The Sister Brussels Café

The Sister Brussels Café

The Sister presents an exceptional wide range of local and european products, gluten free, nut free, soy free, lactose free, not pasteurized or vegan.

Build in 2015, The Sister comes out an association of friends passionate with events organisation, food and beverage, driven by a common idea: make healthier consumption and entertainment.
Regarding the quality as a duty, The Sister is dedicated to bring a delicious mix of organic fresh food & drinks, a large room for workshops happenings or celebrations and pleasant music downtown Brussels.

Located 20 feet away from "The Grand Place", also known as one of the most prestigious "place" in Europe, The Sister also presents an exceptional wide range of local and european products, gluten free, nut free, soy free, lactose free, not pasteurized or vegan. A customized offer will fulfill all your requirements for you or your group to spend an enjoyable moment.

MozzaRisella, the vegan mozzarella - The Sister Brussels Café

A vegan mozzarella, whaaat?! 😮

YES. MozzaRisella Rice Cheese is a new way to continue to eat something we 🥰, while respecting his body, the animals and the planet!

Read more ⇢

Keep spreading the organic rhythm 🌱 MozzaRisella is a new way to continue eating something that we love, but respecting our health, the environment and the animals. Discover what is this amazing and tasty vegan mozzarella!

[04/03/19]   🕵️‍♂️ We need one of you!

Étudiant service en salle
Cuisine bio, vegan friendly & gluten free

Disponible pendant les congés & vacances
Salaire ⇢ 11,96e brut/heure
Envoyer CV par email ⇢ [email protected]

🥪 Focaccia "The Sister", a classic in our house and always a sweet moment of tasting!

🌿 Organic, vegetarian & gluten free (ask for the gluten free bread)

∙ ∙ Served with a cup of vegan soup

∙ ∙ Complete food menu ⇢

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🌱

En Belgique – Vivre sans gluten !

📌 We are in the 🇧🇪 best places of the website Vivre Sans Gluten to eat gluten free, category breakfast.

If you are looking for other places to eat gluten free, take a look on it! En Belgique Attention : Les adresses mentionnées proviennent des expériences partagées par nos membres. Ces adresses ne sont pas 100% sans gluten. Dès lors, il reste très important que vous contactiez et que vous informiez les restaurateurs de votre régime alimentaire, afin de vérifier si l.....


The vegan & gluten free waffles as well as our 🇧🇪 organic beers, always appreciated! 😋

Full review here :

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💪☀️ A strong & healthy morning

∙ ∙ Try out our healthy morning breakfast, ask for a gluten free bread or the vegan version.

∙ ∙ Choose to combine your breakfast with one of our many fresh & organic juices!

☕ 7/7 Breakfast hours
MO/TU/WE/TH/FR ⇢ 10am to 1pm
SA/SU ⇢ 9am to 1pm

∙ ∙ All informations about our breakfasts ⇢
∙ ∙ Complete food menu ⇢

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Treats don't wait, especially when it's vegan & gluten free 😋

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Пакетики стирают, а в магазины ходят с сумкой: как в Бельгии решили проблему мусора

📺😱 Our first appearance in a foreign TV news!

This happened on Ukrainian national television, in a report on the zero waste lifestyle.
Bad news: you have to understand Ukrainian...😁

Без мусорное потребление - для европейцев сегодня тренд жизни. Это реально вдохновляет, когда люди не хотят засорять природу отходами и, например, пакетики о...

One of our 60 🇧🇪 organic 🍺
∙∙ Picus Pils

The Picus Pils is part of a brand given to some organic beers created for the benefit of nature, named Beers For Nature.

This pils from the south of Campine is produced with hops from THE country of pils, the Czech Republic.
She has a very accessible taste for all pils lovers!

Learn more about Beers For Nature :
All our belgian organic beers in our drinks menu :

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📌 Where can you eat gluten free in 🇧🇪?
We are in the Glutoso Map of Belgium gluten free restaurants, thanks to them & check it out!

On Glutoso website :

The Google Map on Brussels :

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Toutes les infos sur notre site

une liste des Endroits où il est possible de 😋 manger sans gluten 😋

(En sachant qu'elle va évoluer)


Falafels de lentilles au gingembre et sa sauce à la carotte - Idées recettes

😋 We reveal one of our vegan & gluten free secrets recipes to Idées Recettes, the "Ginger lentil falafels with its carrot sauce", enjoy !

NL version on :

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🍃 Pas facile de trouver une délicieuse recette vegan et sans gluten. Découvrez la recette de falafels de lentilles éborée par The Sister Café.


Always a sweet review that give to us all the energy to offer to you more and more, thanks Gary! 🥰

Full review here :

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Top 15 Superfoods to Get Into Your Diet

💪🥗 Superfoods, what are you?

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🍃 What are superfoods? They're nutrient-dense foods that provide a host of health benefits you definitely want. Add these 15 superfoods to your diet.

Which café shall you try in the Belgian capital?

🏆☕️ Café Flavour think we are in top 10 best café in Brussels 😍

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🍃 Outstanding coffee shops await you in Brussels!

One of our 60 🇧🇪 organic 🍺
∙∙ Kameleon (amber, donker & triple)

"Two brews are never identical in a small brewery", hence the name Kameleon.
100% organic since 1999, these beers have been brewed without additives in Brouwerij Den Hopperd in Westmeerbeek.

All our belgian organic beers in our drinks menu :

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A vegan and healthy breakfast in Brussels - The Sister Brussels Café

💪 A good and healthy breakfast for a better day, try ours!

" Nutritionists advise: breakfast should be eaten within two hours of waking, a healthy breakfast should provide calories in the range of 20-35% of your guideline daily allowance (GDA).

Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients such as calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre. The body needs these essential nutrients and research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day. Fruit and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals so try to include a portion of your daily five at breakfast, whether that be a banana or glass of fruit juice. "

Source :

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🍃 You're in a healthy way, travel or living here, and want sometimes to take a great breakfast in Brussels with vegan or gluten free options ? We have this ! Discover The Sister breakfast.

Our quest to find the best gluten-free beers in Brussels

The better way to find best gluten-free beers in Brussels ? Just find our café 😁

Thank you to Jessica from the blog Blissful Babychan, and keep spreading organic rhythm 🍃 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, life’s a bitch and beers a must.


we start 2019 full of enthusiasm, with all lovely reviews you give to us in 2018.
Here is an other one from November, thank you Carmen! 🥰

Full review here :

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📧 2019 will be sweet, but don't miss news about your favorite café, healthy life, product presentations, exclusive offers, upcoming events...subscribe to our newsletter here! ☞

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🍺 Our beers ∙∙ Brogne Blonde

∙∙ Authentic organic beer from an abbey with an incredible story !

The Brogne abbey was founded before the year 1000, the first mention of a brewery dating from 986.
For centuries, this abbey was ravaged by looting and violence generated by the war, original recipes of the beers produced at the time were therefore completely destroyed.

The beer "Abbaye de Brogne" was launched in 1982 by the Brasserie Desfosses, before being taken over by Affligem and Lefèbvre.

Since 2014, this beer is brewed again by a brand new micro-brewery in the abbey. It's now completely organic and produced under the supervision of Bruno Deghorain (known for his work at La Binchoise Brewery).

More infos about Brogne abbey :

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It's winter, true, but we always need energy from fruits & vegetables, especially during this cold season.
Get an energical start for your week with one of our fresh & organic juices!

The Sister's agenda : Scheduled events in our café

📆 2019 start great, and our café is always animated by many events.
Check what's happening in January (and months after) in our agenda !

& don't forget, keep spreading organic rhythm 🌱 The Sisters Brussels is a place where people can share their experience, exchange, learn, practice and enjoy. Check out The Sister's agenda and get update of scheduled events in our home.

MozzaRisella, the vegan mozzarella - The Sister Brussels Café

Yes, it's real, there is a vegan mozzarella 😮

MozzaRisella Rice Cheese is a new way to continue eating something that we love 👍
Start the new year with good resolutions for the animals & for the planet !


Keep spreading the organic rhythm 🌱 MozzaRisella is a new way to continue eating something that we love, but respecting our health, the environment and the animals. Discover what is this amazing and tasty vegan mozzarella!

2018 chapter is closed, a new year are coming... 😊

We hope this new year will be good, full of nice moments & exciting meets for you.
We hope it will be better for the planet, and that everybody gonna take its responsibility in order to answer to the climate alarm.

You have been more and more to visit us in 2018, so finally we hope you will be more & more too for this new year, enjoying our good meals, tasting some of our craft & organic beers, etc.

2019 will be a good year, start being positive, keep spreading the organic rhythm and let's go forward together.
Happy new year 2019! 🎊

The Sister Brussels Café team 🌿


What could be better to finish this beautiful year than with this great review. We are touched by these words Tatiana, thank you! 🥰

Full review here :

Spread out your happiness to have been here ⇢é-1017811014917573/reviews/

& keep spreading organic rhythm 🌱

Exceptional closures ∙∙ For these holidays, we will be closed the 24th & 25th, but stay open the 31th december & 1st january 2019 ;-)

Enjoy your family & all relationships that mean to you.
Don't forget to think about our environment when you will prepare your Christmas meals 😉

🎄Keep spreading organic rhythm, merry Christmas to everybody!

🌊 Permanent exhibition 2019

We have the pleasure to host this permanent collection for 2019.
Welcome to all pieces of the talented painter Hector Villarroel, that you will admire during this new & beautiful coming year.

∙ Hector Villarroel
∙ Landscape / Seascape 2
∙ Solo painting exhibition
∙ Permanent collection 2019

🎼 Tomorrow is the closing of Brussels Handpan season with Mathieu Louvel. Join us for this always sweet moment at 8PM !

Event ∙∙ Bxl Handpan gathering n°15: Matthieu Louvel

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Gfree | Gluten Free Guide | The Sister Brussels Café | Brasserie 100% Bio

[French] We are in the gluten free guide for Brussels, thanks to Gaelle ☺️

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🌿 The Brussels Sisters Café, c'est une toute jeune (moins de 2 ans) brasserie healthy au coeur du centre ville de la Capitale, à deux pas de la grand place. Ici c'est vegan friendly, bio, raw et même gluten free.

L'adorée ∙∙ Brasserie du Renard ∙∙ Organic blond ∙∙∙ 7 percents

Brasserie du Renard is a microbrewery in Grez-Doiceau, producing artisanal organic beer according to its original recipes, using locally produced raw materials and purchased directly from producers.

The brewery works as a participatory cooperative focusing on social and environmental considerations, support local artisan production, participation in the GeT'it network (relocation of the economy in Grez-Doiceau region, training & support for people's integration in society).

A wonderful project with some tasty beers!

More infos about Brasserie du Renard :

Keep spreading organic rhythm! 🌱

Video : Fresh and organic food, The Sister Brussels Café in After BX1

[📽 Replay] Some times ago, After - BX1 talked about us and visited our coffee place. (Re)discover this extract for BX1, keep spreading the word, share ! 🌿 Fresh and organic food, local craft beers and activities, discover our coffee place and what we propose, through this extract of After BX1 for BX1 TV.

Find in this special album, all featured and incredible reviews written by you. We have to say thank you to all, keep spreading the word 🥰

We have a lot (we said a LOT) of organic and craft beers that you can taste at home.

Here is some of them, with a little story about their respective breweries 😉

Keep spreading organic rhythm! 🌱

Some of organic & crafts beers that you can taste at home :)

Sustainable Food and Drinks: The Sister Brussels Café | Good Goal - The Sustainable Guide

In June, we talked with Good Goal about the café and our vision, here is the interview.
Thanks to us, enjoy reading & keep spreading organic rhythm 😉 A café that deliberately chooses to work with organic and Belgian products, that adopted a very challenging zero waste philosophy and is located in the heart of the city, of course it interests us at Good Goal. Hence we had a talk with the people of The Sister Brussels Café, a place that is breath...

Opening hours, informations & contact - The Sister Brussels Café

ℹ️ Exceptional closing

We want to inform you that we will be exceptionally closed on Tuesday, 27th November 2018. But don't worry, we will be open again on Wednesday!

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🌿 Here, you can send us a message, check our location and opening hours. You have also our email address and phone to directly contacting us.

Someone talking about The Sister Brussels Café

Someone talking about us !
Here is a list of articles, guides and ranking about our café :)

Keep spreading organic rhythm ! 🌱 Someone talking about us ! Here is a list of articles, guides or rankings about our café.

Quintine bio-organic ∙∙ Brasserie des Légendes ∙∙ Organic white ∙∙∙ 5.9 percents

On 26th October 1610, a funeral pyre was built in Ellezelles for the 38-year-old witch Quintine. In her book of spells, passed down from generation to generation, they found her magic recipes and share them with you today.

After restoring his farmhouse, Philippe Gérard made his lifelong dream come true, he installed his own brewery. In 1993, the first brew of Quintine delighted the taste buds of beer drinkers.

If you wander through our beautiful region, don’t forget to rub Quintine’s head when you see her, while saying in your best Walloon accent: "HOUP, HOUP, RIKI, RIKI, RIKETE, PADZEUR LES HAIES ET LES BOUCHONS VOLES AU DIABLE ET CO PU LO". Then make a wish, it will be granted!

More infos about Brasserie des Légendes :

Keep spreading organic rhythm 🌱

The Sister Brussels Café in Carolina's video from Go Carol blog

📽️ If you didn't watch it last time, here is a replay session of Carolina's visit (Go Carol blog - Fome Foco Força e Fé) in our beloved city.

Keep spreading organic rhythm ! 🌱 Carolina (Go Carol blog) visited Brussels and took some time in our house. Here is her video report, with some images of The Sister !

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bienvenue chez nous

La Canne à Sucre La Canne à Sucre
Rue Des Pigeons, 12
Brussels, 1000

Restaurant antillais et bar à rhum

Pause & Vous Pause & Vous
Avenue Emile Max 110
Brussels, 1030

ATTENTION HORAIRE D'HIVER De Novembre à Mars du Mardi au Jeudi et Dimanche de 10h00 à 18h00 Vendredi - Samedi 10h00 - 20h00 APRES 18H AVEC RÉSERVATION ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pause & Vous

Uppetite Uppetite
Akenkaai 70
Brussels, 1000

In Uppetite geniet je van heerlijk eten en een prachtig panorama over het kanaal. Vlij je neer in het restaurant, op het terras of aan de bar!

La 25 ieme heure La 25 ieme heure
Chaussée Dé Vleurgat 330
Brussels, 1050

La Fonda La Fonda
Bloemenstraat 8
Brussels, 1000

Taverne et Restaurant Colombien

Bar Du Gaspi Equipe Bar Du Gaspi Equipe
309 Chaussée De Haecht
Brussels, 1030

Baldan's Cocktails Events & Catering Baldan's Cocktails Events & Catering
Rue Des Pigeons
Brussels, 1000

Événements et service autour du monde du cocktail. Création et cours de cocktails, bar à cocktails pour mariage et soirée privée , soirée jazz & cocktails

Tugga Café Tugga Café
Rue De Russie 3
Brussels, 1060

Délice Coffée Délice Coffée
49, Av Stalingrad
Brussels, 1000

Chez Delice Coffee crêperie ,sucré, salée multitudes de milkshake et smoethie, panini , tacos.À découvrir entre amie ou en famille L'équipe Délice Coffee.

Delirium Hoppy Loft (Official) Delirium Hoppy Loft (Official)
Impasse De La Fidelité
Brussels, 1000

Follow new beers on tap & others !

Chaussée de Louvain Chaussée de Louvain
Chaussée Gand
Brussels, 1030