The Natural Energy Centre Barbados

The Natural Energy Centre Barbados

Our treatments are catered to meet the needs of our clients, therefore no two treatments are alike as every client is uniquely who they are.

We recognize that all dis-ease is caused by an imbalance, therefore we seek to find the origin of the imbalance and address it. Most times the root cause of the imbalance is emotional, therefore we assist our clients to identify what emotional trauma they experienced in their life to cause the imbalance and suggest "Emotional Release Therapy" to address this trauma. Having released the trapped energy the body is capable to return to a state of equilibrium. We treat children who are studying for their 11+ exams and CXC even persons who are attending the University, as these persons experience lots of stress due to the demands placed on them to perform.

[12/30/19]   To all my fruends who have supported us in the pass year, we wish you all the very best of health for 2020.
God Bless

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[11/28/19]   [11/27, 10:33 AM] Janice Chin Worme: 👍🙂
I have grown in many ways, one in particular means more to me than anything else is:
The understanding and clarity of the work I do every day.

For me I am redefining the work I do and should I say defining myself and my belief systems as healing starts with number ONE me myself and I. 😊 life is worth living.

It is so Sad to see others so miserable within themselves. Try as you may to give them a gentle hand they seem to want to bite it off, because they feel that they are being criticised unduly. However it is a healthy criticism, so they may lift themselves out of the wedge they got themselves into.

We go through different challenges from time to time because we are all learning in this Universal School we call LIFE! challenges are the essence of our growth. We can learn from it or we could see it as a negative criticisms and remain in the same situation and possibly become dis-eased and pass on.

The realisation therefore is what do we actually want for ourselves? Do we want to remain in the same situation we are experiencing at this moment , or do we want to grow out of it? If so what are you prepared to do?

In this life "there is depth as well as width and height to spiritual growth" VERY INTERESTING INDEED. WOW

So no matter what circumstance are being experienced at this present moment there is always a way out. The first and most important, question is WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOURSELF AT THIS TIME? WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE YOURSELF IN A FEW MONTHS? Sitting in the same situation or do you want to see changes? You could use the situation as a stepping stone to your spiritual growth.

To climb a mountain it starts with the first step. That very 1. step is MAKING THE DECISION.
IN order to succeed there must be a clear focus on what it is you want to achieve.

This my friends is what life is all about. Over coming challenges each and every day of your life. When you think you have achieved, and become complacent another challenge is just around the corner.

But know many persons have over one very Difficult challenges, they are there to help you along your journey. You can do it too.. need help put it out to the universe and someone will show up. Believe me!

Love and Light be with you.

[06/12/19]   Please like my page and pass it on thank you

[05/18/19]   Your brain is like a computer when it is full it begins to forget things, you become frustrated over little things and angry easily.

A project that could be completed in 2 to 3 hours takes you a day to complete.

That is when you know you need to have an energy treatment.

Your brain like a computer needs defragineatmg. I really mean

Some comments I receive after an energy treatment are
"Gosh outside seems so much brighter,"
"I feel less confused" or "I just got the answer to a situation that I have to deal with"

[05/14/19]   Are you feeling tired and just cannot determine why then you need a treatment.

My new space at Calianda Westmoreland. Feeling tired an want to feel lighter? Just message me.

[04/25/19]   A friend in the States asked me to do some energy work for a friend here in Barbados. He was not eating and his memory was failing. He did not have any energy to get out of bed and was sleeping all the time.
Energy was sent to him.
She just called me from the States to let me know that her friend here in Barbados is up and about and eating. That is good news.
This is what motivates me to continue in the work that I do.

[04/25/19]   Today was a great day. Treated someone who had a neck brace, pains in her shoulder hip and knee. After doing a Crystal healing she was free from all pains. She was able to walk without pains and her shoulder, neck and knee was free from pains. It really is a satisfaction to see people benefit from the treatment done
So sorry I did not take a picture before and after.

Poppy's Field Project

Another interesting experience we had from one of our visitors who stopped to have a treatment. A student: shared that she was always tired and that this has been going on for a long time. After working with her for about 20 minutes, she felt energised, lighter (as though relieved of weights off her shoulders) and alive for the first time in a while. She was very happy. Looking forward to hearing from her in the future!

The Visitors stopped by on a continual basis, some with back or shoulder pain, but they all left feeling great, no pain. One visitor had a migraine and left with no migraine and feeling relaxed, happy and energised and with a feeling of lightness as if they had had a load taken off their shoulder.

Today at the Holistic Health Fair. Happy to have our friends pass by to experience energy treatments. Thanks for passing by.

[04/06/19]   STOP talking about the past as this keeps the past alive.
Live in this moment as this moment is all we have to make a difference to the future

The Natural Energy Centre Barbados



The Natural Energy Centre Barbados

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Health Fair to be held at the Harrisons College, Crompton Street, Bridgetown Barbados. Starting time is 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m. Make a special effort to be there. Lots of therapies to experience from many different practitioners.
SEE YOU THERE Tickets on sale at the door

[03/31/19]   Looking forward to seeing you all at the Health Fair to be held at the Harrisons College, Crompton Street, Bridgetown Barbados. Starting time is 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m. Make a special effort to be there. Lots of therapies to experience from many different practitioners.
SEE YOU THERE Tickets on sale at the door

[02/28/19]   Welcome and thank you for stopping by. We are working to make this page more informative

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Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation to Heal and Rewire Your Brain When Your Struggling With Health Issues🔴

Dr Joe Dispenza Meditation to Heal and Rewire Your Brain When Your Struggling With Health Issues🔴 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS. CHEERS 🔴 I do not own the...

[01/12/19]   Just reminding all Light Workers that we are all here on assignment, "To let your light shine without prejudice

[01/12/19]   Today was a very interesting day. Had an unexpected treatment for a friend of mine. She slipped off her bed and hurt her back. I did a crystal treatment and she felt much better after.

New Year picture. A little more time to spend understanding the Facebook. For me it is challenging

[01/10/19]   Hello all my facebook friends I will have a little more time now so you will hear from me more often

[11/27/18]   As I continue on my Journey there is a realisation that the work done today is more of redefining and shifting to meet the needs of what is presently happening in the entire world.

It is no longer a physical healing, even though there are physical symptoms, as the physical manifestations point to deeper issues. It is how we perceive things, it is the emotional and spiritual and soul aspect of who we are.

Until we can deal with those aspects of the self then there can be no true healing.

WAKE UP!!! and redefine who you truly are by going within.


[11/23/18]   A couple of days ago I followed up on someone I worked with about 3 weeks ago she complained of being sad all the time and unknown pains in her body, she is still feeling very well.
Interesting. The work we do surprises me all the time. Life is Great. This is what propels me to continue on this Journey. The total satisfaction of seeing people make a shift in their lives. Looking forward to new beginnings.

[11/19/18]   Our moving from Pavilion Court is just another Chapter in Our Lives. We are just a phone call away.
We will have the same number but for a period of time you could get in touch with us on what'sapp or my cell 1 246 822 2773.
Looking forward to another interesting part of this Journey with Excitement.

[11/18/18]   It is really challenging to leave a place where I spent most of my time for the last 8 years. A place that was home away from home yet worked many long hours. At the end of the day felt satisfied that I had made a difference in someone's life.

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[11/09/18]   Just finished with a client who came in with pains and left pain free, completely relaxed, clarity of mind, feeling lighter and happy.

This is the way we ought to feel always, however we get bugged down and heavy with all other people's stress as well as our own negative thoughts etc.

Want to try a treatment? Just call and make your appointment with Janice, we are here in Service.

The participants at the Reiki Workshop going through their one on one treatments

[10/07/18]   To our beloved fans and friends

We are not sending out any new 'friend' or 'like' requests. If you receive any is not from us.

Final one for 2018. Don't miss it.

Two students from last workshop

[06/08/18]   Dear Facebook friends just a note to let you know that we have had a challenge with our phone.
We only realized this yeaterday. Some of you may have called and were unable to get through.
The telephone in now fixed and you can call us at 429 1901.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

[05/31/18]   This is specifically for Reiki first degree Students who would like to continue their Journey and expand their knowlege in Reiki.
We will be having Reiki level 2 on the 30th June and 1st July.
You would learn how to do distant treatments for your family or friends and the world as a whole in this workshop.
Looking forward to hearing from you to secure your space as space is limited.

[05/16/18]   Got this from a soneone yesterday.

"I really loved our session yesterday. It touched on so many areas that really interest me and are so relevant to my journey right now. Thank you for your time and energy !!!! 😅"

[05/02/18]   Received this letter recently
Thought I would share it with you.

Hi Janice,
It has been an action packed re-entry to work and family. All good though!

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. I felt it was useful and is pointing me in the right direction. I realize how much time I spend ruminating. Too much. How much time I spend talking, explaining, trying to manage. Too much. Thanks for working on my brain. I feel clearer. I sleep better, but not for a full 8 hours. Yet I'm rested. I wake up feeling rested!

The bloated feeling has passed. "Lady town" is tip top. Clear urine, no twinges, no odd odours. I'm less pissed off perhaps.

This morning I drove my eldest to school. I rarely drive him. It was entirely a spur of the moment thing. Just felt I'd like to take him and offered a ride on our way out the door.

On this re-routed journey to work I passed a low-rise apartment building. I've passed this building many times over the years, and always felt something about it. Just something. I notice it though it's unremarkable. I think a passing thought or two about it. Then I've passed it and it's out of mind.

Today it had a "apartment for rent" sign in the window. I pulled over, called the number, saw the 2 bedroom apartment, and decided to take it. Just for now, while the house situation gets sorted. I could move in as soon as May 1st! Fingers crossed this is the start of my new single life.

That was some energetic clearing you did Janice! I'm so grateful that Sophie gave me her spot with you last Tuesday.

Thanks again,

[04/29/18]   I could share one that to me was very outstanding. Someone came to have a treatment, the challenge was numbness in the feet, along with severe bowed legs from birth. I had just completed studies in England.
Started to work on the numbness of the feet, worked for an hour, half hour each leg. The numbness went away.

Made another appointment to see the client. Did another treatment and the bowed legs straightened.

Years later I saw this person and I was amazed that the legs are straight and the client was at least 6 inches taller. So sorry I did not take pictures. We loose the opportunity because we doubt the power of LiFE FORCE ENERGY.

[03/19/18]   The Natural Energy Centre invites you to our 1st Degree Reiki on 27th, 28th and 29th April 2018
The benefit of this First Degree class will help in furthering your self growth.
Come join us! For more information please call 246 429 1901

[03/13/18]   Energy is a dynamic Force, it is always in flux. It circulates throughout your body constantly.
The difference between the two words, Life and Energy, is very subtle therefore it is important to understand the meaning of both to appreciate the theory of energy as it is applied to our bodies.
Keep watching this spot as this very interesting subject of 'energy' unfolds.

[03/13/18]   The Natural Energy Centre will be participating at the Health Fair on the 8th April 2018 to be held at Harrison College. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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