs: Walls, Doors and Windows

Thinking of renovating your home? Here are some common renovation costs.

#BramptonMortgageBroker Taking on a renovation is daunting enough on its own, not to mention when you’re left to estimate how much the project will cost once complete. In our Common Renovating Costs series, Danny Edell of Toronto-based boutique construction and renovation company True Contractors outlines what you ...

10 Steps to buying a home!

9 Reasons Why People Break Their Mortgages - Dominion Lending Centres

Build your mortgage knowledge:

Reasons why people break their mortgages

#BramptonMortgageBroker Did you know that 60 per cent of people break their mortgage before their mortgage term matures? Most homeowners are blissfully unaware that when you break your mortgage with your lender, you will incur penalties and those penalties can be painfully expensive. Many homeowners are so focused on the r...

7 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Bedroom, According to Pro Organizers

Do you keep these 7 things in your bedroom, pro organizers may disagree!

#BramptonMortgageBroker If you want to sleep better at night, read this.

Jobs Decline In January Following Blockbuster Year - Dominion Lending Centres

Canada sheds 88,000 jobs in January, the most significant drop in nine years, driven by a record 137,000 plunge in part-time work.


First-time Homebuyers' Five Biggest Mistakes - Mortgage Rates & Mortgage Broker News in Canada

5 mistakes that first time home buyers make. Make sure your not one of them!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Buying your first home is exciting, but it’s important to do your homework. Here are the biggest mistakes first-time homebuyers make and how to avoid them.

Compound Interest Calculator - The Calculator Site

Quick Finance Lesson:

Brooke is 23 and goes to Tim Horton’s each day to buy a $2.00 coffee.

If we multiply this by 30 giving the monthly cost of coffee, this would mean Brooke is spending $60.00 a month. How much money would she have if she just put that $60.00 away each month???? You may be surprised...

If we start at a base amount of: $0.00
We have an annual interest rate of: 8%
Compounding period is: 43years (Age 23 substrate it from retirement age 65 = 43)
Regular monthly deposit is: $60.00
And the compounding interval is: Monthly

By the age of 65 Brooke will have.............


Is coffee really worth that much?

Try it out for yourself Use this free compound interest calculation tool to calculate interest and growth on your savings. Includes monthly breakdown and graphs.

10 Closing cost you should know when buying your home!


8 Things You Can Do To Get The Best Renewal - Dominion Lending Centres

Build your mortgage knowledge:

8 Things to do to get the best renewal!

#BramptonMortgageBroker With 47 per cent of homeowners scheduled to renew their mortgages this year, 2018 is a year of change for lots of Canadians. Here are the top 8 things you can do to get the best renewal: 1. Pull out your mortgage renewal now, and start early. When you are proactive instead of reactive you Read More

Top 10 real estate questions – and answers! - Guide You Home

Top 10 real estate questions you may want answers for!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

New Year, New Home: 11 Fresh Ideas to Try to Shake Things Up

Some fresh ideas to shake things up in your home!

#BramptonMortgageBroker Use the January mindset to try something different.

10 reasons to use a Mortgage Broker!


What is a Property Assessment vs a Home Appraisal? - Dominion Lending Centres

Build your mortgage knowledge:

Property assessment Vs a Home Appraisal

#BramptonMortgageBroker It’s the time of year when many homeowners are getting their property assessments. The real estate market is the single biggest influence on market values. Market forces vary from year to year and from property to property. The market value on an assessment notice may differ from that shown on a b...

How Much Money You Should Spend on Living Expenses - 2017 Budgeting Guidelines for Income | Credit Counselling Society

Are you someone who likes to spend lots of living expenses, this is a very useful tool. #BramptonMortgageBroker A lot of people wonder how much of their income they should spend on their home, vehicle, groceries, clothes, etc. Below are some guidelines to give you a general idea and provide you with a starting point for your budget.

Mortgage Broker Value - Dominion Lending Centres

The value of Mortgage Broker is something that a bank can't give you! We work for you! #BramptonMortgageBroker Not surprisingly, borrowers often default to their own Banker. And why not? It’s an established and comfortable relationship. Perhaps it’s viewed as the path of least resistance. But is it the right lender for the borrower’s current specific needs? Perhaps not. More sophisticated borrowers may...

Bank of Canada increases overnight rate target to 1 1/4 per cent

Attention: As expected Bank of Canada continues to increase rates!

#BramptonMortgageBroker The Bank of Canada today increased its target for the overnight rate to 1 1/4 per cent. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/2 per cent and the deposit rate is 1 per cent.

Are you aware of the 10 common costs of owning a home?

1. Property Tax
2. Energy Cost
3. Phone, Cable and Internet Services
4. Home Insurance
5. Municipal Services
6. Fuel/Transit Cost
7. Monitored Security
8. Home Maintenance
9. Property Upkeep
10. Repairs


Robust Canadian Jobs Report for December Tops Off a Blockbuster Year - Dominion Lending Centres

Canada’s jobless rate fell to 5.7% in December, its lowest level in more than 40 years, raising the prospects for a Bank of Canada rate hike possibly as soon as this month. Definitely worth a read! #BramptonMortgageBroker The highly anticipated December Labour Force Survey, released this morning by Stats Canada, surpassed forecasts breaking multi-year records. Canada’s jobless rate fell to 5.7% in December, its lowest level in more than 40 years, raising the prospects for a Bank of Canada rate hike possibly as soon...

Google announces it will build Toronto's neighbourhood of the future

Any thoughts on this? It should make for an interesting future! #BramptonMortgageBroker Google's parent company, Alphabet, is officially building a futuristic mini-city along a 12-acre section of Toronto's eastern waterfront. This is a...

BNN's Daily Chase: B-20 housing regulations lead 2018's new realities - Article - BNN

The realities of the B-20 are here as we enter 2018! #BramptonMortgageBroker We’re into the second day of a new era for Canadian housing markets, the country’s lenders, and homebuyers. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institution’s B-20 guideline took effect yesterday; most notably, that includes a tough new stress test for uninsured mortgages.

What is a cash back mortgage? - Dominion Lending Centres

Cash back Mortgage? That's a thing! #BramptonMortgageBroker Every once in a while, a bank will advertise a cash back mortgage. It sounds great but there are a few things to consider. When you purchase a home, you may find that you need some extra cash. You may want to renovate, purchase some furniture, or start on building a fence or landscaping.. Fortunatel...

How brokers can help clients with New Year's resolutions

Do you have New Years resolutions? Here is how we can help! #BramptonMortgageBroker While there's nothing wrong with resolving to join a gym in the New Year, brokers can help their clients develop some financial strength and agility

Wanted to congratulate our winners once again! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday spend with the ones you love! #BramptonMortgageBroker

Thank you to everyone who made the Christmas office party a great one! Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Brampton/Elmvale Mortgage Broker December contest 2017

Results are in!!

Let us make your Christmas wishes come true!

[12/11/17]   Rule changes are coming! Make sure your prepared. #BramptonMortgageBroker

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