Caribbean RADO

Caribbean RADO

The Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organization (Caribbean RADO) is the secretariat for doping issues in its 15 member territories in the Caribbean.

Caribbean RADO seeks to elicit excellence from athletes by ensuring that all sport is free from doping and is played fairly. As much as athletes are the most critical stakeholders, we collaborate with their support personnel, coaches, sports administrators, national and international federations, parents, doctors and other health professionals, and particularly the youth. The Caribbean RADO is a member of the Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations (INADO) and is supported by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Mission: To promote and coordinate the fight against doping in sport in all its forms in the Caribbean

World Athletics

World Athletics to postpone World Athletics Indoor Championships Nanjing 2020 to March 2021.


Guadeloupe hosts 2021 Caribbean Games

Guadeloupe named as hosts for the 2021 Caribbean Games! This was announced, by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committee (CANOC) Executive Committee at a media briefing held at Olympic House on Abercromby Street in Port-of-Spain on Monday.

Sport Values in Every Classroom THE PROJECT “Teaching respect, equity and inclusion to 8-12 year-old students” The mission of this toolkit is to assist teachers in their work to instill in children the values of respect, equity and inclusion through engaging activities. THE VALUES Schools and teachers have a unique opportunity...


Making education accessible to athletes around the 🌎 is part of WADA’s mission.

To achieve this, WADA’s Board approved the creation of an International Standard for Education that will come into force on 1 Jan 2021.

More here 👉


Anti-doping education programme being rolled out for local athletes - BVI News

Great news coming out of the British Virgin Islands!

#AntiDopingMatters An anti-doping educational programme that will benefit local athletes is expected to be implemented in the British Virgin Islands this year. This is according to President of the BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) Ephraim Penn, who told BVI News that the …

WADA launches its new ‘Testing Center’ – a ‘Next Gen’ ADAMS module that will help strengthen testing programs worldwide (22 January 2020)

WADA launches its new ‘Testing Center’ – a ‘Next Gen’ ADAMS module that will help strengthen testing programs worldwide: The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce that, effective today, WADA’s new ‘Testing Center’ is available for use by Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) via WADA’s ‘Next Gen’ Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS). Testing Center provides an improved means f...

World Anti-Doping Agency

ADeL was launched two years ago today! 🎉

ADeL is the central hub for all WADA’s eLearning courses and is aimed at athletes, coaches and others who want to improve their knowledge about #AntiDoping and #CleanSport.

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#CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman and Executive Director Dr Sasha Sutherland were among the attendees for the International Conference on the Implementation of the Revised World Anti-Doping Code, being held in Vaals, Netherlands.

#CleanSportMatters #ICIC2020

A number of WADA experts are in Vaals 🇳🇱 this week for the International Conference on the implementation of the revised World Anti-Doping Code (ICIC2020) hosted by Dopingautoriteit.

The event includes representatives from National Anti-Doping Organizations, Regional Anti-Doping Organizations, International Federations and athletes.

Click here to find out more about the event ➡️

World Anti-Doping Agency

So many reasons to #PlayTrue! What's yours?


Current and former athletes at Lausanne 2020 dropped by our Outreach Booth to let us know why they #PlayTrue 🏅

There are so many reasons to Play True... What's yours?

#Lausanne2020 #CleanSport

Sporting body not in favour of jailing drug cheats - Barbados Today Despite some countries turning to jailing convicted performance-enhancing drug cheats, chairman of the National Anti-Doping Commission Dr Adrian Lorde says there is no need for Barbados to go that route.

Athletes and athlete support personnel... the 2020 Prohibited List comes into effect from tomorrow, January 1st!

Make sure you are aware of all changes... find out more 👇🏾

🎄 🎉 🎊

We at #CaribbeanRADO would like to extend best wishes for the holiday season to all of our members, partners, and friends across the region and around the globe.

🎆 May 2020 be a year of prosperity and productivity! 🎆

#CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman was among the special guests for the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) Annual Awards Ceremony in Barbados on Thursday.

Also in attendance were Deputy Chairman Dr. Adrian Lorde, Executive Director Sasha Sutherland, and Administrative Assistant Janet Sealet

The BOA is one of the #CaribbeanRADO strategic partners, with our offices being housed at the Olympic Centre.

#CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman (left) held some fruitful discussions with representatives of the National Anti-Doping Commission in Barbados yesterday including NADC Chairman Dr Adrian Lorde and Secretary - Patrina Bynoe, along with Neil Murrell, Director of the National Sports Council (Ag).


WADA Executive Committee unanimously endorses four-year period of non-compliance for the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (9 December 2019)

WADA endorses 4-year ban for Russia. Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) Executive Committee (ExCo) unanimously endorsed the recommendation made by the independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) that the Russian Anti-Doping

Representatives from 🇹🇹 & 🇻🇨 participated in the workshop.

#CleanSportMatters in the Caribbean!

WADA welcomed coaches from Seychelles, Sudan, Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, for a workshop in collaboration with PAISAC (Programme d'appui international au sport africain et des Caraïbes) at the Agency’s headquarters in Montreal. 🇸🇨🇸🇩🇹🇹🇻🇨


WADA publishes revised International Standard for Testing and Investigations (3 December 2019)

Revised standards have been published!

Take a read... 👇🏾 The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to publish the revised International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI), which was approved by WADA’s Executive Committee (ExCo) on 4 November 2019 and enters into force on 1 March 2020.

We join with the people of Barbados in marking the country's 53rd Independence Day celebrations!

Did you know that #CaribbeanRADO is currently based in Barbados?


WADA publishes approved 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards (26 November 2019)

WADA publishes approved 2021 World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards. The Agency also publishes the approved Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act

[11/26/19]   WADA Compliance Review Committee recommends series of strong consequences for RUSADA non-compliance.

Athletics Integrity Unit

A call to all #athletes and athletes' support personnel, make yourself familiar with the World Anti-Doping Agency 2020 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods:
If in doubt reach out:

WADA’s World Conference on Doping in Sport focuses on strengthened rules’ benefits to athletes (6 November 2019) Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA’s) World Conference on Doping in Sport – being held from 5-7 November in Katowice, Poland – primarily focused on the International Standards of the global anti-doping program, which will be put before WADA’s Executive Committee tomorrow for appro...

World Anti-Doping Agency

Photo highlights from Day 2 of the World Conference on Doping in Sport

✅ Delegate interventions
✅Summary of the 2021 Code review
✅Olympic Medal Reallocation session

More here➡️


During his intervention on Day 2 of the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Poland, #CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman called for greater support for Caribbean nations.

He asked for further consideration of the implications of Article 20.5 of the new Anti-Doping Code for smaller nations in light of realities which will impact code compliance.

#WADAWorldConf2019 #CleanSportMatters

Dr. Adrian Lorde outlined some very real challenges faced by small nations as it relates to compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code during his presentation as Chair of the Barbados National Anti-Doping Commission.

One of the main areas of concern outlined by Dr Lorde who is also the Vice Chair of Caribbean RADO is the new Article 20.5.1 which addresses the independence of NADOs and conflict of interest of board members who are associated with National Olympic Committees, National Federations, Governments etc.

#WADAWorldConf2019 #CaribbeanRADO #CleanSportMatters

T&T Sports Minister affirms support for Anti-Doping Movement at UNESCO Conference

In case you missed it...

Caribbean RADO has been commended for its work in the region.

#CleanSportMatters TTOC Website | The Official Website of Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee

More scenes from the 5th WADA World Conference on Doping in Sport in Poland...

#WADAWorldConf2019 #CleanSportMatters

We are ready for the 5th #WADA World Conference on Doping in Sport as the Caribbean is well represented in Poland.
#WADAWorldConf2019 #CleanSportMatters

(L-R) 🇬🇾 Melissa Dow Richardson; 🇰🇳 Leroy Greene; 🇦🇬 Kristy Dickenson; 🇧🇧 Erskine Simmons & Dr. Adrian Lorde; 🇱🇨 Alfred Emmanuel; 🇦🇼 Patrick Werleman; 🇻🇨 Collin Bonadie; 🇹🇹 Dr. Sasha Sutherland; 🇨🇼 Edsel Comenencia; 🇧🇧 Patrina Bynoe.


WADA to launch its new ‘Athlete Central’ Whereabouts App in November 2019 (31 October 2019)

WADA to launch its new ‘Athlete Central’ Whereabouts App in November 2019

Read more 👇🏾 The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce that, in November 2019, the Agency will launch ‘Athlete Central’, its new App that will facilitate athlete compliance with Whereabouts rules under the global anti-doping program. Athlete Central will replace WADA’s current App that has...

Trinidad and Tobago Sports Minister Hon. Shamfa Cudjoe reaffirmed support for the regional anti-doping movement during her address at @UNESCO Conference of Parties to the International Convention against Doping in Sport in Paris, France.

She commended the work of @TTOlympic & #CaribbeanRADO and issued a challenge to regional & int'l governments to provide support for the Convention.


Interview with Valerie Fourneyron, president of the International Testing Agency, on the occasion of UNESCO's conference of Parties to the International Conference against Doping in Sport. More info #Win4Real #AntiDoping


Dear athletes,
How much do you know about doping?🤔
It's not always easy to be aware of all the drugs or methods that are prohibited in sports. But don't worry, we have all the info you need, together let's join forces for #AntiDoping!
Get more details here:


Say NO to DOPING IN SPORTS❌ #Win4Real #AntiDoping

#PictureTime as the Pre-Conference Forum ends ahead of the UNESCO #COP7 International Convention against Doping in Sport.

[L-R] Neil Murrell - Director (ag), National Sports Council 🇧🇧; Irelnety Copra - Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport 🇨🇼; #CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman; Claudine de Kerdaniel - Deputy Permanent Delegate, Permanent Delegation of 🇻🇨 to UNESCO; Ruthsel Martina - Caribbean RADO country Representative for 🇨🇼, Chafica Haddad - Deputy Permanent Delegate, Permanent Delegation of 🇬🇩 to UNESCO; #CaribbeanRADO Executive Director Dr. Sasha Sutherland; and Jonelle Richardson - Head, Depatrment of Sport 🇸🇽.

#CaribbeanRADO Chairman Patrick Werleman & Executive Director Dr. Sasha Sutherland share a light moment with Neil Murrell, Director (Ag) National Sports Council 🇧🇧 during the #UNESCO #COP7 International Convention against Doping in Sport Pre-Conference Forum in Paris.

The 7th #UNESCO #COP7 International Convention against Doping in Sport is underway in Paris.

The region is well represented at today's Pre Conference Forum by Mr. Neil Murrell, Director of Sport (Ag.), National Sports Council 🇧🇧; Ms. Shamfa Cudjoe, Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs 🇹🇹; along with #CaribbeanRADO Executive Director Dr. Sasha Sutherland and Chairman Mr. Patrick Werleman.

Topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Gene Doping and Women & Youth Engagement in Sport will be discussed.

Anti-doping efforts in the Caribbean was one of the topics discussed as our Executive Director Dr. Sasha Sutherland was a special guest on Q FM's "Let's Talk About It - Sports" show on Wednesday in Barbados.

Dr. Sutherland was joined by Mental Skills Consultant Janelle Chase-Mayers and Sports Consultant Roland Butcher for the radio programme with host Damien Best.

#CleanSportMatters #AntiDopingEducation

Anti-doping education continues around the region!

The Aruba Anti-Doping Commission recently held a special session where lots of valuable information was shared by Caribbean RADO Chairman Patrick Werleman and Doping Control Officer ONeil Romero.


Comision Anti-Dopahe a tene charla riba e tema anti-doping

Comision Anti-Doping di Aruba a continua cu su programa di charla pa federacionnan. Riba dialuna 21 di oktober comision anti-doping di Aruba a duna un charla di anti-doping pa atletanan di federacion di sailing. Pero cu satisfaccion a constata cu tabata presente tambe otro atletanan, mayor y coach di otro deporte manera coremento, karate y softball (ekipo Lady Tigers), mountain bike, landamento y atletismo

E charla a wordo duna pa sr. O’Neil Romero un Doping Control Officer y sr. Patrick Werleman cual ta e actual presidente di comision anti-doping.

Durante e charla a repasa e temanan importante di anti-doping, esta e proceso di testing, Anti-Doping Rule Vioalations, e Therapuetic Use Exemption, Whereabouts y (peliger di) uzo di suplmento.

Na final di e charla e participantenan a keda hopi satisfecho cu tur informacion cu nan a haya y a expresa nan gratitud pa e charla aki.

Comision anti-doping tambe a keda masha satisfecho cu e manera activo cu a participa na e charla y ta gradici tur esnan cu a atende e charla y ta stimula tur otro organisacion cu tambe kier haya mas informacion tocante anti-doping pa tuma contacto cu comision anti-doping. Mester bisa aserca cu pa e aña 2019 lo tin 1 charla mas pa Mountain Biking cu tin riba e programa. Pero si un organisacion kier e aña aki ainda, nan por pidi Comision Anti-Dopahe

Riba e website di Comite Olimpico Arubano (tab Anti-Doping) por haya mas informacion y tambe por tuma contacto direct cu comision anti-doping via tel. 582-0031 of via Instagram of FaceBook: antidopingaruba

Education is key to the success of the Anti-Doping movement!

It was a packed house at the Barbados Olympic Centre as #CaribbeanRADO Vice Chairman Dr Adrian Lorde, who is Chairman of the National Anti-Doping Commission in Barbados and NADC Secretary Patrina Bynoe conducted a special Anti-Doping education session with the national youth hockey teams.



The Curaçao Trupial Youth track and field team was on the move, sharing the Anti-Doping message in Santo Domingo.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who are proud to compete clean!


"Collaborations are crucial to the success of organizations like Caribbean RADO in the fight against doping and the promotion of integrity in sport. These formal and informal partnerships allow for the regional voice to be heard on important matters while they assist the RADO in fulfilling its mission despite its small capacity."

Some of the reflections shared by Caribbean RADO Executive Director Sasha Sutherland during the recent Wilton Park Conference on ‘Sport Integrity and Diplomacy: Policy into action’ which was held in the UK.

Sutherland was one of the specially invited participants who engaged in dialogue over the 3-day event which brought together leaders in international sport.

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Caribbean RADO on CBN Radio in Tortola
#PlayTrue West Terrace Primary Scout Troop, Barbados
All smiles... Carifta 2019
#CaribbeanRADO Executive Director Sasha Sutherland discusses Therapeutic Use Exemptions
Caribbean RADO Chairman Dr. Adrian Lorde
Barbados Carifta Track & Field Team vowing to #PlayTrue



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