ParkPlace Dental Centre

ParkPlace Dental Centre

At ParkPlace Dental Centre, we strive to provide advanced quality care in a comfortable environment.

Dr. Emil Svoboda along with his skilled and professional team look forward to providing you, and your family with truly exceptional dental care.

ParkPlace Dental has offered a full range of quality Family and Cosmetic dentistry services to Brampton and surrounding areas since 1982.

Our Brampton dentists and dental team have developed a reputation for outstanding care and beautiful results. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the smiles our our patients; so much so that the majority of our new patients are referred from existing ones! New patients are always welcome at ParkPlace Dental Centre.

Improper dental hygiene can offset deeper-rooted health issues. For instance, a sore jaw, when experienced simultaneously with chest pain could be an indication of a potential heart attack. Don’t compromise your well-being, take the proper measures to keep your teeth cavity and plaque-free:
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According to social media activity and polls, almost half of young adults reported untagging themselves from Facebook pictures due to their smile alone. Park Place Dental Centre offers teeth whitening services to give you that renewed sense of confidence, so you can take your next photoshoot by storm:
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Even though most folks fear oral surgeries, Park Place Dental Centre does everything in our power to put you at ease throughout the entire process. We administer several anesthesia and help you manage your recovery:
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#Didyouknow that certain jewelry manufacturers fashion necklaces out of human teeth? While dental “bling” understandably puts some people off, Park Place Dental Centre advocates proper tooth care regardless. You don’t have to accessorize your pearly whites, but you should keep them up to a jewelry-worthy standard; remember to brush & floss after every meal and stay away from high-sugar foods:
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Tooth loss doesn’t have to impede your smile or poise – Park Place Dental Center can restore your self-assurance with dental implants, inserted into the jawbone and reinforced with a crown to mimic the feel of natural teeth:
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So, it turns out that despite the name, a million-dollar smile won’t actually put you out that much – especially at Park Place Dental Centre. Look into our whitening services, priced at affordable rates:

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Cavities might be a pain, but they don’t always hurt – actually, pain could be an indicator that the problem is too far along, starting to directly impact the nerve of your tooth. That’s why Park Place Dental Centre recommends regular checkups, frequent brushing & flossing:

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If we worked on your pearly whites recently, please feel free to leave a review or review our other testimonials for reference – we can handle the tooth:,3,

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Dental history fun fact: #didyouknow that folks reportedly repurposed twigs as toothbrushes? Yes, really – they’d chew the tips to spread out the fibers, then used those for a good old-fashioned tooth cleanin’. This method for brushing was particularly prevalent in ancient Egypt and China:

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Ever wondered why dentists chat up their patients while treating them? It’s not to watch you make a funny face while trying to answer, we promise – conversation often reduces anxiety, while allowing dentists to build more personal relationships with their patients. Say hi to our own team of small-talk-making dentists:

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Getting dental implants doesn’t make you a pariah or George Washington, for that matter (who never actually had wooden teeth by the way). No, implants can benefit you in multiple ways – from preserving your facial structure to making it easier for you to chew. So, call Park Place Dental Centre to schedule your no-charge consultation:

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Have we serviced your canines before? Read our testimonials or leave your own review, you know the drill:

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#Didyouknow that all the dental floss sold in the US amounts to about 3 million miles in length? Learn more quirky facts when you visit Park Place Dental Center, we make dentistry fun:

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Several conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes can be linked to your oral health. So, make sure you take good care of those pearly whites & brush daily, after every meal. Request your next appointment with us to check in:

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Chipped teeth? We’ll make you feel as good as royalty when you enlist our dental crown services. Dental crowns round out damaged teeth and create an overall cleaner, smoother, Hollywood-ready look – and ours use computer aided design for further enhancement:

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Here’s another reason to avoid high-sugar snacks & sodas – they make you susceptible to developing cavities. It’s always better to prevent cavities, rather than treat them after the fact; tend to your teeth now, so they won’t be on the mend later:
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You can tell so much about a person by their smile – make sure you’re acing your first impressions and consider Park Place’s teeth whitening services. Our Brampton dentists can use a more personalized ‘in-house’ whitening procedure, or over the counter methods; we’ll match your request, so you can keep cheesin’ with confidence:
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#DidYouKnow: Waxed floss is easier to slide through your teeth, but unwaxed floss squeaks against cleaned teeth, notifying you that there’s no more plaque to be removed. (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #Flossing #TheMoreYouKnow #DentalCare

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Keeping up with your dental health helps promote good health throughout your body. Professionals recommend brushing at least two times each day for optimal dental care: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #DidYouKnow #DentalHealth #OralHygiene

Whether you’re due for a checkup or are experiencing discomfort, call Park Place Dental Centre to discuss your needs and schedule your appointment: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #OralCare #TeethCleaning

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Our office is conveniently located on Queen Street East in Brampton, and all of our wonderful staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about your appointment and/or upcoming procedure. Call today: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #DentalCare #Brampton #DowntownBrampton

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Keep Calm and Floss On~ Flossing removes plaque and debris stuck in between teeth and gums while also polishing the surfaces of your teeth and controlling bad breath. #TheMoreYouKnow #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #DentalHealth #Flossing #OralCare

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Are you stocked up on all your oral care necessities? Remember to toss your toothbrush every 3-4 months for the best brushing results 😊 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #DentalCare #DentalHygiene #OralHealth

Oral care isn’t really something you can hide – it’s a mark of health that shows every time you smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how you can improve your oral care for a healthier, brighter smile: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #Toothpaste #Smile #OralHealth

Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the best quality dental work for you 😊 Call today to schedule an appointment: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #Dentist

We encourage you to choose the toothpaste that is most comfortable for your teeth and gums – we all have different sensitivity thresholds 😊 Call us today for recommendations: (905) 866-6657 #ParkPlaceDental #Dentistry #Toothpaste

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Proper oral care is the best defense from tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing, flossing, and maintaining a nutritious diet ensures strong teeth and a healthy smile.

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Happy Labor Day from Park Place!

[09/01/17]   ✨Wishing all our patients a safe & enjoyable long weekend! ✨

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Did you know your hand preference helps determine what side you chew on? #DidYouKnow

Keep Calm and Floss On~

If you allow a cavity to go untreated for too long, you could wind up needing an expensive root canal procedure or even lose the affected tooth altogether. Tooth decay can also contribute to unpleasant breath and gum disease. #ToothFacts

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