Tenika Tang Hair Studio

Tenika Tang Hair Studio


Hi Tenika i would like to make an appointment to get my colour and highlights etc done this week if possible and then change the appointment I had for the 12th to just a wash and blow dry will await your reply my cell is 2317751 thanks
Blonding and bonding with 'the best' in her FABULOUS new space. Super chic and comfortable even for this expanding client. So proud of my super stylist and hair guru.... keep reaching for those stars, they're yours !!!

Tenika Tang Hair Studio is open at Accra Hotel & Spa on the South Coast of Barbados. Message us to book your treatment. Passion for life. Passion for hair. 1(246) 262-8264

Passion for life. Passion for hair. Tenika Tang Hair Studio is Open now at Accra Hotel & Spa on the South Coast of Barbados. Tel: +1 (246) 622-4027 Cel: +1 (246) 262-8267

Mid week inspo! You are what you think you are! Then add coffee ☕️✨


This lovely lady was getting a little bored of an all over colour. After her consultation we realized that she did love her chocolate tone but she wanted a fresh look👀 🌱

We suggested to deepen the dark chocolate but also add highlights with the same tone. 🍂🐿

THE HOW: •highlights (lighter than your desired level)
•glossed (two shade lighter than her all over colour) 🥰

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Soft up sweep that Chamara nailed! 🤩

She used a Pai-sHau Sublime Hair Spray to keep it all night!

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‼️‼️‼️🎉🎊From now until Valentines Day ...
We have 35% OFF of ALL:

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Shannon’s love for people and making them feel comfortable is shown in this beauty’s review! Not only did her hair look amazing but she made her feel relaxed and beautiful. 💄💁🏼‍♀️

Your wedding day is big mike stone and we are so honored that you choose Tenika Tang Hair Studio be apart of it! ❤️

If you want to see her review, head to our page Tenika Tang Hair Studio.
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What is colour correction? 🎨 Colour correction isn’t just for big things like a bad box colour or trying to go from dark to light! Colour correction is ANY colour that needs to be fix! The knowledge, the know how and product/time is behind it is way the price tag 🏷

We only get to see this beauty a couple times a year because she is off island... because of this a lot of the time we do have to tweak or correct her colour! 🥰

The smile on her face is worth it every time 😁
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Our stylists often get asked how we do our hair.

Tenika shows us her tips an tricks for how she gets her tousled look!
Watch till the end to see her favorite Infusion! And watch it once more with the sound on for her PRO TIP 🤯

A show of hand in the comment below if you would like more ‘how to videos’ 🙋🏻‍♀️?
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Warm natural Lived in Highlights is what our master stylist lives for!
Tenika has a weakness for making your hair look like you were born with it! •

Pro tip, warm neutral colours are best for most complexions!
#tenikatanghairstudio #innerbeauty #bethebestyou #barbadossalon

Warm natural Lived in Highlights is what our master stylist lives for!
Tenika has a weakness for making your hair look like you were born with it!

Pro tip, warm neutral colours are best for most complexions!
#tenikatanghairstudio #innerbeauty #bethebestyou #barbadossalon

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 🎄



SHAMARA freshen up Tenika’s highlights with a gloss and blowdry!

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[12/06/19]   Tenika Tang Hair Studio Landline 622-4027, ONCE AGAIN due to Flow no calls can be answered. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. Please Whatapp us at 262 8264.

STOP RIGHT THERE...We just love oligo!
Oligo Blacklight is the BEST Ionic Lightener. It is formulated with positively charged compound that forms an ionic bond durning lightening process... in human language ... makes your hair soft, shiny and fabulous! ❄️✨😍

We have a thing for amazing products. What you do is important but if you don’t have the right tools and product the finish isn’t this amazing. ✨

At Tenika Tang Hair Studio we pride ourself in using the best products for YOU!
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Super excited to be apart of this!

Join us for our 3rd annual #GivingTuesday Barbados Children's Book Drive 2019!

Since 2017, we have collected and distributed over 1000 children's books to various primary schools across the island - will we reach our target of 1000 books this year? Join us and help us reach our goal!

GivingTuesday Barbados will be collecting new and gently used children’s books to promote literacy in our local community. So far we have donated books to Workman's Primary, St. Bernard’s Primary, St.Ambrose Primary and the Government Industrial School.

We are also encouraging Barbadians abroad, as well as visitors to the island, to get involved by either sending books or bringing books with them in their suitcase when they come to Barbados over the holidays (Anytime in December or January)

Our drop off locations are:

- abeds(Sheraton Mall)
- Always Summer (Limegrove, Holetown)
- Barbados Blue (Hilton Hotel)
- Open Kitchen (Millhouse, St.Thomas)
- Oran Limited (Harbour Road, Bridgetown)
- Tenika Tang Hair Studio (Accra Hotel)

If you are a company interested in supporting our book drive or hosting a drop off box at your location, please get in touch!


CHAMARA’s UPDO’s are making our heads turn! •

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#tenikatanghairstudio #barabdossalon #innerbeauty #bethebestyou


Have you booked your Ole Years hair yet? Better hurry only a few more spots! ❄️

Call us at 622 4027 or book online
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Happy Independence Our Beautiful Island !

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WE ARE LUCKY enough to have the most AMAZING guest that trust us.

We love seeing you and making you happy! That’s our number ONE ☝️ goal ✨
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With a couple of days with no light we wanted to bring some light into your lift!✨
Shamara does wicked angle bob!

If you ask her what her favorite cut she would tell you a bob!

#tenikatanghairstudio #barbadossalon #innerbeauty #bethebestyou

Have you meet Shamara! Well let us introduce her!
She is our fire cracker 🔥 that has been with us from inception. Her love for the beauty industry has grown and we have had the pleasure of watch her bloom and blossom into the stylist and person she is today. 🌸🌺! After going to Vidal Sassoon in NYC and learn ABC, her technique for precision cuts is seen throughout her cuts. We are so grateful for all our guests that have trusted her with your hair. And she still give the best shampoo massage! 💆🏽‍♀️

Shamara will be our stylist alongside Shannon on Monday’s. Call us today!

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Warm toasty🍁🍂
Stylist: Shamara is amazing at cutting and styling, Tenika did the yummy highlights ! This is also our Pure Brazilian Keratin that is perfect for frizzy control!
It lasts up to three months! It’s starts at $300!

#tenikatanghairstudio #innerbeauty #bethebestyou #barbadossalon #barbados246

YOU only got one shot! Why don’t you shine and sparkle✨💥

Let’s see if we are a fit 🤙🏽

#tenikatanghairstudio #barabdossalon #innerbeauty #becreativebekind

STYLIST alerts 🛑‼️

Shannon will be joining our team part time for the season! She has over 18 years of hair experience, worked on cruise ships around the Caribbean and top salons in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿! Healthy Hair is he passion. Her favorites are colouring, cutting, blow drying and styling.
She is a mumma of two beautiful girls, loves cooking and scuba drives in her spare time 🐡

She will be helping us out on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday.

Call us at 622 4027 or BOOK ONLINE

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Do you start your day off thinking of something you are grateful for? 🌿☀️
This simple act is a game changer!

Have you tried this? Dm or comment below to let us know!

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Stylist: Shamara

Process: This beauty came in for a Keratin. This particular keratin just gets rid of frizz but doesn’t make it dead straight! 🦔
She left feeling like a million bucks! And boy did it bring out her highlights!

#tenikatanghairstudio #barbadossalon #innerbeauty #bethebestyou #barbadoshair #accrabeach #keratinbabe

Did you know you can book an appointment ONLINE!!

YES you heard us right!!!!

Have you tried it yet? Let’s us know what you think!


🛑‼️ 6.5 WEEKS away from Christmas🎄!!! Wow!!!
Have you booked your appointments! We know you have lots of holiday gatherings to attend! We want you looking you VERY best!

We are going to be launching a couple new gifts especially for you at this time of year 🔔 🎄 🎁

We LOVE this season, so much love and joy! Call us at 622 4027.. let’s us make you shine even brighter! 💋

#tenikatanghairstudio #innerbeauty #bethebestyou #itschristmas #barbados #barbadossalon

What’s stopping you from having your best hair?

We want to best service you! Dm US letting us know what you are looking for from a stylist.

Call us at 622 4027
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Stylist: Tenika

Process: highlights, Cut, blowdry and style

Pro Tip: When curling your hair always curl away from your face

#barbadoshairstylist #barbadossalon #tenikatanghairstudio #becreativebekind

Guest what!!! We heard you!!! We are now open on MONDAY!! Ekkkk

You are welcome 🙏

Call to make your appointment 622 4027

#tenikatanghairstudio #welostentoyourneeds #barbadossalon #innerbeauty #becreativebekind

Saturday details! 🌙

Any twisting of the hair shows off your highlight!✨ Like a braid or curls! 😉

Try it and send us a picture!

#tenikatanghairstudio #innerbeauty #becreativebekind #barbadossalon

The money piece or what we like to call magic piece ✨

This is the piece of hair that frames your face, it can change the whole look! 👀

Did you know you that you don’t have to do a full balayage/ highlights every time?

Have you ever thought of coming in just for ‘face Framing’? 🖼

What stops you from asking for different service?
Slide into our DM 🌚

#tenikatanghairstudio #barbadossalon #innerbeauty246 #bethebestyou246 #balayage246

This is our master stylist in action, Tenika! Did you know she spent over $10,000 on her balayage education alone this year. 🤑😯 🧹
Do you want to know why?
The reason is because she is passionate about what she does, she loves having you in her chair and her hands in your hair 💁🏼‍♀️. Tenika wants you to feel like the best version of yourself. She wants the best for you and she wants to be the best at her craft! Her love for “live-in” natural colour is what drives her to learn the best techniques from the best in the biz! 🐝

We want to know what question you have about balayage, live in colour and what stops you from being in her chair?

#tenikatanghairstudio #barbadossalon #bethebestyou #innerbeauty #barbadosbalayage #becreativebekind

We know which one of us gets like this ✨ @colorist_cutting_edge (Shamara)

Just for laughs🤣 have you ever gotten Hangry?

#tenikatanghairstudio #bethebestyou #innerbeauty #innerslangry #barbados246

Ellen DeGeneres

Be kind! It doesn’t take much

Kristopher and Antwain surprised their classmate, and I wanted to surprise them with Will Smith.

Everyday you won’t figure it out but during that process, there’s nothing wrong with looking cute!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

In between your appointments? Messy buns are our go-to, what about you?

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

We champion our wonderful clients each and every day. Without you, there wouldn't be an us. So thank you all, each and every one of you for rooting in us!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

Friday night’s aren't meant for netflix and chilling… all the time. :)

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

We don’t mean to brag, but this blowdry by Shamara is just phenomenal!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

Today is the day to grasp life, to get out there and grab the world with both hands! You can do this!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

This sun kissed natural look was not only great fun to create, but used many of our skills including;
Traditional Highlights & Low Lights and Balayage! We Love it!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

Give the world your best side, all the time!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

To get that perfect line, layer or choppy end, we have to be gymnasts too!

#InnerBeauty #BeTheBestYou #TenikaTangHairStudio

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