Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT

Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT

Founded in 1990, BFIT is the governing federation for triathlon in Barbados.

Bfit is so thankful to these dedicated ladies for all of their hard work and support. Introducing, LEFT our Director Kelly and RIGHT our Secretary Lynne. #swimbikerun #triathlonsupport #246bfit #bfit246 #triathlon #triathlete #tritritri #triharder #trifamily

Post exercise immunosuppression: are you a sufferer?

You’re in the best shape of your life, so why do you keep getting ill? You’re in the best shape of your life, so why do you keep getting ill? Well, you may be suffering from PEIS – Post Exercise Immunosuppression. Warren Pole discusses causes, symptoms and treatment

Happy to have so many strong athletes within our Tri community. #bfit246 #tritritri #triharder #triathlete #barbadostriathlon #barbadostriathlete #triathlonbarbados #swimbikerun #femaletriathlete

Congratulations Ashley!!!

Congratulations to Ashley Weekes and her family on a terrific achievement! We wish you all the best and hopefully we will see you at the occasional triathlon competition.

The multi-talented and academically strong Ashley Weeks has secured an athletic scholarship to study and train at the St. Augustine University in Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA.

Ashley is without a doubt proof that children can study, play sports and have fun with success and that it is all about getting priorities right, dedication and using time wisely.

The 17-year-old student of The St. Michael School has represented Barbados in three sports at CARIFTA level and that is quite a feat that started from around the age of five and so she has spent her youthful years having fun, learning and excelling.

While a student at the Charles F Broome Primary School, Ashley got involved in track and field and represented her school at NAPSAC and her country at the Caribbean Union of Teachers Games in Jamaica where she contributed to victory for Barbados.

A very competitive student, the Quantum Leap Athletic Club member went on to successfully represent The St. Michael School at BSSAC with tremendous success and her country at CARIFTA level competing mainly in the 800m and 1,500m.

As a national swimmer Ashley competed in several local meets with Alpha Swim Club and she represented her schools at the inter school swim meets and Barbados at the Goodwill Games where she once captained the team and at CARIFTA, CISC and CCCAN games throughout the Caribbean. Ashley was the recipient of several awards including the award for 2016 Champion Female Swimmer at the Barbados Olympic Association 50th Anniversary Independence Games.
Given her running and swimming background and her love for cycling it was easy for Ashley to get involved in Triathlons/Aquathlons and for the past 3 years she was an outstanding member of the Barbados CARIFTA Triathlon/Aquathlon Teams. In July, 2019 she was appointed female captain and helped the Barbados team to place second overall.

Ashley’s successes resulted from her love of and dedication to training and she applied that same commitment to her academic studies throughout the years.

She also received full support from her parents Ricardo Weekes and Ethnie Bellamy-Weekes who no doubt were kept very busy by a daughter whose life was spent in the water or on the track.

Best wishes to Ashley as she prepares for a new chapter on her journey of life. We also take this opportunity to congratulate her parents and her coaches who were all a big part of her achievements.

Ashley is pictured here with her parents.

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Professor Multisport: When Am I No Longer a Tri Newbie? – Triathlete

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N.B. In question 1 replace Starbucks with The Smokery Barbados or Café 195 & Bistro or The Coffee Bean Can you check off more than seven out of the 10 of these tri milestones?

Photos from Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT's post

Photos from Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT's post

Photos from Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT's post

Guess who will be cycling on the track from next week. Use for group riding, drafting, improving fitness, power and speed. Cars and potholes not welcome!

Dear Parents/triathletes,

Just a reminder that race #2 is this Sunday - February 9th, 2020 starting at 7:00 a.m. Please come early so that registration and body marking can be completed and races started on time.

Annual membership fees are due and remain the same as 2019 - $60.00 for the Kids Series and $50.00 for adults 19 years and over. The registration form is attached and we would ask that you complete, print and bring it with you on Sunday to save time.

In order to ensure that the races run smoothly and the children are kept safe around the course, we need volunteers to man the various areas around the course. Races will not start until all areas are manned. There will be a sign up sheet at registration on Sunday and we urge you sign up to volunteer your time for the various races.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

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We want to be able to congratulate our BFIT Tri community on their achievements. Please send us a message with photo and brief note if you or your child has participated in any events, or won any awards, etc. Our aim is to include this information in our Facebook/instagram stories and show everyone how all rounded a Triathlete can be.
#swimbikerun #tritritri #trihard #barbadostriathlon #barbadostriathlete #destinationtriathlon #youngtriathlete

Dehydration and sodium: why replacing salt is crucial

We all know replacing salt is important but do you know why it is crucial? Andy Blow of Precision Hydration explains all... Most triathletes understand that replacing the sodium lost when they sweat is important for maintaining performance, but they don't really know why.

Get ready for RACE #2 in the PINEHILL Juice Kids Triathlon Series. Join us this Sunday (February 9th) for our 2nd race for 2020! Bring a friend and show them how much fun Triathletes can be!!! #kidstriathlon #tritritri #triathlon #barbadostriathlon #barbadostriathlete #swimbikerun #trihard #bfit246 #246bfit

Global Cycling Network

Question: Who is able to perform a bunny hop? This skill is very important when riding on the roads with groups and there is little time or room to go around a pothole or object on the road. This skill is essential to yours and others safety when on the road.

An essential skill to avoid potholes and other obstacles in the road. The Bunny Hop. Learn how to do it the right way with our very own Dan Lloyd

A Champion's Mindset: How to Find It (and Keep It) – Triathlete

Create a Champion mindset! While the term “champion’s mindset” is often tossed around in sports to describe the razor-sharp edge, it’s not just about an all-or-nothing attitude.

ITU presents ‘Beat the Heat’, a comprehensive guide for racing under extreme hot conditions |

A must read for Caribbean Triathletes. The International Triathlon Union, in cooperation with the University of Canberra and Loughborough University, has created 'Beat the Heat', an exhaustive d

Bushy Park Barbados

Triathletes this is a game changer, come alone or get a group together and cycle in complete safety. This membership is highly recommended.
Coaching advice - practice group riding skills or do some high tempo/cadence interval training. Sessions can be very effective when you don't have to worry about potholes or traffic. Bushy Park Barbados Open for Cyclist

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5 Myths About Protein Intake for Endurance Athletes – Triathlete

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TT to host Iron Man distance race on July 19

Plan your next Iron Man trip! THE best athletes in the world will compete in Trinidad in July when the Kraken Trinidad 140.6 and 70.3 Triathlon takes place, on July 19. For the full iron man distance, athletes are required to swim 2.4 miles, ride 112 miles and run 26.2 miles and in the half iron man distance the swim is … Cont...

Congratulations to Sam (#637) and Zindzele (#626) on their impressive run Saturday at the Joseph Payne Memorial Athletics Classic Open 5k. Sam finished 2nd overall in a time of 19 minutes 51 seconds while Zindzele finished 5th in 20 minutes 52 seconds. #swimbikerun #5k #tritritri #triharder #trainhard #bfit246 #barbadostriathlon #barbadostriathlete
Photo Credit Terrence Lowe

Thank you to all who attended the BFIT AGM last night. A copy of my President's report will be posted on the BFIT website later today. Please welcome Richard Perkins as the new BFIT Vice President. "Richie" is an energetic, enthusiastic young Ironman and level 1 ITU Technical Official, we look forward to working with him and the knowledge he brings to our community.

[01/26/20]   Sunday question time...Who is interested in going to Tobago for Rainbow Cup on June 13? Who is interested in doing a 70.3 after Nationals this year?

Am I Recovered Enough for My Next Hard Session? – Triathlete

Recovery! Running through this daily checklist before you commit to a hard session helps minimize injury risk and will ensure you're recovered enough.

[01/24/20]   Have you noticed how active BFIT is on Facebook? Each day is dedicated to a certain type of post so be sure to check in regularly. We encourage engagement from our community so don't be shy, let's hear from you!

Sunday - We ask a question so the tri community can share their collective knowledge and we can get to know you better
Monday - BFIT event updates
Tuesday - General advice, triathlon news, flashbacks
Wednesday - Upcoming event notices (triathlon and other)
Thursday - triathlon article share
Friday - coaching advice
Saturday - Motivation

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Congratulations to Coach Oein on his most recent achievement of becoming an Ironman coach. #ironmancoach #bfit246 #triathlon #ironman #coachgoals

Testimonials from 2019 Nationals - YouTube

Did you you know BFIT has a YouTube channel? Subscribe and check it out new videos will be appearing from today through to Friday. 2019 Barbados National Triathlon

Wonderful start to 2020 in the PINEHILL Juice Kids Triathlon Series! #swimbikerun #kidstriathlon #tritritri #trihard #bfit246

Photos from Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT's post

Wonderful start to 2020 in the PINEHILL Juice Kids Triathlon Series! #swimbikerun #kidstriathlon #tritritri #trihard #bfit246

Photos from Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT's post

Danny MacAskill's Gymnasium

This guy is amazing, how does he come up with this stuff. Kids never try this unless you want to send your parents to an early grave.

▶︎ Watch more from Danny MacAskill 👇 New Year, New Tricks. Scottish Trials Bike legend Danny MacAskill shows us in his new film...

Get ready for RACE #1 in the PINEHILL Juice Kids Triathlon Series. Join us this Sunday (January 12th) for the first race of the Decade! 2020 is going to be grand!!! #kidstriathlon #tritritri #triathlon #barbadostriathlon #barbadostriathlete #swimbikerun #trihard #bfit246 #246bfit

Who wants to go? Would be nice to have Bajans repping at this event. Great event for all ages!

Registration is open for the 2020 Rainbow Cup Tobago. Register before January 5th and SAVE $$$. Go to to register today.

Ladies in triathlon "LIT", this one is for you.

SWIM.BIKE.RUN with us this year and join our NEW Strava Club! All levels, gender and athletes welcome.
Joignez-vous à notre club Strava! Ouvert à tous les niveaux, sexes et types d'athlètes.

Nice to have triathlon recognized at the National Sports Council 2019 Awards. Luke McIntyre was nominated for male youth sportsperson and I was nominated for Sports Administrator. These accolades are only possible because of the strength and support of the triathlon community. Thank you to all who have contributed in making Triathlon a sport recognized on a National stage.

Please head over to our website for the 2020 BFIT Callendar! It’s going to be an exciting year! #246bfit #bfit246 #swimbikerun #tritritri #triathlon #triathlete #trihard #triathlonlife

8-Year-Old Hero Carried His Disabled Younger Brother Through An Entire Triathlon

Starting the New Year off with something sweet! "He's not heavy, he's my brother."

Before You Run More, First Run Better – Triathlete Jay Dicharry shares how your brain can be rewired to promote better running form and improved performance.

3 Things Triathletes Need to Do This Off-Season – Triathlete

The majority of us are now in the "offseason", this can be a very constructive and rewarding time if used appropriately. Take advantage of the offseason prepare yourself for the upcoming season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Executive of BFIT. Don’t get lost in junk mileage during the off-season; focus on these three areas for big performance gains next year.

IOC increases the quota of triathletes to 80 for the Dakar 2022 YOG |

If you were born in 2005 or 2006 then this is a must read. ITU is pleased to announce that the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee has approved a 25% increase in the number of triathletes that wi

“Ironmen” Impress

Please find a copy of Today’s NationNews and have a read! #bfit246 #swimbikerun #ironman #youareanironman

👏 👏

Drumroll 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁
Congratulations to the 2019 People's Choice Male Champion!!!
Aquathlon Top Male Athlete - Niel Skinner.
#gobiig #biig #aquathlon #champion
Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - BFIT

Our Story

BFIT is the governing body for triathlon in Barbados, sanctioning and organising multi-sport events like Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathlon on the island.

The Federation was formed in 1990 by a small group of practicing triathletes who selected the name BFIT (‘be fit’) to describe the fitness involved in the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, biking and running.

We cater to all age groups of athletes, including children, and our triathlons are designed to cater to all levels of fitness. From the recreational to the more elite triathletes, we welcome all newcomers to our races and encourage triathletes from all over the world to come to our island paradise of Barbados to participate!

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit


BFIT EXECUTIVE 2016 – 2020

President – Darren Treasure Treasurer – Derek Wilson Secretary – Lynne Wright Director – Peter Gibbs Director – Christine Choy Director – Kelly Watson Director – Burkley Lowe Director – Philip Gaskin

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